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J Street's TV Ad For the Iran Deal and Billionaires George Soros and Donald Trump

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                                

One unique billionaire, Donald Trump who is said to be worth over $10 billion dollars,  is running for president of the USA  from the Republican Presidential Party who is, like the 16 others, ready to bring change by improvement to Obama's regime while another billionaire has been stoking the fires prodding Obama on to even greater lengths.

While that's great that so many have thrown their hat in the ring, Donald has started off acting like the guy with a persecution complex who could not  tolerate anyone's criticisms.  He felt picked on, when the moderators were all trying to ask hot questions of everyone.  The mediator, a beautiful blonde lawyer as sharp as a tack asked him a pointed question about his attitude towards women and he fell into his own trap by yelling at her for asking!  He went wild saying SHE was so angry with him that she was bleeding from her eyes and....He called her a poor moderator, criticizing her!  I didn't see her getting angry with him at all.  It was he that was bleeding from the eyes in anger.  He was on the hot seat and she had to ask a hot question to see his reaction, and she sure did!

I think a million women listening thanked G-d in that moment for not being his wife, even with all that money.   The psychology of the masses must be studied again, because his popularity is still at the highest.  He didn't lose ground, except for a few of us.  Just like aiding  and abetting alcoholics, most of his followers are finding excuses for not getting riled up at his getting so riled up.  Well, billionaires can do no wrong, they may think,  but to me, they're just men who can also make a lot of mistakes.   .
That 2nd  billionaire who is making mistakes  is George Soros and is one of the 30 richest people in the world, worth $24.2 billion dollars as of June 2015.  He is thought to be the  financial backer and possibly also the advisor for J Street,  though J Street now denies it.  He is a member, though and they say he is only one of thousands of other donors.  "The initial support of J Street came from multi-billionaire George Soros, who for a brief time was associated with the organization. Soros pulled out before the initial launch, so as not to negatively affect the group.  In September 2010 it was revealed that despite the organization's denials, Soros secretly funded the group.

Supposedly they are an advocate group for Israel, but as in most situations, go against whatever Israel is trying to accomplish. "J Street is a nonprofit liberal advocacy group based in the United States whose stated aim is to promote American leadership to end the Arab–Israeli and Israel–Palestinian conflicts peacefully and diplomatically. It was founded in April 2008 by Jeremy Ben-Ami.  It seems how J Street wants to end the conflict is by Israel giving up their their tiny land and beating it back to Hungary.  

"Alan Dershowitz, lawyer and writer,  is an ardent supporter of a two-state solution and yet he wrote that he could not find anything pro-Israel in the statements and actions of J Street. "  That's how I have also felt about the group and have watched real debates between them and a pro-Israel group and have heard their unsubstantiated arguments.  
 For instance, right now J Street is running a very expensive TV commercial in 5 states which includes Oregon saying that Israel is all for the Iranian deal that John Kerry put together and they cite 3 top Israelis as saying this.  It is not what the majority of Israel says at all.  3 men may be dissenters, but not the Prime Minister and the Knesset and the rest of the 7.3 million population of the tiny country, yet someone is paying a lot of money to run this ad which I have caught already on NBC and CNN. It was coming on every few hours, I noted, on CNN.   AIPAC, who is an advocate for Israel and accepts their decisions, not decisions from Americans not facing their reality,  is going to try to let people know how Israel feels.  So is Israel.  Now Obama is angry for "butting into" American politics in trying to prevent this bill from passing, as if it only affects Americans.  Who it affects the very most is Israel!
Jews of Hungary, beginning of WWII
George had a unique background for a Jew.  born August 12, 1930 in Budapest, Hungary to a non-observant Jewish family, his father, a lawyer, had been a prisoner of war during and after WWI who had to escape from Russia to get back to his family in Budapest.  It is said that his parents were cautious with their religious roots, meaning they must have run into anti-Semitism, as was common in Europe in those days, and tried to keep who they were very quiet.  In fact, his father changed their surname of Schwartz (black in German) to Soros-meaning "a successor in Hungarian or "will soar" in Esperanto, which he taught.  It seems that Soros wasn't brought up with Yiddish, then.
At age 13, when most Jewish boys were bar-mitzvahed, Nazi Germany came and occupied Hungary in March 1944.  Jewish children were then barred from attending school and Soros and other children had to report to the Jewish Council where they were asked to hand out the deportation notices.  One list he was given had the names of Hungarian Jewish lawyers with his father's name on it.  His father had him go into hiding, and at age 14, Soros was living with an employee of the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture and pretending to be his godson.  For safety reasons, he had to accompany his god-father when he had to take inventory of the estate of a wealthy Jewish family that had fled the country.  The next year in 1945, Soros survived the Battle of Budapest where Soviets and German forces fought house to house in the city. Out of  Hungary's 725,000 Jews, 400,000 were killed in the Holocaust.

After all this, he became the man who broke the Bank of England in his dealings. He had graduated the London School of Economics and has a PhD.   He became politically very liberal and religiously an atheist.  Now he is going against every aspect of what Israel's democratic Knesset decides, like not being for the USA's Iranian deal, and backing BDS against Israel, anything to force Israel to do things as he sees things should be done.  He doesn't live in Israel.  He lives in the USA.  With money, he has found he has a lot of power over people.  He could be a dangerous man.
I say this because it looks like he's involved with world government, not just the USA.  In 2009, this power broker, a close ally and financier of Obama, called for China to "own" what he referred to as the "NEW WORLD ORDER".  He was speaking with the Financial Times about when Obama was going to Beijing to talk about finances because in his opinion the USA and the USA $ were on their way down and that China had to do something.  Soros is talking about a new financial world order being we owe so much money to China.  He feels that China has to be a part of creating a new world order.  The USA owns the current order and China has to take over, evidently.  He wants China to take an interest in the rest of the world.  He admires China and thinks it's a better functioning government than the USA.  What he is now admiring are China's rulers who are on the rise.  Who is interested in this?  Beijing, Moscow, Washington DC, and London.  They're all pushing for what Soros is designing.-a new order-of world government.  Now Europe has gone united with their Euros, but that seems to be the tip of the iceberg.

Outside view of the building of the Jiangyin People’s Court in Jiangyin city, Wuxi prefecture, Jiangsu province, China.
European Press photo Agency
Our being in the red is like taking 10 steps back to square one and allowing China to be the decision-maker as far as the future behavior of nations will be seen.  We have been given the red light and they the green, and they are not the nice people like we have seen.

It's already been happening.  Communist China has a seat on the UNs Human Rights Council.  Human rights is something Moses invented and Judaism has at the top of their list of observances, but through the UN, Israel is always found guilty by this council.  They don't call the plays the same way others see as human rights.   People are tortured, abused and are suffering in other countries, but Israel's sins of imagined slights carry the most weight.

Drunken diplomacy: Chinese UN official Sha Zukang  insults Ban Ki-moon at a dinner when drunk.   At one point, Sha reportedly singled out Bob Orr, a senior UN official from the US, and said "I really don't like him. He's an American and I really don't like Americans."

This should worry Americans.  Look at the admired anti-American Chinese Communist Sha Zukang who sat in the secretary-general seat of the UN conference on sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro in 2012.  Now, China happens to be among the most polluted nations on Earth, and the Chinese regime says they will implement the UN-baked climate schemes more efficiently than others because it doesn't have to deal with legislative hurdles like the USA and other nations where citizens are supposed to have a say in government.  OF COURSE!    Bad. nations allowing people to speak.  They sound like North Koreans. It is Ban Ki-moon who is Secretary General of the UN, from South Korea.  Is he afraid of upsetting China?
The worst thing is that a Communist country is taking over the reins that the USA has had for at least since WWII.  We had been the admired country, the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Whatever have we become now?  And who's sitting on top of the mountain as king?  Soros, who lost his way and has navigated against the true powers and into the powers of wealth.  He seems to be the one pulling the strings of this "new world order."

Reference:; China:  Staking claim in the New World Order June 9, 2015 by Alex Newman
****Update: 8/13/15  on Soros:  60 minute interview about holocaust and where he was, what he was doing.


  1. it sure is a very tangled web isn't it nadene?
    these new world order boys are counting on ignorance, distraction, and/or total disinterest of the american public to pull off their schemes.
    it has gotten very advanced because going on for decades.....

  2. Mostly their total disinterest, I fear. I think it's actually been going on even longer than you think. It's been under our nose yet we didn't recognize it. Read the Secret War against the Jews-how western espionage betrayed the Jewish people by John Loftus and Mark Aarons and you will see Britain with all their espionage going on and the deals with Saudi Arabia, oil companies, etc, all working against Jews. A deal in May 1933 in return for a 60 year concession in that Ibn Saud would get immediately, 30,000 lb loan against royalties an immediate payent of 5,000 lbs in advance as the 1st year's royalties. This was chickenfeed compared to the billions that would to to Saudi Arabia thanks to the spy, Jack Philby, that was socially quite prominent in their circles. This only comes from page 43 of 514 pages with references good enough to earn one a PhD. I was absolutely sick as I read it. It exposed things that one thought were sacrosanct. It took me forever to read it as I sickened and had to put it down ever so often. Hard to take such truth. Poor Israel; being screwed every which way. Most likely they soon learned and had to deal with it all.