Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Is War Brewing on the Temple Mount?

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                            

One of the problems that riles me the most is how the Palestinian Authority and Fatah led by Abbas keep their people in the dark as to our Jewish history.  They have been fed such a load of lies that they have no idea as to how long Jews have lived in Eretz Yisrael or how they got there in the first place.  This is keeping the ferment going which can turn into a deadly war if the Arabs are never informed of the truth of the matter.
The fight will start over the Al-Aqsa Mosque.The Arabs think the Jews will destroy this mosque of theirs, knowing that the Jews intend to build a Temple.  What they really don't know is where and when.
Model of 2nd Jewish Temple-It will again be built but locale is not planned
So the war has already begun and this is what has been happening.
Ariel view of local of mosque covering 2nd Temple site.  Romans built their Temple there to cover our Temple site first, then theirs was covered over by Mosque of Omar. 
Update: IDF soldiers in uniform are now blocked from climbing the steps to the Temple Mount. 3 soldiers were stopped who had a "religious look" about them???  "The site has become a source of increasing controversy in Israel as Jews and other non-Muslim visitors are forbidden from carrying out any form of religious worship. Jews are often verbally and physically harassed by gangs of Muslims whose job is to threaten Jewish visitors." 

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1. Palestinians have been telling lies for many years about Jews' plan to destroy their  mosque
2. Calls to Arabs to increase their popular resistance which includes rioting, stone throwing and other attacks against Israelis.
3. Charging that Jewish excavations in the vicinity are meant to cause the mosque to collapse.
4. Cartoons depicting such offenses.
5. Invasions of Jews on the Temple Mount with accusation held negatively that there were 184 invasions into places of worship.   Tourism is regarded as INVASION! Jews looking  at site or praying is not allowed.                                                  
6. Israel allows herds of settlers to enter the plaza daily.  Muslims are under the protection of the Israeli "occupation" police which provokes the Muslims. I guess they'd rather not be protected.   This shows they do not accept the right of Israel to be there in the first place as the police are not occupiers but full citizens of Israel which in essence is the ruler over the land, not the occupiers.  They are kept in the dark about the acceptance of the wars and the circumstance which is the result of their decision-making about attacking Israel.                                                                    
7. By visitors being on the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the Muslims are wrongfully charging its desecration.
8. Muslims, on the other hand, encourage extremists to visit it that are Muslims.  They have been called upon not just to pray but to be there in force in order to "protect" it from the attacks against it-in other words, the visitors.                                                                            
9.  Muslims leaders tell their flock to carry out their duty and protect the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem and to assist them with every means at their disposal to protect the purity of the Holy city and prevent attempts to desecrate-falsify its character and to Judaize it.
10  They will use violence there to get rid of Jews in attendance in the crowds. They stress to hold onto the mosque until the day Allah inherits the land and everything on it.  This comes from all the Muslim religious leaders:                                                      
PA Mufti Mohammad Hussein urging violence, urging "liberation" of land.He's in charge of religion for Muslims in Jerusalem.   
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              (2) WAFA, News Agency, July 13, 2015
                      fearmongering on February 23, 2015 about Jewish holiday of Purim and how it calls for a                             special visit to Temple Mount and would draw masses of Jews.
              (3) Al-Ayyam, July 14, 2015
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      e. Mufti Sheikh Muhammad Hussein, -Highest religious authority in PA
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              (1) Palestinian National Security Forces, November 8, 2014, examples promoting libel about Israel
View of Western Wall (Kotel)  with people praying.  This is part of the wall enclosing 2nd Temple-Herod's Temple still standing in the Old City of Jerusalem.  Since we don't have the 2nd Temple anymore, this has become the place of prayers.
The religious Jewish Holiday taking place on July 26, 2015 was a fast.  Tisha B'Av was a day for Jews of mourning.  They were to remember the destruction of the 1st and 2nd Temples in 586 BCE by Nebuchadnezzar of the Babylonians and again in 70 CE by the Romans who were OCCUPYING Jerusalem and Judah itself who ended things for Jews by burning the city down with the Temple.  The Jews were then forced in exile from the land of Israel, but pockets of Jews remained as were not found by the soldiers.
The wall goes down 60 feet underground.  It is very close to the Holy of Holies which was at the western end of the Temple.  This part of the wall is regarded as sacred and was treated so ass far back as the Talmudic Period of at least the 10th century and regular services were held before it.
Fights had broken out between Jews and Muslims in 1929, a time of rioting stirred up by Haj Amain al-Hussein, the sherif of Jerusalem who was in the same position as today's PA Mufti Mohammad Hussein with the Muslims.  One wonders if they are related.  They share the same goal-to destroy Israel.  Fights broke out again by the wall  in 1931.  A special commission of the League of Nations was called in by the British to regulate the rights of the parties.

Starting in 1948, when Israel was declared a state, the Muslims cut off the Jews from reaching the Western Wall which was under Jordanian rule, despite a paragraph in the Israel-Jordan 1949 Armistice Agreement affirming Jewish right of access.  So much for agreements.
Dancing the Hora at the Wall in Joy
IDF soldiers viewing Wall for first time
Have you noticed all the Muslim citizens  who have equal rights in Israel?  They seems to have even too many rights on the Temple Mount.  Israel is trying to keep things cool and under control.  It will not be Israel who starts a war over the site.  Some believe its just an excuse to start another war with Israel. 

 When it comes down to it, the Mosque of Omar is the 3rd most religious site in the Muslim world.  The first 2 are in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.  The Mosque of Omar, also called the Dome of the Rock, was built in the center of the Temple area called al-Harim or ash-Sherif in Jerusalem by Caliph Abd al-Malik in about 738, well after Mohammad had died in 632. It is also called EL AKSA, meaning"the farthest from Mecca.  This mosque was built to replace the temporary structure set up by Caliph Omar a century earlier.  It is situated on the traditional site of Mt. Moriah  He built it to mark the site of the legendary flight of Mohammed from Mecca to Jerusalem on his flying horse, El Buraq.  

 Omar was a terrible caliph. .  He was the 2nd one and ruled from 634 to 644.  During his reign, several regions with ancient Jewish communities were conquered such as Palestine, Syria and Mesopotamia.  On his orders, most of the Jews were expelled from northern Arabia.  
As a result of the SIX DAY WAR of 1967, Jews could once again visit the Wall which now came under Jewish sovereignty for the first time since the 2nd Temple Period.

As a result, on Shavuot 1967, the 1st day the Wall could be visited by the public, 200,000 people went there, and since then it has been a focal point for Jews from all parts of the world.

We know that Muslims have been digging under the Temple structure in  order to destroy Jewish property.  They accuse Jews of being up to the same goals to destroy their mosque.

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Update about soldiers: 2:15pm



    what do you make of this nadene?

  2. I just went through one of my other blogs and posted all the articles I've been writing when something comes up on the Temple Mount, and there'a a lot over the past few years. When I visited Stanley Goldfoot in Jerusalem, my 3rd cousin, in Jerusalem in 1980-81 till 85, he showed me the huge rolled up plans for the 3rd Temple that they have, as he belonged to the group planning the 3rd Temple. They've been ready to build since the 80s or maybe even before that, and haven't because it's not the right time. If they do, it won't be the right time if they build by knocking down the mosque. That will start the 3rd war and would be the the cue for the Arabs to go crazy. I don't want the Messiah to come when we Jews err. Let it be the Arabs that start it as usual if there's to be a horrific war. We're supposed to have better sense. We built on that spot 2 times already and were almost destroyed. Let it be another spot. The 3rd time being the charm has to be in a place in Jerusalem that is going to be perfect. Actually, right now we have a very beautiful synagogue in Jerusalem that I attended and was highly impressed with. There are many, as a matter of fact.

  3. if they were ready to build in the 80's is it because they had the ark and the red heifers already? i had read that it is only in the last 3-4 years that they actually had red heifers that would qualify. i also read somewhere that the distinctive color blue for the priest garments was from crushing certain snails to get that particular dye. the snails had become extinct until israel was back in the holy land and then they made a comeback. don't know if that is true or not but found the thought of that very interesting.
    i thought that temple mount was the only spot for the temple since it is mount moriah and where abraham was ready to sacrifice isaac and also the very spot where the plague stopped when david had numbered the people in the census because that had displeased the Lord. was it also because solomon had dedicated that temple and it's resting place in 1 kings 8: 29 as the place for God's eyes to look upon israel? shiloh where the tabernacle had been had become a high place and defiled and the temple mount became the place for God's name to dwell forever is what i had always thought that meant. i need to study this some more ;) ........
    i found that video very intriguing. don't know what has to happen but i do know that the most hotly contested piece of real estate in the world is temple mount and the globalists want to internationalize that spot in the effort for the big 3 (jewish, muslim, christian) to each get their share of the prize if you know what i mean, as a peace effort in behalf of the world.
    the world is going more crazy everyday and it is not going to get better as this heats up surrounding the whole temple mount issue.

  4. “Jerusalem the holy city of three major religions, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, plays a very symbolic and very powerful part in the current tensions between the Muslem world and the western world. I think it would be equally powerful as a symbol if Jerusalem were to become the center, acknowledged as the center of all of these three religions.”
    Desmond Tutu, Alliance of Civilizations

    see what i mean nadene? there are those with big plans for jerusalem so they want it out of jewish hands to do their globalist work. he is just one of those working on this. the whole "roadmap for peace" initiative has a goal in mind that is very anti-Bible, anti-God, so of course very anti-jew and getting israel's land and especially jerusalem from the jewish people is in process. i have been unable to go back and find material that i have not archived because the situation is very fluid, has been for the most part underwraps and information is disappearing. there will be an unveiling--and not that far out now, all under the guise of security and for the sake of "peace".

  5. Everytime Jerusalem or Israel has been in hands other than the Jews, the city and the land have suffered terribly. No one has reason to hold these places other than the Jews. First, G-d wanted it that way, as you have said, Andre. Ask the city and country and they would reply that it's about time their people came back for good and for others to stop coveting and seeking the power over these places. It's not for them in that manner. They'll only cripple and destroy the energy of the place.