Israel kill Hamas commander in airstrike and 'prepares Gaza ground invasion' as it hits back after 600 militant rockets kill four and injure 66

  • An Israeli man, 58, became the first citizen to be killed in the Middle East hostilities since the 2014 war "(The 58-year-old father of four, Moshe Agadi, died from shrapnel wounds to his stomach and chest after a rocket landed next to his home; this is the first Israeli civilian casualty from rocket fire since 2014.)"
  • Seven Palestinians, including a pregnant mother and her baby daughter, were also reportedly killed 
  • Israeli PM Netanyahu said Hamas is paying a 'heavy price' and has ordered ground troops up to Gaza's border
  • Three Israelis, including an 80-year-old woman, were also wounded by rocket fire in the weekend of combat. (Older people would find it very hard to get to bomb shelters as they have moments of warning only. )  
  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said "massive attacks against terrorist elements" in Gaza will continue after militants in the coastal enclave fired approximately 600 rockets towards Israel.