Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Manhattan's Anti Semitism on the Street

Nadene Goldfoot 
Videos are now being sold in Manhattan, New York spouting out the most vicious of anti-Semitism lies which are selling.  They're being produced by the Ministry of Texe Marrs Texas either by the Ku Klux Klan, David Duke or John O'Conner, people known to hate Jews.    They rant on about how Jews are taking over the world, dwelling on Rothchild and such and then call out the First Amendment rights of freedom of speech for their defense.

Yes, but there is such a thing as defamation of character.  This might fall under the umbrella of a hate crime, for it certainly is just that.

Such attacks of anti-Semitism have been growing recently.  It's getting close to being like Germany in the late 20's or 30's, not just in the United States but all over the world.  Scotland just put a stop to some of theirs that appeared on facebook and arrested the scoundrels.

Our first amendement is very broad.  "

Fighting words- from wikipedia

Fighting words are words or phrases that are likely to induce the listener to get in a fight. This previously applied to words like "nigger" but with people getting less sensitive to words, this exception is little-used.[citation needed] Restrictions on hate speech have been generally overturned by the courts; such speech cannot be targeted for its content but may be targeted in other ways, if it involves speech beyond the First Amendment's protection like incitement to immediate violence or defamation.

The best thing is not to buy these videos allow the creators to become rich on our suffering.

Resource: http://www.yourjewishnews.com  Anti Jewish videos sold in Manhattan, New York.

Friday, May 25, 2012

How Aiding a People Can Turn Them Into Parasites

Nadene Goldfoot
The definition of a parasite is: something that resembles a biological parasite in dependence on something else for existence or support without making a useful or adequate return.

You can figure that "adequate return" means returning to a normal time of caring  for themselves.  The U.N. has been doing just this for the past 64 years out of their noble approach to humanitarianism.  UNRWA's motives are now being questioned.

This United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees is an agency supposedly neutral in the Israeli-Palestine conflict but has been doing some questionable things.  What started out as a figure of 750,000 Palestinian refugees has now grown to 5 million today and have stayed in this same category for 64 years.

Senator Mark Kirk, Republican from Illinois feels that perhaps UNRWA exists to perpetuate the refugee problem, not to solve it.  The original documents forgot to mention the word descendants, so the numbers have multiplied 7 times already.  However, the State Department and Jordan are trying to block a Senate Appropriations Committee bill requiring an accurate accounting of just how many "Palestinian refugees" are receiving American dollars.  They have passed this to distinguish between Arabs who fled Israel in 1948 and their descendants.  This number should change to 30,000.  We're giving them 1.2 billion in aid dollars as it is each year.

The crux of this problem is that Palestinians, who in my opinion are the pawns in this chess game, are demanding "the right of return", meaning they want to all move back to what is Israel.  This would wipe out the country faster than the speeding bullet.  It's an impossibility.  Israel is "THE JEWISH HOMELAND" and already is democratic with 1.4 million Arab citizens. That's already 20% Arab.   It's purpose of creation was just that.  It's our only homeland.  The Arabs have 22 around the neighborhood and also have a total of 48 Muslim majority countries to choose from as well.

Who finances UNRWA and their goals?  American tax dollars are even funding the office that nudges Congress to not cut off the money flow.  Lobbying is banned in Washington but who's looking?  There are 31,000 Palestinian employees running UNRWA.  Isn't this a self-fulfilling prophecy of dependence?   They say they are just giving jobs to them but it's making permanent wards of UNRWA instead.

Even the Arabs in the West Bank, which is Jordan's name for Judea and Samaria, are living on UNRWA's dole.  They're governed by the PA and counted as refugees as well.  UNRWA cries out that the finances can't be taken away because the people have to have basic and essential services.  They are getting their education, health and social services through UNRWA only, it looks like.  There's no incentive to care for oneself, go into business, or any such thing even with all their education.

Then the burden falls on Israel's shoulders as well for being the mean little Satan who won't allow them to immigrate and take over Israel.

One can say that they've had an easy life of sitting back and reproducing and being paid for it.  This is something that American taxpayers have always balked at even in their own country.  Sooner or later someone comes along to spoil it all with work educators and incentives to get people to stand on their own two feet.  It should have happened long ago with the Palestinians.  Just who is ready for statehood?  Here we learn that over helping is not the whole answer.  Even socialism has its downside in eliminating incentives to get people to discover their abilities and talents and to use them.

Resource: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/right-turn/post/is-the-un-making-the-palestinian-refugee-problem-worse/2012/05/23/gJQAxW0BkU_blog.html.
 Jennifer Rubin:  Is the UN making the Palestinian 'refugee' problem worse?
Arutz Sheva news@israelnationalnews.com

Monday, May 7, 2012

Kazakhstan on the Map Through Borat

Nadene Goldfoot
Sasha Baron Cohen is an English Jewish comedian who was just interviewed on NBC's morning show, TODAY by Matt Lauer, who was cracking up.  He had created a character named Borat, subtitled as Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan in 2006.  He plays the part of a Kazakh TV talking head Borat who is dispatched to the United States to report on the greatest country in the world. He gets sidetracked in wanting to marry up with Pamela Anderson.  It is a riot.   A few months ago, this Kazakh journalist Borat and even another one of his characters, Cockney-Ebonics poser Ali G, would be retired.  His newest movie, The Dictator, is coming out in theaters on May 16th.  It's a takeoff of Qaddafi, basically.

I am pursuing my my interest in DNA of my family, and am on a chat discussion group about it.  Men are the most interesting to learn about as their DNA tells us better where we originated and how far back we can go.  Men's Ydna can be traced back 60,000 years ago and it has kept changing or mutating.  Women can be traced back 150,000 years ago and our dna rarely mutates.  I say that the reason for this is when we were created, G-d figured he did a great job and why tamper with perfection while men need to be kept in line and tuned up so much that they have to mutate much faster.

At any rate, one day I was contacted by a near-relative living in Kazakhstan who was not too happy with the publicity that our "Borat" had given to his country.  Actually, most of the Kazakhs have discovered that it has brought about a lot of tourism and are getting over the put-down that Borat delivered to them.

I found it incredible that I would have relatives there; albeit they are not first cousins, but somewhere along the branch of my tree.  Here I am, Jewish, and Kazakhstan is a country of 16,433,000 where 70.2% of the population are Sunni Muslim.  Their country is secular.

There are, in fact, 12,300 Jews or 0.2% of the population living in Kazakhstan.  They are Ashkenazi and speak Russian.  Stalin had moved Jews from the Soviet Union to Kazakhstan.  8,000 had fled to this large country during the Holocaust for survival.

Levi Yitzchak Schneerson was exiled there from Ukraine, Dneprpetrvsk where he had been chief rabbi. Lubavitcher Jews go there to pray at his grave.  There is no anti-Semitism, G-d willing, in Kazakhstan.

Resource: http://israelity.com/tag/sasha-baron-cohen/

Friday, May 4, 2012

Shabbat Ends With Supermoon-May 5th

Nadene Goldfoot
Judaism follows the moon instead of the sun in creating a calendar.  Shabbat comes on a Friday night 1/2 hour before sundown and ends on Saturday night when 3 stars appear in the sky.  It's easy to see this in Israel where light from cities don't reflect at night, blocking out stars.  I had never seen such a black sky nor such huge twinkling stars as I did in Safed.  We'd sit out a night and watch till we saw the first three, then go in the house to end shabbat with a braided candle and the sniffing of spices to bring in a wonderful new week

This is the month of Iyar, and Shabbat is on the 12th and 13th of Iyar, or this 4th and 5th of May.  It starts with the lighting of candles at 8:04pm, so I have a few hours left to finish this posting.  Saturday night, Shabbat will end at 9:15pm.  Synagogues will be reading from Pirkei-Avot: chapter 3.  According to our lunar calendar, this is the year 5772.

This supermoon is supposed to be the biggest and brightest full moon of the year because it will pass closer to Earth than usual.  At 11:34 p.m. the moon will be about 221,802 miles from Earth which is about 15,300 miles closer than average.  This distance varies because it's orbit is elliptical instead of circular.

If we look for it at the horizon, it will look bigger because it's an optical illusion.  It will be there at sunset.  If you live on the East coast, that is a little before 8 pm Saturday night.  The affect should be higher tides.  This is not only because of its closeness but of its alignment with the sun and Earth.  It's not going to be a big change so many would notice, however.

Last year saw a supermoon on March 19, 2011 which was 240 miles closer than this years.  Next year it will be farther away yet.

In Judaism we celebrate with every month's  full moon.  In Israel, it is the time women have a party and study about their religion. It's called Rosh Chodesh which falls on the 22nd of this month.  On that day the month changes to Sivan, which is still in the month of May.  . It is customary in the Ashkenazi tradition to offer prayers for national redemption and a prayer for a prosperous and blessed month.    May it be so.

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Jews Living in the Jewish Homeland

Nadene Goldfoot
I  support the right of Jews to live in Judea, Samaria, all of Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. The future Palestine state, of which has been offered to the Arabs since 1948 and has been refused, is against any Jews to live in these areas.  It's been 64 years of refusal and fighting against Israel first as Arab militants, then the PLO's who have turned into Fatah, and now the highly militant group of Hamas who are terrorists.  

Up until the War of 1967 or Six Day War, Jews were not able to live in these places as they had been taken over illegally by Jordan.  No one complained about what they had accomplished by doing this, even though the land was once listed as being a part of the Jewish Homeland that was being planned  and promised by England who held the keys to the land after the fall of the  Ottoman Empire and World War I.  

The fact is that Judea and Samaria were originally Judah, one of the two states belonging to the ancient Jewish people.  There was Israel and Judah, and King David's capital was Jerusalem.  For 2,000 years Jews have prayed daily that we should return there, and now it's happened.

Jews have taken in 1.4 million Arabs as their citizens of Israel.  Why can't the so called Palestinians be gracious and allow Jews to live in their future state?  Oh no, they want everything to be Judenrein or free of Jews, just like the Nazis.  

If the day ever comes that the Palestinians stop teaching their children to hate Jews and that they are sub-human will be the day when these two peoples will live in peace.  This is going on right now in these territories of Judea and Samaria, even though they are supposed to be populated and run by the "moderate" Fatah PA.  

The presence of Jews in what the Jordanians called "The West Bank" only improved their economic situation, which grew till 1992.  Tourism boosted the economy and grew.  The population there and in the Gaza Strip more than tripled from 1967 to 1994.  The Arab population in 1967 was 950,000 and grew to more than 3,000,000.
Jews haven't displaced these Arabs.  Israeli sovereignty over Judea and Samaria stimulated growth and improvement.. Seven universities had sponsors from Jews and the Israeli government.  Before, the Arabs had only 3 teacher training institutions.  

There are 5 types of developments that Jews adhere to in these areas. 

1. Agrarian towns for military security purposes manned mainly by soldiers.  Israeli court had IDF move their base 10 km west for land claims of local Palestinians. 
2. Towns Jews have returned to that had lived there before 1948 like Hebron, gush Etzion, Jewish Quarter of East Jerusalem
3. Expanding suburbs of large Israeli cities who touch the "Green Line"
4. Other villages and town  not under this list.
5. Illegal rogue villages. Some have been forcibly dismantled by IDF.  

This is a very emotional issue in Israel.  Orthodox Jews expect that all Jews should be allowed to settle anywhere in Eretz Israel where Abraham lived.  This means Judea and Samaria from Shechem/Nablus to Hebron.  The non-religious Jews are against it, citing legality.  the 4th type of settlements are legal according to the 4th Geneva convention.  These 5th types are palpably illegal.  

But then, the Arabs have thrown out UN Resolution 242 from November 22, 1967.  The purpose of this was to create a just and lasting peace with guarantees for territorial inviolability, mutually recognized borders and political independence of every state in the area.  This makes Israel's administration all legal until a just and lasting peace is achieved.  It can include the development of unoccupied segments for housing a growing population.  This is not the same as transporting population to the territory for resettlement, making the 3rd type also very legal.  

References: Big Lies by David Meir-Levi from the David Horowitz Freedom Center

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Anti-Semitism at Lincoln High Unresolved

Nadene Goldfoot
Israel has about 1.4 million Arab citizens who have all the rights as Jews do in this very tiny state.  Israel is bordered by Judea and Samaria,  heavily populated with Muslim Arabs of Fatah, former PLO terrorists, as well as Gaza's Muslim Hamas terrorists.  Both Hamas and Fatah have joined up for one purpose, to drive Israel into the sea, or in other words, to destroy Israel and make it a Muslim state.

The fight from the Muslims is coming from rockets and missiles raining down from Gaza into southern Israel as well as the "Palestinians" getting into the UN through UNESCO and attempting to use this group to destroy the Jewishness in Israel.

Now it is using some Arab high schoolers from Israel to go into American high schools and spread their hateful propaganda against Israel.  Lincoln High has experienced such a program through the Qatar Foundation International, who has sponsored DAM, a three brother rap group's visit to the high school.  It was at first found to be presenting to only the Arabic language class, then was found to spread to other classes as well as in a student assembly given on November 4th 2011 and again that evening at a concert sponsored by Portland State University's Middle East Studies Center.  They also included a film apart from their rapping  depicting Israel as an Apartheid, fascist state.  Marcia Weiss, a Lincoln parent and JFGP board member as well as Becky Davidson, a Wilson High School student, co-president of the Jewish Student Union at Wilson agreed that anyone not understanding the issues in Israel would be swayed by DAM's opinions.  Even the teachers and principal at Lincoln seem to not understand.

The group used rap to show their dislike of being treated like someone different in Israel like having to show ID at certain places.  They neglected to admit that everyone, Jew and Arab must do this and they were not alone.  This is due to the terrorism that has occurred and must happen in order to protect all citizens.  I myself had to show the contents of my purse and bags when I went into any store from 1980-1985.  They say they hate to speak in Arabic on buses and get angry if people look at them for it.  Otherwise, they do blend into society, not being different in other ways.  They neglect to mention that signs all over are in 3 languages; Hebrew, Arabic and English.  They shouldn't feel oppressed but may from the influence of their parents, and of course, Hamas.  Their lyrics are crossing a line to hate.  What they present is an extreme and mendacious portrait in which Israelis are Nazis.  They think that Jews murdered by terrorists is what they deserve.   Their differences, though small, are being played on by Hamas, I'm sure, whose goals are well known in wanting to destroy Israel and who rain missiles on southern Israel constantly.  The only reason they haven't hit the rest of Israel is because they haven't got missiles that can reach that far-yet.

The school principal and the superintendent of schools so far see nothing wrong in bringing this group to the school while much of the Jewish community including their children are upset by it.  Lincoln High, formerly heavily populated by Jewish students as it is the school within the borders of the old Jewish neighborhood of South Portland, now have Jewish students afraid.  The non-knowledgeable teaching community feel they are just giving students the opportunity to hear another perspective on a controversial issue, the Israel-Palestinian conflict to young students completely uneducated in the points.

Update:  I tried to go to the Arabic class in after-school hours with the teacher or without to look at materials.  I wanted to see if there were any anti-Israel posters, etc.  I was not allowed in, nor was my 3-man group.  The group was made up of 3 teachers!

The school has not apologized to the Jewish students for scaring them to death with this DAM group and their hateful message.  The year is almost over.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sister City of Portland, Ashkelon, Faces Economic Woes

Nadene Goldfoot
Portland, Oregon's sister city is Ashkelon, Israel.  We think we have financial problems here.  Look at what Ashkelon has to contend with.

Being in the South of Israel, they have been the target of many missiles, rockets and mortars.  Security of bomb shelters is at a premium.

 Yair Farjoun, Ashkelon's Regional Council head commented in February of this year that just because they had a rocket attack without having any casualties or serious property damage doesn't mean they don't incur economic losses.  It disrupts life.  They don't go to work when this happens, but need to get into a safe place.  Children can't go to school.  Mothers don't go to work.

Ashkelon has a beach.  They have held festivals there.  They can't guarantee festival organizers that a rocket won't suddenly come down.  Most likely festivals that would book for there won't come.

The Knesset finance Committee talked about a Treasury proposal of compensation for citizens in the south who had to spend 4 days of intense rocket fire in early April in bomb shelters.  The problem is, the compensation isn't covering the people's losses.  They are only offering minimum wage.   It's a conundrum.

Some people think that it's nothing to sustain rocket fire from Gaza if no one is killed.  They don't think about all the headaches that come with the explosions and the obvious consequences.   Everyone in Israel is praying that the day will come when it will end.  Right now it looks like it will take the Messiah to do that, certainly not the planned peace talks that the head of state of Hamas refuses to attend.

Resource: Arutz Sheva www.israelnationalnews.com by Gabe Kahn  Ashkelon council:  State Compensation Insufficient 

Chancing It With Vacationing in Egypt

Nadene Goldfoot
I remember my first year of living in Israel in 1980-81 and living in the Ulpan in Haifa.  We had a Spring Break and two of my friends took their vacation in Egypt.  One was able to live it up in nice hotels while the other used hostels.  My husband and I felt we had to study more for our Hebrew test and so spent it in our little dorm, studying like crazy.  I was able to go through our whole first textbook again.  Some Spring Break that was.  When I finally took the test at the end of the semester I fell down just before the big day and broke my left elbow and arm.  Of course I am left-handed.  I finally took the test while running a fever and wearing a cast but passed, baruk ha-shem.

Israelis do get "cabin fever" and love to travel when they can.  Egypt was open to Israel then.  With this new "Arab Spring"  last year that has come about by getting rid of Mubarak and allowing the Muslim Brotherhood to gain a foothold, things are changing.

There has been much terrorizing going on in the Sinai, and the Sinai Peninsula and Red Sea resorts are popular tourist sites. They will most likely still go there.  Rafiah, on the border at Gaza and Egypt and central Sinai are too difficult for Egyptian police and soldiers to handle today.  

The major terrorists are the Bedouin who are close friends of the Gaza Arabs.  They're involved in the weapons smuggling.  Al Qaeda-linked groups, Hamas and the Army of Islam are all involved in being terrorists.

The Egyptian-Israeli natural gas pipeline has suffered 14 attacks already.  There has also been many carjackings in el-Arish.   Altogether there has been at least 50 terrorist attacks.

Resource: Arutz Sheva http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Subscribe  Arab Spring Anarchy in the Sinai: 50 Terrorist Attacks by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Jews: World's Biggest Religious Migrant Group

Nadene Goldfoot
Twenty-five percent of Jews have migrated. We have been called "the Wandering Jew" by others for good reason, only it didn't happen because we liked to just wander.

 That's the highest migration rate of all religions.  Most people stay put.  We've had more than our share of reasons to have to move.  Let's see, there's been the Crusades, the Inquisition, and  being thrown out of England. Being confined in the Pale of Settlement in Eastern Europe didn't keep us happy to be there at all,  not when our very  young boys were conscripted into the Russian army and sent to the front lines.  We weren't allowed into Russia without a special pass, so after hearing about America, had to sneak out many times to get there in the cover of night.

We even left the Ottoman Empire to strike out into Eastern Europe.  After getting there, the Empire found they needed some of our skills and sent proposals back which some took up and returned.  England even changed their minds and allowed us back in again at a much later date.  One route many Jews took when things got so bad in Eastern Europe in the late 1800's was to emigrate to England.  From there many chose to venture into Ireland and Wales.  Later, some even went as far as South Africa from there.  A lot had come from Vilnius, Lithuania.

Today most Jews live either in the USA or Israel with a sprinkling in other countries, such as South Africa.
Mostly, we have moved out of fear for our lives and the desire to live in a safe environment. There was a community of Jews in Malma, Sweden who settled there as refugees from WWII, but now many have been driven out by incoming Muslim immigrants who are not friendly towards Jews.

When Israel was created in 1948, there were many Jews living in Arab countries for the past  several thousand years. They were considered Dminnis, or 3rd class citizens, but were allowed to be there.  With Israel created, they were forced to leave,  so they migrated to Israel, ready or not.  As many as the displaced Arabs were, this same number were welcomed into Israel.

When the 1st and 2nd temples fell in Jerusalem, we were taken away as prisoners to become slaves.  It was the conquerors way of redistribution of the population.  They ousted Jews and replaced them with their own people.

It's been found that only 3% of the world migrates.  Of course, we are the very smallest of all the religions, being less than 1% of the world population, something like 0.23%.  Christians make up 1/3 of the world population and 49% have been found to migrate. 74% of the USA is made up of Christians of which many have migrated lately from Mexico and Central America and are Christians.

The USA is not the first choice for Muslims.  They tend to migrate first to Saudi Arabia, Russia, Germany, France, Jordan and Pakistan.  Two million Muslims have immigrated to the USA.

I made aliyah to Israel from the USA in 1980.  The biggest treat of all was to meet Jews from all over the world.  I could't believe how many different English accents existed!  I remember one time my Hebrew class was interrupted with the admission of about 10 students from South America.  How  our Hebrew teacher handled all these immigrats speaking all sorts of languages amazed me.  She spoke only English and Hebrew that I knew.  Besides people, we were able to receive TV programs imported from other countries as well, like England and the USA and Australia.  We also had TV programming from Jordan and Egypt and Syria.  This was the ingathering that has been prophecized.  Our earnest hope is that we can live in peace now that we are again home.  Jews are tired of being migrants.  It's much more fun to be a tourist.

Israel-American Friendship in a Spat Two Years Ago

Nadene Goldfoot

Today is May Day, and all over the USA there are people showing their rebellious side with occupations all over, even in Portland.  When I was young we celebrated with the May Pole Dance.  Not today, evidently.  There is an occupation going on in streets and parks for many different reasons as well as marches.   Even the rain and wet, soggy ground is not stopping them. 

Being I rarely watch CNN to get news concerning Israel, I evidently missed the sparks fly when Stan Goodenough on March 16th 2010 wrote about Secretary of State  Hillary Clinton giving Netanyahu a 45 minute tongue lashing, which was quite an insult.  Evidently she used very harsh language, worse than she ever had used with Iran and North Korea.

It doesn't take but moments for the Palestinians to hear about it, and organized real riots in Jerusalem and an Arab town in Samaria as a result.  In their rioting, which lasted for 5 days or longer Israel was forced to have thousands of police posted .  60 Arabs and Israeli police officers were wounded.  Tuesday, the end of the 5 days,  was to be called "The Day of Rage."

They had thrown rocks from smokescreens where they were burning tires and trash cans.  Police used rubber bullets and teargas.  Many were arrested.

As if that wasn't bad enough, hundreds of Arabs, some in busloads bringing Bedouins from the Negev came after being beckoned by their leaders in order to "rescue the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Temple Mount from the Jews."  These newer buildings are built over our former Temple that fell to the Romans in 70 CE.

It is quite clear that this Washington policy is to get Israel to give up more land for "peace".  That's something we did with Gaza and what did it get us?  Rockets, missiles and mortars that could land right in our front yard is what we got in return.

We have 1.4 million Arab Israeli citizens, with Arabs serving in the Knesset.  The sad fact is that most are openly loyal to the "Palestinian Cause" instead of being loyal to Israel.  They were thought to be encouraging the riots.  If not that, they didn't do anything to prevent or stop it from happening.

I wonder if our American government realizes what they do and if this was done on purpose.  How can they not realize that something like this is going to be the spark that can cause a forest fire. I remember it happening now, two whole years ago, and am grateful that is cooled down. Jerusalem was to be a city of peace, not one of warring again.

Our government could learn from us old teachers.  If you have to scold someone, you take them out in the hall and do it without others hearing.  Also, is it really in good form for the  gigantic country of the USA to scold the teeniest country? We're supposed to be friends!   Better to discuss problems and start...I feel that....or, what are you doing?  ..For heaven's sake, Hillary.  Use a little psychology, and don't broadcast it.

Resource: http://www.jnewswire.com/articles/print/2721  Jerusalem Newswire  "encouraged by US slamming Israel, Arabs riot in J'lem  by Sstan Goodenough Mar 16, 2010

USA Ignores Accountability Pact of Money Regarding Palestinians

Nadene Goldfoot
The USA government had passed the Palestinian Accountability Pact, meaning they had to live up to some decent expectations in order to get any money out of the USA, like quit bombing Israel (I hope).

Instead, Obama just waived it anyway.  He created a $192 million dollar aid package to "improve the continuing viability of the  moderate PA government! 

If that isn't a bunch of crock.  There's nothing moderate about them, especially now that they're hooking up with Hamas, who keeps firing missiles, mortars and rockets into Israel.  By being partners with Hamas, Fatah is signing onto the Muslim Brotherhood whose chief goal is to wipe out Israel.  Thanks loads, Obama.  This is a move to promote peace?

Hamas spends $120 million dollars per month on such non-essentials such as paying off terrorists in Israeli jails to do their terrorizing.  This teaches others to get in on the act and become terrorists as well; it's a great paying job, and then you get a vacation in jail where you are treated well and do not have to do anything for your 3 meals per day.

Here we are in debt to China, having to borrow money to give to terrorists.  What a world!

Resource: frontpagemag.com/2012/05/01/obamak_funds_terrorists/