Monday, August 24, 2015

Why the Iran Deal is Unacceptable

 Nadene Goldfoot                                                         

The goal of the Iran deal is to prevent every path to creating a nuclear weapon.  Kerry and  China, France, Russia, UK, USA and Germany, The Big 5+1,  have failed.  This plan doesn't include the requirements for a good deal.  

1. Inspectors have to have access to sites they suspect.  In this deal inspectors cannot inspect immediately when they get on site.  There is a 24 day approval process.   They now have time to remove any evidence of their violations and hide it.
2. Iran must explain its efforts to make weapons.  They haven't been honest on its nuclear building before the discussions.  IAEA hasn't publicized information-sharing agreement with Iran.  There are no consequences for Iran if IAEA finds problems.  They have threatened Israel often and have threatened many times to destroy it.  It's quite plain who they want to use their nukes on:  Israel and the USA.

3. Easing up sanctions should start ONLY after Iran complies with commitments.  This is obscene in that it provides immediate sanctions relief.  It takes the main leverage off Iran.  IAEA will verify that Iran has complied and immediately Iran will get up to $150 billion dollars.  That's more than George Soros and Trump have together!  Trump has about $12 billion,  Soros $24 billion!  All economic, financial and energy sanctions would disappear.  Then Iran would have all the money for terrorism, which it supplies now.  There are no consequences for violations.  Sanctions are not conditional on Iranian cooperation with IAEA.  To now restore sanctions that have been lifted, investments or contracts will not be affected that are already reached with Iran.  This is figured in "snapback" measures.
Bushehr nuclear site
4. Making nuclear weapons must be blocked for decades, not just 15 years and then all can go to hell.  It should never happen to our descendants.  This is a most dangerous deal because it legitimizes Iran's nuclear program and allows them to be a nuclear threshold state.  It starts to lift restrictions after 8 years and they get instant breakout time after 15 years. Heaven help the world then in 2030.
Arak Nuclear Site
5.  Iran MUST dismantle its nuclear factories so that it has no path to make nuclear weapons.  This deal leaves their infrastructure in place without being dismantled.  It changes their plans for the Arak heavy water reactor but there is no dismantlement of any other facility.
Left alone, after 15 years and restrictions lifted, Iran will be able to produce enough fuel for a nuclear bomb within DAYS.  That makes 2030, when babies are teenagers, a Holocaust set in motion.
Once Iran is a nuclear state, there is no way to stop them.  The world will have to acquiesce to Iran or use force to stop that outcome; 1 of 2 choices.  The Middle East will be less stable and this leads to a Middle East War World War III.
Arab Allies now fear Iran with nukes will be the dominant regional force.  More than 12 Arab states are interested in their own "peaceful nuclear program."  This is encouraging more nuclear countries in a very unstable region.  The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty will be at an end. The race will be on like a Bon Marche basement sale.
Ayatollah Khamenei 
The Ayatollah and his circle  have big ambitions and cause terrorism by funding terrorists in Lebanon, Iraq, Gaza, Syria, and Yemen.  They now look forward to their new funding, international legitimacy and extra arms after an embargo.  They can see  the end of the 15 year period when they will have even more influence and will be destroying  US interests.
Netanyahu's warning and what can happen in 2012, the meeting at UN when so many refused to attend
Their deal is not the deal promised to the US public originally.  The goals have not been met.  What kind of leader has the USA become?  How about its commitment to its allies other than the big 5+1 like Israel?  Now the USA has abandoned their own objectives and has damaged their credibility in the Middle East.

Resource:  AIPAC  July 2015

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