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The Spy World Against Israel

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                        
Robert Maxwell, Millionaire and Labour MP-Mossad Spy, a rags to riches life

Israel announced it was a state on May 14, 1948 amidst the act of Britain high tailing it out of Palestine because their 30 year long mandate was up, and they were leaving it actually in Arab hands.  They had been assigned this mandate in order to help the Jews create their Jewish Homeland after the Axis countries had lost WWI, and Palestine had been deemed to become a Jewish state, but Britain smelled oil and had different ideas.  Harry S. Truman, USA president, was the first to recognize the state of Israel.
David Gruen AKA David Ben Gurion 1886-1973, born in Plonsk, Poland, came to Palestine in 1906. 
David Ben-Gurion, Haganah leader and chosen as the first Israeli prime minister AND Minister of Defense,  could not get the West to supply the Jewish populace with weapons for protection they needed in fighting the Arabs.  The British had virtually handed the Arabs their weapons when they left and gave the Jews nothing.  The British and other Americans  were convinced that the Soviets would be infiltrating Jewish Communist agents into Palestine as new immigrants that would be soon entering, and of course, Communism was a RED word.  Was he going to allow Israel to be destroyed before it became a nation?

A Czech Jew, Ludvik Hoch, AKA Robert Maxwell, became one of Israel's first and most secret spy.  It happened that in 1948, Czechoslovakia had come to Israel's aid out of all the countries.
Harry S. Truman, President 1945-1953
 The USA may have been first to vote for Israel's existence because of President Truman's stand, but from there on the country was indifferent and were abandoning her. Harry was surrounded by dissidents against Israel.  .  

In 1952 Stalin's government executed almost the whole Czech government members.  11 of those people were Jews.  Stalin said that the Czechs were plotting with the West to break the country away from its alliance with Moscow.  The accused were working with the Zionists to bring their plan to fruition, they charged.  What then happened was that the Czechs backed Israel, perhaps in defiance, perhaps in feeling empathy.  They supplied Israel with artillery and ammunition and the best of the Nazi air force from WWII which had just ended in 1945.
 They supplied Israel,with the Messerschmitt Bf-109 which had been built for Germany by the......Czech arms industry!  How Ironic.  Israel got the top arms of the Nazis who had wiped out 6 million Jews.  This seems to have been a miracle that came in the nick of time that Czechs of all places came on strong with help!
Jets today in the IAF
Now Israel had an air force.  The first plane arrived in Israel just in time when the British mandate had not yet expired when Israelis were surrounded by Arab enemies, spurred on to be against the state by Haj Amin al-Husseini, the enemy of Emir Feisal, top Arab leader who had been for their creation. This plane and the others to follow saved Israelis and helped them to win their War of Independence.  There were American pilots who flew these planes from Czechoslovakia to Israel  and they saw the new immigrants who were surviving Jews right out of Europe's concentration camps of death and starvation in tattered clothing standing in trucks who would unload the incoming planes looking like they were about to ride to their deaths, which spurred the pilots on.

We come to a time 50 years later and Robert Maxwell allegedly committed suicide caused by problems in his life. He had been a Mossad spy.   He had become a very wealthy British publisher of the Daily Mirror. In May 1991 while on his huge yacht, he fell and drowned at age 67.   .In turn, Robert had practiced fraudulence in his publishing empire when he couldn't wait any longer during a recession and used other people's money.  He was broke and exposed, so may have committed suicide.  He was in debt for more than $5 billion dollars.

Israel took his body and buried him in Israel's soil  wrapped in his prayer shawl.  Many old men who knew him came to his funeral wanting to pay their respects to the man who had saved Israel from a defeat.  He had saved this nation.                                                
James Forrestal 1892-1949 -last Cabinet-level United States Secretary of the Navy and the first United States Secretary of Defense.

His nemesis had been James Forrestal who had died earlier and was buried in Arlington National Cemetery.  Forrestal was not liked by President Harry Truman who he disagreed with when he became the first Secretary of Defense of the USA from 1947 to 1949, critical years for Israel.  He was against recognition of Israel. Forrestal believed that controlling Middle Eastern oil was more important than the Jews and their Zionist reasons.  To him the Jews were expendable.  He thought Saudi Arabia was the most important.  One must remember that Forrestal came from an anti-Semitic world.  His family was anti-Semitic and many of his friends disliked Jews, though they most likely knew none.  He had worked on Wall Street where many large banking houses and law firms refused to hire Jews and New York and Washington clubs where he belonged didn't allow Jews to be members.  Even the Navy Department itself was known for its anti-Semitic promotion policy.  Forrestal had said that he thought Jews were different.  He couldn't understand how Jews and Gentiles could ever become friends.  This man felt indifference to Holocaust survivors.  Allen Dulles, director of the CIA,  was his friend and they both opposed Jewish immigration to the USA.  He kept saying they should all be sent to South America.

 The man was found to be suffering from deep depression, perhaps what happens to certain vets in wars, and was dismissed by Truman in March 1949.  He had to be hospitalized and fell to his death from a window on the 16th floor in Bethesda Naval Hospital 2 months later at age 57.

The amazing irony is that these 2 men on opposite sides of the fence came to tragic ends and both may have committed suicide.  However, Israel was saved. " For a few brave hours in 1948, Maxwell's friends in the Czech government had done what the USA hadn't" .  "They had, for the 1st time in 2,000 years, given the Jews" something close to a  fair fight, that is if you see the emaciated bodies of men recently let out of death camps waiting to be thrown into the furnaces a fair fight fighting for Israel.

During Franklin Delano Roosevelt's time in office from 1933 to 1945 when he died, many things were going wrong.  Vice President Henry Wallace constantly shared information with his brother-in-law, the Swiss minister in Washington during WWII.  Wallace had secret meeting with Roosevelt and he blabbed about it to him.  Doing this was as harmful as giving out info to the Nazis because they had recruited the head of the Swiss secret service.  By January 1944, German intelligence were reading the most sensitive war plans of the Roosevelt administration.  Roosevelt got wind of this and replaced Wallace, the most popular man in the USA at that time, with Harry S. Truman.  At this time, Forrestal was running a campaign with other right-wing Democrats such as oil man Edwin Pauley who went into business with George Bush later.  This was another miracle that Truman got into this good position.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt 1882-1945.  He called for the Evian Conference in 1938 to talk about the Nazis in Germany and in January 1944 established a War Refugee Board to rescue survivors of Nazis.  Then before he died he was swayed by King Ibn Saud for the Arabs and against a Jewish state.  He had been sympathetic towards Jews before this meeting.  He died at age 63.   
Some people have thought that President Roosevelt was Jewish.  Hardly.   He wasn't.    Roosevelt's foreign policy was trying to lock the USA government into a pro-Arab policy in Palestine of neutrality.  In February 1945, Roosevelt told King Ibn Saud that the USA would not help the Jews fight against the Arabs which in effect showed favoritism for the Arabs.  One week before he died, Roosevelt had given Saud a written guarantee.  One of the first memos from the State Department warned Truman never to allow the Jews to have their own country because it would become a Communist puppet in 3 years.  As it turned out, Israel has set the bar very high as being a most Democratic state.  Freedom to rule themselves has meant all the world for the Jews.  Communism was the only thing going to change Russian rule, but Israel created democratically means a different story.

Hmmm.  The USA interfered with Gaza and insisted they vote democratically for their government.  They somehow voted in Hamas, not a democratic society but voted for a despot, a terrorist.  They were not of the same morality that makes up a democracy then.  They were not ready.  Neither is Fatah, so called the Palestine Authority.  Abbas was first chosen on November 11, 2004 and is still in the same position 11 years later.  Perhaps he's trying to start his own Royal House. His time was to end in 2009.

Well, Obama can say that the Iran deal is the best deal going for Israel, but that's really a form of brain washing because it's almost as bad as saying that the king is dressed in gorgeous clothes when he's naked.  They had an agenda to acquire and wound up accepting all of Iran's demands, instead, it seems.  There are too many flaws in accepting this deal.  There has been so many secret deals going on against the Jews of Israel that this seems to be another one in a huge list of spying and conniving one can barely imagine going on.  They've missed another of lost opportunities to stop Iran from gaining nuclear material to make their own bombs and rule the Middle East.

Here's how it went down with Iran back in 1957.  Kermit "Kim" Roosevelt, son of Theodore Roosevelt-President from 1901 to 1909,  had sent CIA agents to bribe Nasser, President of Egypt.  Nasser was leaning towards the  Soviets .  Then Roosevelt left the CIA to become vice president of Gulf Oil, working in anti-Israel operations.  The CIA built Nasser a communications tower in Cairo.  Nasser kept bringing in more Soviet advisers.  War broke out then in December, 1941, and the USS Liberty was put under the National Security Agency, ordered to pick up 2 Hebrew translators that were not Jews but NSA employees from Spain.  All this was to spy on Israel and betray its secrets.

Oh, what's this?  Finally Jonathan Pollard, a Jew, who took it upon himself to spy for Israel, is finally being released after being in prison for 30 years.  It will happen for Thanksgiving.  He's 60 years old now.  Israel hadn't hired him for a spy.  He was just trying to be helpful.  No clemency for us, yet we know that the USA has spied on Israel for its full existence.  .  

Resource:  THE SECRET WAR AGAINST THE JEWS by John Loftus and Mark Aarons,  full of more spies than one can count.
http://digital.library.okstate.edu/OAS/oas_pdf/v60/p89_92.pdf  Robert Forrestal
VIDEO:  CAST A GIANT SHADOW with Kirk Douglas, Senta Berger, Frank Sinatra, Angie Dickinson, Yul Brynner, etc.  About first Aluf, American Jew.

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