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But Is Trump The Best Candidate For Israel?

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                               
Jared Kushner, son-in-law of Donald Trump

Donald Trump, an amazing businessman who is extremely rich, is entering what they call a debate tonight.  It's something the 17 Republican candidates have to go through in the process of running for president of the USA. For tonight's appearance, only 10 were chosen.  The other 7 will debate earlier today.  It's really not a debate, it's taking the hot seat and giving quick answers.
I wondered how the Donald feels about Israel.  I found out that his daughter, Ivanka, age 33, had married Jared Kushner, an Orthodox Jew and had converted to Judaism in 2009 when they married.  She's had 6 years of observing Shabbat,  and she's very happy with her decision.  She feels it's a great family blueprint to connect as a family. Now they are parents of 2 children.  Donald is a grandfather.

Throughout our history, it has happened that men, more than women, will marry gentiles who then convert to Judaism.  It hasn't happened very often, but love being what it is, has occasionally.   This is not unusual, though what is unusual is that our small group of 0.02% Jews in the world  have lasted for the past 4,000 years, being the oldest religion.

 Jews have been predominant in being members of the Democratic party.   However, at this point in time, more Jewish groups are in agreement with Republicans who are against the Iran deal that is to be finalized by September 17th.   This would allow  Persia, recently called Iran by our old friendly Shah, to have nuclear material.  Though the deal is said to allow inspections, Israel doubts that they would suffice as a deterrent against their goal, which is to wipe Israel off the map with all its people.  There are many other problems Israel sees that the BIG FIVE+ 1 do not see.  Since it's Israel, a country so small that one can hardly spot it on the map anyway,  that's in the line of fire first, it's easy to understand  why Israel is most concerned.  What's hard to understand is the callousness of the rest of the world in not being concerned by the vicious threats Israel has been under from Iran in their intentions of wiping her off the map.

A real disappointment is  like the very leftist group,  J Street being behind so much publicity for the Iran deal.

 Four leaders in Israel have gone along with the deal somewhat, though now most all of Israel are in agreement with Netanyahu who is strongly against the deal.   Efram Halevy, b: 1934, former director of Mossad from 1998 to 2002  who said in November 2011 that "Iran should be prevented from becoming a nuclear power but expressed opposition to an attack which he said "could affect not only Israel, but the entire region for 100 years;"  Major Israel Ziv,  Aluf Amos Yadin b: 1951, former Air Force General in 2002 and former head of Israeli Defense Force Intelligence Directorate in 2006  who feels it is a problematic deal, and Aluf Ami Ayalon b: 1945, left winger, former director of Shin Bet-the Internal Security Service in 1995 who is also a very political man-leader of a new political movement.  Add to these 3, a 4th, Aluf Amram Mitza who now belongs to Tzipi Livny's leftist party, a quartet who cannot face bucking the tide of propaganda coming out from Obama who wants this passed for his own selfish reasons, who will not stand with Israel against Iran.  This is turning into a left versus right issue even in Israel, sadly.

As for these 4 leaders not being in absolute agreement with Netanyahu, this is typical of us Jews.  We are all individualistic and all of us have the right answers.  We've grown to become quite pessimistic in regards to being dependent on relying on other countries keeping promises.  I have a feeling that Halevy, Yadin and Ayalon were used to depending on themselves and not on other countries and saw the problem as to how good they were at their job, and knowing that they were, thought that they could handle any situation and really didn't need to hear from Obama and certainly couldn't depend on any promises from Iran. At any rate, their names have been listed by J Street, a group more often than not is working against Israel's best interests, with of the names.  Ziv, Ayalon and Mitza on a TV ad seen on NBC in 5 states..

 The truth is that Netanyahu and the rest of Israel are very much against this deal as they feel it puts them in harm's way for sure.  76% of Israelis  thought back in July that Israel needed to keep fighting against the deal and 15% were of the mind not to fight against it passing. .   Even such countries as Saudi Arabia are dead set against the deal.

We know that the USA and the big five+1 went into the discussion with Iran with one plan in mind and came out with something very different.  They had never been to a Middle East shuk which is an outdoor market with prices set by haggling.  They were not used to haggle and Iran was.  It's a black and white situation.  They had no idea how to barter with the experts.They went in to buy a chicken and came out with a camel.   Now Israel is back to protecting themselves as they always have done anyway,  and has no partner in the USA concerning Iran.  Obama has even threatened Israel if they try to bomb the nuclear plants in Iran.  
Obama has been pressing every Congressman  to pass this deal.  Ads about it on TV are very misleading, saying that ISRAEL is for the deal.  That is such a lie!   What would Trump do?  That's the question I have.  How does he feel about Israel which is a Jewish state? J Street is running their malicious ad in 5 states.

 Perhaps my question might be touched tonight on Fox News where the first debate will be broadcast from before 9pm and run for 2 hours.  Ten men will be asked questions and will be given 1 minute for a response and 30 seconds for a rebuttal.  Trump, not a debater, really doesn't have to worry.  This is not a debate but a hot seat, and if one has a hard time making up one's mind, he will be left out in the cold.  From what I've seen, Trump is a fast shooter.  He's not shy.  I'll be watching to see how he answers about Israel.
Update:  They didn't ask him about Israel.  The hot question was how he felt after being called for calling women names, and he took it terribly, turning against Megan Kelly who asked the question, my favorite lawyer on Fox News, a most intelligent and beautiful woman.    Oy!

Resource:  Obama threatened to shoot down IAF Iran strike.
Update: 8/7/15,  9:00am, 2pm

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