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Stabbing Attacks and the Israeli Law That Deals With Them

Nadene Goldfoot                                          
Israel is a very tiny country surrounded by Arabs who would like to drive them all into the sea, and after 67 years of its existence, are still trying to drive out the Israelis.

Lately they have been doing this with many stabbing attacks, mainly in Jerusalem.  Another form of attempted murder is by ramming crowds with a car.
While attending a meeting at my home town, Portland, Oregon's City Hall yesterday, I heard about an incident that was told in the form of a strong accusation against Israel.  It was about a child who was put in prison for 15 years.  This was something I hadn't heard about and figured someone had their facts from a source telling tales and not facts, since most of the people at the meeting were all BDS anti-Israel attendees.  I asked the lady what her source was.  A Palestinian was her answer.  Hmm.
I tracked down the incident.  A very slanted story was published on November 7th about it that I found.  On October 12th or 15th, Ahmed Manasra, 13 years old and his 15 year old cousin, Hassan Khalid Manasra,  carried out a stabbing attack on Israeli people; a 12 year old boy riding his bike and a man  in a town north of Jerusalem, a town past the "Green Line.". As it turns out, the "town" turned out to be a neighborhood in East Jerusalem which is a section of unified Jerusalem called Beit Hanina, Israel's capital.  The victims were seriously injured.   Ahmed's cousin was shot and killed by an Israeli passerby while they were attacking 2 people. The family called this neighborhood "an illegal Israeli settlement."   " The total area of Beit Hanina is 16.3 sq. kilometers (6.3 sq. miles)." Ashland, Oregon is about the same size with 17.1 sq kilometers (6.59 sq. miles).   
Stabbing people with the intent to kill is a serious crime in Israel.  This is no secret.  Israel has had to change it's laws to include those under 14, so the court system now follows the Youth Bill which was approved by the country's assembly in August when repeated attacks by young Palestinians were occurring.  The Israeli parliament said that the incidents warrented "a more aggressive approach, including toward minors."   Manasra happens to be the youngest Palestinian to carry out such a horrible stabbing attack.  These boys were starting up something had had been quelled after Israelis had suffered for many months a long wave of violence that caused great alarm across Israel.
Since October 15th, the Palestinians have reported that about 35-40 Israelis have been killed like this in Judea-Samaria (West Bank).  Two visiting Americans had also been stabbing victims by Palestinians.                                                  

This reference blames Israel for a rejection of peace so that the Palestinians can claim their state.  It so happens that it has been the Palestinians who have rejected any peace discussions.  Normally, they want the results first with them getting what they want before they will talk.  Evidently the French Initiative went along like that.
This court case called for prison for a teen.  The country knew the law and the punishment.  Israel does not have a death penalty, so is much more lenient than their neighbors.  The biased report also stated that a fine was involved for the family to pay  of more than $47,000.

Reuters in Jerusalem stated that the Manasra was 14 years old.  He somehow got injured trying to stab others and wound up in the Israeli hospital.
"Two other minors, aged 15 and 17, were handed 11-year sentences for attacking a group of Jewish worshippers at Damascus Gate, a central entrance for Palestinians to Jerusalem's Old City and the scene of many attacks. One person was lightly hurt in that attack."

"Today, Jewish, Muslim and Christian residents of Jerusalem are allowed to live anywhere in the city.   Claims by top Palestinian leaders, including PA President Mahmoud Abbas, that Israel is sinisterly “Judaizing” Jerusalem are not borne out by the demographic facts. From 1967 to 2007 the Arab population of Jerusalem grew by 380% while the Jewish population grew by approximately 250%, according to the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies. In 1967, Arabs made up 25.8% of the Jerusalem population. Today, that number is closer to 35%. •

Jerusalem is the City of David.  It was created as a Jewish city and shall remain as such.  Palestinians who stab and ram cars into people or any other means of harming the population will be duly punished.  It is a fair procedure with lawyers and a court system.  

An 11 year old in Pennsyvania in 2014 was convicted of murder of a pregnant woman and her unborn child.(Brown was arrested in February 2009, at the age of 11, and charged as an adultwith two counts of first-degree murder in the fatal shooting in Wampum, Pa. of his father's pregnant fiancĂ©e, 26-year-old Kenzie Houk, and her unborn child).   They are dealing with an occasional murder.  Israel has been dealing with uprisings.  

As of November 16th "The recent series of attacks against Israelis is the direct result of incitement by radical Islamist and terrorist elements, calling on Palestinian youth to murder Jews. ​​

A year of terror – 13 September 2015 to the present

 Since 13 September 2015, 42 people have been killed in terrorist attacks and 577 people 
(including 4 Palestinians) injured.
There have been 166 stabbing attacks and 89 attempted stabbings; 109 shootings; 47 vehicular (ramming) attacks; and one vehicle (bus) bombing.


Jewish Voice For Peace Backing BDS Movement Against Caterpillar

Nadene Goldfoot                                          

First of all, BDS is an anti-Semitic movement that has come into the office of Portland, Oregon's City Hall.  It's led by a group called the Jewish Voice For Peace which is a play on words, being it's not promoting peace but instead anti Semitism.  First, I'll explain why is is doing this, and then tell more about the group.Many of the group deny or are naive about its repercussions to the point of thinking that it is "good" for Israel and is "helping" them.                            
BDS (Boycotting, Divesting, Sanctions)  is Antisemitic in Intent: BDS campaigns are coordinated internationally by groups committed to the elimination of the Jewish state, including terrorist organizations such as Hamas and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, that engage in and promote the murder of Jews worldwide. (DENYING JEWS SELF-DETERMINATION; CONDONING TERRORISM)

BDS is Antisemitic in Expression: BDS campaigns routinely employ hate-filled rhetoric and imagery intended to demonize and delegitimize Israel, and which hold Israel to an unfair double standard, behavior recognized as antisemitic by the U.S. and European governments. (DEMONIZATION; DELEGITIMIZATION; DOUBLE STANDARD, etc.).

BDS is Antisemitic in Effect: Pro-BDS groups routinely target all Jewish students, regardless of their feelings on Israel. They attempt to shut down Jewish student events, accuse Jewish students of being unfit to hold office and urge their members to avoid interacting with students in all Jewish organizations such as Hillel, Chabad or AEPi. Jewish students regularly report a significant increase in swastikas and antisemitic postings immediately following a BDS campaign on campus. (TARGETING JEWISH STUDENTS).                                 

The Jewish Voice For Peace is behind the movement of BDS in Portland, Oregon.
  This organization is a hate group and not for peace but for destruction of Israel.  The organizers are brain-washed by Noam Chomsky and his followers-and they aren’t friendly at all towards Israel.  I’ve had on-line discussions with the man.  I’ve argued with him.  Chomsky’s followers are 3 ladies possibly from the Oakland, California area, Julia Caplan, Julie Ing and Rachel Eisner who had over a million dollars to spend on their movement.                                        

JVP answers the call for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) made by Palestinian civil society through strategic, dynamic, and effective local and national campaigns.

JVP’s leaders are from San Francisco and include Noam Chomsky, one of their advisors.  .
Elective divestment and BDS Activities of JVP.
According to its website, JVP supports "divestment from and boycotts of companies that profit from Israel's occupation of the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem...

" The boycott/divestment/sanctions movement (BDS) encompasses a variety of tactics and targets. JVP rejects the assertion that BDS is inherently anti-Semitic, and we encourage discussion both within our own community and outside of it of the growing BDS movement"."JVP justifies its support for the movement by arguing that BDS provides a vehicle allowing individuals all over the world in the Jewish diaspora to bring about real change by threatening in their consumer choices to lower the profits of any business that by their activities reinforces Israel's occupation of the Palestinian territories. Gal Beckerman of The Forward wrote that it "is a group that has demonstrated a guerilla-like savvy in staging actions that get its message out to a broader national audience. In its use of BDS, for example, JVP has staked out a position distinct from those who target any and all entities related to Israel, which for many Jews implies a rejection of Israel’s very legitimacy. JVP instead targets only entities involved in one way or another with Israel’s occupation of the West Bank (Judea and Samaria). ."JVP's executive director Rebecca Vilkomerson stated: “We do feel connected to the global BDS movement. We consider ourselves a part of it."
During 2004 and 2005, JVP protested against Caterpillar Inc. for selling bulldozers to Israel, and said that Israel's use of the D9 armoured bulldozers in the West Bank and Gaza Strip was a violation of human rights and Caterpillar's business code of conduct. Along with four Christian groups, JVP introduced a shareholder resolution calling on Caterpillar to re-examine its sales of bulldozers to Israel. The resolution was rejected by 97 percent of the votes at the Caterpillar 2005 shareholders' meeting. JVP continued to introduce shareholder resolutions at Caterpillar shareholder meetings every year since 2005. In 2010 the resolution received 20% of the vote.

In June 2010, JVP launched a divestment campaign against the pension fund TIAA-CREF. The petition to divest reads, “We are participants and investors in TIAA-CREF funds who are deeply concerned that TIAA-CREF invests in many companies that profit from Israel’s occupation of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem. Some of these companies provide weapons and covert surveillance supplies that maintain the occupation by force. Others take or exploit Palestinian resources, including scarce water and even the land itself. All are profiting from Israel’s violations of international law and international human rights standards.” The five companies targeted by the campaign are Caterpillar, Elbit, Veolia, Motorola, and Northrop Grumman
In September 2010, Israeli artists came to JVP asking for U.S. support to an artistic boycott of the theater in the city of Ariel, in the Israeli-occupied territories. JVP drafted a statement that was signed by over 150 theater and film professionals. On the significance of the action, JVP said that it "was the first time such mainstream figures had drawn a line around normalizing settlements which are illegal according to international law, and which constitute one of the main impediments to a lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians.” (Israel and others such as Professor Kontotovich of Northwestern U, expert international law professor on Israel, disagree with this statement.  They are not illegal.)

In June 2014, when the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) voted to divest its stock in Caterpillar, Hewlett-Packard, and Motorola Solutions to protest "the companies' profiting from the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories and pressure Israel to withdraw," JVP members attended the church's convention and supported the divestment measure. Rabbi Alissa Wise, a JVP co-director of organizing, told the Presbyterians that to her, divestment "helps Palestinians build their power. So that Israel is convinced, not by force, but by global consensus that something has to change."

On February 20, 2015, JVP published a statement moving from its former position of supporting selective divestment, to a full endorsement of the call from Palestinian civil society for boycott, divestment, and sanctions against Israel until the Israeli government respects the rights of Palestinians.  Explaining the change in position on their website, JVP wrote:

JVP has long participated in the global movement to hold Israel accountable through nonviolent economic pressure, and we’ve done so by focusing on Occupation-specific targets including corporations as well as academic and cultural institutions. Today, the idea that there is a clear economic, political, or social separation between “Israel” and “the occupation,” has been widely discredited."

Don't be fooled.  This group is working to destroy Israel and will automatically cause more anti-Semitism to Jews in other parts of the world.
A cartoon from Israel seeing the position so many have taken against them.
This reminds me so much of the stand our Portland City Hall has taken against Israel
if they vote in BDS against businesses like Caterpillar.  


Portland's Caterpillar Exclusion for BDS Fact-Faulting Commission (Human Rights) Meeting

Nadene Goldfoot
Victor Sharpe
Portland, Oregon City Hall
   A meeting was called for 2pm on November 30th at Portland, Oregon's City Hall to discuss the ramifications of calling a BDS against Caterpillar and others.  The city has money to invest, something many places are doing.  They are allowed to buy bonds but not to enter the stock market, so they appointed a committee for SOCIAL investment to see if a company was complying with their list of moral necessities.  Evidently Caterpillar did not meet the bill since it is known to do business with Israel who uses their equipment.  The IDF (Israel Defense Forces-thus Israel's army) buys from Caterpillar.

The committee is made up of many church people and a group called The Jewish Voice for Peace, and they are anything but not for peace for Israel unless it is a piece for the Palestinians, and that most likely means the whole state of Israel.  This group is led by people such as Noam Chomsky, known dissident against Israel and her decisions.  Some of these people may be very naive about what they have joined and its goals, and I hold them responsible for not looking into it further, for they are Jewish.  I charge them with the need to know a group before joining and causing harm to our tiny country we have waited for for 2,000 years, when Israel is  a highly moral country.  Actually, Jews such as Moses wrote the book on our moral behaviors that we try to live up to.

There were hundreds there at the meeting, most wanting to "testify" against Israel which meant to get a chance to speak for a timed minute.  I was #86 which meant I might have spoken around midnight since the meeting started with a lengthy explanation about the difficulties of finding a suitable company to be compliant with their qualifications, which were not the type from a financial advisor.

It finally was the Corrie family's turn to speak who came down from Olympia, Washington to "testify."  (see article below from Victor Sharpe).  Their bell rang implying their time was up to speak but they were given the nod to continue till finished.No one else was given such permission.  Our speaker was cut off in the middle of an important sentence and he complied and stopped.  What's fair for the goose is fair for the gander.  The Corries went on and on and I walked out.  I could not take the blasting against Israel from these people knowing the real facts, and anyway, I lived 20 miles away and it was getting late.  Being most likely the only dual citizen of Israel-USA there, I wanted to speak and realized I could have said things no one else could have, but never realized how many would be there against our tiny state.

Please read the article below penned by Jonathan Tobin as long ago as August 28, 2012 after the verdict handed by a Haifa court was heard. 
His article was titled:

The verdict handed down today by a Haifa court in the lawsuit filed by the parents of Rachel Corrie will be denounced by Israel-bashers everywhere. For them, Corrie, a 23-year-old member of the International Solidarity Movement who was killed in 2003, is a martyr to the cause of peace and freedom for the Palestinians.                                        

They continue to believe Corrie was deliberately run over by an Israeli bulldozer knocking down the homes of innocent Arabs. But, as the court rightly pointed out, the truth is that though her death was regrettable, it was an accident caused by her own rash behavior.
The structures that she was attempting to protect by lying down in front of a bulldozer were structures built to disguise tunnels along the border between Egypt and Gaza through which munitions and explosives intended to kill innocent Israelis were being smuggled. 
Even more to the point, the idea that Corrie was in Gaza to promote peace is a myth. The purpose of the International Solidarity Movement’s activities in Gaza was to shield Hamas and Fatah terrorists and to prevent the Israel Defense Forces from carrying out measures intended to stop the flow of arms and terrorist activity.
If Corrie’s parents, who have pursued efforts to hold the state of Israel responsible for her death, should sue anyone it is the group that led the foolish American to Gaza and deliberately placed her in harm’s way.
Over the past decade, pro-Palestinian groups and activists have done their best to burnish Corrie’s legend as an American idealist whose death shone a spotlight on “Israeli evil.”
But the truth about the International Solidarity Movement is something very different than what has been depicted on stage. The group is opposed to the existence of the State of Israel and opposes all measures of self-defense on the part of the Jewish state. 
What was going on in Gaza during Corrie’s time? There was a terrorist war of attrition in which Palestinian Arabs sought to bring Israel to its knees with a campaign of suicide bombings and other attacks which, over the course of the second intifada, took the lives of over 1,000 Israelis, overwhelmingly civilians
You hear nothing about this in “My Name is Rachel Corrie” or any of the accounts of her activities by her fans. Nor do you see the Rachel Corrie captured in a photo of her at the time, face contorted by rage as she joins Palestinians in burning an American flag.
But, as British journalist Tom Gross memorably wrote back in 2005 in his piece, “The Forgotten Rachels,” those promoting the cult of Rachel Corrie don’t seem to care about the Jewish girls by the same name who were slaughtered by the Muslim terrorists the ISM activist sought to shield.
As for the particulars of the incident, Corrie’s death was an accident that occurred during “a military activity meant to prevent terrorist activity.” 
The commander of the troops on the scene, an infantry major, testified last year that the activists had ignored repeated warnings to leave and were endangering his troops. 
“It was a war zone,” he told the court. The judge repeated that description in Tuesday’s decision, saying that from the outbreak of violence in September, 2000, and until the day of Corrie’s death, Israeli forces counted some 6,000 hand grenades thrown at them in the area, as well as 1,400 shooting attacks, 150 explosive devices, 200 anti-tank rockets and more than 40 instances of mortar fire.
As the judge said in his verdict: “She chose to put herself in danger. She could have easily distanced herself from the danger like any reasonable person would.”
The Jewish Rachels who died at the hands of Ms. Corrie’s Palestinian friends had no such chance. They were blown up or shot by Palestinians with munitions like those smuggled in the same tunnels that Corrie was protecting. They were slaughtered while driving in a car, sitting in a pizza parlor, waiting for a bus, shopping in a grocery store or just sitting in their own home. But there are no plays about them.
Rachel Corrie should not have put herself in front of a bulldozer in the middle of the confusion of a military action in a war zone in which she was taking a side. Her death was as unnecessary as the intifada itself. 
Had the Palestinians accepted Israel’s offers of an independent state in 2,000 and 2,001 (and repeated and turned down again and again), there would have been no need for any hostilities in Gaza. But they chose war instead of peace and were aided by Corrie in this futile endeavor. 
Peace will never come to the Middle East so long as Palestinians, who remain devoted to destroying Israel, can count on the support of Western elites and those like Corrie to support their murderous activities.
In an article titled: “The truth about Rachel Corrie, point by point” Lee Kaplan, an investigative journalist, senior intelligence analyst and communications director for the Northeast Intelligence Network  and contributor to Front Page Magazine and Israel National News, points out the following: 
“OMay 21st, 2008, Israel’s Supreme Court heard an appeal of the lower court in Haifa that heard the wrongful death lawsuit by the parents of Rachel Corrie. Three of Israel’s highest judges, at taxpayer expense, took their time to listen to an Arab lawyer named Hussein Abu Hussein who is a professional flack for the Muslim terrorist movements out to destroy Israel. The purpose, as always, is to accuse the IDF of murder and a cover up in a nonsensical trial over a tragically foolish American girl who was playing revolutionary in a combat zone and got herself killed in the process.
Rachel’s parents could have stepped up after their daughter’s death and urged other parents to not encourage their children to act as human shields for terrorists like Rachel did. Instead, they chose to make a sinecure traveling the world and mythologizing their "useful idiot" child as a “human rights activist” who died protecting a Palestinian home with her body.
Nothing could be further from the truth. Even after being kidnapped by Hamas operatives in Gaza, on their release they began the same lying campaign.
“Joseph Goebbels was the Nazi propagandist who created the Big Lie. The Big Lie held that if one repeated a story over and over people would come to believe it as true.
“This is the case with Rachel Corrie. Cindy and Craig Corrie, Rachel’s parents, have become spokespeople for a foundation put together by assorted anti-Semites and radical Arabs in the US to build a Big Lie around Rachel.
“A play was developed glorifying this foolish girl who was on a thrill ride as an anarchist in Gaza trying to interfere with the IDF.
“Joseph Carr, an ISM activist who was present that day when Rachel was, actually said that Rachel’s death was well worth the ‘price of the revolution”.
These are just some of the Big Lies about Rachel Corrie:
“1) Rachel Corrie was protecting an Arab doctor’s house from demolition;
“Video tape of the incident when Rachel was killed clearly shows she was not protecting a house. She plunked herself down in front of a D9 caterpillar tractor that was clearing the entrance to a weapons smuggling tunnel and the driver did not see her.  The video can be seen at on the home page. 
“There was no “doctor” - the ISM found a pharmacist named Sami Masry to claim Rachel was protecting his home. For this, Masry got himself a new home paid for by the Rachel Corrie Foundation in the US, to perpetuate the Big Lie.
“2) Rachel Corrie was a pacifist concerned with “human rights.”
“Rachel Corrie was a self-avowed anarchist (this according to her boyfriend). She hated not only Israel but the US. She wrote to her mother calling the terrorists, who blew up Israeli  women and children, “martyrs” and considered them noble.
“Rachel took her anarchism seriously. Two weeks before she died, she was in one of those Arab weapons smuggling tunnels helping to bring out the dead body of a Hamas terrorist the IDF had killed in an earlier operation. In another instance, shortly before her death she walked out into a hot combat zone with Fellow ISM activist Joseph Carr under orders of a Hamas supervisor to retrieve another dead body of a terrorist.  
“According to a phone interview I made with Carr before the last lawsuit in the possession of government lawyers, Rachel did this because she knew Arab snipers would shoot any IDF soldiers who came out from cover to arrest them. The fact that Rachel was trying to draw fire upon IDF soldiers made her an enemy combatant.
“3) Rachel Corrie was acting on her own to aid the Palestinians.
“The ISM on its website openly boasts they are Palestinian-led and have Arab plainclothes supervisors at all demonstrations against the IDF.  As such, Rachel was following orders that day in Rafah to interfere with IDF soldiers. That makes her a part of the terrorist network.

“4) Rachel was the victim of a negligent IDF.
“Rachel Corrie’s ISM group leader, a non-Arab, admitted to the press the day she was killed that she was in a spot where she shouldn’t have been. Bored about waiting for directions, she left the group and plunked herself in front of the active bulldozer that was clearing a weapons smuggling tunnel.
“Rachel knew that the  driver would not emerge to move her because Arab snipers would shoot him if he did. This was a deliberate act to harm IDF soldiers and she no doubt got this idea from the earlier episode removing dead bodies in combat zones. There were no homes being demolished that day in Rafah as the video showed.
“The IDF Captain, in charge of the detail that included the D9 and two vehicles, in an interview immediately after her death said the ISM activists would stand in front of his vehicles and point to their own chests and yell at the soldiers “Shoot me! Shoot me!”  The IDF showed remarkable restraint that day.
“For those who ask why the army didn’t send soldiers out of their vehicles to arrest the ISM activists, the fact that Arab snipers were using the ISM activists to draw them into sight for just such a reason shows why they didn’t do this. And it also points out how Corrie and her ISM buddies were part of a combat scenario against the IDF.

“5) The tractor backed up over Rachel after she was run over.
“This was another canard started by Joseph Carr who was deported by Israel before but sneaked back into the country under false identities, was identifying himself as Joseph Smith that day, started the Big Lie that she was backed over by the bulldozer’s driver even after she was struck. This lie appears frequently on anti-Israel blogs on the Internet.
“In a radio interview Carr claimed he was running alongside the bulldozer telling them to stop before hitting her when he was nowhere near the scene of the accident. Carr even created fake photos of the incident in the preceding moments and that he tricked Reuters into posting it worldwide. Reuters later had to post a retraction. These photos can be seen also at
“Carr was drawing a salary at that time from Christian Peacemaker Teams, an ISM affiliate. Carr expressed in an interview that Corrie’s death was a price well paid as it would advance “the revolution,” a true anarchist program.
“These are just a few of the salient details about the Rachel Corrie canard that the mainstream media doesn’t tell you and that is repeated again and again.”

My point exactly.  Rachel Corrie was just like the people at this meeting.  She thought she was morally right and the Israelis were morally wrong and she was going to bring about their salvation.  Just like one of the testifiers in the meeting who got up and said that BDS is not harming Israel but helping them.  What kind of thinking is that?  What they are doing is bringing about anti-Semitism as sure as a game of dominoes where when one falls down it causes all the rest in a row to fall as well.  The gripes these groups reflect have no facts to back them up.  These people jump to the wrong conclusions in the anti-Semitic zeal to fault Jews.  

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Portland's BDS Against American Companies Doing Business in Israel Like Caterpillar

Nadene Goldfoot                                          
This is an armored IDF Caterpillar D9R
called "Teddy Bear" in Israel.
Its armor allows it to work under heavy fire
BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions)  through the Portland City Council  is attacking Caterpillar because they sold bulldozers to Israel.  In March 2006,  the City of Portland’s Socially Responsible Investments (SRI) Committee voted 4-2 to recommend putting Caterpillar on the city’s “Do Not Buy” list. 

They will discuss it again tomorrow.    "Caterpillar Inc., is an American corporation which designs, develops, engineers, manufactures, markets and sells machinery, engines, financial products and insurance to customers via a worldwide dealer network." Now BDS wants to keep everyone from buying Caterpillar products.  This is boycotting Caterpillar, a very large and important industry who are located in Illinois and California.  

For the 15th consecutive year, Caterpillar Inc. was named as a Best Global Brand by Interbrand, with a ranking of #82 and an overall brand value of $5.425B.  In other words, it's an important commodity in our American economic health.                                              
IDF D9L involved in the Battle of Jenin
during Operation Defensive Shield 2002

Caterpillar is known for its tractors.  It so happens that the armored bulldozer is a basic tool of combat engineering. These combat engineering vehicles combine the earth moving capabilities of the bulldozer with armor which protects the vehicle and its operator in or near combat. Most are civilian bulldozers modified by addition of vehicle armor/military equipment, but some are tanks stripped of armament and fitted with a dozer blade. Some tanks have bulldozer blades while retaining their armament, but this does not make them armored bulldozers as such, because combat remains the primary role — earth moving is a secondary task.

Caterpillar has sold its equipment to armies before.  The British used a modified Caterpillar in WWII. " This was a conventional Caterpillar D8 bulldozer fitted with armor to protect the driver and the engine.  The bulldozers were produced in preparation for the Battle of Normandy with the tasks of clearing the invasion beaches of obstacles and quickly making roads accessible by clearing rubble and filling in bomb craters".

Because Israel has had this experience, it has been able to help the USA.  "During the first Gulf war the USA purchased tractor protection kits (TPK) from the Israel Military Industries (IMI) for their Caterpillar D7 bulldozers.  The armored bulldozers were mainly used in mine clearing applications. During the preparation to the war in Iraq in 2003 the United States Army purchased several D9 armor kits from the IDF and used them to produce similarly fortified D9s. These have been used to clear destroyed vehicles from roads, dig moats, erect earthen-barriers, and construct field fortifications. D9s have also been used to raze houses which sheltered insurgent snipers. Military reports on the Conflict in Iraq say that the D9s were found very effective and "received highly favorable reviews from all that benefited from their use".

Caterpillar Inc.formerly (1925–86) Caterpillar Tractor Company, is a major American manufacturer of earth-moving, construction, agricultural, and materials-handling equipment.   Its headquarters are in PeoriaIllinois

 Caterpillar Inc. now makes tractors, trucks, loaders, excavators, graders, scrapers, and other heavy machines used in agriculture, construction, mining, logging, and industrial warehousing. The company also makes diesel and gasoline engines for use in trucks, locomotives, ships and boats, and electricity-generating systems. More than one-half of the company’s sales are to customers outside of the United States."  From the company's plants in Illinois, the bulldozers are shipped throughout the country and the world.. Possibly not for long, though, since BDS wants to keep people from  buying their goods.  

Though BDS started in 1945, "almost every statement by BDS exponents claim that the movement originated in a July 9, 2005, “call… by Palestinian civil society organizations for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel and for academic and cultural boycott of Israel.” This followed the establishment of the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) in Ramallah on April 6, 2004. The “Call” is portrayed as a response to Israel’s unwillingness to submit to a “ruling” of the International Court of Justice condemning Israel’s security barrier (that ruling was an advisory opinion that Israel was under no obligation accept)."  

Now this group is using Caterpillar's sales to Israel as reason to boycott Caterpillar.  BDS is simply a way of attacking Israel since Israel's Middle Eastern neighbors lost wars they had brought on in 1947-49, 1956, 1967, 1973, etc, etc, in other forms such as Intifadas.  

The United States is the major friend of Israel as always has been, being the first to vote YES when they were admitted into the UN after coming from the League of Nations.  Israel and the USA share information, morality and ideals.  

What this Portland City Council is doing is going against their own Oregon Governor and their country in NOT embracing Israel as a friend in need.  They are also interfering with Caterpillar Inc., decisions to sell to Israel.  The lives of 7.7 million Israelis  are being denied some of their safety needs, and thousands of workers for Caterpillar will possibly lose their jobs when the USA is trying to get people work.  

How high and mighty the City Council will feel to interfere with something they know nothing about.  They are saying that Israel is bad by barring an important company from doing business with them and not only do this to punish but to force them to do the City Council's will.  

Israel will continue to do as they see fit in order to protect its citizens and need no help from Americans who probably cannot even find Israel on a map.  Your country deals with Israel.  Your governor is against BDS.  This writer is against BDS.  I ask, who are you trying to please?  Yourselves?   The volunteers who brought up such a disgusting issue?  Are you out for justice or are you out for votes?  It's bad enough when I see a store not carrying Israeli products because of BDS, but now my own home town is trying to harm Israel?  Why? 

Since when do American cities meddle in International affairs?  Isn't that what the Secretary of State's job is?  This whole situation reminds me so much of Kristallnacht, November 9th to 10th 1938 in Germany.  It's the stopping people from doing business with Jews that's the same. 

Update:8:00am Portland time.  To answer my own question, the guilty party is a volunteer group called "Portland's Socially Responsible Investments Committee", an offshoot of the Human Rights Commission who is recommending to the City Council whom to include on the "do not buy" list.  This volunteer group is a part of Portland churches, activists and a group called "Jewish Voice for Peace."  They are really creating more problems, and are the opponents of peace.  One of their leaders is Noam Chomsky!  They are instigating the BDS. It all started with Portland's Human Rights Commission, which was an independent offshoot of the city's "Office of Equity and Human Rights, who endorsed the proposal to add on to their "do not buy" list to include companies that activists say play a role in the state of Israel's "occupation of Palestine"  If you ask me, this is an example of too many cooks spoiling the pot: too many groups  finally handing over the reigns to anti-Israelis and the voters not doing their homework!  

This in itself is shocking.   There never was a country of Palestine to occupy!  The land had become part of the Ottoman Empire who lost the War of WWI and all their land except Turkey itself was divided up by the Allies.  It was all internationally legal through the League of Nations.  Israel, the Jewish National Home, was made internationally legal through the League of Nations.  In fact, for years Israel gave over any such assistance to the Palestine Authority PA of Abbas.  If Palestinians are not happy they can take up their problems with him.  It's too bad that Americans do not bother with such trivialities such as what's real and what's not real when they join such groups.  Here we have a case where Jews themselves have joined this terrible bandwagon and twisted thoughts of Noam Chomsky's.