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Hungary Turning Anti-Semitic Again With Popular Political Party, Jobbik

Nadene Goldfoot                                                              

                                Hungarian Jews in Auschwitz where they will be gassed, WWII

History is repeating itself with serious anti-Semitism in Hungary.  It's been 70 years since WWII when more than 500,000 Hungarian Jews out of their 725,000 were murdered by the Germans and their Hungarian allies in the Holocaust.

Now, after Operation Defensive Edge when Israel finally decided to try to stop Hamas terrorists from shooting missiles, rockets and mortars into Israel every day, after years of being under such danger, a popular Hungarian political party, Jobbik, who are the 2nd most popular party in Hungary, is gaining ground and calling for sharp anti-Semitic acts against Jews. Two years ago the deputy parliamentary leader  called for:

1. All 35,000 to 120,000 Hungarian Jews had to be registered.  Shades of the Nazi era.
2. An investigation of Jews serving in the Hungarian government to determine "the potential danger they pose to Hungary." 

It seems to me that the Hungarians themselves pose a danger to the Jews living there far more than the Jews pose a danger to them.  Why on earth would the Jews want to harm them?  

The mayor of Erpatak denounced Israel as a "Jewish terror state" 2 months ago and had effigies of Netanyahu and former President Shimon Peres hung in a mock execution.

There was a photo exhibit this past summer portraying Israel's war against Hamas where a Jobbik member, Krisztina Morvai,  called for the cancellation of the EU-Israel Association Agreement.

Jobbik's Marton Gyongyosi compared Israel with Nazis and said, "Israel is now conducting a genocide similar to the one suffered by the Jewry in WWII.

It seems like any other state in the world could defend itself against terror like the PLO and now Hamas has brought upon Israel, except a state that is Jewish.  Our one and only Jewish state can do no right in the eyes of former anti-Semites.  They live off of any chance they find to cast aspersions upon Jews.  In this they are not much different than the rest of the world, we know.

Do not panic and react like we have done something wrong, Israel.  You did you best to protect your people while at the same time Hamas sacrificed their civilians in order to gain just such hatred against you in order to take your land after 2,000 years of waiting for it.  Such people as the Hungarians will never accept us in their midst willingly until the Moshiach comes along or they suddenly get smart and they see the light, and I don't see that happening.

Hungary, now a state with 9.9 million people,  has such a horrid history of behavior towards Jews.  In the 13th century they had decrees of the Lateran Council segregating the Jews from their neighbors and forced them to wear a distinctive badge.   The Pope tried to get rid of them so that by 1349 they were expelled for the first time after having lived in Hungary since the 2nd century CE.  They were allowed to come back but were expelled again in 1360, so they moved to neighboring countries.  Hungary couldn't get along well without them so the edict was revoked in 1364, but you can see they never learn.

In the 15th and 16th century they charged Jews with the old Ritual Murder libel and cancelled all debts owed to Jews.  Life was better for Jews when the Ottoman Empire took over Hungary's rule, but they were subject to heavy taxes for being Jews.  When Hungary was rid of the empire, they again expulsed Jews and excluded them from agriculture and the professions when they were allowed to live there.

There were nobles who  protected the Jews whose numbers were higher now because of refugees coming in from Vienna in 1670.  More arrived from Moravia and Poland in the 18th century.  There was a Maria Theresa who reigned, and she worked on various new methods to exact money from the Jews.

 In 1990 there were still 80,000 Jews living in Hungary.  now there are 48,200.   "The Hungarian Jewish community is the largest in East Central Europe. Most Hungarian Jews live in the capital, Budapest, which has some 20 working synagogues and a plethora of other Jewish institutions, both religious and cultural.  My suggestion is that they all pick up and move to Israel where they are wanted and needed.  There's no use living in a land that doesn't want you.  They think you are posing a danger!  That sucks!  The only danger you could possibly pose is logical thinking.  

There's nothing in the records where Hungarians spoke up in defense of Israel being attacked by Hamas from the rockets, mortars and missiles, and now the underground tunnels found that were used to attack Israelis.  Only when Israel fought back are they in an uproar.  

Menachem Begin (1913-1992)  once asked his friends why the Jewish state so frequently face solitude in the family of nations.  This was way before Operation Defensive Edge.  He continued;  "Is it because we are the only country in the world that is Jewish?  Is it because we are the one country in the world whose language is Hebrew?  Why are there no other Jewish states?  Why are there no other Hebrew-speaking states, just as there are multiple Christian state, Moslem states, Hindu states, Buddhist states, English-speaking, Arabic speaking, French-speaking, Chinese-speaking states?  We have no sovereign kith and kin anywhere in the world.  Why?  They were talking about a piece of scripture where the heathen prophet Balaam was cited in speaking about "dwelling alone." He concluded that the Jewish people dwell alone of its own volition" .  Yes, we seem to be alone, quite alone when whatever happens in the world in our one state, all the other Jews are picked on.  We've had one friend, and that seems to be vanishing as well many times already.  It takes courage to be our friend, and there aren't many with that kind of courage.  Obviously Hungary doesn't have it.  

Moses brought us out of 400 years of slavery but put a huge weight on our shoulders, and that was of being responsible for what he taught us, such as the shockingly hard Ten Commandments, and much more.  We have to dwell alone just like Abraham did when he moved out of Ur and went to Canaan to get away from the environment that believed in worshipping idols.  We should have known that we would always be alone, but are stubborn people, stiff-necked people.  So be it.  We will fight to keep our state.  
Like Begin said to Jimmy Carter, "I say to you, Mr. President, I don't need anybody to recognize my right to exist, and even if that terrorist Arafat were to make such a declaration, I wouldn't believe a word he says.  It would be tantamount to somebody approaching me with a knife and saying, "Take this knife and thrust it into your heart."  I would reply, "But why should I agree to stick a knife into my own heart?"  And he would say, "For the sake of peace.  Please commit suicide for the sake of peace. "You are asking me to consider talking to such a person?  The PLO"s vision of peace is our destruction.  NO!  ABSOLUTELY NO!  

Evidently this is what Hungary and others expect of Israel.  Israel has earned its right to exist and more.  It's not about to commit suicide and die like the world almost let happen in the Holocaust.  .  

Resource: by Michael Freund
The New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia-Hungary p. 456-57.
The Prime Ministers by Yehuda Avner

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The 1955 Baghdad Pact Expose With John Foster Dulles, Secretary of State

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                

                                                      John Foster Dulles (1888-1959)

As I found out in writing about Iraq and Baghdad I saw that  the Baghdad Pact was brought about by the USA in 1955 which caused Egypt's Nasser to be very angry and he then turned to the Russians for aid.  I thought, "Whoever was the Secretary of State at the time to have made such a mess of it all.  I found out more than I had bargained for which led to me another source of mine; about agents against Israel.  (1)  I've found out that besides the original names of Iraq, Turkey, Iran and Pakistan, Great Britain was included in the pact as well.

 It appealed to its members for very different reasons although the rising influence of the Soviet Union and that of Arab nationalism were widely shared. By agreeing to this treaty, Iraq, as the original opponent of Arab nationalism, goaded Cairo to stand in the way of the pro-Western alliance. Yet, London’s membership, intended to replace its 1930 preferential treaty which was about to expire, disappointed many Arab leaders, especially Gamal ʿAbd-al-Nāsṣer, who hoped for a neutral Arab bloc between the West and the USSR.   Nāsṣer opposed the Pact because he perceived it as a threat to his foreign policy objectives and as a tool geared to serve Western political and economic interests. Cairo also feared that such an alliance would isolate Egypt and strengthen the pro-British regime of Nūrī al-Saʿīd in Baghdad.

It didn't bring peace to Israel. The Sinai War of 1956, the hostile actions which Egypt played a central role reached their climax and the Suez Canal and the Gulf of Eilat were still barred to navigation to and from Israel.  The groundwork for a series of Arab military pacts against Israel was laid down in 1955, with Egypt in the center.  In October 1956, Jordan joined the Egyptian-Syrian pact.   What kind of pact did Britain and the USA create with the Arab states?  

The president at that time was Dwight David Eisenhower, and his Secretary of State was John Foster Dulles..  Vice president was Richard Nixon.    Israel's best interests were never in the mind of Dulles.  John Foster had a brother, Allen.  The two were the most powerful men in the world.  Their mother's brother, their uncle, was Secretary of State Robert Lansing, founder of the State Department's first centralized intelligence unit. Their father was a Presbyterian minister.   We know that John Foster became a Secretary of State.  What most don't know is that Allen became head of the CIA during the Eisenhower Administration.  
Enter Jack Philby, British spy.  "Harry St John Bridger Philby CIE (3 April 1885 – 30 September 1960), also known as Jack Philby or Sheikh Abdullah (الشيخ عبدالله), was a British Arabist, explorer, writer, and colonial office intelligence officer."  Much is written about him as a spy against Zionistic ideals 3 decades before Israel was born.  He had been dismissed from being a civil servant and then recruited by the British secret service, M16 because of his sexual misconduct.  He used his assignment to get even with the British government and secretly joined a fanatical Arab sect led by Ibn Saud, the man who Jack helped to become the first king there.  He's the father of Kim Philby who became a Communist agent when just a college student.  

                                                    Ibn Saud, 1st King of Saudi Arabia

There had been a secret oil  partnership going on between Ibn Saud, Jack Philby and Allen Dulles.  The threesome were the secret source of oil, money and international influence working behind the scenes that actually put Hitler onto the world stage.  It was these men who fueled the Nazi war machine in the 1930's and were the same ones who sabotaged the Jews' only escape route to Palestine which was deemed to be the Jewish Homeland by the League of Nations.  Jews were being slaughtered by the Nazis and couldn't enter Palestine when they should have been able to.  p. 38.  

It started off with Jack Philby who recruited Allen Dulles in the 1920's as an agent to influence American policy against the Jewish homeland and then as his secret partner in the development of Saudi oil.  Philby helped Ibn Saud, king of Saudi Arabia,  create a partnership with American oil companies who were allied against British interests and in favor of the Nazis.  Philby worked with Nazi intelligence to sabotage international efforts to create a Jewish homeland.   Jack spied on the Zionists with the help of the Dulles brothers.

Anti-Semitism was practiced by the upper-class, Ivy League students attracted to the US diplomatic service.  The State Department hired some bigots who referred to "oily Jews" in official diplomatic reports of both the USA and Britain.  John denied being anti-Semitic claiming he had many Jewish friends and even had Jewish law partners, but their sister fell in love with a Jewish man and the family talked her out of it so much that she later became a devoted Hitlerite.  Her Jewish fiance committed suicide.  Foster was making donations to pro-Nazi isolationists under his wife's name as he curried favor with German clients.  Allen was acting about the same way.  Spies of Jack Philby who went back with him to 1921 swore that the Dulles brothers were unmitigated charlatans whose only interest was in making money.

Philby was made the secret service's head of intelligence for Transjordan in 1921 when he met Allen Dulles who was stationed in Istanbul, Turkey.  Dulles collected information on the potential oil wealth of Arabia in those days as well as about the sticking point of Zionist aspirations.  Philby had great influence over Allen's views about the Jewish Homeland in Palestine.  To Dulles, the use of a Jewish state to the world was zero.  It would just complicate matters in getting American oil companies into the region.
                                          General Reinhard Gehlen, master spy

President Eisenhower was not caught up in the spy rings of Britain, Russia and the USA, but somehow appointed John Foster Dulles as his secretary of  state and Allen Dulles as head of the CIA which was so disgusting to Ben-Gurion that he quit as prime minister of Israel and retired to the desert for 2 years in disgust.  He couldn't deal with the men who had financed Hitler.  He felt the Dulles brothers would rather work with the worst Nazi than ever trust the hated Jews.  The Jews knew what had been going on.  Philby was finally confirmed as a Soviet spy by the code breakers in 1951.  Dulles and another spy, General Gehlen, had to purge themselves of Philby's pet Nazis.  General Reinhard Gehlen was recruited by the United States military to set up a spy ring directed against the Soviet Union (known as the Gehlen Organization) which employed numerous former SSSD and Wehrmacht officers.  

It was the the Dulles brothers who brought American investors into Germany and then impeded  the hunt for Nazi war criminals after the war.  Allen Dulles helped to start the use of Fascist emigres to offset the Jewish vote in the USA.  They were at the height of their power during the Eisenhower Administration.  They went after a number of policies that were hostile to Israel and favorable to its Arab enemies.  The Suez Crisis was the height of their achievements where they achieved 2 goals; the humiliation of Britain and the isolation of Israel.  These events shored up their clients' huge oil interests in the Middle East.                                               

        Ottoman Empire on Germany's side in WWI; Arabs plotted with Hitler in WWII against Jews

A few old American Intelligence officers felt that the Israelis are right, but that no one in the American public would believe why:
1. In early 1950's Israel switched its allegiance to British and French intelligence with Eisenhower administration policies that had been established by the Dulles brothers.
2. During the Eisenhower administration the brothers recruited Nazi war criminals as intelligence agents and sponsored their immigration to the USA.
3.Richard  Nixon was a key figure in the brothers' program who utilized Eastern European Fascists for political purposes.
4. Before and after the 1956 Suez Crisis (Israel's War) the brothers betrayed British, French and Israeli military secrets to the Arabs to gain the dominant role in the Middle East.
5. Eisenhower refused in 1956 to supply weapons to Israel because of the oil lobby.  Israel had no friends in the American government.  Republicans were in, and Jews made up only 3% of the voters.  They usually voted Democratic.  Many US spies either came from the oil companies or ended up working for them.  Sometimes their policy was anti-American as well as being anti-Jewish.  

The secret espionage war against the Jews continues.  Presidents remain naive while all sorts of things are going on behind their backs.  But times have changed.  With Sadat making peace with Israel, Jordan joined in the peace also with their neighbor.  Even Saudi Arabia might be looking to Israel to fight against Iran.  Then, they all have IS to contend with.  We can't forget that people we trusted, however, were spies in disguise.  Now, if we could just taper down in our need for oil.....

The Secret War Against the Jews by John Loftus and Mark Aarons (1)
Facts About Israel, Division of Information, Ministry for foreign Affairs, Jerusalem, 1956 war

Baghdad: City of the Ages Threatened by IS

Nadene Goldfoot                                                           

                                              Baghdad's Airport-Coveted Site by IS

Baghdad, 1st city in the world to reach a population of 1 million, had in the Middle Ages a population of 1,200,000.  It's the largest city in Iraq who's northern section has been taken over by IS terrorists.  In 2011 Baghdad had a population of 7,216,040.  It's the 2nd largest city in the Middle East with Cairo being first with 12 million and Tehran, Iran has 8.3 million people.   Iraq's population is 35 million  with 9 million living in the capital, Baghdad.
                  Baghdad sits on the Tigris River.  It became the capital of the Abbasid Caliphate.

The USA Embassy has 15,000 people working in it.  There are 5,500 Americans in Baghdad. IS is about 25 miles away and it's airport is always under threat of takeover.  

The city of Baghdad's foundation was built in 763 and that's when its Jewish community dates from.  A  Jewish traveler, Benjamin of Tudela, living in 1170,  said that he found 40,000 Jews living there at that time which included many distinguished scholars.  They also had poets, physicians and talmudists.

When the Mongols ruled from 1258, Jews were favored with many placed in high administrative positions. They were  not prejudiced against Jews like the Muslims were.  However, the Jewish administrator and physician, Saad ad-Daula was assassinated in 1291 and this was followed by a general attack on the Jews of Iraq.     Then when Tamerlane (b: 1336)  captured Baghdad in 1400, most of the Jews fled.  He was a Central Asian conqueror and a descendant on his mother's side of Genghis Khan, so he told people.  Mongols had converted to Islam and had reintroduced discriminatory laws.

Baghdad didn't become prominent again until Turkish domination from the 17th century onwards. In the 19th century, Baghdadi Jews moved to India and the Far East and built up new Jewish settlement.   By 1939, when things were at their worst in Germany for Jews, there were about 80,000 Jews living in Baghdad.  They were an important element in the economic life of Baghdad, probably as shopkeepers.

There was a rebellion led by Rashid Ali in 1941 that came in with pogroms in which hundreds of Jews were killed and wounded when thousands of Jews were being killed in the concentration camps in Europe.

When Israel announced its birth on May 14, 1948, most of Baghdad's Jews migrated to Israel and a few went to other countries.   Only about 5,000 remained in Baghdad.  By 1990 there were only about 200 left and most of them were quite elderly.  They had to live under great restrictions.  9 were hanged in 1969 after being charged as spies for Israel.  One of my co-teachers in the junior high in Safed told me his uncle had been one of them who had been hung, and he wasn't any spy.

Iraq itself used to be called Mesopotamia. It is considered as the cradle of humanity and sets the scene for man's 1st revolt against G-d by building the Tower of Babel.  Many biblical stories come from here such as the Flood.  It was Abraham who came from its famous city of Ur of the Chaldeans, but then left and migrated to what was to become Israel.  Babylon was to the prophets a symbol of insolent pagan tyranny .

Their Nebuchadnezzar II (604-56 BCE) inherited the Assyrian Empire and he then conquered Judah in 597 and 586 BCE and exiled many Jews to Babylon.  The 10 Tribes of Jacob had been exiled there in 721 BCE.  Finally King Cyrus permitted a return of the Jews to Jerusalem and they were told they should rebuild the Temple.  So,  it's pre-Moslem history was that of being Babylonia.  It was then conquered by the Arabs in 637.  Surprisingly, the large Jewish community already there favored and even helped the Arab advance in the hopes that it would give them deliverance from the Sassanid persecutions.  After the Arabs occupied Iraq, Jews expelled from Arabia settled in Kufa.

For centuries, Iraq continued to be the center of Jewish life.  Babylon became the spiritual center for all Jewry.  Its rabbis wrote the Babylonian Talmud that became more popular than the Palestinian Talmud.

It was such an important center of Jewish learning that Jews would write from all parts of the world to the Geonim (Jewish Scholars) about their religious problems and their answers were accepted as binding.  Newly founded Jewish sects were created among the Jewish population during this time called the Issawites and  Yudganites,  and Karaism rose.

Then Jews suffered under Omar.  Cultivated land was highly taxed so Jews tended to leave agriculture and  lived in larger towns, like Baghdad, Basra and Mosul.  There they were traders and craftsmen.  Some became financiers or worked in international commerce.

Now Baghdad is ruled by Shi'a Muslims while Iraq is populated by Sunni Muslims, and they fight each other to the death.  IS is a radical sect of Sunnis and is out to create their own caliphate once again and ignore the League of Nations who divided the Ottoman Empire up at the end of WWI when they lost WWI along  with Germany and a few other states being the Axis.

The government of Iraq in Baghdad decided to invade Kuwait on August 2, 1990..  The UN took a measure or two against Iraq for this act and  for every action the Council took against Iraq, they felt they must take a parallel action against Israel. "After the Gulf War began, the UN Commission on Human Rights  repeatedly voted to condemn Israel".  They condemned Israel for control of the Golan Heights and accused Israel of keeping Palestinians in "concentration camps" and demanded it withdraw from "Palestinian territory, including Jerusalem."  The reason for this craziness was that IRAQ was on the Human Rights panel.  Of course they were among the majority voting to condemn Israel.  Their idea was to deflect condemnation on themselves and throw it onto Israel, instead.

The United States has made some mistakes in dealing with Iraq.  The first went back to 1955 when the US armed Iraq, who was Egypt's hated rival, and promoted the Baghdad Pact.  This caused Nasser to turn to the Soviet Union out of anger for this move.  Nasser opposed that agreement, and would have opposed any defense alliance with the West.  The result was that he began to get Soviet arms in 1955.  In trying to appease him, the US then offered to build the Aswan Dam, but that didn't turn Nasser's head at all.  Instead, he increased his orders with the Soviets and spurned the USA peace initiative.  

"The Baghdad Pact was a defensive organization for promoting shared political, military and economic goals founded in 1955 by Turkey, Iraq, Great Britain, Pakistan and Iran. Similar to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization, the main purpose of the Baghdad Pact was to prevent communist incursions and foster peace in the Middle East. It was renamed the Central Treaty Organization, or CENTO, in 1959 after Iraq pulled out of the Pact."  I see that Egypt was left out and was the country with the largest population and had been the main leader of the Middle East Arabs.  Today Turkey has about 74 million  99% Sunni/ Shi'a;  Iraq with 31 million 97% Shi'a/Sunni, Pakistan with 173 million 97% Sunni/Shi'a;  and Iran has 77 million.98% Shi'a.    Egypt, left out of the mix, has at least 80 million with 90% Sunni.   

In 1978,Baghdad hosted an Arab League summit that condemned and ostracized Egypt for accepting the Camp David accords.  It seems to me the USA had picked the wrong team to back back in 1955.   

Then, Iraq and Iran fought the war of all wars against each other starting exactly when my husband and I made aliyah to Israel; September 1980.  It lasted until August 1988, and was the longest conventional war of the 20th Century.
Marine Corps M1 Abrams tank patrols a Baghdad street after its fall in 2003 during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The USA entered Baghdad to get Saddam Hussein in 2003 and didn't leave until 2010.  This cost the USA 1.1 trillion dollars of which 757.8 billion was spent by the Dept of Defense which includes money that was borrowed to pay for all of this.  This Iraq War was called the First Persian Gulf War or Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Now we see IS using arms left there against Iraq's soldiers.

Saddam Hussein (1937-2006)  was the most evil man one can imagine and comes in 2nd compared to Hitler.   "In 2003, a coalition led by the U.S. and U.K. invaded Iraq to depose Saddam, in which U.S. President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair accused him of possessing weapons of mass destruction and having ties to al-Qaeda."  Somehow, Assad of Syria  was able to get Sarin gas later which he used on his own people who were fighting against him, the odd man out, an Alawite.  It could be that Saddam had possessed this very gas and moved it over to Syria.   "Assad opposed the 2003 invasion of Iraq despite a long-standing animosity between the Syrian and Iraqi governments.  He also belonged to the Ba'ath Party in Syria, just like Hussein belonged to the Ba'ath Party in Iraq.  

                                                             Al Qaeda Terrorists

                                                IS marching towards Mosul 

Now, IS has taken control of Iraq's 2nd largest city on the way to taking Baghdad; Mosul.  They did it by forming a coalition of 41 armed Sunni groups and one was of the Ba'ath party known as Naqshbandis of Mosul. These fighters managed to kick out Al Qaeda.  However, "al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI), or al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia was an Iraqi Salafi jihadi militant organization affiliated with al-Qaeda. It was a major combatant actor in the Iraqi insurgency and played a central role in the establishment of the Islamic State of Iraq.    They've been tired of Baghdad's favoritism for Shi'as.  There's no way to tell who the players are in this battle when one group splinters up and joins IS anyway.  If they're Shi'as, they are out.  If they are Sunni, they are in.  Al Qaeda, organized by Osama bin Ladin, is "a radical Wahhabi Muslim movement calling for a strict interpretation of sharia law and jihad, the struggle towards Islamic ideals, at a global scale.  It stands for everything IS stands for.  

Book:  Myths and Facts-a concise record of the Arab-Israeli conflict by Mitchell G Bard and Joel Himelfarb

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The Prophet Joel and Pastor Hagee's Comment About Obama's Wanting Jerusalem Divided

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                        
Pastor John Hagee, head of  Protestant Evangelicals from San Antonio, Texas, is really giving it to Obama for trying to divide Jerusalem.  It happens that it is all one city today under Israel's domain as it's capital.  The USA still has not accepted it as such.   Hagee is  the leader of one Christian group that really is pro Israel and has done much to help Israel.   He's blaming the contagious Ebola virus  on Obama's  actions of having Kerry push for a divided Jerusalem.   Hagee quoted Joel 3:2, so I had to stop and look it up in my Tanakh (Bible)  and find in mine it is listed under 3:4, but has a little different wording-different translators.  The Evangelicals believe in the Old Testament writings, which makes them different from quite a few other Protestants and Catholics.
What thrills me is that this chapter tells about what happened to the Jews, and in genealogy, one of my interests and ancient history, this is important.  Here, Joel was also a historian.  He's saying that the boys were given for harlot's fee ( the price of a prostitute)  and they sold girls for wine and drank it.  The invaders sold girls in order to earn enough for a bottle of wine which they drank.  Evidently both girls and boys must have had very little value to these people.    In 6 he says that they sold the children of Judah and the children of Jerusalem to the children of the Greeks in order to distance them from their border.  However, in 4, he reports G-d saying,  "That in those days and at that time, when I will bring back the captivity of Judah and Jerusalem, " I will gather all of the nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat and I will contend with them there concerning My people and My possession, Israel, that they dispersed among the nations, and they divided up My land."  He tells them that "Israel has done you no harm, and you cannot claim that you are repaying them or Me for past wrongs."
Joel  gets even with them by saying  that G-d will sell their sons and daughters into the hands of the children of Judah and they will sell them to Sabaeans, to a distant people.  They were from Sabea, a country in southern Arabia, home of a rich culture and a powerful kingdom from the 1st half of the last millennium BCE to 500 CE.  They spoke a semitic language.  The Sabeans carried gold and goods imported from India by caravan to Judah.  It's also mentioned in the Bible as Sheba.   As it was, there were several Jewish tribes found in Arabia living in Medina at the time of Mohammad (570-632 CE). Many were killed who would not convert to Islam.  Perhaps some Saudis have the DNA history of having arrived there as slaves in the past as Joel had prophesied.  .
                                                      Rashi, famous Biblical commentator

Joel was the 2nd in order of the 12 Minor Prophets.  He lived possibly as early as the 9th century BCE, and more probably as late as the 4th century BCE.   Rashi tells us he was the son of Samuel and was a contemporary of Elisha and Joel, Nahum and Habakkuk who all prophesied during the rein of Manasseh.(720-692 BCE)   The chapter Hagee is referring to, 3-4,  talks of  the "Day of the Lord" when G-d will restore his people from captivity and punish their enemies in the plain of Jehoshaphat.  The problem in dating his work is that the text doesn't clearly indicate his date.  We've had the Assyrians come and take away our people when they attacked in 721 BCE so he could be referring to this time.  Or, he could be talking about the Babylonian attack in 597 BCE and again in 586 BCE, which is the most likely one if you discount Rashi's opinion.  Rashi (1040-1105 CE) was born in Troyes France and studied in the Rhineland of Germany and is the most well known commentator of the Bible.  .Our Temple was destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar in the last Babylonian attack of 586 BCE.  I tend to agree with Rashi and that Joel  wrote much earlier.  .
                                                 Hezbollah terrorists

It almost reads like a novel.  G-d says to announce this among the nations; " prepare for war;  arouse the mighty men;  let all the men of war approach and ascend.  Beat your plows into swords and your pruning forks into spears, even the weak one will say, "I am mighty."  Let all the surrounding nations hurry and come, and let them gather together;  there G-d will demolish your warriors.  Let the nations rouse themselves and go up to the Valley of Jehoshaphat, for there I will sit and judge all the nations from all around."

 One of the fears some people have today is that Jews can be wiped out being in one place, Israel, by Iran so easily with an A bomb. There would go half of all the Jews in the world again, which is what happened in the Holocaust.   Yet Joel saw this happening in reverse to the armies against Israel.  G-d will be able to wipe THEM out.

That does seem to be what's happening today.  Mostly men, but some women are coming from far and wide to join up with IS today, who will then want to attack Jordan and  Israel after taking Iraq and Syria.  I note that the usual beating swords into plows is reversed as they recycle their implements into war machines.

G-d will have the last word.  G-d has been addressing his agents of destruction who are now ready to "harvest the crops" of Divine vengeance.  In 4:21 he says-"Though I will cleanse the nations by forgiving many of their sins (and this is G-d speaking, not any other savior) I will not forgive them for the bloodshed they perpetrated against Israel.  When G-d dwells in Zion (Jerusalem), at the End of Days, they will be punished."

Joel's big prophecy was about warning the people of a 7 year famine caused by locusts which was first foretold by Elisha.  He was sent to elaborate on it.  He was hoping that the people would take the impending disaster to heart and avert it by repenting.  He pictured the locusts as invading armies.  He used the 4 species of locusts as an allegory for the 4 conquerors of the land;  Babylonia, Persia, Greece and Rome.

Isn't this interesting?  Babylonia is still with us as Iraq and it's largest city is Baghdad.  Persia is today's Iraq.  Greece and Rome haven't changed much at all but may be representing the rest of the West today.  The West has quit holding Israel as something to be defended against the countries coming under the umbrella of Babylonia and Iran  who are against her.

In his prophecy about the locusts, their total destruction is compared to the ravages of a raging fire and an invading army.  He sees the locusts causing total destruction as if they had been preceded and followed by a raging fire.  Isn't this what happened in 70 CE when Jerusalem fell?  It was burned down and then the Romans, who had been occupiers, turned it into a Roman city.
Where is Jehoshaphat that is referred to at the End of Days?  "The Kidron Valley is the valley on the eastern side of The Old City of Jerusalem, separating the Temple Mount from the Mount of Olives. It continues east through the Judean Desert, towards the Dead Sea, descending 4000 feet along its 20 mile course. The settlement Kedar, located on a ridge above the valley, is named after it. The neighborhood of Wadi al-Joz bears the valley's Arabic name.  The Bible calls the Valley "Valley of Jehoshaphat - Emek Yehoshafat.” It appears in Jewish eschatologic prophecies, which include the return of Elijah, followed by the arrival of the Messiah, and the War of Gog and Magog and Judgment Day.

Tanach, the Stone Edition (Old Testament) ArtScroll Series.

Friday, October 17, 2014

England's Constant Anti-Semitic History

Nadene Goldfoot
When Jerusalem fell to the Romans in 70 CE, Jews were not allowed to live in Jerusalem again.  They became either slaves to the Romans, taken away and sold, or were able flee just before or after the fall and get to places past Rome, like France and Germany.  Some were able to get to nearby countries.

Jews did not arrive in England until the Norman conquest of 1066, some 900 years later.  Then a handful of financiers followed William the Conqueror from the Continent.  During the next generation, Jewish communities were established in London, York, Bristol, Canterbury and other cities.  The Jews traded, lent money to the baronage, and advanced money for current needs on the security of the revenue to the Crown.  This protected them.
Then the Crusades started in 1096 that lasted for 3 years in the first attack. On the way to Palestine they killed Jews in northern France and especially in the Rhineland where massacres occurred in cities such as Mainz, Worms, Speyer, Cologne; anyplace where Jews lived.  I had relatives living there at the time.  They also attacked Jews in Prague and later in Salonica where the reports of the Crusade caused a messianic ferment.  When Jerusalem was captured in 1099, Jews and Karaites were massacred.  They were there to win Palestine from the Moslems, but didn't mind killing Jews as well.  The crusaders were riding around in religious passion and constant stimulation.  Being in such a religious environment as Jerusalem seemed to bring out the worst in them.  They were in a messianic ferment.  After their Crusading Kingdom was established, they extended some toleration to the remaining Jews who managed to stay alive.

Along came the 2nd Crusade in 1147 to 49 which was organized to succor the Crusading Kingdom.  Similar outbreaks happened in France and the Rhineland again with a monk called Rudolf.  Bernard of Clairvaux helped to restrict the deaths, however through his humanitarian efforts.   Now the Pope urged that the debts of crusaders to the Jews should be paid up, and this became a regular demand on such occasions.  (imagine-they borrowed money from Jews to come and attack Jews).

The reason Jews were money-lenders is because they were barred from all other jobs; this was one left open for them because Christians thought it was beneath their dignity to do this.

 In 1144, the first recorded Ritual Murder accusation was brought against Jews in Norwich, England.

At the time of the 3rd Crusade of 1189 to 1192, there were riots all over the country resulting in much bloodshed, especially in London and York where their
business bonds were burned.
                                             3rd Crusaders
The 3rd Crusade had far more support than the other 2.  This led to preliminary attacks by the assembled crusaders on the Jews in many places, especially in York in 1190.  Later, Crusaders involved the Jews only
incidentally, though the so called Shepherds' Crusade in 1320 resulted in widespread attacks on the Jews in southern France and in northern Spain.  The Crusades may be said to have begun the age of unmitigated suffering for medieval Jewry.  The Crusaders also gave an impetus to the Italian maritime republics and to international intercourse and helped to displace the Jewish merchants from their former  favored position and so started the economic decline of the Jews.

To keep bonds from being burned  and the loss to the Exchequer, a system of registration of Jewish debts was set up in 1194 with Archae or chirograph chests in all the principal cities under the control of a central Exchequer of the Jews. This was not merely a financial institution, but it also had important judicial and administrative functions.

  This made it possible to have a systematic exploitation of Jewish resources by merciless taxation during the reigns of John in 1199 to 1216 and Henry III from 1216 to 1277.  The enforced sternness of Jewish creditors in exacting their dues now resulted in growing unpopularity evidenced in the Ritual Murder case of Hugh of Lincoln  in 1255 .  Hugh was the  8 year old illegitimate son of Beatrice, born in 1247 who  disappeared on  July 31, 1255.  His body was found in a well belonging to Jopin, a Jew on August 29th.  Through torture, a confession was that  the child had been crucified by a number of the most prominent Jews of England, who had gone to Lincoln on the pretext of a wedding.  Then Henry III came a month later and caused Jopin the Jew to be dragged around the city tied to the tail of a wild horse, and then hanged.  There were also  attacks made on Jews during the Barons' Wars in 1263 to 1265. 

The Ritual Murder case was a blood libel.  The typical allegation was that Jews murder Christians in order to get blood for the Passover or other rituals.  In England the first charge was in 1144 in Norwich, and concerned a Christian child named William.  The best known charge was of Hugh of Lincoln.  What the heads of the city did was torture Jews until they got a confession.  They would never have any proof.  Then they would usually  have "miracles" in connection with the dead body and this would be taken as proof that death was due to Ritual Murder.  

 The Jews had competition from the Italian bankers that  was making their services superfluous.  So, what happened was that the Jews' rights were progressively restricted from 1269 on, and in 1290 the Jews were expelled from the country.   They were not allowed back in the country until 1655, 365 years for England to be without Jews.  

In 1655, Manasseh Ben Israel was the negotiator with Cromwell for the readmission of the Jews.  A group of Jews today called Anusim, then called Marranos, Jews hiding the fact of who they really were, were the first to go to live in England and received official recognition in 1664.  The original Sephardi community (Spanish-Ladino speaking Jews) were joined by Ashkenazi immigrants from Germany and Central Europe and spread throughout England.  By this time there were no important restrictions on Jews and no ghetto system was used.  There was no violence to speak of, but there was a controversial JEW bill in 1753 which didn't cause any Jews to be molested. " While the Sephardim chiefly congregated in London as the centre of international commerce, Jews immigrating from Germany and Poland settled for the most part in the seaports of the south and west, such as FalmouthPlymouth,LiverpoolBristol, etc., as pawnbrokers and small dealers. From these centres it became their custom to send out hawkers every Monday with packs to the neighbouring villages; and in this way connections were made with some of the inland towns, in which they began to settle, as CanterburyChatham, and Cambridge, not to mention Manchester andBirmingham. Traders of this type, while not of such prominence as the larger merchants of the capital, came in closer touch with English life; and may have helped to allay some of the prejudice which had been manifested so strongly during 1753. " Some Jews moved to Ireland after being in England, and from Ireland moved to South Africa.  

In the 19th century with the activity of Sir Moses Montiefiore, English Jewry took a leading part in Jewish philanthropy.  In 1829 and onward, disabilities held against Jews were removed slowly.  Lionel de Rothschild was admitted to parliament in 1858.  

From 1881, the older Jewish community was reinforced by immigration of refugees from Russian persecutions and pogroms.  They soon adapted themselves to the English Jewish way of life under the Chief Rabbi, Board of Deputies of British Jews, and in London, the United Synagogue.  There were new communities in Leeds, Glasgow, Manchester, etc.  More arrived from Germany in 1933 to 1939 who helped to stimulate a weak and short-lived organized anti-Semitic movement.  Under Nazi influence, it grew. 

At the same time, the League of Nations had appointed Great Britain to hold the mandate of Palestine and to establish the Jewish Homeland.  What they did shortly after being given this responsibility was to turn 80% of the land over to Abdullah of Saudi Arabia so that he could be a king, and he named the eastern part he took as Trans-Jordan, later called Jordan by his descendants.  England then kept Jews out of the land that was left and allowed Arabs to enter.  Their White Paper put a limit of 75,000 Jews for entering Palestine from 1940 to 1945, the most important time when they needed a haven, their own state.  They were showing two things:  their anti-Semitic attitude and their greed for controlling land that could hold oil.   They were being influenced by the Nazi regime.  
Even after the war on July 11,  1947, just before the mandate ended, the English  turned away Jews from entering Palestine.  "Exodus 1947 was a ship that carried Jewish emigrants from France to British Mandatory Palestine on July 11, 1947. Most of the emigrants were Holocaust survivors who had no legal immigration certificates for Palestine. Following wide media coverage, the British Royal Navy seized the ship and deported all its passengers back to Europe. Then in 10 months, Israel was re-born on May 14, 1948.  That was when the British mandate was finished.  

England was the only important European country to escape the Nazi persecutions, but the air bombardment of the main cities caused Jewish populations to scatter in England, and weakened the traditional Jewish life.  

The Jewish population of Great Britain including northern Ireland was estimated in 1990 to be 330,000.   The 2011 census showed 263,346 or 0.5% of the population.  "The UK is home to the second largest Jewish population in Europe, and has the fifth largest Jewish community worldwide." 

They just recently recognized Palestine.  Palestine is ruled by Hamas, a terror organization jointly with Abbas, a former Fatah terrorist member  in Judea and Samaria and alone in Gaza.  Hamas was elected by the Palestinians living in Gaza.  There has been no peace agreement with Israel before or since Operation Defensive Edge.  Palestinians remain the enemy of Israel.  

Resource: The New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia
Update:  on Jew Bill; naturalization