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The Rudeness of Jorge Ramos With Donald Trump

Nadene Goldfoot                                                
I can't take this double-speak anymore and have to speak out as a retired teacher.  I watched the Donald Trump newscast on CNN when Jorge Ramos interrupted Donald Trump in Iowa who was calling on people with questions.  What Ramos is recalling and repeating is not what went down.  Not at all.  Newscasters are not being honest about the clash between these 2 men.
Jorge Ramos b: 1958 Mexico, reporter for Spanish-speaking Univision against Trumps immigration ideas
We saw this man standing without being called on by raising one's hand and starting a diatribe against Trump.  He was making a statement and never was asking a question.  What makes me disgusted is that the TV newscasters repeating this incident never say a word about this.  They only rant and rave about how bad Trump was for having him removed from the room. Ramos acted like just because he was a reporter he could do and say anything he wanted without following the rules of conduct.
Trump saw that there was no question, asked him to sit down, and Ramos ranted and raved and talked over him, just like discussion panels do on CNN when 2 people or more disagree with each other.  It turns out to be a shouting match and no one, including the TV audience can hear what was said by either one.  For instance, I just saw 2 southern women, one black and one white talk over each other on the program before CNN's show just now.

Trump was in a role exactly like a teacher.  He was calling on people sitting before him for questions and was expected to keep order.  He took it as long as he could and said, he couldn't take this, and asked his big tall but fairly old gentleman behind him to do something, and he came down and removed Jorge Ramos.
Personally, I thought that was very appropriate.  Trump would make a good teacher.

Is this how senators or others handle situations with people like Ramos?  I just heard that Ramos has done this "taking a stand" before.  Have people just let him run over him and dominate the minutes?  I can't believe this.  He was not asking a question.  He was telling Trump what he couldn't do pertaining to immigration.

  1. Get this.  Now Ricky Martin, born Enrique Jose Martin Morales IV on December 24, 1971, in San Juan, Puerto Rico; son of Enrique Martin (a psychologist) and Nereida Morales Martin (an accountant). Career:  He is a well-known singer.
  2. He is criticizing Donald Trump for only giving Ramos 5 minutes.  I wouldn't be surprised if Martin didn't even see the original shot of this.  Since then, I've noticed that what is being shown is segments, not the whole time period anyway.  Trump did something I wouldn't have thought of.  He allowed Jorge to return and he listened to his statement. (Notice I didn't say question for  who knew if he really had one?)  He was lucky to get the length of time he did.  I was shocked that Trump made nice with him at the end and spoke of lunching later.                                            
    Trump's Audience in Arizona
  3. The only thing newscasters are picking up is that Ramos did not get to ASK (they've got to learn our English parts of speech one of these days) and be able to tell how a declarative statement differs from a question.  

Sarah Palin tells Trump he is what we need.  I agree.  I'm not saying Trump would make the perfect president, but if this is what past presidents allow to happen, it's sad.  Ramos should never had expected that he doesn't have to follow some polite behavior, even for reporters.  He was like a machine gun, yackety yacking without stopping for anything.                                                                            
As far as watching this segment, I knew nothing of Jorge Ramos or who he was other than a rude person. I don't watch Univision.   Was the audience made up of only reporters?  I had no idea.  One simply turns on a TV and starts watching.  Evidently there is history here.
 "In 2015, after Donald Trump became a Presidential candidate, Ramos pursued an interview with Trump for months. When he sent Trump a handwritten request in June, Trump, who had filed a lawsuit against Univision over its decision to drop the Miss Universe pageant following the candidate's comments about Mexican immigrants, posted Ramos' letter on Instagram, which exposed Ramos' cell phone number. Trump later deleted the post" 

I would say that anyone from Univision would not be a welcomed person to answer questions with.  There was a lawsuit in the works.  The resource  of Wikipedia  continued to say, " after attempting to question".  One does not attempt to question by starting with a statement consisting of a diatribe!  He intended to make a speech!    He was in the act of making a speech!  

Ramos doesn't like a lot of things as I found out while reading Wikipedia.  He criticizes everything.  He'll criticize my criticism of him too, if he ever reads this.  

Update 4:40pm.  Everyone must write their question on a paper given to them at the door with their name on it.  The papers are put into a box.  The box is shaken up  and another person draws out a question and hands it to Trump who announces the name.  The person gets to stand and ask the question on the paper.  That's how this retired teacher would handle it.  It's what we do many times in the lower grades.  Kids loved it.  

Resource: recognizing Ramos's statement was not a question.

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