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Why Jews Say "NEVER AGAIN"

Nadene Goldfoot                                        
Jupiter, king of Roman Gods
Zeus, king of Greek Gods

About 4 thousand years ago, Abraham and his entourage of family members and  descendants got into trouble for not believing in the religion of the Greeks and Romans.  Instead of accepting the Greek Zeus and his whole family who were living above Mt. Olympus out in space and believing in his contemporary, the Roman god, Jupiter, these people had become monotheistic and only would believe in one unseen G-d.  So from then on, people were suspicious of them.  How odd they must be to not believe as others did.
Queen Esther (Hadassah) in about 300 BCE told her husband, the king of Persia, that she was Jewish and of Haman's plot to kill all Jews. 
They were a stiff-necked people, indeed.  They refused to follow others' religious beliefs.  About 2300 years ago in Persia, there was an advisor to the king named Haman who had been offended by a Jew.  He wouldn't bow to him, or some such elementary thing.  The advisor, swelled up with pride and deep in his self worth for being so important to the king who could not make a move without him, decided ALL JEWS IN THE WORLD MUST BE KILLED.  They were a subjected people and would not bow.  Well, the ending to this story is that the king's queen was a hidden Jew and the king really loved her, so he killed off Haman and his sons and had them hung in the public square.  The Jews had a close call they never forgot.
Concentration Camp-Aushwitz, Jews were slaughtered here
All of about 75 years ago in 1943, the Nazi's final solution to all problems, especially the economic ones, were to kill all the Jews of the world.  This time they almost succeeded.  The USA and England knew about Jews being gassed in German death camps in Poland and that Hitler was busy with formulated plan to kill all Jews from the Atlantic Ocean to the Volga River, and probably would then start on the USA.
Aushwitz-Death-Concentration Camp WWII
Did anyone come to the rescue of these constant monotheistic odd people?  No.  USA, Britain and France wouldn't let them in their countries.  They couldn't bring anything of value as the Germans had taken all their property, yet the Jews were told to leave Germany and its occupied territories.  A few relented if they had enough money to leave with and were guaranteed jobs by other prominent Jews of that country.

SS Washington
Werner Oster was on the last ship out of Germany in May 4-12,  1939.  The next ship to leave a week later and others following were turned away after docking in Western ports and were sent back to a Europe now ruled by Nazis who killed Jews.  Werner had a sponsor and a job guarantee in USA, making him no liability for the USA.  He was 23 years old.

Jewish children rounded up for deportation to death camps like Aushwitz
In the meantime, the natives of eastern Europe helped the Nazis round up Jews in hiding so they could also go into the ovens.  There were very few people Jews could trust to hide them or help out.
Emma Lazarus b: 1849 New York
As for the United States, the story is very disappointing.  Our own country, the land of the free and the home of the brave, the land where the Statue of Liberty's creed was written by a Jewish woman, Emma Lazarus,  saying:
Statue of Liberty, New York

“Give me your tired, your poor, 
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, 
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. 
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me: 
I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

And it meant  to the needy Jews who couldn't come to see it, a chance to live.  Our government was full of anti-Semitic officials high up in the State Department and other agencies in the Roosevelt administration.  They went out of their way TO HIDE DATA ABOUT THE PLIGHT OF JEWISH REFUGEES.    They went around protocol in order to refuse entry into the United States who were escaping from the Holocaust.  Only a few Jews got into the USA.
Jews behind barbed wire in Cyprus, prevented from entering Palestine
The British were almost as bad and also did their very best to stop Jewish refugees from escaping to Palestine, which was already decided by the League of Nations  after WWI to be the Jewish Homeland within 30 years-only waiting out the British Mandate period of time.   Here was land designated for the Jews and they couldn't get in.  They also were turned away to go back to Europe to be killed.  
Dachau- Death-Concentration Camp, WWII
We come to the fatal 1943.  American authorities knew what was going on.  They learned a lot from those who had escaped.  They had photographs from reconnaissance.  They learned things from German spies passing detailed information to Swiss  spies. Besides their own informants, there were international Jewish advocates who asked that the Allies would bomb the places like Auschwitz.  
Auschwitz was killing over 10,000 Jews a day.  Pleas to bomb these death camps were ignored and the pleaders were told lies.  
For 70 years, Israelis have learned the lessons about the psychology and economic stability of their friends.  Through the Holocaust they have learned much about the ways of mankind.  Jews are really on their own and can never let such things happen to them again.  Mankind is not to be trusted.  They can "never again assume that national leaders" who have deadly weapons at their disposal do not really mean all the horrible things they shout and scream about killing Jews,  especially the land that produced a Haman.  Friends have turned out to be much less.  
Any deal any country makes that gives Iran a nuclear bomb is unacceptable to Israel.  Israel has never stood for an unfriendly country that means harm to Israel to have nuclear weapons.
Osirak nuclear plant site
Osirak nuclear site

Iraq found this out.  Saddam Hussein got a nuclear reactor from France and it was up by 1981.  Israel then took it out.  

Syria built the al-Kibar nuclear plant that was launched by the North Koreans.  this uranium enrichment plant was destroyed in 2007 by Israel.
One should remember all the boos and yells at Israel for doing these two acts of self protection.  ISIS now controls the land these plants stood on.  
Arak in Iran;  Heavy Water manufacturing
Bushnehr nuclear site in Iran
Parchin Military Nuclear Facility in Iran
Let's face it.  Israeli leaders trust their own Mossad much more than the Western intelligence they are fed.  They're rarely told the truth about matters of their own safety.  So Israel relies on their own people.  

The same thing has happened with the Iran nuclear plan. The big 5+1 was invited but Israel was left out in the dark and they are the #1 people that most matter in this deal.  
Never again will Israel allow Jewish lives to be snuffed out.  

That's why this Iran plan must be stopped somehow.  How about the fact that Obama has said that American planes will attack Israeli planes if they try to attack the Iranian plants?   According to promises, this plan was on the table for the USA to do.  Iran had plenty of warning.   Do you really think that in 12 years Iran will be a friendly nation and not bomb the USA as well?  
Revolutionary Guard unit of Iran
Already the Iranian Revolutionary guards were the ones that ordered the attack on Israel yesterday from Syria with 4 bombs.  It was carried out by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists and hit the Golan.  They're in practice for the big one, no doubt.  

Resource:  The Jewish Press, August 14, 2015:  Israeli Preemptive Action, Western Reaction, by Victor Davis Hanson. Obama's threat to Israel


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    these people are insane. and it isn't going to go by their playbook.
    they better amend their ways because God will see to it that there will always be an israel--and--will destroy those who go against what He has determined.