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Is Pompeo Good For Israel and the USA?

Nadene Goldfoot                          
Mike Pompeo, born December 30, 1963
Head of CIA January 23, 2017
Harvard PhD, editor of Harvard Law Review with JD in 1994
Conservative Republican

"Having a secretary of state who does not conform to the State Department worldview “is very good for us,” Deputy Minister Michael Oren said."                                          
Michael Bornstein Oren (Hebrew: מיכאל אורן; born Michael Scott Bornstein; May 20, 1955) is an American-born Israeli historian, author, politician, former ambassador to the United States (2009–2013), and current member of the Knesset for the Kulanu party and Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Office

This must be in reference to the former Secretary of State of the USA, John Kerry, who made the horrible deal with Iran, stating it was a good deal.  As we look at his "good deal," it allows Israel to live without being bombed by an atomic bomb for about  the next 10 years at the best.  Iran is now in Syria which is right across the road from Israel and calling the shots for Assad.  Pompeo blames Obama for Iran's position to be closer to Israel now.  
An assignment  of North Korea with Kim Jong-un going very well

President Trump has chosen Michael Richard Pompeo as his new Secretary of State after not being really happy with Rex Tillerson.  He feels that Pompeo and he are thinking on the same lines, and Tillerson just didn't on important matters.  Mike was educated at West Point, 1st in his class and majored in mechanical engineering in 1986 and then served for 5 years in the US army as cavalry officer in East Germany, rising to Captain.

Trump has stated that Israel is very important to him.  This would mean that he also finds the Iran deal a mess.  Pompeo shares his thinking.  He had been against Kerry's Iran deal that Obama's administration backed.  Pompeo calls it a disastrous deal and that Iran is the world's largest state sponsor of terrorism.  He is not adverse to taking strong steps to stop Iran's goals of having nuclear capacity to harm others but with coalition allies if necessary.  
Pompeo and wife Susan with Mickey Rosenfeld, Israel's Police National Director 

Pompeo visited Israel in November 2015.  He stated that "Prime Minister Netanyahu is a true partner of the American people" and that "Netanyahu's efforts to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons are incredibly admirable and deeply appreciated." He also stated that "In the fight against terrorism, cooperation between Israel and the United States has never been more important" and that "we must stand with our ally Israel and put a stop to terrorism. Ongoing attacks by the Palestinians serve only to distance the prospect of peace".  The surpise to me is that Pompeo was against moving the USA embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, a decision in 2017 which was a promise Trump had made.  

Pompeo has been a Senator from Kansas for 3 terms.  He was on the House Select Committee on Benghazi in 2012 and was sharply critical of Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's handling of this deadly attack.  He said that it was worse in some ways than Watergate's scandal.  As a former military-educated man, he saw the failure of leadership.  

Democrats are afraid of Pompeo, as they also fear Trump as they fear conservatism.  They weren't afraid of him becoming CIA Director, however, voting him in 66 for 33 against.  Under his direction, he in his short time pushed to expand espionage and covert operations that had lapsed.  Will his recent positive report on Kim Jong-un help him win over votes?  We'll soon see.  

4/24/18: Pompeo passed, thanks to Senator Rand Paul who changed his mind at the last minute and voted for him.  Pompeo is now officially the Secretary of State.  


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Why We Cannot Allow Chemical Warfare, Even On ISIS

Nadene Goldfoot                                             
Child said suffering from chemical attack in Douma, Syria.
Most victims were women and children.

Russians, who have control
of Syria and Assad, plead that all pictures were staged.  Russia has been in Syria since 2012, maybe earlier.  They know the problems involved working with Assad and what he's capable of.  Copping a plea about this is hard to swallow.  Some people are just compulsive liars.  As to staging
pictures of the suffering seen on TV, that's pretty hard to do.  The picture above proves nothing.  
Homs, Syria is shown with the red dot at the top that was hit in an
attack by France, England and USA  Friday the 13th of April 2018.
After being warned last year not to use chemical weapons, they were warned a 2nd time with
3 times the strength as the first time since he hadn't believed the first message.  Just
west of Homs was the factory making the gas, Sarin that was destroyed. 
In World War I, chemical warfare was used by the Germans on the Allies.  "One of Germany's earliest uses of chemical weapons occurred on October 27, 1914, when shells containing the irritant dianisidine chlorosulfonate were fired at British troops near Neuve-Chapelle, France."
This Canadian soldier in WWI suffered from mustard gas burns 1917-1918.

 "Germany used another irritant, xylyl bromide, in artillery shells that were fired in January 1915 at the Russians near Bolimów, in present-day Poland.[17] The first full-scale deployment of deadly chemical warfare agents during World War I was at the Second Battle of Ypres, on April 22, 1915, when the Germans attacked French, Canadian and Algerian troops with chlorine gas.
A total 50,965 tons of pulmonary, lachrymatory, and vesicant agents were deployed by both sides of the conflict, including chlorinephosgene, and mustard gas. Official figures declare about 1.3 million casualties directly caused by chemical warfare agents during the course of the war. Of these, an estimated 100,000-260,000 casualties were civilians. Nearby civilian towns were at risk from winds blowing the poison gases through. Civilians rarely had a warning system put into place to alert their neighbors of the danger. In addition to poor warning systems, civilians often did not have access to effective gas masks.

Football team of British soldiers with gas masksWestern Front, 1916
World War I-era chemical ammunition is still found, unexploded, at former battle, storage, or test sites and poses an ongoing threat to inhabitants of Belgium, France and other countries. Camp American University where American chemical weapons were developed and later buried, has undergone 20 years of remediation efforts."

Chemical warfare technology timeline
Mustard gas
Wind dispersalGas masks, urinated-on gauzeSmell

At the end of WWI, more had been created.  Gas was placed in shells that could be dropped.
1918LewisiteChemical shellsGas mask
Rosin oil clothing
smell of geraniums

Conventional weapons are allowed in warfare,  but not the following; called the NBC  which are the  Nuclear, Biological and Chemical that have been known about.  These can take over and kill millions at one swipe.  They can kill one's enemy and one's friends alike all at once.  They could wipe out the earth of its population.  This was decided by 65 states in 1997, that late.  Israel has signed but not ratified it since the Palestine authority has not signed.   Only EgyptNorth Korea, Palestine (which became eligible to accede to UN deposited treaties upon becoming a UN observer state in 2012) and South Sudan have neither signed nor acceded to the Convention. Aside from Palestine, the other four states which are not 
parties are suspected of possessing chemical weapons.

                 Signed        Deposited     Entered into force
  Switzerland14 January 199310 March 199529 April 1997
 Syria14 September 201314 October 2013
Devastation of Homs, Syria "It has been widely reported in the Western media that women and children trapped in Homs are to be rescued - allowed to get out of the city. At the time of writing civilians are leaving but it is of little comfort, the old city is beyond rescue. The losses that this city has endured surpass piecemeal attempts at intervention."
In fact it is a double siege; 73 Christian civilians with their priest are being held as hostages by troops, who are in turn being besieged with their families.  Only the chemical
factory was the pinpointed target.  These people were not injured. I hope they were able
to escape.  

"In July 2012, Syria publicly acknowledged that it possesses chemical weapons. For a number of years preceding this announcement, the United States intelligence community assessed that Syria has a stockpile of chemical weapons, including mustard gas, blister agents, and nerve agents such as sarin and VX. Syria has the capability to deliver these agents using aerial bombs, ballistic missiles, and artillery rockets.

"A secret State Department cable from the U.S. consul general in Istanbul said there was compelling evidence that the Syrian military had used a chemical weapon known as Agent 15 in Homs on December 23, 2012."

The use of Sarin gas is about as bad as you can get. "It is a highly toxic chemical weapon that can kill in minutes and is estimated to be 26 times deadlier than cyanide." The nerve agent sarin is believed to have been used in the Assad government’s alleged chemical weapons attack on Douma Syria; his own people who may have turned against him. 
Assad is a bad guy, we know that.  As bad guys, go, his replacement could be worse.  Who is he fighting against? Who are
the rebels?  Syrians who want him replaced.  Who are they all fighting against?  ISIS.  Russia is not earning any halos in this debacle.  Iran is the really bad of the baddies.  Who earns the halo?  France, England and the USA who are upholding the international law of not using the c in the NBC list of abhorrent ways to kill people in a war.  Others in this world seems to keep on testing the waters constantly to see if the light has changed.  It's still on red as far as this disgusting method of killing goes.  It was President Trump who was not afraid to take this moral stand along with President Emmanuel Macron of France and Prime Minister Theresa May of Great Britain.  
                  The German soldier fought prepared as Germany
                   used gas and chemicals against the Allies. 

More than 16 million soldiers died in WWI, many from the use of chemical weaponry.  Over the course of the war — which lasted from July 28, 1914, to Nov. 11, 1918 — about 3,000 chemicals were investigated for military use, and 50 toxic agents were deployed on battlefields across Europe, killing an estimated 90,000 to 100,000 people and leaving 1.3 million people injured.


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Looking Back At My Aliyah To Israel and Now

The culture of Lebanon  reflects their warlike behavior.
This is a sculpture in Bint Jbeil, Lebanon of missiles aimed at Israel.
Syria has the real missiles aimed at Israel.  I remember
Major Hadad of the Christian Lebanon Militia  who helped guard Israel's border from terrorists.
Look at what has happened to it today.  Hezbollah terrorists have taken over Lebanon. Palestinian Gazans are acting out dangerously in every manner.  
Nadene Goldfoot                                                   
Syrian scud missiles aimed at Israel 
Syria had missiles lined up facing Israel since the 80's, probably bought from
Israel and Russia have had several chats about this of  late.  

The Golan Heights are so close to Safed, where I had lived.
Missiles from Syria are only 3 miles away from Golan Heights.
It's only 31.3 miles from Safed to Golan Heights. 
North Korea's ICBM missile range is anywhere from 4,000 to 8,100 miles.
It was 38 years ago in 1980 that I made aliyah to Israel.  That same year, my friend, Jack, was born in Damascus, Syria.  The distance between us was only 222.7 miles via highway M5.  Coming from Portland, Oregon, that's like comparing Portland's  driving distance  to  Mt. Vernon, Washington, which is 234.51 miles or 203.78 in nautical miles.

I tried very hard to get him into Israel when he became a refugee from the Syrian Civil War in 2012 which caused him to seek sanctuary in Egypt. That's when I met him on facebook, of all places.

 His desire to live in Israel was  because he was led to believe that his birth mother was a Jewish woman who was a friend of his Muslim father.  She had lived in the segregated Jewish Quarter on "Jew Street.'  Since he had been little, he had insisted on attending
his local Christian school, which he did until time to transfer to high school. He wanted to live a Jewish life, and not the life Damascus had to offer.

  When that seemed impossible to get him into Israel, I tried very hard to get him into the USA as a refugee, which he was.  This turned out to be impossible.  It was at a time that Obama was in office.  I did everything I could think of, contacting immigration lawyers, going to the local immigration center, speaking with those that decided who was eligible, contacting my local senator, and contacting the Jewish community.  Nothing helped.  He was a single young man.
The map above shows the distance from Portland, Oregon to Mt. Vernon, Washington which is 234.51 miles. 
Right now Turkey, Iran and Russia are situated in Syria  taking it over.
Their plan of course is to be able to attack Israel next.  It was bad enough with just
Assad in power with thousands of missiles pointed towards Israel.  Russia has been there for many years because Jack learned a little Russian from them being there.

Syrian refugees living in Egypt have been exiled and had  to seek other places to live.  Egypt's 

population was overly crowded for their own resources anyway.  There was no future

for refugees in Egypt.  Even Jack  as an educated man had problems.  Syrians going to Egypt had no problems with the language as the United States is confronted with.  They all spoke Arabic, just had different accents.  
Listening to Madeline Albright on CNN this morning, I hear even her not understanding
how taking in refugees at this time in history is quite different from taking in refugees at 
other periods, which, by the way, was always almost impossible for Jews because of the 
inhumane anti-Semitism that has existed since Roman days.  I don't remember anyone ever raising the riot-act because Jews were being mistreated when they couldn't enter any country when refugees from the Holocaust.  She herself lost many of her family members in the Holocaust and can't see the differences between them and today's refugees who could have been the axis  powers, terrorists themselves instead of those whose lives were being taken.  There wasn't that problem in the 2nd World War.  
This time, most single male refugees in particular could be members of terrorist groups or 
drug pushers;anoather of our problems where  people have entered who would bring harm to Americans.  Never before in history have 
refugees needed to be screened for their honesty in just wanting to have a chance to live.  
There's no way that my friend Jack can prove his honesty since all his records have been 
destroyed in the destruction happening in Syria.  He needs his college transcripts, diploma,
job qualifications, birth certificate, things we all would need.  How can he prove his innocence
in not being involved with terrorism?  How can the USA vet such people from this country?  I only hope that one day he'll get the chance to try.  

We've had bad experiences with refugees of late, and they come from either Mexico or have 
been extremist Muslims.  We're wary of more than one type of refugee.  What we've had a lot of are English speakers.  It seems that everyone voicing an opinion on TV has an accent showing they weren't born in this country.  Immigration has not come to a standstill.   
It was in 70 CE that the Romans, who had taken Jerusalem, burned down the Temple and the city
and took many Jews prisoner, marching them to Rome as slaves along with all the Temple booty. 
Jews were no longer allowed in Judah, which had been the southern end of Israel,  but many managed to hide out there, anyway.  This happened 1948 years ago.  It was in  May 1948 CE that Israel was reborn again, amazingly.

 Celebrating this remarkable date is what's causing the Palestinian rioters in Gaza to demonstrate with their madness.  They don't just demonstrate like teachers in the states wanting raises, they are violent!      The picture below tells of their reason to demonstrate. They still, after 70 years, have not accepted the fact that Israel exists and is there to stay.  Of course they're being fed a different history from the true facts, like the fact that there was never a country of Palestine; or that it's only the name of land named by the Romans and held by the Ottoman Empire who lost it, or that it was the land that Israel and Judah sat on for 3,000 years since Joshua.                     
The Jews with Moses numbered 650,000 at his last census on the Exodus from Egypt to Canaan.
The Jewish population  in May 1948 CE at the time of Israel's creation was 600,000.  For 2,000 years, Jews have had to wait to regain their homeland. For 2,000 years, they have been the scapegoats of every country they've lived in; some more, others less.  Whatever the foreign religion has been or whatever style political power it has been, they've all used the Jews as scapegoats to their problems.
All the while, through all their disasters, they've maintained their own religious beliefs of Judaism.
That was the joy I found in living in Israel.  Here is a picture of the Safed's Old City Inn.  Safed is one of the oldest cities in Israel, on top of a mountain at about the same height as Jerusalem.   It was unique to have my neighbors practicing the same religion as our family, or the stores really prepared for Passover.  Restaurants were kosher.  For an American from the West, it was unbelievable.  This city is so picturesque, and even has an artist's quarter with tons of galleries.  

I lived in a government  building where Jews and Muslims lived.  Once I had a horrible problem of a broken pipe in the building causing a river of water to enter my basement apartment and immediately an Israeli woman who spoke only Hebrew and Arabic and an Arab woman came to my aid.  All three of us were fighting the onslaught of water.  They could speak to each other but I couldn't say much at all.  What an experience that was!  We all faced the danger of being surrounded by crazed enemies  and wild situations together. 
In 2012, I met my Syrian friend, Jack on Facebook,  and from that and skyping and chatting a lot and taking notes, I became very interested in the plight he had found himself in.  My book that I finally wrote is full of Syrian facts from those days  that I had dug out from newspapers, books and articles including what they were doing with chemicals found that were used to kill people. It may be amateurishly written, but is loaded with some very interesting details through the eyes of his family reacting to what I had discovered.  

I had left Israel after watching  Israeli TV for 5 years where I saw TV streaming in from Syria and Lebanon.  I saw Syrian soldiers doing a horrible thing where they were biting animals!  I guess they were trying to scare anyone watching as to how ferocious they were, and indeed, they were behaving in such a primitive manner that I about  threw up.   From that experience to meeting Jack, who couldn't kill a fly, who was exemplary of the most humane person I've met, was quite a stretch.  I guess every country contains all kinds, but it's really hard to find people we do admire, like who I had met.  

 "Israel Destroyed Russian Shipment of Anti-Ship Missiles to Syria (Eschatology Watch)"
Messages From A Syrian Jew Trapped In Egypt by Nadene Goldfoot 

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How Moses Wrote the Torah and Why It Hasn't Been Changed

Nadene Goldfoot                                                 
           No, Moses wouldn't have written the Torah using Egyptian hieroglyphics. Paleo-Hebrew was known about.   It came out of the Phoenician alphabet. Moses lived from 1391 to 1271 BCE to the age of 120. He was a Prince of Egypt and well educated.  He obviously was skilled as a scribe.

An authentic Torah scroll is a mind-boggling masterpiece of labor and skill. Comprising between 62 and 84 sheets of parchment-cured, tanned, scraped and prepared according to exacting Torah law specifications-and containing exactly 304,805 letters, the resulting handwritten scroll takes many months to complete  .Paleo-Hebrew alphabet was already being used by then by the Educated Egyptians, probably as a 2nd language.  Like today, people learned many languages.  
"1450-516 B.C.                                      
I like the letter A of the Paleo-Hebrew as it really looks like today's capital A only laying on its side.    All Hebrew is read from right to left, the opposite of English. 

The first surprise is that Hebrew was spoken in Canaan before the Israelite conquest.  400 years before, Abraham had lived there, and now  his descendants and others who had joined them were returning.  The Hebrew language was still being used, proven by the Tel el Amarna Letters.  This was pre-exile biblical  Hebrew with a rich vocabulary that had borrowed many words from surrounding languages.  The Northern Kingdom used a slightly different standard language.  After the exile, the language continued for over 500 years, but had started to decay because of the influence of Aramaic from 539 to 331 BCE.  Aramaic had become the language of officialdom and was spoken by many Jews.  At the same time, Mishnaic Hebrew was emerging and was the new colloquial language from 200 BCE on. It's from some pre-exilic colloquial dialect and became a literary language through the tannaim in the 1st century CE.  They didn't use it as much  when speaking after the wars of 66 to 70 CE or after the final wars from 132 to 135 CE with Bar Kokhba.  
From the time of the Exodus in 1579 to 1578 BCE, Moses in all likelihood recorded the Torah over the next 40 years of traveling, in the Paleo-Hebrew script.   This script was nearly identical with the Early Phoenician script.  This same script was used throughout the land of Canaan as recorded by Isaiah in 19:18.  It was the main script used until the time of the exile to Babylon in 597 BCE.  There were only 22 letters.  I don't recognize any of them as Hebrew. 

 The Assyrians had conquered and taken the 10 Tribes of northern Israel, leaving Judah in the south in 722 BCE.  This was after the time of King David who ruled from 1010 BCE to 970 BCE and his son, King Solomon ruler from 961 BCE to 921 BCE.  The kingdom of Judah had to carry on alone against all the surrounding enemies of which Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon was the next.  

  I like the ayin which is a small zero.  Ayin is silent anyway.  

It is at this point the armies of Babylon (586 B.C.), destroyed the city of Jerusalem and the Temple, taking the survivors into Babylon for seventy-years.  The hostages during this period would include the Daniel and Ezekiel. (Daniel 1, Ezekiel 1:1). 

539 B.C. to A.D. 500                                   


            Producing a sefer Torah fulfills one of the 613 commandments.
 “The k'laf/parchment on which the Torah scroll is written, the hair or sinew with which the panels of parchment are sewn together, and the quill pen with which the text is written all must come from ritually clean —that is, kosher— animals.”
"An authentic Torah scroll is a mind-boggling masterpiece of labor and skill. Comprising between 62 and 84 sheets of parchment-cured, tanned, scraped and prepared according to exacting Torah law specifications-and containing exactly 304,805 letters, the resulting handwritten scroll takes many months to complete." No letter errors are allowed. 

In 539 B.C., the armies of Cyrus the Great, king of Persia, defeat Babylon, he allows the Jews to return and rebuild of the Temple to begin.  This is the beginning of the Second Temple Period. After Seventy-years of captivity, many of the descendants of the Jewish captives had forgotten the Hebrew tongue and alphabet.  The Aramaic alphabet was adopted for the Hebrew language by some Jews.   This helped the Jews make the transition, to still be a distinct people and yet being able to communicate with the society around them.  Manuscripts of the Torah and Prophets were written in the Aramaic square 
script (Current Hebrew) rather then the earlier Paleo-Hebrew script (Ancient Hebrew).  

Nehemiah records the problems facing the restored Hebrew nation in 440 B.C.   "In those days I also saw Jews who had married women of Ashdod, Ammon, and Moab.  And half of their children spoke the language of Ashdod, and could not speak the language of Judah, but spoke according to the language of one or the other people. Nehemiah 13:23-24 
(page 1871 in The Stone Edition of Tanakh.) Nehemiah was the governor of Judah by asking the Persian king permission to return to Judah so he was appointed this by Artaxerxes I.  It was he who organized the repair of Jerusalem's walls when he arrived.  They completed the job in 52 days, even with the neighboring people's attacks.  It sounds like the 1880's with our Jewish pioneers having returned from living in eastern Europe, doesn't it?  They had many mixed marriages and not everyone spoke Hebrew.  This was also the problem of our recent return almost 70 years ago in 1948.  It wasn't until 1880 that the Hebrew language was again used for communication in oral language with each other with our return with Russian -Jewish pioneers.  It could be that those native Jews still living in Palestine had reverted to speaking Arabic.  

Nehemiah brought back all the customs they had missed in the past  70 years;  the Sabbath observance, cancellation of debts owed by the poor,  maintaining Temple regulations and paying their tithes were brought back.  There would be all those born during that 70 year period who knew of none of these practices; only the older men like Nehemiah and Ezra would have known and they must have been youngsters then. 

He helped to secure the city by arranging for 1/10 of the people to live in the city.  Then after living there as well for the next 12 years, he returned to Susa, Persia, and probably reported what he had accomplished, then returned again to Jerusalem.  In 433 to 432 BCE, he took steps against mixed marriages along with Ezra, who was a member of the priestly family of Zadok.  This means he was a Cohen.  He was also a scribe  but had worked for the Persian government.  He had received permission to go to Jerusalem in 458 BCE and lead a party of settlers and would establish the Mosaic Law once again in Judah.  My records show that the return to Jerusalem had started in 538 BC but that a return had started 60 years earlier of a group under the direction of Zerubbabel.   and were undergoing a spiritual deterioration of their Jewish community and needed help.  Ezra  had followed Nehemiah's return.  

Zerubbabel, born about 480 BCE, was the grandson of Jehoiachin, former king of Judah during the years of 598 to 597 BCE.  Zedekiah had followed him from 597 to 586 BCE. He was the last as the Babylonians had attacked in 597 BCE and again in 586 BCE.  Zerubbabel was the last satrap of Davidic descent in Jerusalem.  After his time, the high priest increased in influence.  

Notice the absence of vowels except for the vov which is a consonant and a vowel.  Beginners today get to use something like a code of dots and dashes under the letters giving the word the sounds needed that vowels create.  One does sight reading quite a lot in reading Hebrew more than phonics with adult literature.  
                        I see an error below.  #6 is a vuv, not a W.  There is no W in Hebrew. 
I taught English in the junior high of Safed to kittah zion, khet and tet.  

The alphabet song:  Aleph Bet Vet, Gimel Daled hay vov,   Zion khet tet, yud kuf chuf,
lamed mem and nun, samekh ayin pay, fay, Tzadee koof, raish, shin, sin, tauf.   

There is no ch sound like in choo choo train.  it's a deep throat clearing sound-kh.  a gargle sound.  Some still use the ch to stand for that sound.  They should use kh.  
"The use of Babylonian (Aramaic) square script would become the dominate form of  Hebrew in the Biblical manuscript for the future.  Although, there were Paleo-Hebrew manuscripts found at the Dead Sea and Bar Kochba introduced them on the coins, the square script remains until this day the current letters used for Hebrew." . The letters of the alphabet were also used for the number system.  
Shrine of the Book Museum housing Dead Sea Scrolls, Jerusalem
"The Shrine of the Book in the Israel Museum: from ancient scripts to nanotechnologies
A comment overheard there:  The white dome is supposed to, in some way, remind us of the covers on the stone jars in which the scrolls were found. It is unbelievable to enter this circular room and look at the scrolls that are over 2000 years and ponder all that they represent. It makes me ask the question: what else could be hiding out there in the caves in the desert??"
I see that the Torah writing has gone through several transitions.  We still read the Torah in Hebrew but it's the square letter Hebrew, not in the handwriting of Moses.  I still feel confident that scribes were most careful in keeping to the original letters, even though the styles had changed.  Even at that, Dr. Eliyahu Rips felt confident enough about today's Hebrew to use his computer program in finding codes in our Hebrew writing of that has lasted this long.  It is depending on every word and every original letter being there as they all are needed in order to make sense.  

One can go into the museum in Jerusalem that looks like an upside down funnel where ancient Hebrew writings are on display and see for yourself how beautiful the letters have remained.                                                     
My Ulpan Hebrew 6 day a week classes with homework in Haifa  for 10 months with Morah Sarah, most understanding teacher I've had.  I can now confess after 38 years that I could never do the homework.  It was beyond me.  We had to hire a tutor who didn't know how to teach but just did it for us.  So we missed our Spring Break of taking a trip to Egypt and went over our text again by ourselves; 2 American teachers determined to pass our final test of 3 hours.  We did it, but that's another story.  The night before the test I passed out and fell, crushing  my left elbow and arm bone, and I'm left-handed.  I wound up taking the test later alone with the Israeli principal who didn't speak English while running a fever and wearing a cast on my arm.  I passed with 70 %.  


Monday, April 9, 2018

Michael Drosnin's THE BIBLE CODE from 1997

  Nadene Goldfoot                                                                                                                   
3rd book published by
Worldmedia, USA
by Michael Drosnin
2nd book published by
Penguin Group, New York
The 1st book published
by Simon and Schuster

A most interesting book came out in 1997 called THE BIBLE CODE and was written by Michael Drosnin.  This code was discovered by a Jewish Israeli mathematician, Dr. Eliahu Rips, who presented his proof in a major science journal, and had been confirmed by many other famous mathematicians around the world  It was published by Simon and Schuster in New York.

The man who wrote 3 books about this discovery was Michael Drosnin, and he put it on the map with his books. His 2nd book was copyrighted in 2002.  The 3rd was in 2010.  I have all three.

  Last night, the History Channel presented a 2 hour program about a copy of this discovery that was not from Israel.  Another book has just been written about finding a code within the Bible and by using the Hebrew letters, as Rips had done.

published by .

'God Code' Makes History (Channel)

The History Channel will air a documentary, God Code, on April 8 based on Timothy P. Smith’s book asserting that ancient Hebrew texts are encrypted with a code that proves God authored the Bible. According to the publisher, WaterBrook, the book, originally published in 2017 as The Chamberlain Key, is being reissued March 6 in paperback with its title changed to match the title of the documentary: God Code: Unlocking Divine Messages Hidden in the Bible.

Sounded interesting.  I've got all the books about finding a code. (1997)   Wonder if this is the same as the one found by mathematician, Dr. Eliyahu Rips,  in Israel as told by author Michael Drosnin. Drosnin met with famous mathematicians at Harvard, Yale, and  Hebrew University in Jerusalem.  He talked to a senior code-breaker at the top secret US National Security Agency, who confirmed that there is a code in the Bible that does reveal the future.  So what this G-d code is, and who Smith is, is for us to find out tonight.  

Well, I watched the first 1/2 hour and was disgusted.  It's a direct copy of Dr. Eliahu Rips' work.  What a copycat!  Except, they didn't present the same findings that Rips had found, of course.  Smith is probably not Jewish nor Israeli and has a Christian outlook about G-d and religion and was probably working with the hope of finding proof about Jesus, and he presented the word "Jesus" within that first 1/2 hour.  What he presented was not the word "Jesus" but his allusion to the idea.  Translating Hebrew into English was done by him and not a Hebrew dictionary, I'm afraid, and also so was the alluding to prove his theory.  To me, what he said and what was there did not compute.
I'll try to force myself to watch the whole program.  My cousin did watch as she worked on her packing last night, and told me that they came up with proof of where the ark of the covenant is hidden.  "The Ark of the Covenant, also known as the Ark of the Testimony, is a gold-covered wooden chest with lid cover described in the Book of Exodus as containing the two stone tablets of the Ten Commandments."  

I had just been reading about it early yesterday evening, perhaps from an article I found on facebook, that mentioned it has never been found and nothing was known about its whereabouts. It had been found to have had scientific properties, what I cannot recall, like electric currents.   So now Mr. Smith knows just where it is.  My!  It's coded.  

I think you can see that I think very little of someone who steals another's work and doesn't even give Rips or Drosnin a mention.  To me, this is plagiarism.   Plagiarism is: to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one's own. to use (another's production) without crediting the source. to commit literary theft.  All he had to do was to use google and enter "bible code" and the books would have come up.   I have a strong feeling that Smith was well aware of Drosnin's books and had decided to revisit such a thing as a bible code only to come up with a Christian version this time. 

Before my husband and I had moved to Israel in 1980, we had heard of a search that was coming to an end of finding a code in the bible.  We were looking forward to hearing more about it after moving there, and we did.  In the first 1/2 hour of the program, they stole the passage right out of Drosnin's book telling about the history of the world's search for a code in the bible.  

Michael Drosnin was really a reporter, and had been with the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal, two very different venues.  He's a New Yorker.  
"Eliyahu Rips, also Ilya Rips (Hebrewאליהו ריפס‎; RussianИлья РипсLatvianIļja Ripss; born 12 December 1948) is an Israeli mathematician of Latvian origin known for his research in geometric group theory. He became known to the general public following his coauthoring a paper on what is popularly known as Bible code, the supposed coded messaging in the Hebrew text of the Torah."
The 5 Books of Moses-Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. 
"Dr. Eliyahu Rips is one of the world's leading experts in group theory, a field of mathematics that underlies quantum  physics.  Rip's code had been replicated by a senior code-baker at the US Department of Defense.  It also passed 3 levels of secular peer review at a leading US math journal.  Drosnin is not a religious Jew and said he would be the first to dismiss it as millennium fever.  He had known about it for 5 years, himself and then sent many weeks with Dr. Rips.  This got him to study Hebrew!  He even checked the code on his own computer every day.  The man at the Defense Department (who?) independently confirmed that the Bible code does exist.  Drosnin then went to Harvard, Yale and Hebrew University in Jerusalem to meet with 3 of the world's most famous mathematicians,( also having given their names).  They all confirmed that there is a code in the Bible that reveals the future.  

"Rips grew up in Latvia (then part of Soviet Union), formerly part of the Pale of Settlement set off by Catherine II. His mother was Jewish and from Riga, the only of nine siblings that survived the war; the others were killed in Rumbula and other places. His father Aaron was a Jewish mathematician from Belarus;(also part of the Pale of Settlement)  his wife, children and all of his relatives were killed during The Holocaust."  Rips was a genius who survived-another miracle.                           
Michael Drosnin
Michael Drosnin is an American journalist and author, best known for his writings on the Bible code, which is a purported set of secret messages encoded within the Hebrew text of the Torah. Drosnin was born in New York City. " He was born on January 31, 1946 in New York City, NY. 
You can see that Drosnin was not going to write up a fake news story or book, but disappoints me in not giving important names.  I don't like alluding to a fact without being factual.  My point is in being that my own brother, a Phd, was not impressed with Rips's code or seriousness of it. My brother knows a lot more about Math than I with my ability to teach Math to pass the GED.    He showed me how you can also take the book, Moby Dick, and do the same thing, find messages.  However, what I realize is that Rips's code is covering THE TORAH talking about very sacred things and that a code is uncovered on top of it telling of something of value-possibly even relating to it.  I don't think that happened in Moby Dick.   
From Drosnin's Book I The Bible Code
The Religious folk would probably like to remind us all that the Torah was given to Moses by G-d.  To me, Moses was the receiver, and how he received such facts that have lived for over 3,000 years was an amazing process, especially over 3,000 years ago when man was far more primitive than we are today.  At least I don't think all the dendrites we have in our brain were exercised and developed as they are are today, expect maybe in Moses's exception. To have received such facts and to write them all down and carry them out at his age of 80 was miraculous.  It wasn't like Moses was being delusional hearing voices that told him what to do and that those things were crazy things like killing people.  Moses wasn't being Schizophenic at the age of 80, a disease that may not have even existed back then.  The message had come to him and he acted and the world has benefited.  The messages were so logical that we are still in awe of them.  
Think what it would be like without his messages?  Where would we still be?  Fighting over whose god was the best?  strongest?  giving the most coverage?  More parents would be killed by their own children.  There would be no day of rest.  Murder would not even raise an eyebrow-it would be expected.  Robbery would be part of your culture.  There would be no courts or lawyers as all acts now thought of as evil would be expected by everyone. It would be expected to covet what your neighbor has.  Salesmen would be peddling images to bring good luck to your home.  If you're a pirate at heart, this might be appealing to you.  To most of us, we think this is normally abhorrent  to all, but ask your local policeman.  There are still people trying to get away with all of this.  Living in a safe environment is still our number 1 priority in life.                                                   
Education is the key.  This is a yeshiva where they learn the pros and cons
of the arguments about our Torah and rest of Bible.  We don't take much for granted.
We argue  We look at all the ramifications and have brilliant minds work on it.  It's a skill
worked on for about 4 thousand years.  
Rabbis have studied the Torah in large groups and have debated the meaning and wordage of each detail, so it is not something one can scan quickly and get everything out of it.  Such names a RASHI and Hillel come to mind.  These rabbis have shown how Hammurabi, a Babylonian king way back in 1728-1686 BCE and his legal code were improved on by Moses's 613 laws. As it turns out, Moses was a Cohen, and no doubt that Abraham was his ancestor, also a Cohen.  G-d had chosen well.  It wasn't by accident that he, of all the new-born babies marked for slaughter by the Pharaoh  was saved-and by the Pharaoh's own daughter.                                                       
The extension of the ELS for יהי אור contains the words ביום (in the day) and למאור (for a luminary):

What may  seem negligible to people today was pretty awesome and new to people under the care of Moses.  They had been compartmentalized as slaves for almost 400 years without communication with the rest of the world.  They knew what they had learned originally from Jacob's family of what Abraham had taught them about G-d and their behaviors, and how they were treated as slaves and that was it; working and slaving every day of their life until they dropped dead.  What they were told by Moses was indeed a revelation.  They lived in a world where those around them were pagans believing in idols and universes of gods  which they didn't, having learned that already but...400 years ago.  We know that today our environment and peer group makes huge impressions on our children.  How much had affected them?  Lots, we shall find out as we read from our prophets.  

Amazing and straight forward pieces of information have come from Rips' Bible Code. Words discovered in one section was:  Twin  Towers  Airplane.    Looking further in this panel included:  Twin  Towers  It Knocked Down   Twice   Airplane   The letters for airplane used were shin/or sin, vuv, tet, mem sofeit  which spells in Hebrew  matos-matoseem.  Remember, this is a skip formation of selecting letters and this word was on the diagonal found on page 3 in Bible Code II-The Countdown.  Even seeing the Hebrew word AIRPLANE -matos-on the diagonal in a pattern was thrilling let alone the rest of it, to me.  
It's a fantastic discovery.  

Alexander Rotenberg

Alexander Rotenberg received his Ph.D degree in mathematics in the field of Probability Theory and Dynamical Systems in 1973 at the Moscow State University. After his aliyah to Israel in 1990, Dr. Rotenberg became familiar with Torah codes. This phenomena seemed so striking to him that he felt a need to independently investigate it on his own. He systematically investigated the way in which Torah commentators such as Rashi, The Ba'al HaTurim, and Rabbeinu Bachayay have the key words of their explanations appearing as ELSs near by the verses being explained. He authored a book And All This Is Truth detailing many of his findings.
Dr. Rotenberg is a descendaent of the Gaon of Radishkovich and a relative, by marriage, to the descendents of the Vilna Gaon.
  Dr. Rips had developed his computer program with his colleague, Dr. Alexander Rotenberg.  Books II and III go into more than the Torah.  With the advent of computers, breaking the code is possible.  Drosnin warned Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin  that it said he would be assassinated and he was.  September 11, 2001 was foreseen when the Twin Towers fell.  

What amazes me is that these two mathematicians are also devoutly religious Jews.  I think that the more they learned, the more awed they were at the complexity of our universe and in the probability that only G-d could have masterminded such a place.  It made them more, not less religious.  

AFTER VIEWING THE 2 hour PROGRAM: 6pm Monday evening
To the uninitiated, a Jewish scribe or SOPHER of Hebrew takes more than great pains to not make a mistake.  If one errs in the printing, the whole  piece is thrown out.  "The tractate Sopherim, an addition to the Babylonian Talmud, describes the rules for writing sacred documents.  Thus, a Torah or Tanakh (Old Testament)'s Hebrew should be the very same whenever it was written.  Not one letter can be ever changed.  

The TV program, God Code, didn't know this.  Timothy Smith spends much of the time looking for the oldest and therefore more accurate copy of the Torah or Bible.  He comes upon the Lenningrad Codex.  Then he comes upon the Aleppo Codex found in Syria.  Aleppo had been dominated by Jews at one time, so I'm not surprised at this.  Tim insists he found the code for where the Ark of the Covenant has been hidden, and the words are not the same in other bible copies, so he said. 

Tim has lots of time on his hands but says he has no time and is in a hurry to find the Ark.  His brother just happens to be a cryptologist and the two of them evidently create his own computer program to find the codes.  it's amazing  what our government is turning out today as cryptologists and what they can do quickly that took Dr. Rips years to do with all his mathematical background.  So now they have their own God-code software.

Finally, he and another fellow, Cannun Tigay,  visited Jerusalem and came upon   Don Esposito, a biblical scholar, who is highly impressed with Smith's findings.  They find an archaeologist who goes along with their thinking, but it leads to the Gihon Spring in Jerusalem where Smith thinks Solomon's Temple actually existed.  After this visit, the archaeologist speaks of David's use of the Spring, and he realizes it must be what David used as a Temple before King Solomon, his son,  had built his Temple.  Tim leaves us thinking that very soon the Ark of the Covenant will show up around there.  The only problem is that the men have hit bedrock and feel there's nothing under it.  Tim may have other ideas.  If Tim has his way, we would have peace on the Temple Mount because the Temple was never there, according to his findings.  He disregards or never knew about King Herod who repaired the 2nd Temple which was at the Temple Mount of which we are left with THE WALL- the famous Wailing Wall.  He probably wants to disregard any archaeological findings or the fact that the Palestinians have left evidence of digging under the Temple Mount and discarding any shards of evidence being they were given charge of the Temple Mount by Moshe Dayan in 1967.  
2nd Temple of Solomon built after return from
Babylon 538 BCE

I'm afraid that I'm old fashioned and understand that our Holy Hebrew writings have not varied in their hand-written texts.  The rules have been steadfast.  I need a professional scribe-a rabbi to tell me any different.  Luckily, I do know a Chabad rabbi who happens to be a sopher, one of his talents.  I trust that our rabbis, historians and scientists know the whereabouts of King Solomon's Temple and have known ever since they returned from Babylon when they rebuilt it.  The problem with it's position is that it was to be built on the spot of the threshing floor where David was instructed to build an altar to the Lord! It is also significant that this is the location of Mount Moriah and the offering of Isaac by Abraham (Gen 22). In fact Jerusalem’s Temple Mount on Mount Moriah, known as Har HaBayit in Hebrew (Mountain of the House [of the Lord]) has been the most disputed threshing floor in the world for thousands of years. So Tim has his own ideas of where it stood without checking previous facts. MICHAEL DROSNIN EXPLAINS


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