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Islam and ISIS-Partners or Enemies Part II

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                      

The concern from the West for Jihad terror attacks commenced with September 11, 2001, or 9/11.  This is when people started to realize that there was something going on between the Muslim and non-Muslim worlds.  Jihadists and the ordinary Muslims the world over invoke Muhammad as their example and guide.  It seems there is a general consensus of his behavior and what he said, but the extremists of course do not agree with the general population.

There has also been a power struggle over who holds the power since Muhammad, a warrior prophet died and left no heir.  Muhammad was a political and military leader who expanded his rule by force of arms and promised his warrior great happiness in Paradise if they were killed in his cause.  He led war against unbelievers.  He was a preacher of "hellfire and damnation."  Ibn Ishaq reports that Muhammad participated in 27 battles. Somewhat  like Joshua and the Israelites in Canaan 1,900 years before, he brought his religion to land he needed, only he wasn't told by G-d to do so.  His goal was to create many followers of his new religion. "Prophet Muhammad's work was to spread Monotheism(of the One True (Indivisible)God).. and righteousness amongst the people all over the earth till the end of this world. 

His work was to warn them about the day of Judgment when they'd be resurrected. And to deliver God's message to them."

 When he thought that the Jewish tribes of Medina would be his first followers, he seemed to be most angry that they wouldn't comply.  Some of his writings reflect this agitation as he wrote about Jews hiding behind rocks from Muslims in a hadith.  43 references are made in the Qur'an about the Children of Israel and 11 references are found about Jews. Having enough of Jews, he went onto other people to convert.  His followers have been very successful for they have 1.6 billion Muslims in the world today.  Jews, being the older religion by 1,900 years and the target of much hatred, have dwindled down to about 14 million in the world but are of a religion that is 3,285 years old.   Muslims have been around for about  1,393 years according to one of their calendars or 1435 years according to the other.   It was Abraham, born in the 2nd millennium BCE (2,000 BCE) who brought monotheism.   Abraham's sons were Ishmael (father of the Arab people) and  Isaac (father of the Israelite  people who were later called Jews).

One big difference I need to interject here is that Judaism followed the message that Moses gave to us; the 613 laws which are the same number as bones in our bodies.  We do not have to emulate Moses.  We are even told of Moses's failings, such as his temper.  Only G-d can be perfect, we believe.  Whereas in Islam, the emulation of Muhammad is most important, he could do no wrong,  and the message is in competition with it, it seems to me.  

The Shi'a Muslims make up only about 15% of the world's Muslim community.  "Shi'ites are those who followed Ali, the closest relative of Muhammad, as Muhammad's successor. Today there are approximately 120 million Shi'ite Muslims in the world."   

A huge majority are in Iran which has a population of about 76,923,300 people of which 98% are Shi'a.  Iraq's 31,234,000 people are 97% Sunni and some Shi'a.  Iraq had 200,000 Christians who have been either killed or forced to flee for their lives from ISIS.   Syria had 22,505,000 before the Civil War of which only 90% were Sunnis and the rest were Shi'a with possibly some Christians living there as well.  The Jewish population had been forced to live in a Jewish ghetto and were not allowed out at all.  They couldn't even have telephones.  Lebanon, which is right next to Syria with only 4,196,453 people, were 60% Sunni and Shi'a while the rest were Christians.  Jordan has a population of 5,568,565 Hashemite citizens of which 95% are Sunnis.  This is their state religion.

 Salafis  are an offshoot of the Sunnis. ISIS follows the Salafis.   "The majority of the world's Salafis are from QatarUAE and Saudi Arabia.    46.87% of Qataris and 44.8% of Emiratis are Salafis.   5.7% of Bahrainis are Salafis and 2.17% of Kuwaitis are Salafis."   Qaradawi is the head religious leader in

 Qatar whose goal is to destroy Israel and kill Jews with his bare hands, even though he is an 

old man in a wheel chair.  

ISIS has come out of northern Syria and into Iraq, attacking everyone in sight in order to take the land for their Caliphate.  No matter who they are, those met have lost their lives and have been beheaded or killed by the latest of arms.

Islamic law forbids aggressive warfare, and ISIS is attacking not only Christians but Muslims as well.  The Qur'an says, "But if the enemies incline towards peace, do you also  incline towards peace."  In other words, if the enemy is not inclined to attack you, do not attack them first but talk it over.  "And trust in G-d!  For He is the one who hears and knows all things."
2:190, a chapter in the Qur'an, called "The Cow, says, "Fight in the way of G-d against those who fight against you, but begin not hostilities.  Lo!  G-d loveth not aggressors."

ISIS has been the aggressor in the Middle East.  Stemming from al-Qaeda, a terrorist group, they have branched off to even shock their mother group so much that al Qaeda wants nothing to do with them.  They have disowned them.

Beheadings are against Islam says Abu Qatada, a radical Islamist Salafist cleric who speaks from his cell in Jordan that he has been in since July for a bomb plot that will be tried on September 24th.  .  This highlights the  rift between the jihadist groups of Islamic State  (IS) and Jabhat al-Nusra.  As I mentioned in Part I, the Salafist groups do not have their act together on what they accept or believe.  He quoted Muhammad by saying that "Messengers should not be killed."  He was referring to the recent beheadings of the 2 journalists and the English aid worker.  "Abu Qatada's support for Jabhat al-Nusra, al-Qaida's offshoot in Syria, deepens the split between ISIS and Nusra supporters among Jordan's Salafist jihadists.   Another radical cleric, Abu Muhammad al-Makdisi, recently denounced ISIS as well after his release from a Jordanian prison."  In Iraq a little Christian girl was beheaded as a warning to others.  In  the picture taken she looks like a doll that has been cut apart. * .  Nobody knows what has happened to the Christians of Mosul exactly. "The Human Rights Watch reported on July 14 that homes in Mosul were painted with red letters to indicate Christian homes. Other homes of Shiite Muslims were also adorned. "

Jordan seems to be the next target for ISIS.  Jordan is made up of a mixed population other than their own Hashemite Kingdom population.  It contains "hundreds of thousands of Syrian, Iraqi and Palestinian refugees (some affiliated with the Islamic State, Al-Qaeda and other Salafist groups), a diverse citizenry that is vulnerable to radical influences, chaotic civil wars on two borders, turbulent politics and a weak economy. A major misstep by Jordan could provide the Islamic State with an opening to a successful attack and might also drag Jordan's allies Israel, the United States and the Gulf States into the conflict.  Of course Israel is on their agenda to attack as well as the USA, and Israel is first in line of the two.  

The Truth about Muhammad, by Robert Spencer *

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Islam and ISIS-Partners or Enemies: Part I

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                       
                                                    Baghdadi from Bagdad, leader of ISIS

IS stands for the Islamic State.  ISIS stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.  Led by a man with a PhD in education named Baghdadi from Bagdad, Iraq, the goal of this group's leader is to erase the state lines created at the end of WWI when Ottoman Empire lost the war,  and create his own Caliphate. Yet those who are descended from Mohammad and have taken DNA testing to prove this connection say that he has no right to do so unless he also is a descendant of Mohammad.  To this date, nothing has been said about it from him.  Bagdadi now is referred to as Caliph Ibrahim.  He calls on Muslims to obey him.  I doubt very much if any decent Muslim related to Muhammad by DNA is going to obey him  as they feel he has no right in creating this caliphate.
ISIS has been slaughtering, usually by beheading, anyone not fitting into their concept of Islam, which is the Salafi way. "Within the context of our modern World, or to be more precise over the last half a century, the term 'Salafī' has come to designate an Islamic methodology, the aspirational objective of which is the emulation of the Prophetic example via the practices and beliefs of the earliest generations of Islam. This is because the first three Islamic generations, in being closest to the era of Muḥammad ṣallallāhu 'alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him) and the period of revelation, are understood to best embody the Prophetic Sunnah (sayings and teachings of the prophet) , and thus a pristine Islam."  This seems to mean to copy or revere the first 3 generations after Muhammad and keep the practices of that period of Islam.  It's going back to ancient Islam.  

I must mention, in contrast to this, is what has happened to Judaism.  Judaism started with Moses (1391 BCE to 1271 BCE) giving the Israelites the Laws (of civilization) during their Exodus from Egypt.  By the 200's CE, which was a good 1500 years later, there were schools or academies of a PhD level, discussing the meanings and uses of the laws.  The students were the Amoraim (PhD candidates) of that period.  The religion, though the oldest, kept up with the times and the laws fit the period as well as the period accepted the laws.  We see that while Judaism is old, it keeps up with the times while this branch of Islam has slipped backwards to the times of Muhammad.  

 That includes Christians, Sunnis and Shi'as so far. "There is especially staunch opposition to Shīʿism, particularly because of the Shīʿite doctrine of dissociating from most of the Companions." 

"The numerous Salafī strands hold conflicting positions with regard to the ruling on adhering to a particular madhhab, so much so that it has been a source of tension amongst them."  In other words, the Salafists do not have their act together and haven't reached the point of scholarship and agreement that had been going on from the 3rd to 6th centuries with Judaism.  So ISIS is evidently making up their own rules of ill behavior and has reached the evil end of the  scope and sequence of their religion.  .  

 Just recently they have beheaded 2 Americans of which one was a Christian journalist and the other a Jewish dual USA-Israel citizen journalist and the most recent beheading was an English aid worker of a high level of employment.
          Beheading of James Foley of New Hampshire, USA August 20, 2014

All this has been done in the name of Islam.  According to Islam, terrorism is above all,  murder.  Murder is strictly forbidden in the Qur'an in
6:151 which says, "and do not kill a soul that G-d has made sacrosanet (hallowed by a sacred rite, sacred, inviolable) , save lawfully."
5:53 which says, "who so kills a soul, unless it be for murder or for wreaking corruption in the land, it shall be as if he had killed all mankind; and he who saves a life, it shall be as if he had given life to all mankind.
Actually, this comes from the Babylonian Talmud in Judaism.  "
  • Whoever destroys a soul, it is considered as if he destroyed an entire world. And whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world. — Mishnah Sanhedrin 4:9Babylonian Talmud Tractate Sanhedrin 37a.  This was written way before Muhammad had died in 632 CE.  There are many things in the Qur'an that are borrowed from Judaism.  Jewish tribes lived in Medina, Arabia at the time of Muhammad.  Muhammad, a man who could not write nor read, used to listen to the Jewish storytellers of the streets tell their biblical stories, and he was impressed with these people of the book.  

  •  Now Muhammad's  lessons are being twisted to fit many a sick mind and his name is flung about as reason to commit acts of flagrant slaughter of the masses, much like Hitler did.  I'm thinking of the long lines of Iraqi soldiers that met their death by them simply because they were Sunni soldiers for Iraq which was led by a Shi'a government that we all watched on TV.  
The Qur'an does imply that Jews and Christians after the time of Muhammad are renegades who have rejected his prophet hood out of corruption and malice.  Muhammad condemns Christians for believing that Jesus was crucified, and Jews for believing that they crucified him.  (How Muhammad ever came to this thought is surprising, for I know no Jews that believe this at all.  We have spent much time in denial of this horrendous act.  )  "They said "in boast", We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah'; but they killed him not, nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them, and those who differ therein are full of doubts, with no (certain) knowledge, but only conjecture to follow, for of a surety they killed him not" (Qur'an 4:157.  This is how rumor spreads, and misunderstandings happen.  This is the wildest accusation I have ever read.  It's proof that religions certainly do not understand other religions that are different from themselves.  As far as Judaism goes, we feel the Romans did the crucifying, which was their way of punishment and they had crucified many thousands of Jews before they ever got around to crucifying Jesus.   Here I am, doing this very thing; judging a religion not mine but as it appears to me, but it often mentions my religion in their religious book, the Qur'an, so I feel I have the right to reply to these accusations.  

ISIS is nevertheless attracting the sick and uneducated of the world to join them and beheading seems to act like an attraction to get them to join.  Many Muslims and probably atheists of Great Britain have clamoured to join, then expect they will be able to return if alive to their homeland when the fun and games are over, but they have a surprise waiting.  They will lose their passports and therefore their citizenship by doing so.  This is how Great Britain is acting in regards to ISIS.  The same goes for the USA's participants.  

"Last week, Saudi Arabia donated $100 million to the United Nations to fund a counterterrorism agency. This was a welcome contribution, but last year, Saudi Arabia rejected a rotating seat on the United Nations Security Council. This half-in, half-out posture of the Saudi kingdom is a reflection of its inner paralysis in dealing with Sunni Islamist radicalism: It wants to stop violence, but will not address the Salafism that helps justify it." 

 We'll see now how many countries will answer to Kerry's quest of finding partners to join the USA in fighting ISIS and what they are willing to do.  The USA, for example wants none of its boots on the ground, but they are willing to fight them from the air.  

Resource:  Jihad and the Islamic Law of Warthe royal aal al-bayt institute for islamic thought
2007 • Jordan
The Truth about Muhammad by Robert Spencer p. 177, 178

The Lancet Medical Journal Now Attacking Israel

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                

A scientific journal, The Lancet, which is the world's leading general medical journal in Oncology, neurology and infectious diseases is now taking it upon themselves to attack Israel.  They're not the first of enemies who have attacked Israel, but usually her enemies attack with rockets and missiles.  Instead of using truth, they are attacking with distortion of the truth and bias instead of science.  

"The Lancet has taken a political stand on several important medical and non-medical issues."  Israel is not their first issue in politics, which is a far cry from the scientific journals they used to publish.  They have written a despicable letter called "An open letter for the people in Gaza.  In it they are asking their colleagues, professionals to denounce Israeli "aggression."  They call Operation Protective Edge a ruthless assault of unlimited duration, extent and intensity.  They are appalled by the military onslaught on civilians in Gaza under the guise of punishing terrorists."

Hamas terrorists of Gaza have had one goal in mind;  to destroy Israel  These same Hamas terrorists and now also of the newly being created Palestine (unity with Fatah which has floundered as I write) have abused their civilian population for their own political goals of destroying Israel during Operation Protective Edge.  They shot thousands of missiles into Israel.  They shot from homes, schools and hospitals.  Hamas has spent billions of dollars into buying rockets and creating cement-lined tunnels intended for terrorist attacks.  They were expected to build schools and hospitals as well as apartments for the prosperity of Gazan citizens with that money instead.   

The people of Gaza were also cheated by their leaders who used them as human shields, squandering humanitarian aid on weapons, tunnels and fortifications.  Their leaders used hospitals as military command posts.  This letter by Lancet is a new low, using medical science for political reasons to side with terrorists who are listed as such by our USA government against Israel whose whole country during this time were living in bomb shelters in a gigantic attack on their life.  Israel had the presence of mind to warn these same citizens of their coming attack so as to save their lives,   of which they had no desire to take.  So be it that their own leaders used their lives to gain sympathy from too eager propagandists like the Lancot group.  How is it that a scientific journal can now write such damning propaganda.  They are not even trying to be objective, credible or professional.  They're even asking for signatures.   They ignore the World Medical Association who unreservedly condemned those who are abusing health facilities by using them as shelters for soldiers or weapons, let alone terrorists.  Hamas is no better than ISIS terrorists or al Qaeda terrorists.  Yet, because they are fighting against a Jewish state, that seems to give credence to Lancot's position, doesn't it.  
What is really taking place should be something for many physicians to view.  There is a medical mission planned for 5 days for all doctors in late October 31 and early November in Israel.  

                                                Safed Hospital

At any time, hundreds of Palestinians are being treated in Israeli hospitals, including Hamas leaders' relatives.  In 2013, 225410 medical permits were issued to Palestinians in Judea and Samaria and 13734 to Gazans.  Israel has airlifted wounded Gazans to its hospitals, including a 16 year old who was among those involved in an infiltration attempt to Israel.  

Also, over 1200 Syrians injured during the bloodshed in Syria had and continue to be treated in Israeli hospitals, returning to Syria once they are healed.  

To help injured Gazans,  Israel set up a field hospital on the border with a full range of services including  an emergency room, ambulatory services and a delivery room, but Hamas prevented Gazans from getting there..  Their leaders also have refused the offers of blood, humanitarian aid and medical care Israel offered.  

Israel's IDF also runs an advanced trauma life support course for Palestinian doctors in Judea-Samaria.                                                                          

In using a medical journal to support propaganda, doctors' respect for such a publication can only go down the drain.  Certainly doctors hope for a resumption of the old non-biased, academic discourse they had been receiving in the past. 

Resource: Published online August 13, 2014
Letter from John Cohn to friends about The Lancet

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The Fatah-Hamas Off and On Love Affair

Nadene Goldfoot                                                             

                                             Fatah terrorists

Chairman Mahmoud Abbas from Ramallah was in Cairo for 3 days and said he is close to ending the latest unity government with Hamas. He wants Hamas to accept the idea of having a single government in leadership.  They need to have one law and one weapon and then they will have a partnership.   This isn't the first time.  Hamas wishes he'd keep his feelings about them to himself and not mention it publicly.
There are now 27 under-secretaries of ministries who are running the Gaza Strip.  The unity government can't do anything.  Hamas has yet to relinquish any authority over the region.  The government of "Palestine" is a so-called unity government and actually includes Hamas, but its ministers are technically unaffiliated technocrats and are actually listed as Hamas terrorists.
                                                          Hamas terrorists

Abbas said that his partnership with Hamas depends on arms being under the control of the Palestinian state.  Hamas insisted on controlling the armed forces of the PA with some 3,000 fighters.  It was to be led by Hamas military wing Izz a-Din al Qassam chief Mohammed Deif, who may have been killed in Israel's operation.
Hamas's Khaled Meshaal told Abbas that he's the resistance leader and there will be no cease-fire without his agreement.  One side cannot unilaterally declare war.  Abbas is exasperated with Hamas.  Of course they shouldn't have been surprised when Israel was furious about the kidnapping and murder of the 3 teens and rocket fire at civilians.
                                                              Fatah terrorist

Abbas is also disgusted with Israel and the USA.  Hamas's Hussam Badran, spokesman, said there has been a rise in the number of arrests of Hamas members in Judea-Samaria now for no reason.  Hamas of course told their members not to cooperate with Fatah investigations in Judea and Samaria.
                                               Hamas caused terrorism

Abbas agrees with Israel's figures in that about 850 Hamas members and their family members were killed this summer in Israel's Operation Protective Edge.  In another source he is quoted as saying that only 50 were from Hamas and the rest were from Fatah, his group.  He's also said that it was Hamas who killed 120 young Fatah members and had issued house arrests on them.
                                                  Mahmoud Abbas, Fatah

This past spring, Abbas broke ties with Israel and reneged on every international agreement he had ever made.  Fatah-linked terrorist groups were ecstatic as were Gaza fighters.  They did not give Fatah an entry to the region, however.  Abbas has yet to walk into Gaza safely, without any guards.  So this is their unity government.  Abbas is 79 years old.
                                                  Hamas marching to target
                                 Apartments in Jerusalem

If these two terrorist groups cannot agree to anything and are still fighting over who the controlling power is, how does the USA expect Israel to consider them as reliable neighbors?  It's impossible!  The concept of a divided Palestine made up of Judea-Samaria and Gaza is also ridiculous.  Throw the whole concept out of the window and ship these two entities, Fatah and Hamas out the window with them.  Have them go back to Syria and Iraq where they originally came from.  They're now short of people due to their warfare.  Abbas isn't the only one who is disgusted!


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3rd Century PhD Level Jewish Scholars of Law in Palestine and Babylonia: The Amoraim

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                    

The 10 Commandments were not the only laws given to Moses.  These of course were given to him on 2 tablets, written in the stone.  He was also given an Oral Law on the Sinai mountain together with the Written Law, according to our tradition.  So from early times in Israel there have existed a tradition of interpretation and analysis of the Written Law which was handed down orally from generation to generation.

During the 2nd Temple period from 538 to 515 BCE when the temple was being rebuilt and major reconstructions were carried out, the ancient oral tradition was upheld by the Pharisees who were more lenient and supported by the majority of the people.  The Sadducees, who clung to the letter of the written law and the Essenes, who were close to the Pharisees but had their own specific beliefs and customs didn't recognize it.  They had their own traditions regarding the interpretation of the Written Law.  When these sects disappeared after the destruction of the Temple, the Pharisaic view won national acceptance.  The Oral Law was studied in the many academies.  The manner of instruction differed.  In some places it was taught as a commentary on the relevant section of the Written Law.  In others, it was studied in a systematic and topical arrangement.  Each teacher gave his own interpretation and the Sanhedrin was sometimes called upon to decide between conflicting opinions.  The majority view was accepted in practice, but rejected views continued to be taught theoretically.
In time, people recorded privately parts of the Oral Law they were afraid might be forgotten.  A complete outline, called the Mishnah,  which incorporated earlier versions, was compiled and became the basis for study.  The discussion was just oral and only recorded several centuries later as the Talmud or Gemara.

After the redaction of the Talmud, study was around the written text, still known as the Oral Law because  its roots were in the oral tradition.  During the Gaonic Period of 6th to 11th centuries, the Karaites rejected the Oral Law and denied the validity of the Talmud.

These biblical scholars who were able to make legal decisions like  judges were recorded in the Talmud and were the Amoraim.  There were originally  lecturers who spoke about the view of previous scholars or interpreted them for the masses; biblical commentators like Rashi who lived from 1040 to 1105, only the Amoraim were the original academics living in Palestine from the 200's to 500's.   (Palestine was a newly coined term for Israel and Judea, changed by the Romans in 135 CE)

Later, the Amora himself explained the Mishnah and its application to practical issues. The Mishnah was the legal codification containing the core of the Oral Law.  It was compiled by Rabbi Judah Ha-Nasi on the basis of previous collections and arranged logically.  It is divided into 6 Orders dealing primarily with the religious
1.  laws pertaining to agriculture
2. laws of the Sabbath, festivals,
3. laws of marriage and divorce,
4. laws  of civil and criminal  legislation,
5.  laws regulating ritual slaughter, sacrifices and consecrated objects
6. laws of ceremonial purity

Every order is subdivided into tractates so each deals with a specific topic.  Every tractate is divided into chapters, and these contain smaller paragraph divisions called mishnayyot.

 Sometimes he started laws which were accepted as equal in authority to earlier legislation.  They taught in the period after the end of the Mishnah, their work being comprised in the Gemara.

There were 2 basic types of amoraic scholars;  (1) those distinguished for erudition (extensive knowledge acquired chiefly from books)  and (2) those noted for logical acumen (keeness of perception, discernment, discrimination, especially in practical matters).  The amoraic method was original and needed extensive preparation.  Specific training was a prerequisite to being accepted into the academy.  After entering, the student had to gain thorough experience in halakhic discussion before he was able to make legal decisions.

Many amoraim were well known for their aggadah or Haggadah, that part of Oral Law distinct from Halakha, that is that which doesn't deal with the laws uncumbent upon the Jew in his daily activities.  From this follows the positive definition in that the aggadah is primarily the sequel to those parts of the bible which include stories and chronicles, sayings of the wise and moral  instructions, and the admonitions and consolation of the prophets.  It is limited to an explanation of why they were given and what they teach.  Aggadah complements halakhah.  .  Their influence came from the originality, literary construction, and effective delivery of their ideas.  The amoraim, of whom over 3,000 are known by name, were honored by the people and their judicial decisions were authoritative.  They were not paid for their teaching but earned their living independently.

There was constant contact between Palestinian and Babylonian sages during this period from the 3rd to 6th centuries.  For external reasons, the influence of those in Palestine declined rapidly after the end of the 4th century.  That's why the Babylonian Talmud was more popular.  They were 2 great compilations, distinguished respectively in which are collected the records of academic discussion and of judicial administration of Jewish Law by generations of scholars and jurists in many academies and in more than one country during several centuries after 200 CE when the Mishnah was finished.

"In these centuries, in which Israel's national language became superseded by the Aramaic, the literature of Tradition arose, in which Aramaic was predominant by the side of Hebrew; it was a species of bilingual literature, expressing the double idioms of the circles in which it originated. In the academies —which, on the destruction of Jerusalem, became the true foci of Jewish intellectual life—

The Hebrew language, in its new form (Mishnaic Hebrew), became the language of instruction and of religious debate. With but few exceptions, all literary material, written and oral, of the tannaitic age, whether of a halakic or non-halakic description, was handed down in Hebrew. Hence the whole tannaitic literature is strongly distinguished from the post-tannaitic by this Hebrew garb. The Hebrew language was also the language of prayer, both of the authorized ritual prayers and of private devotion, as handed down in the cases of individual sages and pious men. According to a tannaitic Halakah (Tosef. Ḥag., beginning; compare Bab. Suk. 42a), every father was bound to teach his child Hebrew as soon as it began to speak. It is no doubt true that there was a knowledge of Hebrew in non-scholarly circles of the Jewish people besides that of the Aramaic vernacular; indeed, attempts were not lacking to depose Aramaic altogether as the language of daily intercourse, and to restore Hebrew in its stead. In the house of the patriarch Judah I., the female house-servant spoke Hebrew (Meg. 18a). The same Judah is reported to have said that in the land of Israel the use of the Syriac (Aramaic) language was unjustifiable; people should speak either Hebrew or Greek (Soṭah 49b; B. Ḳ. 83a). This remained of course only a pious wish, exactly as that deliverance of Joseph, the Babylonian amora in the fourth century, who said that in Babylon the Aramaic language should no longer be used, but instead the Hebrew or the Persian (ib.)."

The Pope disagreed with Netanyahu recently on this, insisting it was Aramaic that everyone spoke.  Not the academics, for sure.  

Resource: The New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia

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Europe's Anti-Semitism Heading Towards 1939

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                

If you're Jewish and plan on taking a vacation in Europe, my advice is not to wear anything that can mark you as Jewish.  Anti-Semitism is running rampant there these days.
"There have been calls for Jews to be gassed in Germany." As a result, "Merkel, speaking Saturday on  

her weekly podcast on the Internet, urged the public to attend a national rally Sept. 14 at 

Berlin's Brandenburg Gate under the banner of “Stand up! Say no to anti-Semitism.”  Things 

must be pretty bad to have come to appeal to the public in a national rally.  Evidently Germany 

has not kept its promise to teach about anti-Semitism.  "Bundestag should fulfill its promise of 

three years ago to support programs designed to teach about the Holocaust and the dangers 

of unbridled hate."                                                    

                                               Crusaders attacking Jews and Arabs in Jerusalem

In Brussels, 4 people were murdered outside the Jewish Museum on the same weekend that openly anti-Semitic parties made frightening gains in European Parliament elections.

More than 100 congregants were held for hours in a central Paris synagogue by an angry mob.

6 out of 10 French Jews questioned say they fear attacks.  Most avoid wearing or carrying anything that might identify them as being Jewish.

20% plus of European Jews have been the target of an anti-Semitic incident this past year.  1 out of 3 are considering immigrating because of anti-Semitism.

Who are the anti-Semites of today?  They have been mostly "  left-wing activists frequently led by those purportedly promoting human rights" and extremist Muslim activists.  Belgium seems to be the worst of the offenders promoting hatred with the Belgium teachers.  " The reality is that frenzied hatred of Israel has today become an endemic component of political discourse in Brussels, the official capital of Europe and headquarters of NATO.

Jews have tried to stay in the land of their birth today but with anti-Semitism becoming virulent, French Jews are flocking to Israel, the place being used to cause anti-Semitism this time around.  This is what Israel was created for; a refuge for Jews being attacked by anti-Semitism.  

The EU should look again at the UN and their role in promoting anti-Semitism with the way they are so judgmental against Israel and look at who the voters are against this tiny country and why.  Israel is up against attacks from Sunni Muslims and Shi'a Muslim and Salafist Muslims; you name it, just for existing and asking to not be attacked. 

Israel is an example of modernity combined with the oldest religion on earth, and for this has run into their neighbors' aggressiveness to wipe them out because they are neither Arabs nor Muslims.  It is a Jewish country with 6 million Jews but has within 1.7 million Arabs, so they are not practicing apartheid like Saudi Arabia or the future Palestine.  To Arabs, they are an enigma they do not want to tolerate. 

Remember, it was anti-Semitism in the 1880's that drove Russian Jews to Palestine to seek the life of their fathers.  That started the ball rolling with the Zionists to be born and activated.   

Resource:  American Jewish Committee, New York.
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Monday, September 8, 2014

Who Won in Gaza? Hamas? Israel? When's the Next War?

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                   

                  Hamas terrorists.  Soldiers do not cover their faces.  Terrorists do.

I take issue with my favorite writer, Carolyn Glick, today with her article, "The Unfinished War" which came out in the Jerusalem Post.   She said that Hamas will only stop fighting when it is defeated, and Israel didn't defeat Hamas.  She's right about Israel only being in a temporary cease-fire right now.
Evidently the Haaretz newspaper, which is Leftist and very liberal, said  the IDF commanders are lobbying the government to allow Hamas to claim victory from this war, even though Israel had left its buildings pretty well smashed up and had found the tunnel system they were plotting to use to take over Israel. Carolyn wrote that if Israel doesn't give into their demands for open borders, Hamas would renew its attacks at the end of September, which would be during our High Holidays.
Has everyone gone mad?  One can't give into to Hamas.  I can imagine what they will do if the fishing grounds were expanded for them or easing restrictions on border crossings of people and goods into and from Israel.  This will not help to maintain the quiet.  Every time they cause a war by bombing Israel, I would shrink these areas, not expand them.  How else are they to understand their warring is not okay?
Wake up, IDF General Staff.  You can't forget their goals in life and those are to destroy Israel.  They are not the Kiwanis morning breakfast group wanting to go fishing.  They are a determined Islamic terrorist group plotting to destroy Israel and all the Israelis within it.  Let them do something acceptable for a change, like not shoot any rockets into Israel for X amount of weeks.  Then reward them by taking those fishermen who have their names in a pot and are chosen out with the navy to get a good catch.  Let them deal with landing in Gaza with a good catch.  Treat them with this  reward system for good behavior.  They have to show this good behavior before they can receive a reward.  But watch them like you would a den of rattlesnakes.  When they turn into garter snakes, then you can relax.
                                Qaradawi who lives in Qatar

Barack Obama has accepted Hamas's demand for open borders as the official position of the US government at the very beginning of the attack on Israel.  He even wanted to replace Egypt as mediator with Qatar and Turkey!  Egypt is Israel's neighbor and they are getting along well, especially now since Egypt got rid of the Muslim Brotherhood's Morsi as president which was Obama's choice.  Qatar houses extremist Muslim preacher Qaradawi who hates Jews so much he wants to kill us with his bare hands   and Turkey has also gone more extreme in their religious position and is not Israel's friend anymore like they used to be.
Israel had to defend itself, but the West certainly will never back this Jewish state, as we just saw.   Hamas has won their love for attacking Israel in the first place.  At the UN we see the USA and the EU writing a resolution that will allow it to attack Israel from behind Western human shields.  They would see the deployment of international military forces to Gaza who would oversee Gaza's demilitarization, which is what Netanyahu does want.

 However, The UN forces will fail to disarm Hamas.  The minute such forces arrive in Gaza they will become human shields preventing Israel from defending itself against Hamas aggression.  In the next round coming up, the IDF troops will have to ease up on their attack even more to avoid killing Western forces.  This action will make it impossible for Israel to fight Hamas in the coming future.   Hamas survives because the West has rewarded their aggression with all sorts of demonstrations in their countries against Israel for doing what Hamas plotted; killing civilians including lots of children in their attack on Gaza militants.  The lesson learned is to sacrifice a few thousand and gain the love of the world as long as you are waging war against Jews.

Yet, residents of southern Israel are not happy with their government for taking a ceasefire and not putting an end to Hamas.  They have had to endure the past 13 years of being shelled by Gaza.  Their children have grown up knowing no peace but being very friendly with the bomb shelters.  For them, Operation Protective Edge is a failure.  They must look at the bright side in putting an end to tunnel activity that could bring terrorists right into their own back yards!

Israel stood up for their rights in the midst of the worst anti-Semitism since 1939 and took the bull by the horns and attacked the bad guys.  They did right by warning the innocents.  It wasn't their fault and we know it that their people were used as part of the plot against them.  What else could they have done?  Quit?  Go back to Israel and hide out in their bomb shelters which is where they were when they decided to enter Gaza and have it out ?

No, they did the right thing.  Freedom against Medieval hatred.  Good against bad.  Light against Dark.  Israel had to stand up against all the nations who  really would whoop and holler if Israel succumbed to terrorism, even though they are next on the list to be hit as well.  "If I am not for myself, who will be for me?"

Let me remind readers.  Palestinians have been fighting against Israel since 1947 actually, before their May 14, 1948 birth.  They have been given every opportunity to create their own state and live in peace but they consistently choose to attack to take over all of Israel's land and they consistently have lost.  Whereas Israel had to see their promised land, land promised by the whole League of Nations, chopped into pieces so that they actually were allotted 1/4 of the promised land and even that is to be cut in half to become Palestine for the Arabs.  They accepted immediately with the thinking that something is better than nothing.  Not so the Arabs.  They've never changed their policy.  All or nothing at all, evidently.

There should be big rewards for Sderot and Ashkelon residents to have taken such a beating for so many years, like no taxes, and maybe R and R in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv; their choice for a month, or something else appropriate.  There should be TV programs highlighting these brave residents and how they have had to cope with such living conditions. But it has reached the zenith.  No more bombing.  Those times have ended.  Israel must take care of its own citizens first before it can help the rest of the world.


Sunday, September 7, 2014

ISIS, Muslim Salafists, A Major Threat To USA and the World

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                       

Part of Syria and Iraq have been taken over by a PhD Salafist Muslim with his own army and declared to be his state of ISIS or IS, the Islamic State, and he is determined to take over all the rest of the Middle Eastern states to add to his caliphate.  .  This is as if it hadn't been an Islamic state, and it was.  These states  had been created at the end of World War I by the League of Nations who had appointed kings for each state.  They were all Muslim states.
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the PhD in education, is an extremist belonging to the Salafist Muslims who are extremists.  To have the right to form a Caliphate, he must be a direct descendant of Muhammad, and so far this has not been proven by DNA testing that has been made public.  IS is at the doors of Jordan, but the king of Jordan is a direct descendant, and he is not going to weaken and accept Baghdadi's leadership.  Neither are other known descendants.
IS is at Jordan.  "The group's aggressive moves toward Jordan's border have many worried about the future of King Abdullah and the Hashemite Kingdom.
  In a recent video, Jordanians fighting for the Islamic State in Iraq tore up their passports and pledged to slaughter the king.
"From their point of view Jordan is an artificial country. It has to be removed. Next stop is Israel," Jonathan Fine, an Israeli analyst with the Institute for Counter-terrorism, told CBN News." 
Yet, from the Muslim legal point of view, King Abdullah of Jordan is the only person with legal rights to rule as he has the J1c3d haplotype. This is said to come from Ishmael and was passed to Muhammad.  It's also the same as the Cohen gene of many of the male Jewish people, passed to us from the same source of Abraham through Isaac.   Who and what is Baghdadi?  What kind of people in their right mind would want to be ruled by Baghdadi?  He's more extreme in his behavior than Saddam Hussein of Iraq ever was.  No one was safe under Hussein.  He had his friends killed in many a fit of paranoia.  Anyone who wins a goal through the killing of innocents is doomed to be affected mentally in the end.  
Looking at the map, Jordan shares a long border with both Syria and Iraq. You can also see that Jordan serves as a buffer on Israel's eastern border."
I have no doubt that Israel will have to help Jordan fight off IS as they are after Israel as well.  Israel has warned Jordan of other attacks before that they had learned about.  You do that for your neighbors if you wish to have any peace.  
This IS leader who uses beheading of anyone not a Jihadi Salafist to put the fear of Baghdadi into their hearts wants to create a Caliphate out of the whole Middle East with himself as the head, similar to what the Ottoman Empire had been. before WWI.  He's already taken over oil fields and has the money to support his army and then some.  Of course his main goal must be the taking of Israel.
"This Salafi jihadist force  is a movement or sec within Islam that takes its name from the term salaf ("predecessors", "ancestors") used to identify the earliest Muslims, who, its adherents believe, provide the epitome of Islamic practice.   The popular hadith that quotes Muhammad as saying 'The people of my own generation are the best, then those who come after them, and then those of the next generation,' is seen as a call to Muslims to follow the example of those first three generations, the salaf."
"The majority of the world's Salafis are from QatarUAE and Saudi Arabia." (Baghdadi is from Baghdad, Iraq.)   "46.87% of Qataris  and 44.8% of Emiratis are Salafis 5.7% of Bahrainis are Salafis and 2.17% of Kuwaitis are Salafis.
Salafis are the "dominant minority" in Saudi Arabia.  There are 4 million Saudi Salafis since 22.9% of Saudis are Salafis (concentrated in Najd). The Salafi movement is often described as synonymous with Wahhabism, but Salafists consider the term "Wahhabi" derogatory."
"The jihadists believed—the "sheikists" had forsaken adoration of God for adoration of "the oil sheiks of the Arabian peninsula, with the Al Saud family at their head". Principal among the sheikist scholars was Abd al-Aziz ibn Abd Allah ibn Baaz -- "the archetypal court ulema [ulama al-balat]". These allegedly "false" salafi "had to be striven against and eliminated," but even more dangerous was the Muslim Brotherhood, who were believed by Salafi Jihadists to be excessively moderate and lacking in literal interpretation of holy texts.   Iyad El-Baghdadi describes Salafism as "deeply divided" into "mainstream (government-approved, or Islahi) Salafism", and Jihadi Salafism."    Even Salafists have their different levels of understanding their beliefs with Salafists and Jihad Salafists.  
Another definition of Salafi jihadism, offered by Mohammed M. Hafez, is an "extreme form of Sunni Islamism that rejects democracy and Shia rule.The Muslim Brotherhood is too extreme for even Egypt.  Also, their main goal in life is to destroy Israel.  They actually were the cause of the Civil War in Syria when they attacked Assad because he was an Alawite Muslim and not a Sunni.  They threw a grenade at him that hit his foot, and he retaliated by hitting their city.  Their war was on.  
"MAINZ, Germany - Small groups of hardline Salafist Muslims have been patrolling the streets of a German city hoping to "influence and recruit young people," police said. The groups were seen in the western city of Wuppertal wearing bright orange reflective vests with "Shariah Police" on the back. "This was seen as a violation against Germany’s public assembly law and charges were filed.  
England is at the next to highest level of security awareness now.  They are taking many measures to protect their citizens and keep the IS activists out of the country.  The problem is that many Muslims who are now citizens of both England and the USA have gone to IS and have been fighting, then are coming back to form cells and cause havoc in their adopted countries.  
This comes at a time when Lebanon has 100,000 rockets aimed at Israel.  Israel has just fought a 50 day war with Hamas terrorists and now must be ready to fight against Hezbollah terrorists who are camped in southern Lebanon.