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Genetics and Biblical History Join Hand in Hand in Origin of Mankind in Early Middle Paleolithic Era

Nadene Goldfoot
Geneticists tell us that Neanderthal and Homo Sapiens  began in Africa and began to leave there between 90,000 and 120,000 years ago, but a new discovery in a cave in Israel pushes that date back by 50,000 years. An upper jawbone was found to be between 177,000 and 194,000 years old with 7 teeth and one broken incisor.   What is interesting is that the jawbone they discovered and tested makes them think he was part of a previously unknown group of Homo sapiens that left Africa and then died off.                                                     

The cave was on the western slopes of Mt. Carmel in Israel.  Discoveries were made in 2002, Other similar findings show the discovery was more Homo sapien than Neanderthal and probably the oldest ever found out of Africa.  The 2010 discovery was of 400,000 year old teeth in the jawbone.
Not from Neanderthal but from a modern human far older than expected, possibly 194,000 years old
found in Israeli cave led by Israel Hershkovitz, paleoanthropologist at Tel Aviv U. A freshman
on his first dig actually found it.  He is said to have found teeth in 2010 that were 400,000 years old.  
We all should know some history about Egypt and their many Pharaohs.  We've seen museum exhibitions that travel near to our own cities and have had a chance to visit them.  Africa's northern land holds Egypt and right next door to it is Israel, the same land it was in these ancient days when Abraham lived  in the 2nd millennium BCE.  Both Egypt and Israel sit on the Mediterranean Sea in which they and Spain, Italy, Greece and Syria learned to sail and had transportation simplified.
Pharaoh Narmer Narmer was an ancient Egyptian king of the Early Dynastic Period. He probably was the successor to the Protodynastic king Ka, or possibly Scorpion.
He was the 1st king of a Unified Egypt. 
  Pharaohs have been known about since 3,100BCE.  That's only 5,118 years ago.  
Nimrod was an ancient Biblical king of Cushite origin. 
  Cush was the son of Ham and brother of Mizraim (Egypt), Put (Libya and Morocco) and Canaan (Israel).  Cushites were therefore known to be from Africa. As I understand the development of man, the Egyptian model would be understandable for the Cushites.   Moses had married a Cushite woman (Numbers 12:1) , though Chabad points out that  she was the  Midianite, Zipporah.   Could he have not taken another wife?   These brothers were the patriarchs of their individual tribes  found in Africa and Southern Arabia.  Nimrod is identified by scholars with the Cosseans or with the city of Cush, which, in Babiylonian tradition, was one of the first cities built after the Great Flood in which Noah saved his family and all the animals on the ark.

"Ham was the lowest and least important of Noah's three sons. Nimrod came from a line which was cursed by Noah: "Cursed be Canaan, a slave of slaves shall he be unto his brothers."

 We must remember that Cushites were not Israelites and the word could have been used as a slur by Mirium and Aaron in Numbers.  That Moses thought to marry someone not of his own people was being discussed between the two siblings about Moses, their baby brother. 
Homo sapiens Idaltu (Elder or first born) found in Ethiopia Herto Man is the name given to a number of hominin fossils found in 1997 in Herto BouriEthiopia. They date to around 160,000 years ago.
"In his book, Antiquity of Jews, Book 2, Chapter 10, Josephus wrote that while Moses lived in Egypt, he commanded the Egyptian army in a war against Ethiopia and that he married an Ethiopian woman. The following are a few excerpts from Josephus’s narrative about Moses in Ethiopia:"  Ethiopia would be considered as a part of Cush.  Josephus Flavius (Yoseph ben Mattityahu ha-Cohen)  had been a General for Israel from a priestly (J1 Y haplogroup) family born c38 CE and died 100 CE who wrote for the Romans who had overcome him in the overtaking of the Temple in 70 CE.  
The region of Cush was therefore south of Egypt which was Nubia and Ethiopia according to Hebrew scriptures and other ancient languages.  It extended South from Elephantine and Syene which turns out to be the modern Assouan. "Aswan, a city on the Nile River, has been southern Egypt’s strategic and commercial gateway since antiquity. It contains significant archaeological sites like the Philae temple complex, on Agilkia Island near the landmark Aswan Dam. Philae’s ruins include the columned Temple of Isis, dating to the 4th century B.C. Downriver, Elephantine Island holds the Temple of Khnum, from the Third Dynasty."

Nimrod was believed to be a mighty hunter and strong ruler whose kingdom was made up of Babylon, Erech, Accad and other ancient sites.  For instance, Assyria was known as "the land of Nimrod."  Historically, he was one of the ancient Babylonian kings.  He's been connected to the Gilgamesh Epic and with the Assyrian war-god, Ninurata.  (He was the first to be a mighty man on earth.) I Chronicles  

According to the Sages, Nimrod was the primary force behind building the Tower of Babel which was a rebellion religiously.  In the Midrashim is the explanation of Nimrod's sinister motive of doing this.  He wanted to build a tower reaching Heaven and from it, wage war against G-d.  

In the Tanach (Bible) and now from our genes we learn that mankind came out of Africa.  The first known civilizations there were in Northern Africa bordering the Mediterranean Sea. 

In conclusion, Dr. Hershkovitz explained that hominins had been coming in and out of Africa for at least  the last 1/2 million years.It must have been that some modern humans migrated from Africa far earlier than we had thought and that they may have interbred with Neanderthals in Eurasia as far back as 220,000 years ago.  

"Evidence of this type of Homo sapien does not mean that this person contributed to the DNA of anyone living today.  It could have belonged to a previously unknown population of Homo sapiens that departed Africa and then died off."

Couldn't that mean that they died off in the Flood?  It's food for thought.  Genesis 6 relates that because of their evil ways. G-d was determined to annihilate the human race through the flood.  Noah was the only exception and therefore was commanded to build the Ark for himself, his family and the animals of the earth.  He died at age 950, and the first people to repopulate the earth were his sons;  Shem, Ham and Japheth from which 70 people who were the first from whom humanity was derived.  Not only the Torah has this story in the beginning in Genesis but it is also found in the Babylonian Gilgamesh epic that has a parallel flood story called Utnapishtim.  Many midrashic tales were woven around the story of Noah.  

Gilgamesh, the ancient Babylonian creation explanation,  was written in 2100 BCE in Mesopotamia in the Sumerian language on clay tablets.  "The most likely assumption we can make is that both Genesis and Gilgamesh drew their material from a common tradition about the flood that existed in Mesopotamia. These stories then diverged in the retelling." ZiusudraUtnapishtim and Noah are the respective heroes of the Sumerian, Akkadian and biblical flood legends of the ancient Near East

Babylon was also known as the land of Shinar or of the Kasdim (Chaldees).  Here is the scene of the Tower of Babel and the Flood.  Abraham was born in Ur of the Chaldeans but had migrated where he later fought Amraphel, king of Shinar. It was known to prophets as the symbol of insolent pagan tyranny. So the Flood actually, as we of today know, that evil was not drowned in the Flood as expected, but models of Homo sapiens were destroyed, yet may still live in genes of today's mankind.  
 Our possible female ancestor or not, an early Homo sapien inspired by the Lascaux cave painting found in SW France.  Actually, she's not bad!  This was done by a later Cave man who had now entered Europe, after the Metal Age invaders. 

Today, Family Tree DNA can  show the subscriber their page of ancient origins.  " There were three major groups of people that have had a lasting effect on present day peoples of European descent: Hunter-Gatherers, Early Farmers, and Metal Age Invaders.  As for me, I'm carrying 22% of my genes from Hunter-Gatherers,  50% from Early Farmers and 28% from Metal Age invaders.  Hunter-Gatherers are from the " climate during the Pleistocene Epoch (2.6 mill – 11,700 YA).  I'm glad I most likely am not carrying genes from those early Homo sapiens who have died off.  Chances are that they'd be pretty ugly to our eyes of today.  

Genesis 11 Tower of Babel

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Peace In Our Times With The Palestinians? What Are The Odds?

Nadene Goldfoot                                         

Vice President Pence is trying again for the umpteenth time to expect to bring a peace deal about with Palestinians and Israelis.  My reaction is that we are beating the horse to death by not realizing that the Arabs are not of the mindset to want peace.
Seventy-Six years ago, my neighbor, Mimi Padow, told her daughter and I about how her family had owned an orange orchard in "Palestine" and the Arabs worked for them and were peaceful.  She had playmates to play with from the Arab workers.  Then came 1929, the Crash in America, and Palestine was affected as well, but in a different way.  The Arab Sherif of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, also called the Grand Mufti, feared he was about to lose his powers awarded to him by the British Jew from the League of Nations, and he caused riots of Arabs attacking Jews there and in other towns.  The British had occupied Jerusalem in December 1917 with General Allenby at the head.   Husseini had also instigated riots in 1922 because  the British now held the mandate for 30 years and were going to allow Jews to enter.  By 1946 the  population was 165,000 of whom 100,000 were Jews.   Arabs didn't want Palestine to become the Jewish Homeland.

This went on and changed the calm attitude of the Arabs so much that Dr Padrow, a dentist and pharmacist, packed up his wife Mimi, and they headed to the United States.  Mimi had been born in Tel Aviv, founded in 1909 as the suburb of Jaffa.  1948 came about with Israel being formed out of a small piece of Palestine, when all of Palestine had been planned through the League of Nations to be the Homeland for the Jews, people who had waited over 2,000 years to regain their homeland, homeless themselves for that length of time.  They had lived in many countries, thinking they had had a home and were part of it, only to be expulsed over and over again because they weren't Christians and were becoming successful.
from left: British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour, General Edmund Allenby and Sir Herbert Samuel 
At first Jews were able to enter the land that was held by the British until they became wise about the oil found in places like Saudi Arabia and realized that England needed oil more and more for cars that were developing rapidly.  Suddenly, as WWII approached, Jews were kept from entering while Arabs were allowed and were coming through with the British blessing, illegally or not.
Khaled Meshal, head Hamas terrorist and government leader, wants EU to release them from the terrorist list.
He doesn't want to give up his terrorism acts, though.  
Peace with the Arabs?  It sounds easy, doesn't it?  Who wouldn't want peace?  The Israelis certainly do.  They haven't experienced peace in their time since the creation of Israel May 14, 1948.

Ever since that day, the Palestinian Arabs have been tools used by their leaders, who have wanted the land because the Jews have it.  Their coveting leaders saw to it that these Arabs were to live in refugee camps in order to gain sympathy from the rest of the world.  There were Arab families who weren't duped by these leaders and who remained.  They're the Arab citizens of today, 20% of the population.   Let it be understood.  Israel is not just a state for all.  It was created for the purpose of being the Jewish Homeland.  It's the only state in the world that is a refuge for Jews in a world of Gentiles.  That balance is not to be changed as happened in Lebanon.  That was once a refuge for Christians, ruled by Christians who were slaughtered and have been taken over by the terrorists for many years now.
Take  25 year old Palestinian parents with a year old child in 1948.  That baby today is 70 years old.  The 25 year olds were born in 1923, and have long died  Their descendants have been educated with a historical fiction of a past made with stories of an ownership of land that never existed.  There never was a country of Palestine that was lost to the West.  It was land, originally mostly ancient Israel, taken originally by Roman soldiers who had burned the 2nd Temple down and had taken Jerusalem.  Then later in 132, they named the land Palestine.  It has been occupied by a number of Middle East Caliphates through the ages, but never had become a country of its own  It was in dire shape by the 1920's, swampy-filled and turned to desert, weeds and mosquitoes  living there with marauding Bedouins racing through on their donkeys or camels  on the way to somewhere else.  Poor Jews lived there, many depending on aid from fellow Jews in their temporary homes.  Turkish soldiers patrolled, keeping order and taking baksheesh.   It was the pits, as far as other Arabs were concerned, the dregs of land no one wanted to be sent to, the Siberia of the Middle East.

Arabs were not interested in becoming responsible for creating a country UNTIL the Jews wanted it back and received it.  That old commandment of "Thou shall not covet your neighbors things" never fell on these Arabs' ears.  Instead, Thou Shall covet your neighbor's land  had become the law of the land and all Arabs seemed to follow this opposing belief.  One by one, leading countries came from all corners of the Middle East, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Turkey it was as the Ottoman Empire for the last 400 years occupied the land until they miscalculated by joining Germany in WWI.

The Palestinian Arabs are the mixture of many people who can never be peaceful because they haven't been so ever since their creation which was AFTER Israel's birth.  Before that, they told people they were Syrians.
In my opinion, they have become the closest you can get to find living robots.  That's because they have been programmed to have one goal in life, to take ALL of Israel and to kill Jews.  No other goal has mattered.  They have been told no other teaching other than their religion of Islam.  Many Arab countries have been sending them vast amounts of money.  The United States has been doing this, and they haven't used it for the basic needs of anything, even  of electricity.  It's been Israel who supplies the electricity and they've never paid their bill for it.  They are not using it to better the life of their people.  Do that and they'll forget to hate Jews!
No, they've used the money to buy weapons and the raw materials to make them with as well as to dig walkable tunnels in which to attack Israelis from.
Oslo Accords September 13, 1993 signed
There have been moments when the West thought they held peace in the palm of their hand.  When Bill Clinton was president from 1993 to 2001, Arafat made out like he wanted peace, but it never came about.  He even was awarded a peace prize along with Clinton and Rabin, but it was given out  without testing the waters.  They should have waited to see if it would hold more than a week.

"In August 1993, the delegations had reached an agreement, which was signed in secrecy by Peres while visiting Oslo. In the Letters of Mutual Recognition, the PLO acknowledged the State of Israel and pledged to reject violence, and Israel recognized the PLO as the representative of the Palestinian people and as partner in negotiations. Yasser Arafat was allowed to return to the Occupied Palestinian Territories. In 1995, the Oslo I Accord was followed by Oslo II. Neither promised Palestinian statehood."  And on and on.  Nothing has been reached except attacks on Israel with Israel being forced to retaliate.  

It's worse than the shape we're in today with Democrats and Republicans.  We're only dividing more and more with all sorts of tricks being played in the disappointment of today's president for the other side.  Hatred has developed far more than understanding and patience.  These same people cannot get their act together to get along and they expect the Palestinians and Arabs to make peace today!  At least Pence has a better realistic awareness of the problem than previous people.
Bill Clinton and aide, Monica Lewinsky
Maybe we've all been programmed in our genes to see two sides of a coin, to see the glass being half filled or half empty  The trick of civilization is to be aware of 2 opinions and live with it anyway in the best possible ways.  We're still emotionally in the stone age in an era of being capable of inter-universe travel.  Technically we're brilliant, while our men are still sexually ready to grab women by the hair and drag them into their dens.
Iran's atomic threat to Israel with former president
Ahmadinejad the most outspoken
yet the time becomes closer to their capabilities
La dee da.  I wonder if other planets are having the same problems?  Well, we've reached  a point of being able to destroy ours.  This is the time for the Moshiach to arrive, isn't it?  Life is getting out of our hands.
 We're not living up to our requirements as people on this earth.  I think the biggest shock to me is that there were men on earth a few thousand years ago who were prophets telling others that this very point in time would happen.  Gee whiz!  That's more mind-blowing than flying to the moon!  The 2nd shock is that all 3 major religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam also believe this, but with their own versions, of course.  Yet they still continue on as nutty as ever.  Talk about stubbornness! 

The Hamas Covenant or Hamas Charter, formally known in English as the Covenant of the Islamic Resistance Movement, was originally issued on 18 August 1988 and outlines the founding identity, stand, and aims of Hamas (the Islamic Resistance Movement).A new charter was issued by Hamas leader Khaled Mashal on 1 May 2017 in Doha.
Hamas reenactment of kidnapping Israeli soldiers

The 2017 charter accepted for the first time the idea of a Palestinian state within the borders that existed before 1967 and rejects recognition of Israel which it terms as the "Zionist enemy". It advocates such a state as transitional but also advocates "liberation of all of Palestine". The new document also states that the group doesn't seek war with the Jewish people but only against Zionism which it holds responsible for "occupation of Palestine". Mashal also stated that Hamas was ending its association with the Muslim Brotherhood.

That's nothing.  Mashal and Abbas can't even get along for any long period  It's an off and on relationship at best.  This seems to be typical.  The Middle East is a very competitive land, even more than Europe was.  What does Pence think of the new Hamas Charter?  

  • The Tragedy of Mahmoud Abbas - Grant Rumley
  • "PA President Mahmoud Abbas, 82, the president of the Palestinian Authority, addressed the PLO's Central Council on Jan. 14. Over two rambling hours, he deployed anti-Semitic tropes, undercut the Jewish connection to Israel, and blamed everyone from Oliver Cromwell to Napoleon to Winston Churchill for Israel's creation.
        He repeatedly cursed President Donald Trump ("may your house fall into ruin"); he has also said he will boycott Vice President Mike Pence's upcoming visit. He issued indirect rebukes of Arab leaders after days of reportedly confrontational meetings with other Gulf officials." and more 

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When 600,000 Jews Were Exiled By Russia: A People Without Rights

Nadene Goldfoot                                       
Russian Armed Forces
WWI began July 28, 1914 and ended November 11, 1917.  At the start, 600,000 Jews were exiled from their homes and couldn't return.  
1900 Lithuanian Shtetl , by 1914
Jews were dispossessed and forced to
wander and suffered from starvation
From 1914 to 1915, Jews lived along the front lines of these territories.  600,000 Jews were then banished from their homes by the Russian Czarist army and not allowed to return.  They were charged with collaboration with the enemy which was false.   It just happens that 600,000 is the number that followed Moses from Egypt in the Exodus.  
Jewish teacher, more of a tutor in 19th Century Podalia
Podalia was a province of Ukraine, USSR.  Jews here suffered severely during the Russian Civil War from 1918 to 1920, a war after WWI.  By WWII, ts Jewish population was annihilated.
From 1941, Romanian Jews were also herded here and some 60,000 died.  The Russian army liberated them, helped 55,000 to survive.  

Modern Town & CountryOther Namesc. 1950
After WWII
Town / Country
c. 1930
Between Wars
Town / District /
Province / Country
c. 1900
Before WWI
Town / District /
Province / Country
# of JGFF
Podolia, UkrainePodolia [Eng], Podoliye [Rus], Podillia [Ukr], Podolye [Yid], Podole [Pol], Podolien [Ger], Podolya, Podilia, Podillya, Podolskaya Guberniya [Rus], Podolia Gubernia

Soviet Union

Soviet Union

Russian Empire

Napoleon emancipated the Jews in 1791

Jews were not citizens of any country for a terribly long time.  Slowly, countries started to allow emancipation, but kept up the anti-Semitism and class distinction  in all areas.  

USA:       1776: "The first country to emancipate the Jews was the United States. Jewish political inferiority during the colonial period before 1776, however, was not the result of a peculiar legal status. It derived rather from the Jews' belonging to the non-Protestant portion of the population, or in some colonies their nonmembership in one privileged Protestant denomination. Before the period of the American Revolution, Jews living in the colonies were generally ineligible for public office, owing to a Protestant form of oath which operated to exclude Catholics as well. There are instances where Jews entered public life nevertheless, perhaps by disregarding such forms. Jews were not limited in the rights of domicile, economic activity, or the practice of Judaism. Their full enjoyment of civil rights, together with the newness, foreignness, and minuscule numbers of colonial Jews, probably did not encourage them to seek the full political rights which they lacked."

France:  1791-first to give Jews emancipation in Europe.
Greece:  1830
Great Britain 1858-1890
Italy:  1870
Germany  1871
Norway  1891

Russia: 1921 "Before 1905, Russia was a feudal society wherein subjects contracted privileges from a sovereign.Pogroms continued to erupt as civil war engulfed Russia from 1918-1921. When the Bolsheviks emerged from civil war victorious, a new chapter in Russian Jewish history commenced–the subject of which was maintaining Judaism under communism.
There was the Jewish quota.  "After 1886, the Jewish quota was applied to education, with the percentage of Jewish students limited to no more than 10% within the Pale, 5% outside the Pale and 3% in the capitals of Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Kiev. The quotas in the capitals, however, were increased slightly in 1908 and 1915."

I note that through Lincoln, the USA emancipated Blacks in 1863.  They were freed of slavery.  Jews were not enslaved, but were not full citizens, either.
Russians fighting Germans WWI
Eastern Europe has seen much fighting between countries vying for land by 1914.  Russia annexed land called the Duchy of Warsaw, making the Tsar of Russia also the King of Poland.  He had created Congress Poland through a treaty of 1815. This took in Volhynia, Lithuania and western Belorussia.  In reality, it was a puppet state of Russia.

Volhynia was "  a historic region in Central and Eastern Europe straddling PolandUkraine and Belarus."  Belorussia was "formerly known by its Russian name Byelorussia or Belorussia (RussianБелоруссия), and is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe  bordered by Russia to the northeast, Ukraine to the south, Poland to the west, and Lithuania and Latvia to the northwest."

"The concentration of Jews in the Pale, coupled with Tzar Alexander III's "fierce hatred of the Jews", and the rumors that Jews had been involved in the assassination of his father Tzar Alexander II made them easy targets for pogroms and anti-Jewish riots by the majority population."  It was a Catholic country, and not friendly as it was to Jews.  
Jewish  Lithuanian soldiers celebrating Passover WWI 
By Autumn of 1914 to the winter of 1915, the Russians took German-Austrian held Galicia.
Then Austria-Germany took over Congress Poland.
White Russian fighting Bolsheviks

Grant Arthur Gochin tells about his grandfather, Samuel, who was deported from his home at age 13.  He was forced by the Russians into the army at age 15.  Sam was taken to Byelorussia  (Belarus) to fight.  First, the White Russians took him, then the Red Russians had him, and then he fell back into the White Russian hands.  By 1918, Belarus was occupied by Germans, then the Poles took it over.  WWI ended in  1919 there.  He wasn't able to get back to his home in Lithuania until 1923.

Lithuanian Jews were exiled during WWI from 1914 to 1918.  Usually, they couldn't return due to the red tape presented to them just to keep them out.

October 1917 "100,000 Jews were killed in the anti‑Bolshevik campaigns conducted by Ukrainians, Poles, and Russians."

First came the Russian Revolution of February or March 1917, depending on the calendar used. Nicholas had to abdicate.  
Deported Jews
 The Russian Civil War lasted from  October 1917 – October 1922. " civil war erupted among the "Reds" (Bolsheviks), the "Whites" (counter-revolutionaries), the independence movements and the non-Bolshevik socialists. It continued for several years, during which the Bolsheviks defeated both the Whites and all rival socialists and thereafter reconstituted themselves as the Communist Party. In this way, the Revolution paved the way for the creation of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) in 1922.   Through all this, Jews had to fight, even young boys were forced to be on the front lines.
The Pale of Settlement created by Catherine II of Russia existed from 1791 to 1917, the end of WWI.  "1791 to 1917,"The Pale of Settlement included all of BelarusLithuania and Moldova and much of present-day Ukraine, a part of eastern Latvia and some parts of western Russia, roughly corresponding to the modern western border of Russia. It extended from the eastern pale, or demarcation line, to the western Russian border with the Kingdom of Prussia (later the German Empire) and with Austria-Hungary. Furthermore, it comprised about 20% of the territory of European Russia and largely corresponded to historical lands of the former Polish–Lithuanian CommonwealthCossack Hetmanate, and the Ottoman Empire (with Crimean Khanate).

In other words, it was made up of 25 provinces of Czarist Russia 's hold on Poland, Lithuania, White Russia (Belorussia or Belarus) , Ukraine, Bessarabia (Romanian-Moldavian-Ukrainian Republics.) and Crimea.  This is where Jews were allowed to live.  Jews could not live outside this border unless they were special subjects given permission such as people who graduated from a high school, an important businessman, or a skilled well-known artist.  Since only 10% were allowed to become educated, this eliminated most Jews.  No wonder my Bubba was illiterate!  
Map of Poland
Permanent residency by Jews was allowed and beyond which Jewish permanent residency and in a certain period even temporary stay was mostly forbidden. However, Jews were excluded from residency in a number of cities within the Pale, and a limited number of categories of Jews—those ennobled, with university educations or at university, members of the most affluent of the merchant guilds and particular artisans, some military personnel and some services associated with them, as well as the families, and sometimes the servants of these—were allowed to live outside it."  The rumor I heard in our family was that a Goldfoot dealt in wheat and was allowed outside the Pale.  
The Pale of Settlement was abolished after the February Revolution in 1917, but like all other nationalities, the Jews suffered horrendously during the Civil War (1918 – 1921) when military factions from all sides robbed, harassed and murdered Jews with impunity.

Resource: Resource:
Malice, Murder, and Manipulation by Grant Arthur Gochin
Malice, Murder, and Manipulation-by Grant Arthur Gochin, dealing with Lithuanian government about Jewish citizenship and legal status that affected every aspect of Jewish life  in Lithuania "Old Country."  How the government abused national laws, causing many Jewish deaths in 1922 and still continues that behavior 4 generations later.