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Nuclear Reactors of Iraq and Syria and Who Stopped Them

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                      

"On June 7, 1981, when Jimmy Carter was ending his American presidency,  Israel bombed the Osirak  nuclear reactor the French had built for Iraq under the guise of needing peacetime power. This was stated by a country knee-deep in oil. It  had been under construction 17 kilometers (10.5 miles) southeast of Baghdad  It is the world's first air strike against a nuclear plant.   "The 70-megawatt uranium-powered reactor was near completion but had not been stocked with nuclear fuel so there was no danger of a leak, according to sources in the French atomic industry."  The atomic bombs from this "would be of the Hiroshima size. Thus a mortal danger to the people of Israel progressively arose."  The Israeli leaders for this operation were Prime Minister Menachem Begin and  Air Force Commander, David Ivry.  Casualties in the attack numbered 10 Iraqi soldiers and one civilian Frenchman.  

Israel  acted then because it believed the reactor would be completed shortly - either at the beginning of July or the beginning of September 1981."  "Iraq does not share a border with Israel, but since 1948 it has been one of Israel's staunchest enemies. 

Iraq made Israel a prime target for attack during the Gulf War and was a sponsor of terrorism against Israel. The 2003 Iraq War, however, destroyed much of the Iraqi army and deposed Saddam Hussein opening up the possibility that a new, democratically elected Iraqi government may change its orientation toward Israel and adopt a policy that if not friendly, is at least less hostile.
Israeli jet that protected from nuclear facility
in Operation Opera 

 "The attack was strongly criticized around the world, including in the United States, and Israel was rebuked by the United Nations Security Council and General Assembly in two separate resolutions.  Media reactions were no less negative: "Israel's sneak attack ... was an act of inexcusable and short-sighted aggression", wrote the New York Times, while the Los Angeles Times called it "state-sponsored terrorism". The destruction of Osirak has been cited as an example of a preventive strike in contemporary scholarship on international law." 

Iraq had been in every war against Israel; 1948,  1967, and 1973,  They border Israel and were enemies; enemies now building an atomic reactor with a history of ONLY attacking Israel. The Israelis viewed the reactor with suspicion, and said that it was designed to make nuclear weapons.  Iraq never did respond.   During the Persian Gulf War from August 2, 1990 to February 28, 1991, Iraq fired 39 modified Scud ballistic missiles at Israel despite there being no aggression from Israel at the time. Israel, under pressure from the United States with President George Herbert Walker Bush, never retaliated. 

America's Vice President Cheney for George Walker Bush found out in the Spring of 2007 that Israel had been at it again.  This time they had found out from the Israelis that east of Damascus in the Syrian desert, the North Koreans were building secretly a replica of their own reactor at Yongbyon.  They were almost finished with the building.  This was near the town of Al-Kibar and was a fact that the US intelligence community had completely missed. 

Cheney was told about it by the head of Israel's Mossad, Aluf Meir Dagan nee Hubermann.  
Meir just died Mary 17, 2016 at age 71, born in 1945 at the end of WWII.   He was considered for the elite Sayeret Matkal unit, but ended up joining the Paratroopers Brigade.

That's all the world had needed.  What if Assad had been able to use their own plutonium-producing nuclear reactor.  Assad hadn't hesitated when he used Sarin gas on his own people.  The world would have been in jeopardy, especially Israel.  Israel "discovered Al-Kibar in the nick of time.  They also carried out the attack that was almost certainly the only means of ensuring the reactor never went hot."  (John Hannah (foreign Policy).  

Israel took it out.  "Israel's September 6, 2007, attack on Syria's Al-Kibar nuclear facility surprised the world—Syria most of all. The operation, executed by the Israeli Air Force (IAF), was reminiscent of Israel's 1981 attack on Iraq's Osirak reactor, but with two noticeable differences. First, Israel remained silent following the Al-Kibar bombing, while in 1981 it boasted publicly about the Iraq strike even before the pilots had returned. Second, whereas the international community knew of Saddam Hussein's nuclear plans in 1981, few were aware of the extent of Syria's nuclear program in 2007.
Demonstration at Isfahan nuclear facility in Iran
of their right to nuclear power-
worried after Syria's center was destroyed by Israel.

In December 2015, the IAEA issued a report concluding:

The Agency assesses that a range of activities relevant to the development of a nuclear explosive device were conducted in Iran prior to the end of 2003 as a coordinated effort, and some activities took place after 2003. The Agency also assesses that these activities did not advance beyond feasibility and scientific studies, and the acquisition of certain relevant technical competences and capabilities. The Agency has no credible indications of activities in Iran relevant to the development of a nuclear explosive device after 2009.
Following this report, the IAEA Board of Governors passed a resolution closing its consideration of the issues in the report and terminating previous resolutions about Iran.  Iran has held a series of meetings with a group of six countries: China, France, Germany, Russia, United Kingdom, United States. These six are known as the P5+1 (the permanent five members of the UN Security Council plus Germany) or alternatively as the E3+3. These meetings are intended to resolve concerns about Iran's nuclear program."From the initial reports we can already conclude that this agreement is a historic mistake for the world," Netanyahu said Tuesday. "Far-reaching concessions have been made in all areas that were supposed to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons capability."  They will get it after so many years.  it was a deal that took 2 years to get to.                                                                   
Paul Vallely b: 1939, retired Major General and  senior military analyst for Fox News.
He served in the Vietnam War and retired in 1993 as Deputy 

Commanding General, 
Pacific Command.. He is co-author of ENDGAME.  
In an  interview, Retired US Army Major General Paul Vallely told WND that President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry and chief White House adviser Valerie Jarrett “are treading on treason under the U.S. Constitution for aiding and abetting Iran, a known enemy of the United States, while throwing Israel, a longtime U.S. ally, to the wolves.”

Now I read that a general is prodding Israel to take out the Iran facilities.  Israel had fought against their ability to produce atomic weapons with the Stuxnet virus in Iranian computers using to create such  vile weapons. They are facing one of 2 things; either the Messiah will appear and save Israel or Iran will be able to manufacture anything they want in about 14 years.  According to Donald Trump, the USA signed on a terrible deal with Iran's nuclear power.   The window for Israel to attack has come and gone.  All of the Middle East is at jeopardy.   Military experts are saying that Iran already has nuclear weapons.  

The World Dodged a Bullet in Syria-Thanks to Israel-John Hannah (Foreign Policy).

Monday, April 25, 2016

Who's Israel Safe With-Clinton or Trump?

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                
Clinton's daughter Chelsea, husband Marc Mezvinsky and baby Charlotte now expecting
 a 2nd this summer.  Marc is  is an American investment banker, co-founder of hedge fund Eaglevale Partners.
Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka , husband Jared Corey Kushner and grandchildren Arabella Rose and Joseph Frederick  with one baby not in picture.  Ivanka has converted to Judaism.  Jared is
 an American businessman and investor. He is principal owner of the real estate holding and development company,  Kushner Properties,  and the newspaper publishing company, 
 The New York Observer.

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's children have married Jewish men. Both daughters have children. Ivanka and Chelsea are friends.   That should be reason enough that regardless of who is in the power throne of President of the USA, Israel will be safe with this country.  It's not enough of a guarantee.  What is each person like in regards to a Jewish country?  What's their track record?

Hillary was the presidential contender in 2008 with Obama and lost. Obama has been about the worst president as far as Israel goes.   For an outstanding student and lawyer, Hillary has been Obama's  Secretary of State, making several gross errors while serving.   She  has been carrying on his wishes as far as Israel has been concerned.  The one good act of hers has been to argue against Bernie Sanders about Israel, which  gives her some good points.                                      
Hillary Diane Clinton nee Rotham was born October 26, 1947 in Chicago, Illinois,
the oldest of 3 children with 2 younger brothers.  
Hillary is the daughter of Hugh Ellsworth Rodham, Republican, Methodist and textile wholesaler of Pennsylvania.  He died in 1993. His father was English, an immigrant from County Durham, while his mother was born in Pennsylvania, to Welsh immigrant parents one of which was from Merthyr Tydfil; Both were descended from lines of coal miners.
Her mother was Dorothy Emma Howell.  Hillary switched from a Republican to Democrat in 1968.  

Now let's look at her long record.                          
1974 UN Address of Arafat
1974:  Hillary told friends she was "sympathetic" to the PLO and Yasser Arafat during the early 1970s during days of Nixon.  Hillary had tried to convince Bill, her husband-would be president  1993-2001  that Arafat was a "freedom fighter' just trying to free his people from their Israeli "oppressors."  So this is where her attitude started towards Israel.

1986: Bill was governor of Arkansas and Hillary brought in the Israeli literacy program, HOME INSTRUCTION FOR PARENTS OF PRESCHOOL YOUNGSTERS (Hippy) for a major school reform push and it was a huge success.  The still use it in 21 USA states.  That was a move showing trust of something from Israel.
1998:  Hillary laid out her own vision for the Middle East and declared support for an independent Palestinian state before Bill said a thing.  She was hailed in Israel and Judea/Samaria as the champion of Palestinian statehood.  She praised the leadership of Chairman Arafat in the peace process and hope for the future.  She doesn't show any knowledge of his history against Israel and all the deaths he had caused.
1949:  Israel was left with 20% of the original 100% Jewish Homeland promise,
and now USA presidents and Europe are trying to take half of Israel for
a Palestine that has never existed before.  80% had gone to Saudi prince Abdullah who
wanted to be a king, and Britain owed them a reward.
1999:  Hillary visited Ramallah (Arab town) and Arafat's wife, Suha, accused Israel of poisoning their water supply and land in Judea and Samaria-where Jews also lived.  Hillary gets her picture taken with her embracing and kissing Suha on the cheek.  Later Hillary said it was just diplomatic protocol.  We know she's crazy about Arafat and the whole idea of taking credit for causing a Palestine state.
Suha and Hillary
       Working both sides, Hillary wrote a letter to Orthodox Union saying Jerusalem is the eternal and indivisible capital of Israel and if elected as senator will advocate moving the Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.  Does she realize that Palestinians also want Jerusalem?  I don't think so, as she is offering this now to the Jews.  Compensation for a state?  Maybe.
2000:  "Hillary accepts a campaign donation from the Muslim Brotherhood-linked American Muslim Alliance's Mass. Chapter and tried to hide it by recording the donation on federal filing forms as being from the "American Museum Alliance."  Her best co-worker in State Dept office and also her friend  is Huma Abedin, daughter of Muslim Brotherhood leaders.  She eventually returned the funds after 4 months.   Hillary now says it's up to Arafat to stop violence and maintain a cease fire reached YESTERDAY, and to make it clear that violence is not acceptable...His life has been one big violent act with Israel.

2006:  Near UN, a rally was held supporting Israel to take whatever steps necessary to defend against Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran and Syria.  She spoke while picturing this happening from Mexico on USA soil shooting rockets at us.  She was candidate for US Senator from NY.

2007:  Hillary told Palestinian Media Watch that we must stop the propaganda which Palestinian children are being exposed..  She sponsored S. Res. 92 calling for immediate and unconditional release of soldiers of Israel held captive by Hamas and Hezbollah.   She voted that Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps were a terrorist group and that Hamas's governing of Gaza should not be recognized until the terror group renounced violence and terror and recognized Israel's right to exist.  All this is excellent !
Then again, a close associate of Yasser Arafat, Palestinian lobbyist Hani Masri, raised more than $100,000 for Clinton's 2008 Presidential campaign which she lost to Obama.
2008:  Clinton supported "limited talks" with Hamas if Israel deems it to be in its best interests.  She refused to answer anything about Iran reaching nuclear capability.  She said she hated the Hamas rocket attacks on southern Israel and so Israel has the right to defend its citizens.  She called on Hamas to stop.  They didn't.  She blamed Bush for not stopping the attacks-permanently, evidently.  On ABC Good Morning America, she asserted that if President, the USA could totally obliterate Iran in retaliation for a nuclear strike against Israel.  This to me is like closing the barn door after the horses got out.  A lot of good that will do for the  7 million people of Israel. .This is her planning strategy.    Well, glad you'll retaliate-USA.  You'll miss us.

2009:  Sidney Blumentahl wrote "Republican Gomorrah", a book by his son, an anti-Israel activist and Hamas supporter, Max Blumenthal.  Yes, we do have our sickos.   " It is a bestiary of dysfunction, scandal, and crime from the heart of the movement that runs the Republican Party.   Hillary wrote to him and said "It's great.  Congrats to all!"  She doesn't like the Republicans.  He also later wrote "and Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel (2013).  He had been Hillary Clinton's Aide while the Secretary of State.  How supportive of Israel can Hillary truly be when surrounded by haters? So far, Obama, as a friend, spells trouble for Israel with friends like him..   The abject snobbery he has given to Netanyahu makes my head spin.  it's not love, that's for sure.  

In May she told Al Jazeera (Arab newspaper/TV station that we want to see a stop to Israeli settlement construction, additions, natural growth--any kind of settlement activity.  That is what the president Obama has called for.  Then, at a press conference with Egypt's foreign minister, she said Obama wants to see a stop to settlements, no exceptions.  
Yoni Netanyahu
PM Benjamin Netanyahu

2010:  Clinton spoke to Prime Minister  Netanyahu for 45 minutes rebuking him for his decision to move ahead with 1,600 new housing units in eastern Jerusalem.  Sidney Blumenthal (father) offers her an armchair psychiatric analysis of Netanyahu in memo.  His email is that Netanyahu is haunted by fear that he can't equal his dead brother, Yoni, and so can't measure up for his father.  Evidently to Hillary,Netanyahu isn't allowed to   make decisions on his own.   Sidney is no psychologist.  He's is an American journalist, activist, writer and former political aide. He is a former aide to President Bill Clinton; a long-time confidant to Hillary Clinton; and a journalist,  Hillary does have Jewish friends.  
Egged Bus in Israel
2011:  Clinton hears about gender segregation on buses in Jerusalem and thinks it's the same as USA's Rosa Parks situation of 1955, a black who refused to give up her seat to a white person in Alabama's South.  She knew nothing about the Orthodox Jews who will not sit in mixed company, even in the synagogue.  Israel's finance minister, Yuval Steinitz said her remark was "completely exaggerated."  At the same time, the American ambassador to Israel, Thomas Pickering, was also out of line.  This advisor to Clinton suggested that the US covertly generate  Palestinian unrest to push the Israelis to jump-start stalled peace talks.  He wants to use nonviolent protests and demonstrations to put peace back in the center of their aspirations and thoughts, influence the political leadership, he wrote.  Little does he realize he's asking to start an intifada, as things never remain peaceful with these highly strung excitable people.  He said that Netanyahu cannot deliver anything the Palestinians can accept without our help.  This is the rhetoric she is immersed in; scheming, plotting against Israel, an Israel that she doesn't even understand a thing about of  their culture or religion.  
                                                                                          2012: Hillary's foreign policy aide, Jake Sullivan, met in secret with Iranian diplomats in Oman.  He made no progress over Iran's nuclear program.  She and the White House met for 6 more months and decided that they would let Iran  finish enriching uranium at small levels.  It was their best bet to get diplomacy to succeed with them.  
Palestinian Hamas terrorist of Gaza-Hamas took over Gaza
Not a word about Palestinians attacking Jews all the time, Hillary? Israel has been
doing more for Palestinians than their own people have.   

   Clinton spoke at the Saban Forum and said that Israel lacked generosity and empathy towards Palestinians!   Her email had a quote from Netanyahu telling the newspaper, Jerusalem Post, "We have 2 main enemies....the New York Times and Haaretz, which is an extreme leftist newspaper.  Clinton replied with sarcasm, "Further Bibi lore."  Everyone in Israel knows this.  I know it.  She doesn't realize how it stands out like a sore thumb!  
                                                                             Image result for Clinton's book, Hard Choices, picture 2014:  Clinton wrote her memoir, "HARD CHOICES."  Her characterization of Israel is as an occupying force.  She wrote about a 1981 trip she took with her husband and said that Palestinians were denied the dignity and self-determination that we take for granted.  She also mentions that her hard line she took on Israeli settlements didn't work for her, but that Obama's stance against Israel hardened Abbas's position.  Duh.  That's exactly what we knew would happen.  Then she was trying to rewrite her position on settlements, according to Noah Pollak, executive director of the Emergency Committee for Israel.  He said she knows that her past 5 years being against Israel is not helpful to her presidential ambition, so she now is trying to distance herself by downgrading her involvements.  

     Clinton was silent about Sec. of State John Kerry threatening that Israel could be an apartheid state if a 2-state solution is not reached soon.  Jewish groups spoke out against Kerry's remark, but of course not Clinton.  She was one of the first to  promote a 2 state solution.  

2015:  Earl F. Hilliard, former Rep. member of Alabama 1993-2003, blamed her presidential campaign defeat on Jewish interests and the Jewish media to her  Alabama leadership team when she appointed him with them.  He's one of the most vocal opponents of Israel in Congress.  She and her campaign team reached out to opponents of the Iran deal, including American Jewish leaders.  A number of Jewish leaders said they remained concerned about the agreement, but that Clinton wasn't facing the same criticism as Obama.  

Michael Oren, former Israeli ambassador to the USA, wrote in his memoir, " Ally:  My Journey Across the American-Israeli Divide" that he was consistently rebuffed when he tired to meet with Clinton on the grounds that SHE DID NOT RECEIVE AMBASSADORS while she was Sec. of State.  She wrote:  I am deeply committed to Israel's future as a secure and democratic Jewish state, and just as convinced that the only way to guarantee that outcome is through diplomacy.  And while no solution can be imposed from outside, I believe the US has a responsibility to help bring Israelis and Palestinians to the table and to encourage the difficult but necessary decision that will lead to peace.  Then it turned into a political aspiration with her saying, "When I am President,I will never stop working to advance the goal of 2 states for 2 peoples living in peace, security and dignity.  

2016:  Hillary spoke at the Jewish Federation of Greater Des Moines in Iowa and noted that Abbas of Palestinians has never stopped  cooperation with Israel on security, even when there had been outbursts of terrorism;  even when Hamas has tried to provoke such a breach.  She said this when Israel was blaming Abbas for inciting a terror wave in Israel through Abbas saying that the Jewish state is trying to change the status quo at the Temple Mount holy site.  It's as if she were out to lunch, not knowing what was going on or why, and was the last to blame the Palestinians for anything, including terror waves.  This is similar to her not knowing what was going on with the native population in Ben Gazi when it was her job to keep her ambassadors safe.  

She came right out and admitted that tossing Israel was a choice she made-albeit a hard one.  I'm afraid that's what so many have said.  She's no different.  She has shown her political side in empathizing with Israel in the beginning, but then being enamoured with the Palestinians and Arafat as she went along.  
                                                            Now to look at Donald Trump.  
Mary Anne Trump nee MacLeod, mother of Donald. 
Trump family portrait with Donald on left.
At age 13 he was sent to the New York  Military Academy for schooling.  

The school counts other well-off and famous alumni such as composer Stephen Sondheim, bandleader Les Brown and mobster John Gotti Jr., among numerous other leaders in business, military and the art world.  
Donald  Trump, b:June 14, 1946 in Queens, New York, 
holding his newest grandson, Theodore James Kushner.   
4th of 5 children, Donald is the son of Frederick Christ Trump, real estate developer, born in the Bronx whose paternal grandparents  were from Germany.  His grandfather was born in Kallstadt, Rhineland-Palatinate, immigrating in 1885.  
His mother was Mary Anne Trump, born in Scotland.  
 He missed the baby's Bris by thumping on the road.  Donald says that he is of Presbyterian faith.  Trump switched from being a Democrat to Republican recently,
the 5th time he's changed according to Washington Times.    

Can Trump be a better friend of Israel?  He comes to us with no experience in dealing with Israel. He builds hotels.  He's not a politician.  You can tell by the way he talks; rough, like contractors might.  He's a straight shooter who has changed his mind a lot.  Either he is growing and learning or the parties are changing and no longer suit his taste.   Trump has ties to the Jewish-American community. At an Algemeiner Journal awards ceremony honoring him with the Algemeiner Liberty Award, he was asked about having Jewish grandchildren. Trump said: "Not only do I have Jewish grandchildren, I have a Jewish daughter,  Ivanka, who converted to Judaism before her marriage to Jared Kushner  and I am very honored by that ... it wasn't in the plan but I am very glad it happened

2004:  "In Spring 2004, at the height of violence in the Gaza Strip, I was the Grand Marshal of the 40th Salute to Israel Parade, the largest single gathering in support of the Jewish state."
2015: Trump has a pre-requisite before coming to the table for peace talks.  "The Palestinians must come to the table knowing that the bond between the United States and Israel is unbreakable. They must come to the table willing and able to stop the terror being committed on a daily basis against Israel and they must come to the table willing to accept that Israel is a Jewish State and it will forever exist as a Jewish State."  Israel has also been waiting for this to happen, but the Arabs had a meeting on Sept. 1, 1967 in Khartoum where they said no to 3 things, and they have stuck by them.  All this gets their NO.  This has been the problem.  

 In Speaking in November to AIPAC in Alabama, "I came here to speak to you about where I stand on the future of American relations with our strategic ally, our unbreakable friendship, and our cultural brother, the only democracy in the Middle East, the State of Israel. Over 2,000 people heard him speak.  

My number one priority is to dismantle the disastrous deal with Iran. I have been in business a long time. I know deal-making and let me tell you, this deal is catastrophic - for America, for Israel, and for the whole Middle East.  When I'm president, believe me, I will veto any attempt by the UN to impose its will on the Jewish state. You see, I know about deal-making - that's what I do. 
He knows about the hatred and books taught to Arabs by Arabs. like Hilary knows.  "In Palestinian society, the heroes are those who murder Jews - we can't let this continue. You cannot achieve peace if terrorists are treated as martyrs. Glorifying terrorists is a tremendous barrier to peace.
In Palestinian textbooks and mosques, you've got a culture of hatred that has been fermenting there for years, and if we want to achieve peace, they've got to end this indoctrination of hatred. There is no moral equivalency. Israel does not name public squares after terrorists. Israel does not pay its children to stab random Palestinians."
2016:  He said, "“Don’t get confused there in Israel: I am currently your biggest friend. My daughter is married to a Jew who is an enthusiastic Israel supporter, and I have taken part in many Israel Day Parades.  My friendship with Israel is very strong.”
“My friendship with Israel is stronger than any other candidate’s. I want to make one thing clear: I want to strike a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. It is what I aspire to do. Peace is possible, even if it is the most difficult agreement to achieve. As far as I understand, Israel is also interested in a peace deal. I’m not saying I’ll succeed, or even that an agreement between Israel and the Palestinians is within reach, but I want to try. But in order for an agreement to happen, the Palestinians need to show interest. It’s a little difficult to reach an agreement when the other side doesn’t really want to talk to you."  

My comment to Trump is that Israel has been trying to reach an agreement since 1948 and this must be getting a little old.  Now is not the time.  It's up to Netanyahu to know when.  68 years of trying leads me to realize that Palestinians, run by Hamas terrorists, have agreed with their peers   to say NO. He and Clinton need to read about the Khartoum meeting they had with their peers agreeing to the 3 NOs in September 1967 after the Six Day War.  

On Iran, “This deal was the worst deal that Israel could have gotten. Think about it: Beyond the deal itself, Iran also received $150 billion. And to think that they signed that deal without discussing it with Israel! As far as I’m concerned, this deal is the worst thing that ever happened to Israel. There is a clause in it that stipulates protecting Iran’s nuclear facilities should they come under attack. You have to read it to believe it. It may very well be the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. I don’t understand what it means, that America will attack Israel if Israel attacks Iran? That’s ridiculous.”  
 2015:   Trump said, "We will move the American embassy to the eternal capital of the Jewish people, Jerusalem - and we will send a clear signal that there is no daylight between America and our most reliable ally, the state of Israel." He was reading his speech.  
2016:  On moving the embassy to Jerusalem, Trump now says in February 2016 that he likes the idea. 

Trump maintains relationships with several prominent national evangelical and Christian leaders, including Tony Perkins  the evangelical president of the Family Research Council-a conservative policy and lobbying organization based in Washington, D.C  who has endorsed Ted Cruz, .and Ralph Reedconservative American political activist, best known as the first executive director of the Christian Coalition during the early 1990s..  During his 2016 presidential campaign, he received a blessing from Greek Orthodox priest Emmanuel Lemelson

 “There is still a long way to go, but we are on the right track. If I make it to the White House, you will have a true friend there.”

Israelis favored Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney over Barack Obama in the 2012 United States presidential election by a 57 percent to 22 percent margin.  I agreed with this choice.  This year?  Someone who's good for the free world, they say.  

Update 5/4/16-Trump is now the official Republican running for President.  Clinton lost to Sanders in Indiana.  She's still ahead, though.