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Romanian Jews -Part of Ottoman Empire

Nadene Goldfoot
Romania, a part of Eastern Europe, had stone age cavemen who were hunters living there in about 8,000 BCE.  That was way before Abraham who was born about 2,000 BCE of the 2nd millennium BCE.  These cave people learned to farm and then to make bronze tools, then finally iron.  In 600 BCE the ancient Greeks traded with these Getae who founded settlements on the coast of Romania.

 The Romans called them Dacians.  Trajan, the Roman Emperor in 101-102 fought against them, By 105-106 they crushed the Dacians.  Afterwards they became a Roman province.  People from other parts of the Roman Empire were brought in to live there and the locals became "Romanized."  They spoke Latin.  By the 3rd century, the cost of defense was too great and Emperor Akurelian removed the Roman soldiers to south of the Danube.
Waves of new immigrants came to Romania.  The 5th century saw the Huns arriving.  The Avars followed in the 6th century and in the 7th were the Slavs.  A feudal order was created.  In the 10th century, the Magyars, a fierce people who were ancestors of the modern Hungarians, arrived in Transylvania, but most of the population were Romanian peasants.  Germans had also been persuaded to live there.  Radu Negru in 1310-1352 united some Romanians and formed Wallachia.   Jews were one of the first to settle in the land to become Romania.  A major wave of Jewish immigrants came upon Wallachia, which is a Romanian principality founded around 1290 after being expelled from Hungary in 1367.  After that they were among the first settlers of the city of Roman in 1391.

Later in the 14th century, Moldavia, another principality, was formed.  The peasants became surfs which were between slaves and freemen, and were ruled by aristocrats called boyars.  The 15th century brought the Turks of the Ottoman Empire.  Both Wallachia and Moldavia fought the Turks and Vlad the Impaler.
Jew of the Ottoman Empire
The 16th century had Transylvania becoming part of the Turkish -Ottoman Empire with a little autonomy of their own.  In 1593, Michael the Brave became ruler of Wallachia and he fought and defeated the Turks in 1595.  Then in 1499 he defeated the Transylvanians and became the prince of Transylvania.  In 1600 he conquered Moldavia and was its prince, also.  Then this brave man was killed in 1601 and the union of the 3 places ended.  There were Jewish communities in several Moldavian towns such as Jassy "Iasi," Botosani, Suceava, and Siret.  After the Chmielnicki massacres in 1648-49 it caused more intensive waves of Jews to enter Romania.  By 1683 the Turks were defeated at Vienna and in 1687 the rulers of Austria, the Hapsburgs, took Transylvania.

During this period, some Jewish refugees from the Spanish Inquisition came to Walachia from the Balkan Peninsula.  A few were physicians and even diplomats at the court of the sovereigns of Walachia.  Walachia just happened to be sitting on the trade routes between Poland-Lithuania and the Ottoman Empire.  Many Jewish merchants traveled through Moldavia, the 2nd Romanian principality in the northeast which was founded in the middle of the 1350s.  Some settled there and were favorably received by the rulers of this less populated principality.

During the 1500s Joseph Nasi and Solomon Ashkenazi were important Jews of this era.  It was to be 100 more years when Jews would receive legal status from the princes.
The 17th century brought domination by the Turkish Ottoman Empire to Wallachia and Moldavia.  By the 18th century, they had puppet rulers under Turkish control.  So while the Pale of Settlement was under Russian control, Romania was under the thumb of the Ottoman Empire. Ukraine and Belarus were part of the Pale of Settlement.  The 1700s brought in Moldavian rulers who granted special charters just to attract the Jews. By 1740 there were important Jewish communitires at Bacau, Barland, Galati, and Roman.   While Jews were living in Poland, they were sold a bill of goods about the advantages of living in in Moldavia like exemption from taxes, land for synagogues, ritual baths and cemeteries.  They were invited either to re-establish war-ravaged towns like Suceava in 1761 or to enlarge others like Focsani in 1796. 

Jews suffered a great deal from both sides in the many Russo-Turkish wars taking place in Romania.  between 1769 and 1812.  Large numbers of Jews came from Poland to the region, especially to Moldavia and played an important part in transforming the old feudal system into a modern economy.  From Russian occupation in 1828 to 1916, Jews were subject to discriminatory legislation, violence and arbitrary expulsions.  They were divided into foreign subjects, under protection of a foreign consul, and native born, to whom citizenship was also refused.  There were 200 laws just for Jews that made it difficult for them to earn a livelihood, and there was no unemployment insurance as the USA has.  

1860 to 1806 was a liberal period towards Jews, but anti-Semitism became a part of internal Romanian policy.  Even the Americans noticed this in 1872 when the US representative in Paris  termed the Romanian persecution of the Jews a  disgrace to Christian civilization.  

The Berlin Treaty of 1878 was created which demanded equal treatment for the Jews.  This was evaded on the pretext that even the native born were not Romanian citizens.  Jews tried but failed to bribe the officials.  Most of the Jews were very religious, Hasidim, and bitterly fought any attempts at modernization.

 The Jews were encouraged by the landowner to found commercial centers, the so-called burgs.  One nice privilege offered was the right to be represented on the local council.  Sometimes the Romanians tried to attract other Jews from over the borders.  When Bukovina was annexed by Austria, their neighbor in 1775 and Bessarabia by Russia in 1812, the Jews from these countries preferred to move to Romanian Moldavia where they were not harassed by the authorities and had both family and business connections.

Jewish merchants exported leather, cattle and corn.  Many of the Jews were craftsmen, such as furriers, tailors, boot makers, tinsmiths and watchmakers.

Cuza brought reforms in Romania including abolishing serfdom.  He was, however, very unpopular with conservatives and in 1866 was overthrown.  Prince Carol replaced him.  Finally, in 1881, Romania became a kingdom with Carol I its first king.                        

Jewish family in the 1880s in Romania

Romanian Jews left for Palestine as told in the book, THE SETTLERS by Meyer Levin, a novel based on facts, where Russian Jews met up with Romanian Jews as neighbors at the turn of the century.  More than 70,000 Jews left Romania from 1900 to 1906.  After WWI, from 1918 to 1919, equal rights were granted to Jews, but anti-Semitism continued anyway.  Aaron Aaronsohn, famous botanist who moved to Palestine in the 1896 at age 20 and came from Bacau, Romania.  He discovered the original mother of  all wheat plant  in Palestine.
1942 and these Romanian children were discovered in Paris and deported to be killed.  
Henric Streitman, Romanian Labor camp where Jews slaved, Spring 1944
 Hitler's effect all over Europe too effect and in 1937 the Octavian Goga of the National Christian party led to a series of anti-Semitic decrees.  Jews could have no citizenship.  They were deprived of their Hebrew and Yiddish press and the opportunity to practice their professions.  Massacres took place after 1940.  This is when ordinances like the Nuremberg Laws were in effect.
 800,000 Jews were in Romania at the start of WWII.  385,000 had been exterminated before liberation in 1945.  Here in July 1941, the Germans had done their damage and left Balti Jews in the hands of the Romanians when they left.
 There were then 400,000 Jews since some returned from Aushchwitz and Transnistria and 50,000 from Soviet-annexed territory at the end of WWII in 1945.  .
Now abandoned with only 50 Jews remaining after a population of 2500 in 1941, the Grand Synagogue in Constanta, Romania, built in 1911.  
 Communism was another danger that came along by 1946 which led to a liquidation of Jewish organizational life.  From 1948 to 1952, the government stopped emigration.  125,000 had left for Israel.  At first the Romanian government treated the Jews harshly, but as they became independent, their attitude was more relaxed.  The same treatment happened with Israel.  I remember buying Romanian jam in the supermarket, so there was trade going on, a good sign, or it could have been Bulgarian, too.

Romania had become the only eastern European country that maintained relations with Israel after the 6 Day War of 1967.  

By 1991, less than 20,000 Jews were still living in Romania.
Update:  4:46pm  Jews were required to keep birth, death and marriage registers in 1831, and many had been doing so voluntarily earlier.  Jewish communities were required to keep such lists in about 1850.  Registers were not required in Transylvania which was part of Hungary until 1895.

The New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia by Tim Lambert
Novel, THE SETTLERS by Meyer Levin
Finding Our Fathers-a guidebook to Jewish genealogy by Dan Rottenberg

The Rudeness of Jorge Ramos With Donald Trump

Nadene Goldfoot                                                
I can't take this double-speak anymore and have to speak out as a retired teacher.  I watched the Donald Trump newscast on CNN when Jorge Ramos interrupted Donald Trump in Iowa who was calling on people with questions.  What Ramos is recalling and repeating is not what went down.  Not at all.  Newscasters are not being honest about the clash between these 2 men.
Jorge Ramos b: 1958 Mexico, reporter for Spanish-speaking Univision against Trumps immigration ideas
We saw this man standing without being called on by raising one's hand and starting a diatribe against Trump.  He was making a statement and never was asking a question.  What makes me disgusted is that the TV newscasters repeating this incident never say a word about this.  They only rant and rave about how bad Trump was for having him removed from the room. Ramos acted like just because he was a reporter he could do and say anything he wanted without following the rules of conduct.
Trump saw that there was no question, asked him to sit down, and Ramos ranted and raved and talked over him, just like discussion panels do on CNN when 2 people or more disagree with each other.  It turns out to be a shouting match and no one, including the TV audience can hear what was said by either one.  For instance, I just saw 2 southern women, one black and one white talk over each other on the program before CNN's show just now.

Trump was in a role exactly like a teacher.  He was calling on people sitting before him for questions and was expected to keep order.  He took it as long as he could and said, he couldn't take this, and asked his big tall but fairly old gentleman behind him to do something, and he came down and removed Jorge Ramos.
Personally, I thought that was very appropriate.  Trump would make a good teacher.

Is this how senators or others handle situations with people like Ramos?  I just heard that Ramos has done this "taking a stand" before.  Have people just let him run over him and dominate the minutes?  I can't believe this.  He was not asking a question.  He was telling Trump what he couldn't do pertaining to immigration.

  1. Get this.  Now Ricky Martin, born Enrique Jose Martin Morales IV on December 24, 1971, in San Juan, Puerto Rico; son of Enrique Martin (a psychologist) and Nereida Morales Martin (an accountant). Career:  He is a well-known singer.
  2. He is criticizing Donald Trump for only giving Ramos 5 minutes.  I wouldn't be surprised if Martin didn't even see the original shot of this.  Since then, I've noticed that what is being shown is segments, not the whole time period anyway.  Trump did something I wouldn't have thought of.  He allowed Jorge to return and he listened to his statement. (Notice I didn't say question for  who knew if he really had one?)  He was lucky to get the length of time he did.  I was shocked that Trump made nice with him at the end and spoke of lunching later.                                            
    Trump's Audience in Arizona
  3. The only thing newscasters are picking up is that Ramos did not get to ASK (they've got to learn our English parts of speech one of these days) and be able to tell how a declarative statement differs from a question.  

Sarah Palin tells Trump he is what we need.  I agree.  I'm not saying Trump would make the perfect president, but if this is what past presidents allow to happen, it's sad.  Ramos should never had expected that he doesn't have to follow some polite behavior, even for reporters.  He was like a machine gun, yackety yacking without stopping for anything.                                                                            
As far as watching this segment, I knew nothing of Jorge Ramos or who he was other than a rude person. I don't watch Univision.   Was the audience made up of only reporters?  I had no idea.  One simply turns on a TV and starts watching.  Evidently there is history here.
 "In 2015, after Donald Trump became a Presidential candidate, Ramos pursued an interview with Trump for months. When he sent Trump a handwritten request in June, Trump, who had filed a lawsuit against Univision over its decision to drop the Miss Universe pageant following the candidate's comments about Mexican immigrants, posted Ramos' letter on Instagram, which exposed Ramos' cell phone number. Trump later deleted the post" 

I would say that anyone from Univision would not be a welcomed person to answer questions with.  There was a lawsuit in the works.  The resource  of Wikipedia  continued to say, " after attempting to question".  One does not attempt to question by starting with a statement consisting of a diatribe!  He intended to make a speech!    He was in the act of making a speech!  

Ramos doesn't like a lot of things as I found out while reading Wikipedia.  He criticizes everything.  He'll criticize my criticism of him too, if he ever reads this.  

Update 4:40pm.  Everyone must write their question on a paper given to them at the door with their name on it.  The papers are put into a box.  The box is shaken up  and another person draws out a question and hands it to Trump who announces the name.  The person gets to stand and ask the question on the paper.  That's how this retired teacher would handle it.  It's what we do many times in the lower grades.  Kids loved it.  

Resource: recognizing Ramos's statement was not a question.

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Pashtuns: and the Jewish Redemption: Afghanistan-Pakistan

Nadene Goldfoot                                              
12 Tribes of Israel, from 12 sons of Jacob:  Judah and Benjamin made up the Empire of Judah after King Solomon died in 920 BCE.  This is when the Empire of Israel had divided itself.  Israel then stood alone for about 200 years before being attacked and lost the major part of their 10 remaining tribes.

 Starting at the top or north of the map there was Asher, Naphtali, Manasseh, Zebulun, Issachar,  Gad, Ephraim, Benjamin, Dan, and Reuben to the east of the Dead Sea, Judah, the largest tribe and Dan, and Simeon which was farthest south.
The Pathans of Afghanistan and Pakistan are thought seriously to be the Lost Tribes of Israel from the Assyrian attack on Israel in 722-715 BCE.  That was 2,736 years ago, and people do change. From the time of entering the Promised Land with Joshua to the time of the Assyrian assault and kidnapping must have been about 1271 BCE when Moses died to 721 BCE when Assyrians attacked, which was 550 years, and the 2nd census taken by Moses showed the population of each tribe.
1. Reuben:         43,730
2. Simeon          22,200
3. Issachar         64,300
4. Zebulun         60,500                                    11. Benjamin 45,600
5. Dan               64,400                                    12. Judah      76,500
6. Naphtali        45,400
7. Gad              40,500                                 TOTAL:         601,730 entered the Promised Land
8. Asher           53,400
9. Ephraim       32,500
10 Manasseh   52,700

 We had Jews out looking for the lost tribes because the redemption of the Jewish people cannot take place until we are re-united with the whole House of Israel.   There was Eldad ha-Dani, Benjamin of Tudela, David Reuveni, Antonio de Montezinos, Shaabbetai Tzevi or absorbed with the last Judean exiles who were deported forcefully to Media, Assyria and Mesopotamia in 497-586 BCE.    Many lost tribal members  with good proof are returning today to Israel to live, but not the Pashtuns who are thought to be a major part of the 10 lost tribes.  They have become Muslims and are against Israel.
Pashtun children of Peshawar, Pakistan
 The fact is, however,  that many Pashtuns have held onto enough Jewish practices to make this fact believable.  History goes back to Kish who had 5 sons.  One was Irmia Jeremia and Afghana descended from him. Afghana was the grandson of King Saul of the tribe of Benjamin.  Other people think they came from the ancient Aryans who intermingled with the invaders of the land.   Today they make up about 60 tribes and each tribe lives in its own territory.                                                                                  
Possible Afridi Pashtuns, with  Jewish history, are Muslims today

DNA testing could tell us so much, but only a few have been tested who live in India today and a few from either Afghanistan or Pakistan.  One Pashtun I matched with was of the haplogroup Q1b1a.  5% of Jews have this haplogroup.   Family Tree DNA in Houston, Texas, has "The Afghan-Pakistan Y-DNA Project welcomes all those who come from, or trace their ancestry to the communities of present day Afghanistan or Pakistan."  All one has to do is go to their website and order a test for their Y (male side) dna.  The kit will be mailed to you.  There is no blood involvement.  In one test, 22 Y STRs were studied from Pashtuns in Pakistan and most frequent haplogroup was R1a1a with 49.3% frequency    They haven't found a connection yet to Jews from this testing company of Anthrogenica as yet.                                                                    
Dr. Shalva Weil, an anthropologist at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, was doing research on the Lost Tribes in 2000.
Visiting Pathans in Jerusalem  at Western wall.  
 There was a planned study to be done on the Afridi Pashtuns, but though Dr. Weil did go to Pakistan, did not go further into the study.
Pashtun Afridi Warriors, 1895 and the Khyber Rifles Regiment

 A previous genetic study had been done in the same area but didn't provide proof about their origins.  I do not know who did such a study but am sure it was not done with enough people.    Dr. Weil maintained that "Of all the groups, there is more convincing evidence about the Pathans than anybody else, but the Pathans are the ones who would reject Israel most ferociously because of their Muslim religion of today.  This is also ironic in that many have joined up and are part of the Taliban who in turn have been known to attack their own people.
Taliban  make up a major part of the Afghanis and many are Pashtuns.  Pashtuns make up 60% of Afghanis.  Afghanistan's population has been at about 28,395,716 people.  Pakistan has about 172,800,000.  
                                                                               THE TALIBAN

"The majority of the Taliban are made up of Afghan Pashtun tribesmen.   The Taliban's leaders were influenced by Deobandi fundamentalism  and many also strictly follow the social and cultural norm called Pashtunwali.

"After the September 11 attacks on the U.S. and the PENTTBOM investigation, the United States made the following demands of the Taliban,
  1. Deliver to the U.S. all of the leaders of Al-Qaeda
  2. Release all foreign nationals that have been unjustly imprisoned
  3. Protect foreign journalists, diplomats, and aid workers
  4. Close immediately every terrorist training camp
  5. Hand over every terrorist and their supporters to appropriate authorities
  6. Give the United States full access to terrorist training camps for inspection
Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir interviewing al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan, November 2001.  bin Laden was from Saudi Arabia,  born in 1957 His father,  Mohammed Awad bin Laden,  came to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia  from Hadramout (South Yemen) sometime around 1930.  His mother was a Syrian.  His family was very rich.  

"In 1996, Osama bin Laden moved to Afghanistan from Sudan. He came without invitation, and sometimes irritated Mullah Omar with his declaration of war and fatwas against citizens of third-party countries,  but relations between the two groups improved over time, to the point that Mullah Omar rebuffed his group's patron Saudi Arabia, insulting Saudi minister Prince Turki while reneging on an earlier promise to turn bin Laden over to the Saudis.
Bin Laden was able to forge an alliance between the Taliban and al-Qaeda. Therefore, he brought much misery to the Pashtuns who wanted to just remain free of all war and terror.  
NATO forces 'have used every weapon except the atom bomb" on the Taliban and have probably accidentally killed Pashtuns not part of this terrorist group as well.  In 2007 a new group of Taliban appeared called TTP, Therek Taleban of Pakistani.  They are 100 times more ruthless and brutal than the Mulla Omer Taliban.  There are 68 groups in the TTP and each one is working for different secret agencies.

"According to the United Nations, the Taliban and their allies were responsible for 75% of Afghan civilian casualties in 2010, 80% in 2011, and 80% in 2012."  It was "after the September 11 attacks, the Taliban were overthrown by the American-led invasion of Afghanistan. Later it regrouped as an insurgency movement to fight the American-backed Karzai administration and the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF).  

The 2nd President of Israel, Itzhak Ben-Zvi, wrote "The Exiled and the Redeemed" in 1957 and said that Hebrew migrations into Afghanistan began with a sprinkling of exiles from Samaria who had been transplanted there by Shalmaneser, king of Assyria (719 BCE).

Jews have lived for generations among Afghan tribes who are Moslems.  "They have retained their amazing tradition about their descent from the 10 Tribes"  They maintain that they were once Hebrews and later embraced Islam.  Today there are millions of Pashtuns but not all seem to claim this history.

They live on their own land in a fortified residence called a qala which is divided in half.  There is the general living area and then the private quarters.  A high wall separates the 2 areas, so it's like 2 large rooms.  The extended family lives nearby.  Their land consists of barren rugged mountains, the Indus and the Hindu Kush, Syistan Plateau of Iran.  Communities are also found in 10 other countries.  They live by the unwritten code called Pushtunwali or the way of the Pushtun.
 It consists of hospitality and protection for guests (like Abraham offered),  that fugatives can seek refuge there and be peaceful, but there is the right of revenge also.  Their tying of their  turbans in certain ways identifies their tribe, and in some places, rifles, pistols, knives and other weapons are part of their dress, so there are no concealed weapons here.  Men and women's clothing may be similar but women wear brighter colors.  The daftari is a man who owns some of the tribal lands and speaks in tribal councils who is considered with high esteem.

They lived through the cult of Brahminism and the harshness of Buddhism, so now cherish Islam as a unifying force.  Evidently they have forgotten the teachings of Judaism, only the practices remain seen today, such as lighting candles.

These Pashtuns claim they ruled India 3 times, the Ghelji Dynasty, the Sori and Lodhi.  Of the Sori king, Shar Shah Sori is the most famous.  His name was Fareid Khan Sori and his reforms are still valid.  After that Moghul came and the Afghans fought for their freedom.  After the Moughals, the British entered India and another phase started.  Some  may live in cities.  Some may even live in tents and therefore are nomadic.

Aside from the Pashtuns who converted to Islam, Jews (of the remaining tribe of Judah and Benjamin)  were found living in Afghanistan in the early medieval times but what happened to them after the 12th century is not known.  This is a community today from the 19th century which is an extension of the Persian community.  Most Afghan Jews speak Judeo-Persian.  Their religious rites are the same as the Persian Jews, but they do not study the Talmud, so they must have been cut off from that book by time.  They have been living in a medieval atmosphere and were confined to ghettos.  Their Jewish clothing was distinguished by black turbans.  There were 40,000 Jews in Afghanistan 100 years ago including wealthy merchants.  Repression by the government after 1870 and the mid-1930s reduced the Jewish population.    Most all emigrated to Israel after 1948 and about 50 were found living in Afghanistan in 1990.

" Pashtuns reigned as the dominant ethnic group, while being amongst the most intransigent tribes that fought British Indian incursions. The Pashtuns gained world-wide attention following the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 and with the rise and fall of the Taliban, since they constituted the main ethnic contingent in the movement. Pashtuns represent an important community in Pakistan, where they have a dominant representation in the military and comprise the second-largest ethnic group."

DNA testing from India has Ms Shahnaz as the researcher.  While the vast majority of Afghan Taliban are Pashtun, the largest ethnic group in Afghanistan, the theory that they are descendants of the Afridi Pathans is widespread in the area. The theory is based on a variety of ancient historical texts and oral traditions of the Pashtun people themselves, but no scientific studies by any accredited organizations have upheld the claim. It continues to be believed by many Pashtuns, and has found advocates among some contemporary Muslim and (to a lesser extent) Jewish scholars.  
Zahir Shah b: October 15, 1914, He d. at the Arg-i-Shahi, Kabul, 27th July 2007

Zahir Shah, the last king of Afghanistan, when asked about his ancestors, claimed that the royal family descended from the tribe of Benjamin.  This would be the same claim of others that said they were from King Saul of Israel.  

The irony of the Pashtun history is that these Israelites were taken  in 721 BCE from their brothers of the nation of Judah and held in captivity but remained alive and multiplied as a Muslim people after 632.  The new nation of Judah remained, only to become the Jews who were the scapegoats of the Christian world in that they were attacked by the Nazis in the 1930's and 6 million were slaughtered.  Now there are barely 13 or 14 million Jews remaining out of 2 of the 12 tribes.  Yet the numbers of the Pashtun, the remaining 10 tribes, numbers anywhere from 1.5 million to 40-45 million people.  By their Taliban group teaming up with Osama bin Laden of al Qaeda, they brought down more killing on their own people.  They brought down the wrath of the whole NATO allies and especially the USA.  
Arab, Haj Amin al-Husseini and Hitler in Germany, beginning of WWII

 The biggest irony of all is that the Nazis admired Islam.  What would they have thought of the bloodline if they knew Pashtuns carried Jewish blood?  They were so sure that Jews, who they were jealous of in reality, were an inferior race.  Here they were, stemming from barbarism when Jews were reading and writing and trading throughout the world, and they thought Jews were inferior.  

Resource: The New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia
Hikmat Shah
Tanakh, The Stone Edition, ArtScroll Series, Mesorah Publications, Ltd  video, last part by Simcha..J. which is good.  

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Parchin, Military Site in Iran

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                      

Parchin is a well known military complex in Iran just southeast of Tehran, the capital.  Many believe that it's possible there has been nuclear material being tested there as weapons by the Iranians.  It's off limits to inspection in this Iran deal. 

Why do they suspect something has been going on?  When Hillary Rodham Clinton was Secretary of State back in 2011,  November found the International Atomic Energy Agency report (IAEA) revealing satellite imagery of some structures and chambers or some kind of vessels.  This indicated that Iran had conducted many activities consistent with nuclear blast assessments.    Evidently Hillary did not act on this report.
Iranians burning Israeli flag at recent rally

Now, a confidential IAEA report was issued just yesterday, on August 27th which Reuters got a hold of.  It said, "Since our previous report in May at a particular location at the Parchin side, the agency has continued to observe, through satellite imagery, the presence of vehicles, equipment, and probable construction materials.  In addition, a small extension to an existing building" appeared to have been built.  

John Kerry became Secretary of State on February 1, 2013.  He  has already determined or decided that no such activity has taken place and we are not to worry.  Why not worry?  Why hasn't he inquired and checked it out?  Obama has been president since 2009.  Shouldn't he have looked into this matter?  Especially with us having to trust Iran in this Iran deal?  

Netanyahu's important warning to the world of their intentions and closeness to achieving their goals was made at the United Nations in 2012 when Hillary was Secretary of State.  People laughed at him because he had been warning for some years already, but this time their preparedness was dangerously close.  He knew that their complex was immense, too much for Israel to take out as they had done to Syria and Iraq previously.  Israel needed the assistance of the USA to carry out such an attack to stop their development of an atomic bomb.  Instead, Netanyahu has been told that the USA will shoot down any Israeli plane on the way to go it alone.  Some friend!!!  

This latest IAEA report was part of the IAEA's inquiry into Iran's past nuclear activity as to any military aspects.  This type of fact is called PMD's.  They were a part of the IAEA concern and discussion leading up to the July 14th Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action which was signed by the USA and member nations of the P5+1; that is China, France, Russia, UK, USA and Germany.  

UN inspectors last visited Parchin in 2005!  The fact is, that the IAEA says that any activities Iran has had at Parchin since the UN visited Parchin could jeopardize its ability to verify Western intelligence.  This suggests that Tehran has carried out tests there that are relevant to nuclear bomb detonations more than a decade ago.                                                                      

.. Building of the massive cylinder and concrete shield by Tamara Patton (

Iran says they are making it up, just like they refuse to believe that the Holocaust against Jews happened during WWII.  When they are in denial, you must understand they do not accept reality but are living in their own little bubble.  Then why did their military need this huge cylinder and concrete shield for?  This is something used in testing reactions from atomic weapons.  

"Oh, this is just a military site," they say.  "It's not a nuclear site."  IAEA has no restrictions on their building there.  

Spokesman John  Kirby who was just appointed May 13, 2015, former  spokesperson for Admiral Mike Mullen and then Chief of Information for the Navy,  has represented the position of the State Department and he has declared that it's just a military site DESPITE EARLIER REPORTS BY THE IAEA AND BELIEVED BY MANY ANALYSTS.  HE, WHO IS NOT AN INSPECTOR OF SUCH SITES SO HAS NO SCIENTIFIC TRAINING TO DO SO, SAYS THERE WAS NO PMD ACTIVITY THERE AT ALL!  

What if Netanyahu was right?  What if they've been testing out the equipment?  After all, they've been working non-stop for the past 2 years.  This site wasn't closed down.  In fact, they've been working 24/7 for years, now, only slowed down by viruses.  These mad scientists are doing all they can to develop the action they need on the tip of their missiles.  

The shock of all this is that Parchin, a military site, will be inspected by the Iranians themselves!!!  And we fell for that!!!
Iran's long distance rocket, Fajr 5

Update: 1:00pm from Israel embassy:  
If the international community wants to avoid war, it's crucial to get a better deal. A better deal can be achieved by returning to what brought Iran to the negotiating table in the first place: economic pressure coupled with a credible military option. That’s the real alternative. This better deal would:
  • roll back Iran’s nuclear infrastructure;
  • tie the lifting of restrictions to Iran's nuclear program;
  • be tied to ending Iran's aggression and terrorism.
Don't let the world's foremost terrorist regime get it's hands on the the world's most dangerous weapon

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Biden's Special Interest in Iran

Nadene Goldfoot                                                               
Joe Biden, born November 20, 1942-47th Vice President of USA, selected by Obama, served with him since 2009, now thinking of running for President.  He'll be 73 in a month.  
September 11, 2001 and New York's tallest building was hit by a jet plane that flew right into it. "8:46:30:[10] American Airlines Flight 11 crashes at roughly 466 mph (790 km/h or 219m/s or 425 knots) into the north face of the North Tower (1 WTC) of the World Trade Center, between floors 93 and 99.  2,996 people altogether were killed that day.  We came to believe it was Saddam Hussein who caused it to happen even though the plane was flown by Saudi Arabians.

After this happened, Joe Biden wanted to give Iran a grant of $200,000,000.  He's been a great supporter of Iran.
    " An October 2001 article in the New Republic  "At the Tuesday-morning meeting with committee staffers, Biden launches into a stream-of-consciousness monologue about what his committee should be doing, before he finally admits the obvious: 'I'm groping here.' 
Then he hits on an idea: America needs to show the Arab world that we're not bent on its destruction. 'Seems to me this would be a good time to send, no strings attached, a check for $200 million to Iran,' Biden declares.
An Iranian delegation was in Moscow that very day to discuss a $300-million arms deal with Vladimir Putin that the United States has strongly condemned." The article ends with a killer line: "But Joe Biden is barely listening anymore. He's already moved on to something else.

Joe is thinking about running for president being Hillary Clinton is faltering in the polls.  He's beloved, but has already run unsuccessfully 2 times before and must give this special thought.  He would have to understand a lot more about the Middle East than what he displayed after 9/11.  First of all, Iranians are not Arabs.   The country cannot afford a president who gropes with main concerns.  He has admitted that he's pretty down due to his son's death and knows that this position will take a lot of energy." 

"He supported the appropriations to pay for the occupation in Iraq, but argued repeatedly that the war should be internationalized, that more soldiers were needed, and that the Bush administration should "level with the American people" about the cost and length of the conflict.  Yet he was ready to give Iran a lot of money for what reason?"    
Right after 9/11, Salam Al-Marayati, founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), met with Biden at" the White House  and had his picture taken with him which he used to his advantage.
  He indicated that it was Israel who caused the 9/11 attacks.  This same man  participated in a CVE Summit, a three-day forum focused on countering radical extremism which started on Tuesday.  It  came in the wake of multiple anti-Semitic attacks across the globe and pressure for an increased military campaign against the Islamic State (IS) terror group.  "Al-Marayati also caused controversy in 2012, when he was selected by the Obama administration to represent the United States government at a human rights conference sponsored by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).

The fact is that Biden has had ties to Pro Iran groups.  "Kaveh Mohseni, a spokesman for the Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran, calls Biden "a great friend of the mullahs." He notes that Bidens election campaigns "have been financed by Islamic charities of the Iranian regime based in California and by the Silicon Iran network," a loosely-knit group of wealthy Iranian-American businessmen and women seeking to end the U.S. trade embargo on Iran. "In exchange, the senator does his best to aid the mullahs," Mohseni argues. Biden's ties to pro-Tehran lobbying groups are no secret. 

There are 2 types of people residing in Iran today.  Some are Shi'a followers of the Ayatollah and Ahmadinejad who are deathly against the survival of Israel and there are just people who would like to embrace Democracy and cut out the need to attack other countries, and especially not Israel.  After all, there are still Jews living in Iran and have been since the Babylonian attack on Judah in 597 and 586 BCE when they kidnapped many Jews and they wound up in Persia.  

Today's government, who has kept Kerry at the table for the past 2 years giving away the baby with the bathtub and calling it a good deal, the best to expect, wants to destroy Israel.   That would make them the king of the mountain  in the Sunni's eyes and they would have to bow to them from then on as they would have atomic power.   Ending sanctions was not the thing to do right away.  Our government doesn't vote on the Iran deal until September 17th.  They may do the right thing and turn it down.  

Of course, being a Democrat, he's all for the Iran deal.  ""I was extremely skeptical about whether or not we could ever get them [Iran] to the table and ever move them in a direction where there would be an agreement that made sense for us, for Israel and for the world. ... I've been the guy who's most skeptical in the outfit," Biden said. "I am strongly supportive of this agreement. Standing on its own legs, it's a good agreement."  I'm afraid this is the thinking of many Democrats who obviously don't know how to barter for a better deal.  It has also been way to long a time to get such a deal, as bad as it is.  Iran has had 2 years of doing what they wanted to accomplish and have a deal that allows them to keep their military sites  of Parchin off limits to inspectors.  Besides that immense mistake, the USA is allowing the Iranians to do their own inspecting on certain sites.  That's letting the fox inspect the chicken coop.  

Evidently a lot of Iranian-American money has gone into Biden's position to get him where he is today, and a lot more could go to his coffers to run for president to help beat the Republican nominee.  In April Joe talked to a Jewish group and told them that the Iran deal wasn't a great bargain.  He was shoring up the US-Israel ties.  In July of this year  it was published that Biden spent nearly an hour trying to convince top Jewish leaders to support the nuclear accord and promised them that if Iran ever violates the deal, the United States is still prepared to carry out a military strike against the Islamic Republic’s nuclear sites.  Biden was called Tehran Joe Biden.   Now He's talking to them again in Florida and will give them the great Biden pitch that it's a great deal, just like a politician.