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No Semitic Race-Only Semitic Languages

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                       

There is no such thing as a Semitic race, but there are the Semitic Languages, spoken by Arabic, Hebrew and the Abyssinians of 57 million people.

Semites came from Shem, who was one of the 3 sons of Noah.  From Shem, the nations of Elam, Asshur, Arpachshad, and Aram came forth.  Arpachshad was in turn father of Eber and ancestor of Abraham. Peoples speaking tongues similar to Hebew are called Semitic peoples and their languages are Semitic Languages.   

There is a connection between Hebrew, Aramaic and Arabic.  Judah Ibn Kuraish demonstrated it in the 10th century.  It was described by W. Wright in 1890.  The name "Semitic" for the family is based on Genesis 10 and was suggested by A. L. Schlozer in 1781.  The Semitic family forms a branch of the Hamito-Semitic family, to which belong also the Ancient Egyptian, Somali, the Cushitic languages of E. Africa, and the Berber dialects of North Africa.

In Israel, all students study Hebrew and English and may choose to also study Arabic or French.  As a teacher of English, I was asked how many languages I spoke.  Ha!  We Americans tend to study one language only, but luckily I could say 2, being I had done a little with Spanish, another important language in the USA.  My Hebrew was taught in Sunday school of which I soon dropped as my attendance had been poor.  I had to cram like crazy before I moved to Israel with cards I made all over the house labeling everything in Hebrew.  Getting used to reading from right to left is different for an English speaker and reader.  Being left-handed, I loved it, especially the writing part.

  one (1)                ehad                        had                     edu                 ahadu           ahadu
three (3)              shalosh                     tlat                     shelashu            thalathu         shalsh
father                 ab (av) abba                ab, abba                 abu              abu             ab
mother               em, eema                  em, imma             ummu              ummu             emm
brother               ah                              ah                       ak hu               ak hu              ekhw
sister                  ahot                           hat                      ak hatu             ukhtu             ak hat, ekh

This particular language family was made up of:

1. Eastern Semitic=Akkadian Branch
    A. Old Akkadian (2500-1950 BCE)
    B. Assyrian (?- 600 BCE)
    C  Babylonian  (?-200 BCE

2. Northwest Semitic 
    A. Amorite (Syria-Mesopotamia, 18th-17th centuries) known only through personal names:
    B. Ugaritic (NW Syria, 14th century BCE, discovered in 1929.

3. Canaanite Branch
    A. Hebrew
    B. Phoenician (18th to 3rd century BCE
   C. Punic (Carthage( ? -4th century BCE)
   D. Moabite (one inscription of 9th century BCE

4. Aramaic Branch
   A. Many old dialects (9th -6th centuries)
   B. Imperial Aramaic (Persian Empire 6th-4th centuries, known mainly from Egypt
  C. Biblical Aramaic; Nsabatean (Transjordan and NEgev, 1st century BCE-3rd century CE
  D. Palmyrenian (E. Ssyria, 1st to 3rd century CE
  E. Palestinian Jewish Aramaic (Targums and Palestinian Talmud)
  F. Samaritan (Christian Palestinian Aramaic (died out before 1000 CE)
  G. Syria (2nd-13th century)
  H. Jewish Babylonian (Talmudic) Aramaic
  I. Mandean (Southern Iraq)
 J. Modern Syriac
 K. Modern Aramaic of Malula (Lebanon)

5. South Semitic
   A. Many proto-Arabic dialects (6th century BCE to 5th century CE,) with many modern dialects.  Arabic since 5th century CE.  Ancient S. Arabian languages (4th century CE)
  B. Minean, Sabean, Katabanian, etc.
   C. Modern south Arabian languages: Mehri, Shkauri, Botohari in Hadhramaut;
   D. Sokkotri on the Isle of Sokotra,
   E. Ancient Ethiopic (since 3rd century CE), Amharic (since 15th century CE)
   F. Tigre, Tigrinya, Harari, Gafat, gurage, Argobba (all in Abyssinia.

Resource: The New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia

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Timeline of Israel's News Centering Around Temple Mount and Jerusalem

October 27  PA Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah visited Temple Mount, and declared that East Jerusalem was the eternal capital of the Palestinian state.  This goes against facts.    East Jerusalem is a part of Jerusalem, Israel's capital, and Jerusalem is unified. Palestine is not a state yet.  Such things have not come under any decisions, and the way it's going, it won't be happening.
October 27 Prime Minister Netanyahu authorized plans for 1,060 housing units in Jerusalem neighborhoods.

 October 28 A senior US official said, "The thing about Bibi (Netanyahu) is, he's a chickenshit."  Israelis and Americans all have their idea as to who said it.  The result was of Washington distancing itself from the comments and Israeli officials seeing them as trying to discredit the PM before a likely deal on the Iranian nuclear issue.  Was being a chickenshit saying he wouldn't dare bomb the Iranian uranium plants like was done to Syria when they were building the same thing?  Was that a purposely done as a dare from Washington?  Was that throwing out a slur on purpose to see the reactions?
October 29 Rabbi Yehuda Glick was shot and seriously wounded in Jerusalem. Rabbi is an advocate of praying at Temple Mount, friend of Arabs and Jews.

October 30 Terrorist Moataz Hejazi, suspect in the Glick attack,  was killed by police in shootout.

November 3  Israelis take soccer seriously.  12 fans were arrested after a riot broke out at a Hapoel Tel Alviv-Maccabi soccer game after a fan ran onto the pitch and attacked Maccabi midfielder Eran Zahavi.
Bad sportsmanship displayed by fan.  .

November 5 Hamas terrorist rammed his van into pedestrians in Jerusalem killing Border Police officer Jidan Assad, wounded 16 others such as 17 year old yeshiva student who died 2 days later.

November 5   "A Palestinian man rammed his car into a crowded train platform in east Jerusalem on Wednesday and then went after people with an iron bar in what authorities called a terror attack before he was shot dead by the police. It was the second such attack in the past two weeks, deepening already heightened tensions between Arabs and Jews in the city." A 3 month old baby was killed in the attack, and a young woman studying Judaism died about a day later from the attack.  

November 5  Aqsa Riot, 3 police officers were injured during rioting on Temple Mount when dozens of masked Palestinians used a stockpile of weapons hidden in the al-Aqsa Mosque to attack officers and hundreds of vistors.

November 5   Gilad Erdan was appointed as Interior Minister, 2 days after Gidon Sa'ar left to spend more time with his family.

November 6 Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu telephoned King of Jordan to assure him that the status quo of the Temple Mount would remain unchanged.

November 6 The International Criminal Court rejected a request by  Abbas/Turkey  to open a full investigation against Israeli soldiers and leaders over the raid on the Turkish ship, Mavi Marmara in 2010 which was trying to break the Gaza blockade.  They called it a war crime.

November 7  Kana Riots, 22 year old Kafr Kana man shot and killed by police sparking riots and a general strike in the Arab sector.  Kheir a Din Hamdan banged on the window of a police van while holding a knife and officers claimed they feared for their lives.  Surveillance camera video shows Hamdan walking away when shot.

November 10 in morning: Terror attack of a young soldier that was stabbed and seriously wounded in Tel Aviv near the Hagana train station.
November 10 in afternoon:   A Palestinian terrorist from Hebron stabbed and killed 26 year old woman, Dalia Lemkos, occupational therapist,  and injured 2 other people in a stabbing attack at a bus stop outside the Judean town of Alon Shvut.
November 17 4 Rabbis slaughtered during morning prayers in Jerusalem synagague by 2 Palestinian terrorists along with Druze policeman who came to their rescue.  3 of Rabbis held dual citizenship with Israel and USA, the other had British-Israeli citizenship.

Resource: Magazine, The Jerusalem Report, page 3.

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How Israel's Standards Differ From Her Neighbors in Daily LIfe

Nadene Goldfoot                       

Israel, a Jewish state,  follows rabbis' views based on the Torah, the Laws of Moses.  They have adopted a viewpoint that is broad enough to include every living soul.

This is similar to the USA following their Constitution that was written by 1776 by a body of righteous men with astounding foresight for their day who came from people who chose to brave the elements and social pressures and immigrate to a new land where they could have religious freedom.  They didn't think to include racial freedom.  

The rabbis taught 3,000 years ago, that non-Jews were to be accorded full rights.  Before the throne of G-d there is no difference between the Jew and the non-Jew," said Samuel. "There are good and noble men among all the nations of the world."  This was said 2,876 years before the new Americans wrote similar such ideas into their constitution in 1776.  Strangely, the Puritans in New Amsterdam (New York) didn't want to accept into their land the Jewish Dutch-Spaniards who turned out to own their Amsterdam company They were Jews who owned it.  When this was revealed, they did allow them to land.
 The Samuel who said this lived in the 11th century BCE and was a prophet and the last Israelite judge, for Israel had judges before they had kings.   He was born in a Levitical family, being from the tribe of Levi, one of the 12 tribes of Jacob who were given the special job of being the teachers and helpers of the Cohens, another special position awarded to Aaron, brother of Moses and Aaron's descendants.  We have brother helping brother, in respect.

His family lived on Mt. Ephraim and at Ramah (Ramathaim-Zophim)  in the land of Zuph (a district, meaning of word is honeycomb in Hebrew).  His mother consecrated him  before he was born to be a Nazirite who would serve the sanctuary in Shiloh, where the ark and Tabernacle were kept.   While there he received a Divine call when only a child and later foretold the destruction of the House of Eli, the high priest at the shrine of Shiloh and one of the last judges, a mentor of Samuel.. Eli had fallen from his chair when he heard of the Philistine capture of the Ark.  His family was subsequently deprived of the high priesthood due to the immoral conduct of his sons Hohni and Phinehas.   Samuel  later lived in Ramah and judged the Israelites in the special sacred towns of Bethel, Gilgal and Mizpeh.  By doing this he was preparing the way for national unity.

It most likely was he who instigated the gathering of prophets to guide people.  It was he who weakened by listening to his people who wanted a king like other people surrounding them, and he chose Saul.  He later anointed David as Saul's successor, so he played a very important part in our history, both religiously and politically by picking  two of our  kings. There was no democracy in those days.  He was a prophet who had a 6th sense through G-d's guidance  who could fill the bill.  He was trusted by the people.  Leave it to his mother; she had everything to do with his future, just like Jewish mothers today play a most important role.

In the philosophy of the prophets and rabbis who followed, they concluded that their religion did not accept an official set of beliefs other than what the Torah had laid down.  While leaders of other religions held bitter debates over doctrine, our rabbis insisted that such matters be left to each individual.  They worked on developing practical rules for daily life so that every phase of it---from doing business to eating a meal---could be conducted with justice and decency, purity and kindness.    Such things as what happens when we die and all the thoughts included in this were not the goal to decide about with the rabbis.  This is a major part of where we differ from Christianity and Islam.  It believes that if you live your daily life correctly, the rest is in the hands of what G-d wants.  

In Israel, the Jews try to live up to a standard set down thousands of years ago of being truly noble in their actions and decisions.  They've taken on acts that help them to live up to this standard but which add a burden to their life that is slightly different from other people.  

1. Samuel forbade merchants to make more than 1/6th profit on a sale.  Such a standard cuts into one's possible profits.  Yet, from living in others' countries and only being allowed to deal with lending money, a distasteful  occupation for their own people so left for the Jews who were not allowed to buy land or be in other occupations, Jews were held in distaste as moneylenders.  Usually the kings that they lent money to managed to weasel out of the debt by banishing them from their country. As it turned out, Gentiles were asking a higher % of interest than Jews were.  Jews had already left their homeland in pursuit of trading.  I found this interesting as the ruling came long before Jews lived in other countries of Europe where the only occupation open to them was moneylending.  Our ancestors were already open to the facts of not charging high interest.  

2. They were to show mercy to criminals.  They felt that life comes from G-d and that only G-d should end life, and so they all but abolished capital punishment.  Israel follows this.  Now an atheistic country such as Russia would not believe in this.  They have replaced mercy with Siberia.  This shows how Israel was able to live with their decision of releasing Palestinian murderers  in a trade for peace with their neighbors, a decision unfortunately that wasn't so good.  One knows that Israelis will show mercy whereas I'm yet to see their neighbors follow suit.  Israelis are called Sabras; hard on the outside but soft on the inside.  The Sabra is a prickly pear, common in Israel.  They may come on harshly, but have their soft heart.  

3. They would lose some of their natural sleep.  It was said by rabbis that those who wake early to study a chapter of sacred text of Torah or other works brings a special blessing on the people of Israel.  We just lost 4 rabbis in their special morning prayers.  We will miss their blessings.  They died while following their teachings.  The friends of the terrorists who slaughtered them with butcher knives celebrated their death by passing out candy to each other and cheering.  This shows how utterly different we are in our philosophies.  Our experience in seeing the Egyptian soldiers drowning in the sea chasing the people of the Exodus taught us not to ever cheer at someone else's pain and death.  Every time I see our neighbors doing this about a death of a Jew, I shake my head in wondering how people could think like this  

4.  They would feel some discomfort at times.  All animals are to be treated with the utmost consideration.  Their masters, pet owners, are to feed them before we have our own meal.   Jews are to think of others first before themselves from this teaching, even though it makes one a little uncomfortable at that moment.   It would be in what you say to them, how you treat them.  Here's where the Golden Rule comes in.  "Don't do to others what you wouldn't want done to you."   

Well, we're used to doing these things.  It's 2nd nature to us.  No big deal.  Are these acceptable ideas with our neighbors?  Right now all I see is that they think of taking over our Israel and this is their main goal in life.  The worst thing is that the rest of the world seems to think that's okay. They show it with their BDS movement and with how they vote at the UN.  We're a small group of a crazy people who still believe and trust in G-d and follow the 3,000 year old rules of the man who led us out of bondage, of slavery.  By not giving up our standards, we have achieved the impossible.  We're back home-against all odds again. 
 Do the odds figure that we could?  What were the odds  that the Jews are the only ancient people of the area who survived as a people?  No, not the Palestinians.  There never has been a state of Palestine.  Arabs aren't even one of the ancient people.  They're fairly new as a people who inhabited the Arabian peninsula and certain adjacent regions.  .  Have your ever read that Joshua fought the Arabs?  Did you know that Arabic is a cognate to Hebrew and is a branch of the Semitic languages?  It was Eber that was the forefather of Abraham as well as of Joktan, the ancestor of the southern Arabs.  Arabs trace their line back to Ishmael, half brother of Isaac.   Syria is a land that goes back in the Bible but was called Aram.  In the 8th century BCE Syria (Aram) was overrun by the Assyrians.  Jews lived there as well as in Israel and Judah.  The Phoenicians were in the Bible but do not exist today.  Bagdad was in the Bible and was not a friend. they attacked and took away Israelis as slaves in 597 and 586 BCE.   Iran was called Persia.  It was the scene of Queen Esther and our Purim Story where Haman plotted to kill all Jews in the realm.      

               The Jewish Homeland as voted on by League of Nations included blue and gold in map of Israel and Jordan

We needed our state and prayed for 2,000 years, mainly because of anti-Semitic acts against us  until the right time came for us to return.  We didn't attack a nation in order to achieve this great need.  The League of Nations agreed with us and in the division of land at the end of WWI, awarded the land back to us.  

What fighting we had to do was in defense of our lives and  in regaining land rightfully already decided to be ours.  We stood up for our rights  decided by the whole world.  We even had to do it with the British acting as a deterrent to our rights. Now that  we're back, we are facing  the very reason that brought us back, anti-Semitism,  because we exist.  .  

Resource: My People, Abba Eban's History of the Jews
The New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia

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No Arab Palestine-How About 8 City States Instead?

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                    

12 Tribes of Israel: Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar, Zebulun, Joseph, Benjamin, Dan, Naphtali, Gad and Asher. 
                Judea and Samaria were the heart of the Jewish people.  

Jerusalem was never the capital of any foreign ruler.  It's not on the table for discussion.

The tribe of Judah, one of the 12 from the 12 sons of Jacob, son of Isaac, son of Abraham, was in the southern part of Israel.  In 722 BCE the Assyrians attacked and carried away 10 of the 12 tribes, leaving Judah.  Again in 597 and 586 BCE the Babylonians, who had taken over the Assyrian holdings, also did the same thing.  Judah held out along with Jerusalem which was a part of Judah.

 Samaria was simply the expanded capital of Israel which was called in Hebrew, Shomron.  It was founded in 880 BCE by King Omri on a hill bought from Shemer.  The site is about 7 miles NW of Shechem, today called Nablus, and has become populated with Arabs.  The city was made of 25 acres.  It had withstood the siege of the Syrians but fell in 721 BCE to Sargon II of Assyria who had resettled it with Cutheans.  They had intermingled with the remnants of the former population and were the ancestors of the Samaritans. The name, Samaria, is now applied to the entire northern region of the central highlands of Eretz Yisrael, what used to be called "Palestine" by the Romans who renamed it thus after the 135 CE battle with the Jewish general Bar Kokhba.

Professor Kedar of Bar Ilan University in Israel agrees with me on many points that the idea of a 2 state solution has changed and is not in the best interests for Israel.  It threatens the survival of Israel and its Jewish people everywhere.  We all know there never has been a state of Palestine.  The Arabs now in the area are the descendants of Arabs who emigrated into Palestine in the late 1800's and early 1900's to live and prosper among the Jews who also immigrated there to join their brothers who had never left.  Arabs called themselves Syrian Palestinians, telling us that many of them came from that area. (Read Joan Peter's book, From Time Immemorial.)  What was there in the 1800's were mostly Beduins riding in and out of the land.  There were probably as many Jews owning land as there were Arabs.  The difference is that this was the place of our origins, where we had come from.  Arabs came from Arabia.  Arabs sold their land to the Jews.  They were nomadic people, not settlers.  Their culture was completely different from the Jews.  Just read "The Innocents Abroad" by Mark Twain, a book studied in history classes, to find explicit descriptions of the land in the middle 1800's.

Jews have been living in Israel and Judah for 3,287 years, ever since Moses led the Israelites from the Exodus there at G-d's command  and Joshua was the leader into the land. A remnant of our  Jewish population was still there to greet the returning Jews whose ancestors had been taken away as Roman slaves or had escaped to become the Jews called the Ashkenazim, Mizrachim or Sephardim.  They had all been praying every day for the time of return to their land as G-d had directed them.  They felt like the Swallows of Capistrano, needing to return. The direction was deep in their soul.  The need was from the rejection and cruelty they found in all the countries they tried to live in for 2,000 years.

Professor Kedar suggests that the Arabs should not have Judea and Samaria as their state, as it is unworkable for the many reasons he lists.  Instead, Arabs are found basically living in 8 cities in Judea and Samaria , so could have city-states, instead, like people used to have right in Canaan, the name originally of Eretz Yisrael pre-Exodus. There are about 2,345,107 people living in Judea and Samaria.  Of that, about 500,000 are Jews.  That means there are about 1,845,107 Arabs living in basically these 8 cities of Judea-Samaria.  Gaza is a separate entity with a population of about the same number; 1.86 million.
A total is 3.71 million which is not counting east Jerusalem.

  People lived in city-states before countries evolved.  Monaco and the Vatican City are city-states.

I would add that if they were peaceful, and they would have to be by my standards or they would be dissolved, they would have the protection of Israel.  I'm throwing in also that they would have no personal army nor weapons, such as their rockets, mortars or missiles that Gaza has procured. Gaza's weapons have to go.   This would still be a burden on Israel, however, to have 8 city-states to deal with, but probably not much more than the present situation today.  This would dissolve the power that Hamas and Fatah have, however and hopefully their hold over Arabs who just want to live in peace.

The 8 would be Jenin, Nablus (mentioned above), Ramallah, Jericho, Tul-Karm, Kalkilya, the Arab part of Hebron, and the Gaza strip.  These are all where today's Arab population do live.

1. Jenin is today a Palestinian town in Samaria.  It is mentioned as Gina in the Tel el Amarna tablets.  It is probably the biblical town of En Gannim mentioned in Joshua 19:21.  In Roman times it was called Ginaea.  It had a small Jewish community in the 17th century.  Jenin was a center of Arab nationalist fanaticism in the 1930's.  The population in 1967 was 8,346.  There were 5,019 Arab refugees living in the vicinity besides them. In 2007 the population was 39,004.   .

2. Shechem/Nablus had been the territory of Ephraim and a levitical city of refuge.  Joseph is buried here, our Patriarch.  In 2000 the Arabs destroyed his tomb and artifacts inside of it.  In 1967 the population was 44,000 and has for decades been a center of fanatical Arab nationalism.  A small Jewish community formerly existed here.  It is 39 miles by driving north of Jerusalem.  It's in Judea between Mt. Ebal and Mt. Gerizim.  Many of our Jewish history happened here. They have a population of 126,132.

3. Ramallah, formerly a Christian town, they are now a minority.  It's the Palestinian capital and is only 6 miles north of Jerusalem with 27,092 population.  The people were one of the first to take part in the 1st intifada against Israel.
4. Jericho is in the South Jordan Valley, 825 feet below sea level and is one of the oldest cities in the world and goes back to 5000 BCE.  Joshua destroyed it (Joshua 6).  The town was revived by King Ahab in 870 BCE.  Herod, the Idumean Jewish King, built a palace here for himself, but the Romans destroyed the city in 68 CE.  In 1946 the population was 3,000.  Arab refugees moved in in 1948 and in 1961 there were 61,000.  Then most ran away to Jordan during the Six Day War of 1967.  In 2007 the population was 18,346.  It is near the Jordan River in Judea. On the map above it would be shown to almost touch the river between the north and south borders of  Judea-Samaria.

5. Tul Karm  is made up of Palestinians in Judah with Netanya and Haifa on the West and Nablus and Jenin on the East.  On the map of Judea-Samaria above, this city would lie on the border on the West.  Sultan Saladin conquered the land in 1157 and the Kurds were the first to settle here.  In 2007 they had a population of 51,300 and a refugee camp next door had 10,641.

6. Kalkilya/Qalqilya also lies on the border of Judea on the east side.  In fact Israel had to build the wall around this city leaving a gap on the east side to protect Israel.  In 1945,  5,850 Arabs lived here mostly as farmers of oranges and bananas.  In 2007 the population was 41,739.

7. Hebron  is an ancient Jewish city referred to in the Bible as Kiriath Arba of Judah.  It is 18 miles south of Jerusalem.  Abraham bought land in which to bury his wife and neice, Sarah.  Here's where Arabs massacred Jews in 1929 in a town of 700.  Arab riots happened in 1936, just as Hitler was active against Jews.  In 1967 the population was 38,310.  Jews after 1967 established the Kiryat Arba quarter east of the city with 3,700 Jews in 1988.  Professor Kedar would keep the Jewish section as part of Israel.
8. Gaza is on the sea with the city only 2 miles from it.  In the 1956 war Israel had captured it from the Egyptians but gave it back in March 1957.  After the 1967 war it was again in Israel's control and the scene of frequent unrest.  In 1967 there were 352,260 living there of whom 172,520 were refugees.  It is made up of 139 square miles with 1.816 million population in 2014.  Israel had to go in this summer in Operation Defensive Edge to stop them from shelling Israel with rockets, missiles and mortars.  The missiles were hitting Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.  Big changes will have to occur here in this area run by Hamas terrorists.   They have already unified with Fatah in Judea and Samaria, which immediately led to kidnappings and killings. By unifying, Fatah has accepted the charter of Hamas which is to destroy Israel.  Who in their right mind is pushing Israel to continue to deal with such a position as this?  

Professor Mordecai KEdar, Bar Ilan University, article on Paelstinian  song, When the swallows come back to Capistrano, that's the day I pray you'll come back to me.....

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USA's University Elite First On the Bandwagon Against Jews: Traitors to Education

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                         

                            Rockets aimed into Israel from Gaza 2001-2014
More than 15,200 rockets, mortars and missiles have fallen into Israel from 2001 to 2014. On  July 7, 2014 Israel finally defended themselves with Operation Defensive Edge and went into Gaza to take out the rocket launchers when all of Israel was being attacked, including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.  The terrorists had stepped over the red line.

Students and the world over have turned against the very victims of the Nazi Holocaust, the Jews,  in the act of reliving the days of the Nazis all over again.
                              The new Iron Dome, invented to stop incoming rockets into Israel

Because Israel had the audacity after years of trying to stop being attacked by the Palestinian Arabs living in Gaza  from shelling Israel with rockets, mortars and missiles by actually marching into Gaza  to take out the missile launchers, they are being painted with the paintbrush of being the Nazis.
            3 Jewish students murdered after accepting a ride after school by Hamas terrorists

What do I learn from this?  Jews cannot protect themselves or stand up for their rights yet without outrage from the world.  There's so much anti-Semitism against us that the people, no matter what country they live in, cannot make nor want to make rational conclusions about Jews. Jews are damned for protecting themselves.  
Tunnels to enter Israel deceitfully for terrorist acts.  Also used for receiving weapons.
One of the loudest has been Francis A. Boyle, law professor at the U. of Illinois.  He made a speech in November 2000 where he made the accusation that Israel was racist with apartheid-like behavior and said that they were practicing an ongoing genocide against Palestinians just like the Nazis.  He called Israel people committing a crime against humanity exactly like Hitler did to the Jewish people.  He's also one of the main promoters of the global Boycott, Divest and Sanctions Movement, known as BDS.  Truth:   Israel is the opposite of being apartheid.  
                                           Syrian missiles aimed at Israel.  Lovely neighbors we have.

There have been 4 men who are my nemesis and have been for a long time.  Noam Chomsky was the first I bumped into in November of 2003.  I saw he was a professor of language, and I was teaching English to Hebrew speakers.  I thought we had something in common and wrote to him after seeing he had written a few books against Israel's right to exist. I had  lived in Israel from 1980 to the end of 1985 teaching English to junior high Israelis.   He was panning Israel something fierce.  We had a debate through email for quite a spell, two Jews, one defending and one knocking Israel coldly.  I started my  deep research of Israel then defending Israel against his comments.  No matter what I brought up as proof, he would discount it.  I still have those emails.  In his mind, he ignores the facts that Palestinians have murdered Jews and only pointed out when Israel had retaliated, holding that against them.  He thinks all Arabs want to live only in peace and discounts their acts of religious fury.
                         Iran plotting to destroy Israel with an A bomb from their uranium.

When I brought up the Arab influence in our news media, he said, "The idea that Arabs are controlling reporters goes beyond outlandish, I'm afraid.  On the contrary, anti-Arab racism is rampant in the US, and reporters and columnists who try to be even slightly sympathetic to their point of view are subjected to hysterical abuse and extreme pressures.    Israeli propaganda (or "hasbara," as they call it) has been overwhelmingly influential, ever since the US turned to strong support for Israel after its smashing victory in 1967.  Again, investigate and find out for yourself."  I certainly did, and had proof he was nothing but a liar.  

                          Grand Mufti of Jerusalem with Hitler plotting against Jews 

"Chomsky never hesitates to point to the perfidy (treacherous, deceiving by trust, faithless or disloyal) of Israel, and its barbarous assault on their Arab neighbors who, in his socialist fantasies, wish for nothing more than to live in peace."  This is about   a Jew, a Russian bred Jew coming from a very socialist irreligious background shaped by the country his family had lived in.  Facts are just the opposite.  Palestinians have been offered their own state since 1947, but refused it for various reasons.  In actuality, they just want to take all of Israel.  They've turned down the many offers since then.  Now they want Jerusalem as part of their state as well.

"He draws parallels between Israelis and Nazis so many times in his writings that he used the epithet of nazi against Israel in every sentence just about.  "The rogue state of "Israel has tried killing, beating, gassing, mass arrests, deportation, destruction of houses, curfews and other forms of harsh collective punishment."  Chomsky only listens to the words of his friends, the Arabs and damns the Jews. He probably justifies the slaughter of the 4 rabbis in Jerusalem this week. Rabbi Goldberg, born in England,  was a friend of mine.   There is no justification by him or anyone else.

Hmm, maybe this is why Fox News is the only TV news program that I can get a fair shake about Israel.  On CNN, it's usually only through the people interviewed, like the recent interview of  the well known lawyer, Alan Dershowitz. I watch CNN for this reason.  The interviewer of Dershowitz dripped with oily anti-Israel feelings shown in her voice  and sympathy for the Palestinian killers in this interview in my opinion. She, as well as most, did not understand Israel's decision to destroy the houses of terrorists.  The whole Palaestinian culture is urging such acts, even Abbas.  Something has to happen to show it is not acceptable.  You've heard of hitting "them" in the *&^$#%.  Well, a house is exactly that; where it hurts the most. They know the rules.  It's no surprise.   No, Chomsky has been turning out books like they are rolls of toilet tissues against Israel.  He's probably the one who has influenced another of  my nemesis, Finkelstein, who was so nauseating that Israel banned him from their land.

I can expect such verbosity from Columbia University's Dept. of Middle Eastern and Asian Languages and Culture who has Joseph Massad teaching, an associate professor of modern Arab politics.  He regularly blasts off with his loathing of Israel in fringe anti-Semitic publications like Counterpunch and The Electronic Intifada, or in the Arab press.  He never misses a chance to denigrate the Jewish state as a racist colonial enterprise, a moral stain on the world without ANY SEMBLANCE OF LEGITIMACY.

In 2009, William I. Robinson, sociology professor at the U of California in Santa Barbara sent out emails to 80 students in his Sociology of Globalization course telling them that Israelis are the new Nazis.  It showed grisly photographs comparing Israel treatment of Palestinians and the Nazis attacking Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto.  He sent the email without supplying any context for it.  It had no relevance or connection with the course he was teaching.  This really angers me for more than one reason; brain washing students into hating Jews.  I happen to have had a  mother by the maiden name of Robinson  who had converted to Judaism.

 The name, William Robinson,  is common in Robinson genealogy and very well could be an ancestor of mine.  He has besmirched the name.  We already have the Robinson's Arch in Jerusalem, named for an archaeologist that might be from my tree.  Now I hang my head in shame and hope this one isn't on my tree or my friends who have been helping me. So many Robinsons of the 1800's were ministers, religious people.                                                                          
 That the Robinsons, the first being John Robinson, Reverend or Pastor, who sent the Pilgrims over to America on the Mayflower for religious freedom, and Jews, after passing through all the expectations and hoops after 2,000 years of waiting, are finally in their own land once again through the okay of the League of Nations from countless meetings, including meeting and getting the approval of Emir Feisal, the highest and most influential and intelligent Arab in the land at that time, and William Robinson, a product most likely of Pilgrims, is doing a dirty trick  like this makes me sick.

From all this, I have learned that our enemies speak with a forked sick tongue, lying through their teeth so much that they should all fall out eventually.  They say lies with such feeling and emphasis that everyone believes them.  Isn't this how Hitler spoke back in the 30's?  Was he ever telling the truth?

All we can do is stick to our religious principals of right and wrong and truly live by them.  Our neighbors and pseudo friends will lie about us and turn against us by voting with the pack, but we at least know truth.  Somehow, in the end, the truth will come out and our conscious will always be free.  When we do find a friend who is on our side, defending our right to live in Israel, we will love and cherish them.

 Resource: Thinking Article by Richard L. Cravatts, PhD, President Scholars for Peace in the Middle East: The Return of the Malevolent Jew:  the Academic Nazification of Israel

The Threat of Death: Ferguson, Missouri and Jerusalem, Israel

Nadene Goldfoot                                                               

                                      Ferguson, Missouri's militarized police force

America; land of the free and home of the brave is having its own divide of their population in Ferguson, a city of  Greater St. Louis, Missouri metropolitan area with a population of 21,113 as of 2013s census.

 After 238 years since becoming a country of United States, there is still a lot of fear between the minority Blacks and majority whites in this country.  Religion has nothing to do with the problem here.  All are Christian except for Islam which has stepped into converting people held in prisons where it's been easy pickings turning disgruntled prisoners against the people who put them there. Right now that is a moot situation.  What is different more than religion is culture and color.  It's very easy to distinguish black from white.  Each reflect a culture developed on their own and evidently it hasn't mingled much.
We have a a city made up of 64.9% Black minority and 30.6% White majority in a lopsided American city. This means there are 13,754 Blacks  and only 6,494 Whites.  The USA has 13.2% of the population made up of Blacks and 77.7% made of Whites.

 Ferguson has  a police force with only 3 Black men on it.  It's not revealing a natural balance of the city's population.  The police captain said they've been looking for adequate Black men to join them.  Is there such a disparaging difference in intelligence, education or just plain interest?  Is it for the Blacks like a Jew joining the Roman army back before 70 CE?  Whose fault is it that the police force doesn't have Black representation that is adequate?  It takes parents to inspire children to become policemen and do things to help them get there.  It takes a police force wanting to find such people.  Both are balking if you ask me.

The situation causing a possible rumble to happen in moments from now is that a Black man evidently robbed a market.  The market is where Michael Brown was accused of stealing a box of cigarillos, before being shot to death by a Ferguson police officer on Aug. 9.  Michael was big, a very big 18 year old that nobody wanted to mess with,  is said to have been the robber.  The notice went out to police cars and one policeman thought he spotted the culprit on the street, walking with his companion.  The policeman stalked the potential thief in his police car and messed up the arrest so badly that he shot the 18 year old which killed him.  The question that is causing a huge potential rumble is what is going to be decided about the policeman.  If he is found innocent, the rumble will begin.  To think that racial relations have been upset over robbing a box of cigarillos by a male teen is hard to believe, isn't it?  Bad things often start in small ways.

Now the whole city, maybe even the whole state is ready as if a war is about to break out, and indeed, it could be a repeat of past outbursts.  People have homes boarded up, extra food laid in their cupboards and freezers as if they will not be able to leave their doors.  All are on a state of emergency.  They have been told that there are targets that will be hit.  It's just like an intifada that's about to start.

Update:  I was in California in 1965 at the time of the Watts Riots where Blacks and White fought for 6 days straight which ended with the deaths of 34 people and 1,032 injured.  It happened in August, the hottest time of the year in a section of Los Angeles.  More riots followed in 1992.  

Flash to Jerusalem, Israel, Israel's capital with a population in 2010 at 780,517.    Compare its size with Portland's 609,456 or Seattle's 652,405. Compare it with St. Louis's 318,416.  
 The 3rd intifada is said by Muslims to have started now.  The latest following other deadly attacks was the slaughter by 2 young Muslim cousins who  entered a synagogue and shot and slaughtered 4 rabbis with butcher hatchets, as well as injured at least 6 other worshipers who are fighting for their lives in a hospital. A Druse policeman was on the scene in 7 minutes and was shot and killed.
 This comes after 66 years of Israel's life span.  There are 1.7 million Muslims that are citizens of Israel in the state of Israel which sits among 22 Arab states.  There are now 6 million Jews living in their state, created purposely for their hope and safety among a world of anti-Semitic people.  This was the Jewish lifeboat in a sea of hatred.

 They've taken on board others who  were able to wish them well, we hope.  Nobody held a gun to their head to live there.  Many of the Arab's own people had fled from the call by their own leadership.  Black in America had no choices.  They were brought to America as slaves.  They stayed and have suffered anti-Black hatred.  Jews have come home and are facing anti-Jewish hatred.
Jerusalem is facing the same situation of readiness.  Jews are preparing themselves by being allowed to bear arms in case of attack.  Americans also have this law in their constitution and have been fighting to protect it; the right to bear arms.  They've never faced times of an intifada to see where it is needed.

In 1929, 69 Jews in Hebron were slaughtered by the call of Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. It spread to Jerusalem.   Jews, living in the City of David, where the Jewish king had built the city and brought fame to it, could not live in their own city because another Middle Easterner belonged to a different religion of intolerance, something Judaism hadn't believed in.  133 Jews were killed and 339 were injured.  This happened at a time when the League of Nations had already voted that "Palestine" was to be the Jewish Homeland."

We can figure that there will be rumbles in Jerusalem till the year 2186 and more in trying to get 2 very different cultures, one a minority and one a majority to abide each other in all cities.  Only 172 more years to go.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Who Was Saul of Tarsus?

Nadene Goldfoot

There was a Jewish man by the name of Saul of Tarsus who was born in a Hellenistic city in Turkey, which is Asia Minor,  Cilicia, Tarsus.   He was brought up in Jerusalem, however,  and died in 65 CE.  He had adopted the name of Paul after his conversion to Christianity.   Now some may know who I am writing about.

He had some familiarity with Greek philosophy as shown in his writings and with the mystery cults which  were popular at the beginning of the Christian era.  He is said to have studied in Jerusalem under Rabbi Gamaliel the Elder.  However, his writings show little comprehension of Pharisaic Judaism so if this was true, he certainly was not in agreement with Gamaliel's teachings.

Rabbi Gamaliel the Elder was the grandson of Hillel.. Hillel was called Hillel the Elder who lived in the 1st century BCE.   Rabbi Gamaliel  was an early 1st century rabbi and President of the Sanhedrin at Jerusalem.  He corresponded with Jewish communities in Eretz Yisrael and the Diaspora and framed several regulations directed at social improvements, including the betterment of women's legal positions.  He is mentioned in the New Testament as a teacher of Paul in (Acts 22:3.)

As Christianity was in its infancy, Saul  was a zealot in persecuting the members of this new Christian sect.  Rabbi Gamaliel was a most tolerant man, so Saul's behavior conflicts with what he had been taught.  I see that he did have a conscience, and that he was bothered by it after having been so nasty in his persecutions of these new Christians, especially after what he had been taught by Rabbi Gamaliel.  It wasn't what Judaism was teaching.  He had a huge guilt complex about it, and in order to feel better about himself, felt he had to join the people he had persecuted.  He even had an experience of seeing Jesus at noontime who asked him why he had been persecuting him.

That, according the the New Testament, was Saul having a vision.  Saul converted to be a Christian and changed his name to Paul.  He contributed a lot, his thinking,  to the "development of a distinctive Christian theology.  He became the "apostle to the Gentile."  In this position, he brought into the church thousands of new converts who didn't adopt Jewish loyalty or Jewish observance, as converts of the other disciples had done.

His thoughts centered around the doctrine of Original Sin which is not in Judaism.  All men, he held, were contaminated by the guilt of Adam and can be freed from it only by faith in the atonement consummated by the death of Jesus.
He went on to teach that the Torah is not a means of achieving righteousness which is what Jewish teachers were teaching and continue to do so today.

He taught that the Torah was a Divine measuring rod which revealed to man his hopeless situation since no one can properly obey it.   (We Jews have no such feelings about this at all.  We try to live up to what we can.  There is no Jewish policeman pointing a gun to our heads.  We are not threatened by anything other than our own goals in life including how much we can follow of the Torah.  We love and respect the Torah.  Such an attitude is unknown to me.)  

His belief was that with the atonement made by Jesus, the Law (Torah) has been abrogated (to abolish by authoritative action).  So in his thinking, Jesus has replaced the Torah.

 Paul also taught that those who believe IN JESUS are "the true Israel" and that Divine election of "Israel after the flesh" was invalidated when the Jews rejected Jesus.  This was introducing concern about afterlife, something also not Jewish.  We Jews figure that if we tried to be good while we were alive, whatever G-d has planned for us will be.  We're not about to be rotten all our lives and squirm out of our dues coming by saying we believe that Jesus is an intermediary and will be the ticket to the garden of Eden.  It's up to our own merits, not someone else's.   We have to take responsibility for our actions.  I guess this is where we lose a lot of people.

Supposedly Paul  retained an emotional attachment to the Jewish people.  I don't know what the Jewish culture was like in those days.  I don't think they had invented bagels and lox yet, nor had they developed a good sense of humor, though they certainly needed one to withstand all the pressures both from the Romans and new age Christians with all this departing from Judaism by converting to Christianity.  It's hard to leave one's culture that you have grown up in.

He was hoping that in the future Jews would accept the Gospel and be reinstated as G-d's chosen.  I can't agree with his thinking.  G-d's chosen with all the others who had climbed on board to accept Jesus as their G-d?  For who were people praying to now, G-d if they were Jewish or Jesus?  This was the start of the day and age of Jesus, not G-d.  G-d just took a back seat with the new Christians. So did the Jews in the eyes of the new Christians.

There is no clear reference to Paul in Talmudic literature, but many rabbinic utterances must be understood as answers to the Pauline doctrine.  In other words, I suppose rabbis were trying to reply in defense to this new Pauline doctrine of Paul's, this new belief.   

 "Pauline Christianity is a term applied to what some perceive as the religious teaching unique to Paul’s writings and distinct from the gospel of Jesus. That is, Jesus taught one thing, and Paul taught something completely different. Those who believe in a separate Pauline Christianity believe that the Christianity of today has little to do with Jesus’ teachings; rather, it is the product of Paul’s corruption of those teachings."

Again, "Pauline Christianity is the Christianity associated with the beliefs and doctrines espoused by Paul the Apostle through his writings. Most of Christianity relies heavily on these teachings and considers them to be amplifications and explanations of the teachings of Jesus. Others perceive in Paul's writings teachings that are different from the original teachings of Jesus documented in the canonical gospels, early Acts and the rest of the New Testament, such as the Epistle of James."

One sees what can happen?    This is why we Jews have been so careful in our religion.  We have one man, Moses,  who was able to be inspired by G-d to give us a set of directions to be the best one can possibly expect to be, to grow in develop our minds to understand our place in this world and what is expected of us and what we should expect of ourselves.  We were presented 10 Laws which have been hard enough to follow for many, plus 613 others, the number of bones in our body.  

Out of this, there has been so much to discuss, to debate, and to understand out of our own Jewish writings. It's kept us very busy.   Only at the end of time can we look back and say, all right.  How many crazy things has your group done and haven't done?  What shall we be judged for doing or not doing?  Have we all taken different roads to arrive at the same place?  If so, what was the fight all about?  

Jews were expected to be the light that leads the way. that's what is expected of us and what we expect from ourselves.   As each people understand, so they have found their own ways.  I think we started with the examples of what is right and what is wrong and it's up to each to comprehend.  You can lead a horse to water but you can't force him to drink.  We've had that happen to us so often in our history.  

Mankind has gone from screaming for the visitors to come out of the house of Lot for the mob to do to them as they wished, a grisly sight happening 4,000 years ago,   to other grisly sights today of beheadings, slaughter, and continued warring. I can only think of cannibals who wished to eat strangers, feeling they were fair game.  It was like, " oh, we won't eat you because we've accepted you, but not your friends.  Give them to us now!" 

 We have made very small steps for mankind as it is.  Long ago, Abraham bargained with G-d not to destroy the world if he found 10 good people.  I hope that effort still works, only the ratio of people on earth then with 10 won't work today.  We'll have to find many more good people to save the world from destruction.  

Today's slaughter of 4 rabbis in a synagogue in Western Jerusalem while saying their morning prayers is an example of primitive religious zealotry, a terrorist act,  trying to get to their goal of driving out all Jews from Israel and taking over the land.  It's a religious war turning into the 3rd Intifada.  They used hatchets, knives and such and tried to behead them.  6 men also there are in the hospital with wounds.  Being the rabbis were savaged and bludgeoned, I wonder if they didn't step forward in the act of protecting the others.  When the surviving 6  can speak, we'll hear what had happened.  I add this because religion is supposed to uplift man from his animalistic ways.  Instead, we fight about who is right. 

 It's how you get there, not that you arrive,  that is the important part of life.  That's what we all will be judged by, by righteousness or deceitfulness.

Resource: The New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia
Read more:,_Mersin
update: from Simcha Jacobovici:  on Pauline Christianity.

Monday, November 17, 2014

From Chanukah to Christmas, the History of IT

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                     

                                             My two chanukias.  We light another candle each night for 8 nights

Being we are so close to celebrating Chanukah, a time when the Hasmoneans, the family of Mattathias, defeated the armies of Antiochus, and became the royal family of Judea, it's time to find out what happened to our heroes.
The principals of this family believed in freedom, including religious freedom.  It was the very belief in their Maccabean revolt.  John Hyrcanus, one of the early Hasmoneans, had conquered the country lying to the south of Judea, Idumea and he forced the entire population, tens of thousands of people, to convert to Judaism!
We have been under the gun of forced conversions since then.  This had been the only time in our history that we had done such a terrible thing.  It only took 100 years for these descendants of our Chankah heroes to wreck the country and violate our ideals.
 Herod, one of the Idumean descendants, was picked as king over Judea by the Romans who had invaded, and he had no feelings in his heart.  He was anti-social, for he ordered the High Priest to be killed along with his own wife and children, truly more Roman behaviors than Judea, for sure!  He was like Nero or Saddam Hussein of Iraq.  He ordered thousands to be killed.
General Pompey had conquered Judea in 63 BCE, where 3 million Jews lived.  4 million other Jews were living in other parts of the Roman Empire at that time.  The population of the whole Roman Empire was not greater than 70 million, which is about what today's Turkey has as their population.  No fewer than 1 of every 10 Romans was Jewish.  This was the "only time in history that Jews formed so large a part of the known population of the Western world!"

The Jews were living under insane conditions.  Right and Wrong meant nothing these days to the government.  Innocent people were being murdered at the whim of the king.  The Jewish society was split on how to deal with it.  One trend of thought turned out to be the Zealots and the other were the Essenes.

The zealots were revolutionaries.  They wanted to expel the Romans and restore Judean independence, which was a very normal idea.  How to do this?  They decided to use terrorism against the Romans and against any Jew who opposed their methods.  One has to remember that this all happened about 2,000 years ago, but in reading about it you'd think these terrorists were Hamas or IS.  They mixed in large crowds and stabbed to death political opponents who would have been Romans or Jews that were regarded as turncoats.
This earned them the title of the Sicariis or dagger men. Today they would be called terrorists.   Their logic was that if courageous fighting had conquered Antiochus, equal courage would defeat Rome. Who can argue with that?  They were brave men, but they had no idea how strong the Roman armies were.
The Essenes were the hippies of their age, the dropouts, who became the first Jewish monks.   They also wanted some radical change, but not  from being under the Roman thumb.  They were looking for change in themselves!  They were New Age people!  They figured that society was too corrupt and would never be improved.  They withdrew from all society and gave up normal comforts of life like men later in Catholicism who did this sort of thing in monasteries.  They were the first ever to follow a strict pattern; prayer, work and purification.  They were very strict.  They had to be neophytes for 3 years before they were accepted as full members.  They are known for writing the Dead Sea Scrolls.

It came to be that some lived in cities and others lived far away in the desert in spiritual search for G-d.  One realizes that they had given up women in all this, which made their group very small and had little effect on Judaism.
The Sadducees were another Jewish group.  Like about 95% of the Jews of the United States today, there were some Jews who were also enjoying wealth and power even while under Roman rule like the Romans were doing.  They wanted things to remain on an even keel.  They formed a conservative political party and were called the Sadducees, a name they borrowed from Zadok, the first High Priest of the Jerusalem Temple.  A large number of priests belonged to this party.  They were priests who were very strict in interpreting the laws of the Torah and didn't want to deviate from old priestly traditions even in the new and unusual circumstances they found themselves in.  In other words, they weren't keeping up with the times.   It was a fairly small group.  They were powerful for many years.                                                        
                                  Rabbi Akiva (50-135 CE) Greatest scholar of his time
Another political party in existence was the party of the people who were made up of the rich, poor, farmers, laborers, priests and commoners.  They were called the Pharisees, meaning separate one.  They weren't moderates of their age, not middle of the roaders, but were dedicated and creative with leaders who risked their lives for their beliefs.  In matters of their Jewish religion, they were extremely strict.  However, they could be flexible and realized that many ancient laws had to be re-interpreted so that they held meaning for their own age.  They were creating revolutionary changes to outdated practices, but the Torah continued to be a meaningful force in their lives. They also kept our practices enjoyable for families.  It was they who initiated the practice of the woman of the house to light extra lamps just before sundown on Friday.  It led to today's ceremony of lighting candles to celebrate the beginning of the Sabbath.
Out of the Pharisees came a great teacher, Hillel (1st century BCE) .  His reputation spread so far that Jews came from distant lands to Judea to study with the Pharisees and especially Hillel.  they accepted students from every walk of life.  They would save a life even it it meant breaking or modifying laws when necessary.  Outstanding scholars were Shemaia and Avtalion who became in turn, teachers of others.  Hillel set up his own school and followed the example of his master teachers.  He taught to love peace and pursue peace, to love all creatures and bring them near to the Torah.  He was the one faced with the smart alec student once who asked his teachers to teach him Torah while he stood one one foot, and if he could, he would convert to Judaism.  He tried several teachers who just sent him away, but Hillel quickly replied, "What its hateful to you, do not do to your neighbor.  That is the whole Torah.  The rest is commentary.  Go and learn.  This is called the Golden Rule today.  The man converted.

The story continues.  Pompey returned to Rome and was defeated by Caesar and was then murdered by an Egyptian assassin. 

     Herod  became so insanely cruel that he ordered his men to kill all Jewish leaders as soon as he died so there would be no rejoicing the news about his death.  The soldiers refused to obey and the anniversary of his death became a day of celebration.  His chosen heir was overthrown by the Jewish people.

     Hillel left a family from which leaders came out of for the next 400 years.  He had established a living tradition of study,  piety and humanity which still lives on.  Just look at Chabad.  That is a great example.

Hillel started Judaism on the right foot of teaching us to be observant but humane and this formed the basis of future Jewish thinking and Jewish life.  This became mainstream Judaism.  The Zealots had brought revolution to the land but destruction to themselves.

Julius Caesar and Emperor Augustus were kind to Jews in their realm.  Jews didn't have to serve in the military because they couldn't keep kosher food or observe the Sabbath there.  But Herod had been terrible.  When he finally died, Rome ended the monarchy and put in their own man, a procurator who was like our governors.  They were replaced regularly to keep them from becoming too rich!  Because of this, each one tried to steal as much as he could while in office.

 Pontius Pilate was a procurator and he was one of the most bloodthirsty and corrupt.  He ordered executions without trials, stole Temple funds and sent disguised solders among the Jews who massacred the demonstrators and casual onlookers.  Even Romans protested his brutality, and they were raised in an era of such things, so you know how bad it had become.

Jews no doubt were suffering terribly.  They prayed for help.  "They had a tradition going back to the prophets that a descendant of King David, who had lived 1,000 years before (1010-970 BCE) would free his people from tyranny and resestablish an independent kingdom of Israel.  He would be the perfect ruler, totally just and righteous and bring peace and happiness to the world.  He would be annointed with holy oil like a king and so would be called "the annointed." or in Hebrew-Machiach, pronounced as Mashiakh or in English, Messiah.

Some thought that Joshua, or in Greek, Jesus,  was the messiah they all were waiting for.  This is who the Christmas story is all about.

It's important for people to understand that few facts are known with certainly about him.  We do not have one word written by him or by anyone who ever saw him.  Information comes from a book called the New Testament which is written by many authors and who were born as much as 100 years after his death.  They disagree with each other in important areas.  They wrote as spokesmen for the belief that he was divine and not as historians.  Jewish belief is that we are all humans and nobody can be divine.  Smart, yes, but not divine.

This idea of Jesus being divine was a belief in Greek and Roman religious thinking.  Their gods were part human and part gods from Olympus.  Today, new age historians with a program on TV (History 2) believe in people from outer space landing on earth and they might be replacing the god theory by somehow getting our females pregnant and improving our race that way.

Then we have Erdogen, president of Turkey coming up with Cuba having Muslims building a mosque on their hill in 1153 AD (CE for Jews)  in which he is actually rewriting history to fool the Cuban people to convert to Islam. We have the Palestinian Muslims rewriting history as well in order to have the right to take Israel from the Jews and drive them into the sea.  It seems that some people are unabashed in altering historical facts in order to gain something for themselves.

The Jesus story is that he died on the cross, just like thousands of Jews with and before him.  To most all Jews, his death was proof that he was a human, and continued to pray for a Messiah to come.  Paul, who became St. Paul, believed that Jesus had come back to life after 3 days of death in order to rule in heaven, so he was still king.  This is how he is referred to by Christians as the Messiah (annointed with oil).  In Greek, Messiah is Christos--Christ.

Christian teachings became more anti-Jewish.  The New Testament portrays Pontius Pilate as a sensitive man who only wished to save Jesus's life.  The Jews were portrayed as bloodthirsty and merciless and stopped Pilate from saving his life.  Jews have had to live for 16 centuries with this story which has caused the persecution of Jews or anti-Semitism because people were taught that Jews were the murderers of Jesus.
               Christmas gifts in green and red, Christmas colors                                                        

                                                             Chanukah Gelt-a gift

It's strange that Chanukah and Christmas both come in December, both joyful celebrations where both people give presents.  We've learned to live and let live, even after such a history.  Jews no longer are terrorists like the Hasmoneans stabbing people in crowds, but we see others hating us doing this very ancient 2,000 year old  aggressive attack today, modern Muslim terrorists.  Christians are still producing anti-Semitism, but not to the degree practiced for the past 2,000 years.  Yet it still is happening.

 Just the other day a rabbi was stabbed in the neck while walking to his synagogue by a Muslim.  Muslims are rioting in Jerusalem.  Terrorism comes in the form of ramming crowds of pedestrians with cars and killing a few.  It had been coming from rockets, missiles and mortars from Gaza.  Now it's coming from threats from Imans in Iran of being totally wiped out.

Yes, Jews, especially those living in Israel, are praying for the Messiah to come along and change things for the best.  2,000 years of praying and waiting; we don't give up.  The arch of Titus in Rome remains among ruins of the Roman culture, a reminder of the grandeur of an empire that disappeared centuries ago.  Judaism never left and Israel arose from the ashes.
Vespasian made a victory coin showing a Roman soldier next to a crying widow.  Israel's 1958 coin celebrating its 10th anniversary has a happy woman holding her baby in the light of freedom as her husband is kneeling to plant a tree.  Above their heads it says, "Israel Liberata--"Israel Freed."  Israel is free, but there are those who are trying to destroy it.  L'Chaim (To Life) and " to Freedom for all!"

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