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Illegal Immigrants Under DACA and Judean Jews in Persia; Oh So Different

Nadene Goldfoot   
Central American illegals riding atop a freight train 
The USA has had a problem of not enforcing our immigration rules.  The numbers have been growing from Mexico as people have been able to sneak in easily.  Now we have 2 problems; what to do with the people here illegally and how to stop illegal entrance.      

Many of us are the product of immigrants who came here legally from across the oceans.  They had to swear to give up their former king or such ruler and abide by the USA laws.  Then many also  had to take a test to see if they knew our history.  We don't like to break rules.  German Jews had to have sponsors in the States taking on all responsibility of finances and jobs.  Many ships were turned back full of Jewish refugees facing sure death.  We don't want to repeat those cruel laws either.  

Our country's population has grown.  
    On April 1, 2010, it was 308, 745, 538.
 As on July 1, 2017, it was 325, 719, 178.
Increase of 16 million, 973 thousand, 640 in 7 years.  
Mexico's population in 2016 was 127.5 million.  
Mexico City in 2010 was 8.851 million, more than Israel's 7.2.  
An article in the New York Times written on September 30, 2014, tells about how Obama was trying to assist children from Central America cross Mexico safely and get into the USA as refugees with this type of status.   He assisted their illegal entry.  

President Morsi of Egypt did this same thing, taking refugees from Syria with the idea that they would then vote for him.  Morsi was head of the Muslim Brotherhood which had been outlawed in Egypt.  Morsi was stopped.    

In June of that year, over 10,000 children had crossed the border and were into the USA illegally.
By August the number had dropped to 3,000.   They said they were fleeing from gangs. 
Critics were worried since the USA was already struggling with problems involved in how to deal with the already millions of illegals already here. 
President Trump has rescinded his first idea of deporting DACA children who were here for a grace period.  They are not USA citizens.  In order to get his wall built to stop illegal immigration in the first place, he was easing up on his agenda towards the children.  This still didn't go over.  The Democrats want both plans their way and isn't about to give in to Trump. 
One cannot compare the situation of exiling immigrants here illegally with killing all Jews in Queen Esther's day by Haman.  Haman had given to order to kill all Jews in Persia.  The order was about to be carried out.  In fact, it had even started when the king Ahasuaros interceded and stopped it from happening.  Haman and his sons wound up swinging  with nooses around their necks instead. 
Persia had grown huge from Assyria's holdings that later went into
Babylonia's holdings and then to Persia.  Judah was but a speck.
Cyrus let Jews return in 538 BCE

Jews were there because the Babylonians under Nebuchadnezzar in 586 BCE had kidnapped them from Judah and taken them as slaves. 

 Later, in 538 BCE, those that wanted to were allowed to return to Judah with the goal of not only living there but rebuilding the Temple that had been destroyed.   During those 48 years of  living in Persia, the political environment had changed for the better and a whole new Jewish generation had been born.  Cyrus was the Persian who allowed them to leave.   It is possible that Cyrus was related to Queen Esther. 
Judeans remembering Judah when at the water in Babylon.
By the waters, the waters of Babylon 
We lay down and wept, and wept, for thee Zion 
We remember thee, remember thee, remember thee Zion 
By the waters, the waters of Babylon
They were living in a land where they were not true citizens.  However, their numbers had helped to create large populations, and towns of Nehardea, Nisibis, and Mahoza had an entirely Jewish population, making it too hard for them to pick up now and leave.  Jews in Persia were given  their own internal autonomy and were led by an  an Exilarch of Davidic descent who was the king's representative, but the community was governed by a council of elders.  It was sort of a Jewish city within a pagan country.  The didn't remember Judah and so may not have felt the compunction to leave.  Thus, Persia had Jews in their population then and up to today.  The Babylonian Talmud was written there. 

The Persians were in control of the world that they knew.  They took people and could send them back at will in those days.  The United States is limited.  Yes, it's a big country, but it's taken in many people.  The 1st thing one notices is a water shortage.  

The USA has been facing water shortages for many years in many sections of the country.  In fact, some city water supplies are targets for private companies, some who have been successful in this take-over.  Prices will be able to rise this way and companies will make large profits.  I learned about this while a group member of OREGON RURAL ACTION, led by a group in Washington DC. This was before 2006. 

Jobs, housing, education, all sorts of things are affected by sudden population rises, especially when it's not being stopped but has been helped by our own government to  exceed all expectations.  It's a huge problem our government is now grappling with.  

The situation has become so political.  Evan a Democratic rabbi is against Trump and compares the position with Queen Esther's day of the Jews being in Babylon with Esther speaking out to save the Jews.  He expect everyone to save the DACA refugees.  It is being saved by Trump himself who wants his wall also saved, and needs some cooperation to get both done.  In politics, like it or not, often give and take, like in marriages helps a lot to solve problems.  

Our leaders sure deferred action, much to the detriment of our country.  They should have made a completed program knowing that if they stayed as long as possible, they would need to become citizens or go back to their own country with skills to help their relatives. Now we face the decisions that were forgotten about.   

Resource:  https://www.nytimes.com/2014/10/01/us/obama-approves-plan-to-let-children-apply-for-refugee-status-in-central-america.html

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When Israeli High School Students on a Field Trip Were Killed: The Ma'alot Massacre

Nadene Goldfoot 
                                           The Ma'alot School Massacre in Israel
What happened to these high school students in Israel who were  on an overnight field trip to another city is something that even elementary school students do in Oregon.  In their study of their state, they've taken buses and stayed overnight in another school. These Israelis were doing the same thing. Whoever could imagine that danger would come during the night?  "It is thought that around 100 pupils aged between 14 and 16 were in the school when the Palestinians stormed it in the early hours of this morning as the teenagers slept.
Fifteen people, children and teachers, managed to escape. A teenage boy was later sent out with a list of prisoners the hostage-takers wanted released in Israel."
The Ma'alot massacre was a Palestinian terrorist attack that occurred in May 1974 and involved a two-day hostage-taking of 115 Israeli people which ended in the murders of over 25 hostages. It began when three armed members of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) entered Israel from Lebanon. Soon afterwards they attacked a van, killing two Israeli Arab women while injuring a third and entered an apartment building in the town of Ma'alot, where they killed a couple and their four-year-old son.
From there, they headed for the Netiv Meir Elementary School, where they took more than 115 people (including 105 children) hostage on 15 May 1974, in Ma'alot.

Most of the hostages were teenagers from a high school in Safed on a Gadna field trip spending the night in Ma'alot. The hostage-takers soon issued demands for the release of 23 Palestinian militants from Israeli prisons, or else they would kill the students. On the second day of the standoff, a unit of the Golani Brigade stormed the building.                     

During the takeover, the hostage-takers killed children with grenades and automatic weapons. Ultimately, 25 hostages, including 22 children, were killed and 68 more were injured.
Deaths31 Israelis (+ 3 attackers)
Non-fatal injuries
70 Israelis
PerpetratorsDemocratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
The Guardian in England reported the story in a highly slanted manner. 
A Palestinian Media Watch bulletin on Feb. 28 revealed that a recent Palestinian Authority broadcast paid tribute to the terrorists (from the group, Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine) who committed the Ma’alot Massacre in 1974 in which 22 children were brutally murdered inside an elementary school. 
 Pictures of the terrorists, labeled as “martyrs”, with their weapons were seen during the PA broadcast – another act of state sanctioned incitement which will likely go unreported by the mainstream media or the Guardian. 
I moved to Israel in September 1980, and went through a program preparing to teach English as a Foreign language. I already had 22 years of experience as a teacher in the USA. The first thing I noticed was a guard at the door of each school and every store that I had to enter. They checked our purses to make sure we had no weapons. At the junior high where I taught, a student was the guard at the door. They were trained as to what to look for and also knew of all the items that had held concealed bombs or weapons.                                                                    

One of the first pieces of history I learned about my city of Safed was about what had happened to our high school children who were on a field trip.  They had stayed overnight in an elementary school and 22 of them were killed.  I visited the cemetery where you see the headstones above.  Ma'alot lies in the upper Western Galilee formed by the merger of the development town of Maalot in 1957 and the mainly Christian Arab village of Tarshiha.  In 1990 the population was 8,770 of which 3,000 were Arabs.  
The bare bones of the story: In the early-morning hours of May 15, 1974, three members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a radical anti-Israel group,(Palestinian terrorists)  snuck across the border from Lebanon. Dressed as Israeli soldiers, they made their way to Ma’alot, where they killed three members of the Cohen family -- apparently chosen at random -- before entering an elementary school that was hosting more than 100 teenagers and teachers from a religious school in Safed for the night
A lot is in my book-an autobiography in the form of all my letters I sent back over the 5 years of living there.  Israel learned from that.  All schools had guards at the doors  after that.  This was unusual in that it wasn't during school hours.  

The school at my junior high where I taught English were well aware of all the small containers that hide bombs which have been found.  That's why we all become knowledgeable about not picking up anything off the sidewalks or any grounds.  A robot can be called to do the work; much safer for all.  

My husband and I also went through training on shooting the A-1 rifle as we had joined the Civil Guard. We didn't have any weapon in the schools we taught in, of course. This was 38 years ago and it's just now-2018-that the USA is confronted with how to keep children safe. Try following Israel's lead. It worked after their horrible experiences in losing children in schools due to crazy violent people. It happened just before I arrived in Safed, as a matter of fact. That's the story above.  

Resource:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ma%27alot_massacre
Letters From Israel by Nadene Goldfoot

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Robinson Arch in Jerusalem: Discovered by Edward Robinson, Biblical Scholar (lead to Bakersfield, Vermont)

Nadene Goldfoot
Edward Robinson (April 10, 1794 – January 27, 1863) was an American biblical scholar. He studied in the United States and Germany, a center of biblical scholarship and exploration of the Bible as history. He translated scriptural works from classical languages, as well as German translations. His Greek and English Lexicon of the New Testament (1836; last revision, 1850) became a standard authority in the United States, and was reprinted several times in Great Britain.

Robinson was born in Southington, Connecticut, and raised on a farm. His father was a minister in the Congregational Church of the town for four decades. The younger Robinson taught at schools in East Haven and Farmington in 1810-11 to earn money for college. He attended Hamilton College, in Clinton, New York, where his maternal uncle, Seth Norton, was a professor.[2] He graduated in 1816.

Robinson's Arch was constructed as part of King Herod's renovation and expansion of the Second Temple, announced in 20–19 BCE.[1] It was built to link the Tyropoeon Valley street, a major traffic artery in the Second Temple Period, with the Royal Stoa at the southern end of the Temple Mount platform.[2]
The destruction of Robinson's Arch occurred during the events surrounding the Roman sacking of Jerusalem in 70 CE. It has traditionally been blamed on the Roman legions which destroyed the Temple Mount enclosure and eventually set fire to the entire city.[5] More recently, this has been attributed to the Zealot factions which had wrested control of the Temple Mount and fortified it prior to its fall. Some of these continued to hold out in Jerusalem's Upper City for a month after the city had been breached by the Romans.[10] By wrecking the overpass, as well as the viaduct at Wilson's Arch to the north, the defenders made access to the Temple platform much more difficult for besieging forces.[13]
Reverend Eli Smith
Born 13 Sep 1801 in Northford, New Haven Co., Connecticut, USAmap
ANCESTORS ancestors
Husband of  — married  (to ) [location unknown]
Husband of  — married  (to ) in Rochester, Monroe, NY, USAmap
Robinson traveled to Palestine in 1838 in the company of Rev. Eli Smith. He published Biblical Researches in Palestine in 1841, for which he was awarded the Gold Medal of the Royal Geographical Society in 1842.[1] He was elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1847.[4]
Robinson, together with Smith, made scores of identifications of ancient places referred to the Bible.[1] His work established his enduring reputation as a "Founder" of Biblical archeology, and influenced much of future archaeological field work. Examples of his finds in Jerusalem include the Siloam tunnel and Robinson's Arch in the Old City; the latter was named in his honor.
Here is his tree showing 3 generations.  This isn't our branch, but I have this branch in our tree.   There are marriages into our tree. We have Hydes.   

**** I have DNA matches with Robinson on their tree leading to Bakersfield which this tree leads to with some of the people.  
Descendants of Ichabod Robinson
[1] Ichabod Robinson b: December 12, 1720 in Duxbury, Massachusetts d: January 20, 1809 in Lebanon, New London, Conncticut Occupation: Merchant with store
.. +Mary Hide Hyde b: July 03, 1731 in Lebanon, New London, Conncticut d: July 01, 1750 in Lebanon, New London, Conncticut
*2nd Wife of [1] Ichabod Robinson:
.. +Lydia Brown b: March 19, 1719/20 d: August 23, 1778 in Lebanon, New London, Conncticut
. Joseph Robinson b: November 04, 1752 in Lebanon, Connecticut d: August 27, 1813 in Lebanon, Connecticut
. [2] William Robinson, Reverend b: August 15, 1754 in Lebanon, New London, Conncticut d: August 15, 1825 in Southington, Hartford, Connecticut Occupation: Pastor Congregational Church
..... +Naomi Wolcott b: February 08, 1780 in Southington, Hartford, Connecticut
. *2nd Wife of [2] William Robinson, Reverend:
..... +Sophia Mosely b: September 16, 1783 in Southington, Hartford, Connecticut
. *3rd Wife of [2] William Robinson, Reverend:
..... +Anna Mills b: August 13, 1787 in Southington, Hartford, Connecticut
. *4th Wife of [2] William Robinson, Reverend:
..... +Elizabeth Norton b: 1761 d: 1824 in prob. Southington, Hartford, Connecticut
..... EDWARD ROBINSON, Reverend, Archaeologist b: April 10, 1794 in Southington, Hartford, Connecticut d: January 27, 1863 in Manhattan, New York Occupation: Archaeologist in Palestine:   buried in Lebanon, New London, Connecticut
......... +Therese Albertine Adolfus Luise Von Jacob b: January 26, 1797 in Halle (Saale) , Germany d: April 13, 1869 in Hamburg, Mitte, Germany Occupation: Famous writer in German;  aka Talvj
. Mary Robinson b: December 28, 1755 in Lebanon, Connecticut d: October 11, 1780 in Lebanon, Connecticut
. Lydia Robinson b: October 20, 1757 in Lebanon, Connecticut d: April 23, 1825 in Lebanon, Connecticut
. [3] John Robinson b: April 24, 1760 in Lebanon, Connecticut d: May 02, 1832 in Lebanon, Connecticut
..... +Elizabeth Smith Tiffany b: 1754 in Lebanon, Connecticut d: 1871 in Lebanon, Connecticut
. *2nd Wife of [3] John Robinson:
..... +Abigail Drury b: Abt. 1760 in prob. Lebanon, Connecticut
..... [4] John Robinson b: 1786 in Bennington, Bennington, Vermont
......... +Elizabeth Cushman b: Abt. 1790
..... *2nd Wife of [4] John Robinson:
......... +Ann Kune b: Abt. 1786 in prob. Bennington, Bennington,  Vermont
..... Justus Robinson b: 1787 in Bennington, Bennington, Vermont d: October 31, 1876 in Gilboa, New York
......... +Abby Waite b: Abt. 1760 d: Bef. 1887
..... Lydia Robinson b: July 07, 1789 in Vermont d: November 13, 1858 in New York
......... +Christopher Hogudone
..... [5] JACOB H. ROBINSON b: 1790 in Vermont d: October 14, 1867 in Bakersfield, Franklin, Vermont
......... +Mary J. Unknown b: 1805 in Bakersfield, Franklin, Vermont
..... *2nd Wife of [5] JACOB H. ROBINSON:
......... +Olive Polly Clemens Clement b: August 1816 in Vermont/Ferrisburg, Quebec, Canada d: December 06, 1900 in Bakersfield, Franklin, Vermont
..... James Robinson b: 1790 in Bennington, Bennington, Vermont d: 1805 in Rensselaerville, Albany, New York
..... Smalley Robinson b: 1791 in Bennington, Bennington, Vermont d: 1805 in Bennington, Bennington, Vermont
..... Semantha Brush Robinson b: 1800 in Prob. Bennington, Bennington, Vermont
......... +Edward Henderson Swift b: September 29, 1805 in Manchester, Vermont d: June 21, 1865 in Havana, Cuba
. Ernest Robinson b: 1763 d: 1765

It leads to John Robinson who sent the Pilgrims on the Mayflower ship in 1620.
Descendants of JOHN (Rev.) Robinson

JOHN (Rev.) Robinson b: Bet. 1575 - 1576 in Sturton Nottinghamshire, or Lincolnshire, England d: February 19, 1624/25 in Leyden, Holland Occupation: 1606 Minister: Separatist Pastor of the Mayflower PIlgrims from Leiden, Holland to Plymouth, Mass.Norwich, Norfolk, England

. +Bridget White b: 1579 in Sturton Nottinghamshire, England d: 1643 in Massachusetts

Resource: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_Robinson_(scholar)

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Judaism-A Religion and a Nationality? How Come?

Nadene Goldfoot
Abram, later called Abraham
Here he is traveling from Ur (city in today's Iraq) to Canaan
with family; 
painting by Jozsef Molnar. 

Judaism started with the concept of one G-d.  Our ancestor, Abraham, started it all by realizing it  and teaching it to his family.  People of his days believed in many gods and made idols of their gods. This happened about 4,000 years ago in the 2nd millennium BCE (before the common era;  aka-BC to other people).
Abraham was born almost 4,000 years ago in the year of 1948 BCE or thereabouts.  His took for his wife, Sarah, who was his niece.  He wanted children and she wasn't getting pregnant, so he finally took her handmaiden, Hagar, an Egyptian princess.  She had Ishmael.  Finally Sarah was pregnant and had Isaac, a change of life baby.  Hagar had changed and Ishmael was mean to Isaac, so Sarah demanded that they leave the compound.  Here begins our story with Jacob, Abraham's grandson from Isaac.

Abraham had a son, Isaac, and his wife was Rebecca.   Isaac had twin sons, Esau and Jacob.   Jacob, the younger twin,  took 4 wives and then became the father of 12 sons and 1 daughter.

Jacob had married 2 sisters, Leah and Rachel, who were daughters of Laban. Laban was the brother of Rebecca.   Leah had 6 boys and a girl, Dinah, and Rachel had 2 boys.  He then had taken the handmaiden of each wife , Bilhah and Zilpah and each had 2 boys.  Abraham had 12 sons which started the 12 tribes of Israel.  They were called "Israel" because Jacob had gone through a transition of learning with a struggle with an angel  who  then changed his name to Israel.  So when we hear the name of Israel-it goes back to the Jacob that we knew.

Leah was the mother of:               Her handmaiden, Zilpah, was the mother of:
1. Reuben                                                         1. Gad
2. Simeon                                                         2. Asher
3. Levi
4. Judah
5. Issachar
6. Zebulun
7. Dinah

Rachel was the mother of:            Her handmaiden, Bilhah, was the mother of:
1. Joseph                                                          1. Dan
2. Benjamin                                                      2. Naphtali

The 12 sons of Israel had families but they all stayed together, and by the time they numbered 70, the weather had changed and they were in a terrible drought.  It was so bad that they decided to go into Egypt to find food and water.

It was so nice there that they stayed and grew in numbers to the point that they frightened the Egyptians with their numbers.  They were shepherds and raised sheep.  The Egyptians reacted by taking them all as slaves and used them to build storage cities and such.  It was a terrible life as a slave compared to the free one they had as shepherds.  From the time of entrance into Egypt to leaving, 400 years had gone by.  Finally an 80 year old Prince of Egypt who had been of the tribe of Judah but adopted by Egypt's princess, Moses, returned from the desert and had the power from G-d and his former position of power to rescue all 600,000 of the 12 Tribes of Israel and other slaves being held and take them back from whence they had come from:  Canaan.

Moses imparted all he learned from G-d as the Ten Commandments and 613 other rules to follow which they all followed.  This became their religion.

Their history continues on, and by 722-721 BCE, the Assyrians ( a huge force-like China and Russia together) attacked their country and took away the people of the northern part of Israel  where 10 of the 12 tribes were living.  Left were about half of the tribe of Benjamin and the tribe of Judah which was southernmost. The land then was called Judah after King Solomon died.)  The Benjaminites and Judah joined together at this point which was important for safety for almost 200 years later the Babylonians led by Nebuchadnezzar attacked and took most away to Babylon. (Babylonia had inherited the Assyrian holdings).   They were another powerhouse.

When left alone, Judah and the Benjaminites followed their religion as they had done before.  Because the people practicing this were Judeans for the most part, the religion became known as Judaism and the people following it were called the Jews.

No one knew what had happened to the 10 tribes who were taken away.  It was presumed they were killed or were taken very very far away.

Jews remained different from all other peoples who continued to believe in Pantheons of gods.  They had created their own culture around their one G-d religion.  They didn't mix in very well with others as their religion didn't let them mix so much that they would assimilate and therefore forget their religious ideas.  Others found they didn't want to mix with these strangers who believe in just one 
G-d, either.

So the Jews had very few intermarriages with others.  They took spouses from their own kind.  They became an endogamous society, something Muslims have also been doing with even closer relations.  Jews did not marry siblings as the Egyptians did.

Therefore, Judaism is a religion and it is nationalism as Israel, our one and only Jewish state, was created as a haven for Jews, who have been treated as the pariah of society by other nations simply because Jews would not convert to the religion of lands they lived in-having become stateless by 70 CE (Common Era-aka AD-Anno Domini which is Latin).  It was the Romans who burned down the Temple in Jerusalem and the whole city) when they had overcome the Israelites.

Jews were stopped by Christianity from proselytizing so never did practice that except in the beginning,  They were proselytized by Christians, of course, and didn't like it at all, so agreed that they didn't want to do to others what they didn't want to happen to themselves.  They felt that others would learn from them by seeing them doing good deeds.  The religion stresses behavior towards others of fairness, something this world wasn't seeing much of.

Judaism has evolved with the era it finds itself in.  It has many branches today of Reform, Conservative and Orthodox, much like politics has developed and evolved into the Left and Right attitudes.  DNA shows that we have been pretty much a closed society, sharing segments of DNA of our 23 chromosomes with other Jews or people with Jewish heritage that no longer practice.  They've assimilated, with a history of either being forced or of their own choosing.

 It is the oldest religion still in practice.  We are a small group today, 0.02% of the world population.  Our religion is still as powerful with great meaning as it was in its birth with Moses.  We all have Abraham to thank for being so strong-minded as to stick to his guns in that there was but one G-d.  It was the beginning of turning the world around in its attitude towards life and each other.  Moses developed that with his connection with the One G-d.

Israel has taken in the scattered Jews who have been living in countries all over the world.  We are even finding Lost Tribal members, still practicing Judaism and they have been returning to their ancient land.  To accommodate such a scattered group, Hebrew, the original language, is the spoken and written language of Israel.  Everyone had to learn to speak it again, though it has lasted in the written form and in prayers said in the synagogue.

Family Tree from Abraham for 4 generations

Descendants of Abram-Abraham

[3] Abram-Abraham b: in Ur of the Chalees d: in Hebron
.. +Sarai-Sarah d: in Hebron
. Isaac b: in Negev
..... +Rebekah b: in Aram
..... [2] Jacob-Israel d: in Goshen, E. Egypt age 147
......... +Leah b: in Aram
......... Reuben
......... Simeon
......... Levi
............. +Milkah
......... [1] Judah
............. +Daughter of Shua
......... *2nd Wife of [1] Judah:
............. +Canaanite Woman
......... *3rd Wife of [1] Judah:
............. +Tamar
......... Issachar
......... Zebulun
......... Dinah
..... *2nd Wife of [2] Jacob-Israel:
......... +Rachel
......... Joseph b: in Canaan, 18th-16th centuries BCE? Hyksos period (2500-1587 BCE) d: in age 110
............. +Asenath b: in Egypt
......... Benjamin
..... *Friend of [2] Jacob-Israel:
......... +Bilhah
......... Dan
......... Naphtali
..... *Friend of [2] Jacob-Israel:
......... +Zilpah
......... Gad
......... Asher
..... Esau
......... Mahalath
*2nd Wife of [3] Abram-Abraham:
.. +Hagar
. Ishmael
..... Basemath
......... Reuel
..... Kedar
*3rd Wife of [3] Abram-Abraham:
.. +Keturah