Saturday, August 8, 2015

Iranian Deal Problems Can't Be Ignored

Nadene Goldfoot                                                             
Coming from Washington Post's opinion writer, Charles Krauthammer, is some interesting news we haven't heard before about the Iranian deal of Democrats Secretary of State  John Forbes Kerry and President Barack Hussein Obama.
There have been secret side agreements between Iran and the Atomic Energy Agency concerning past acts and inspections on the Parchin military facility where Iran might have been testing nuclear detonation devices. This administration doesn't have any expectations to learning what the secret agreements were, which should be of #1 in importance.  They speak as if this is expected standard practice and is okay.

On Monday, August 3rd, Ali Akbar Velayati, head adviser to the Ayatollah which is a modern-day Haman position,  announced that, "Entry into our military sites is absolutely forbidden!"  Now, isn't that exactly what we need to do?  Especially there? 
Charles revealed that this could even allow Iran to do the selecting of soil samples from Parchin to the IAEA.  Iran has been seen bulldozing and sanitizing Parchin from up-to-date pictures by satellite cameras.  There are no real verification capabilities in this deal.    

UPdate: Deputy Foreign Minister, Abbas Araghchi, said Iran will not allow American or Canadian inspectors of the UN nuclear watchdog to visit its nuclear facilities - only monitors from countries with which it has diplomatic relations. Neither would IAEA inspectors have access to "sensitive and military documents."                                          

It's up to the Democrats now in Congress to vote on this Iranian deal which is a mockery.  If the congressmen trust Iran and think they will change and turn into a country as fair and friendly as Canada, they will vote for it.  If they realize that they are who they are and will not change, and most likely will then be able to carry out their threats to destroy Israel with an atomic missile, they will vote against it.  

One leading Democrat has already stated that he will not vote for it, and that is Senator Chuck Schumer, who is slated to replace retiring Senator Harry Reid as the Democrat leader.  He studied the deal for 3 weeks and listed his main concern was about inspecting anytime, anywhere inside the Iranian nuclear facilities.  He sees that in the first 10 years of the deal there are serious weaknesses in the agreement.  That 24 day delay to inspect is most bothersome and not appeased by Obama's explanation that uranium can be detected anytime.  That's only part of the problem.  Will these die-hard Democrats who follow Obama no matter what be vindictive and not accept Schumer now as head of the Democrats?  He's taking a chance to vote with his intelligence and not with his party, an attribute to be much admired in today's world.   
Netanyahu and Obama disagree about Iran deal.

However, siding with Obama is the group, J Street, who have placed ads on NBC for one, in 5 states saying that Israel backs the deal and they cite 3 Israelis in agreement. They say they are advocates of Israel, but I have never felt this from them.  Instead, I see them trying to control Israel to follow their set of ideas. Jeremy Ben-Ami is the leader, and funded and backed by George Soros, a multi-billionaire. In the USA they have become competitors of AIPAC, who back Israel.    J Street shows little  respect of Israel's Democratic rights.  

How does Israel feel about J Street's interferences?  The Israeli Embassy stated that Ambassador Michael Oren would not attend J Street's first national conference because J Street supports positions that may "impair" Israel's interest.   Oren has continued his criticism since the conference, telling Conservative rabbis meeting in Philadelphia that J Street "is a unique problem in that it not only opposes one policy of one Israeli government, it opposes all policies of all Israeli governments. It's significantly out of the mainstream."  Do you get it?  J Street doesn't know how Israel feels about anything and cares less.  It's all about how they feel that Israel should feel, and they are not living in Israel!  

 This ad is a farce, a lie,  since the majority of Israelis are as worried as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is about the deal and are not for it.  This is a deal with an outcome that most probably giving Iran the ability to harm Israel, and does not protect it.  Of course, first in harm's way is Israel and then it's the USA's turn.  

Ahmadinejad's own comment: Anybody who recognizes Israel will burn in the fire of the Islamic nation's fury”.  

Iran has been threatening to destroy this tiny country and all in it.  Iran is one of the 3 large countries supplying terrorists such as Hezbollah and Hamas who in turn attack Israel.  They are not "with democratic values," they are against them.  

Jack Rosen, American Jewish Congress on Schumer, JNi.Media


  1. stinks doesn't it?

    here is just a taste of what mr soros and his buddy globalists are up to.

    there is much much more as i have followed these players for nearly a decade. mentioned in this article is soros and solana (the man i have written about before who is a globalist among globalists like none other) who play big parts in the new world order which we know is now, and will in the future, badly mistreat israel (speaking in the prophetic). these (with many many others on board) strong arm things behind closed doors and at times come out with smiles for cameras afterwards, or exit stage left as to not be known as directly wielding power. soros in particular is much more known and unabashed in his role. the personal disdain for israel shows up in the glaringly bad policies aimed at israel that these men espouse.
    if memory serves me iran, russia, and china figure into the ezekiel 38-39 scenario and solana has done much over the years to get iran a prominent position on the world stage as it is enjoying now. it is hard to find some of the material now as to solana's role in the "roadmap for peace" and other jim dandy's he has authored or co-authored in today's global politics. he is an older man-but serves the global cause with all vigor that betray his years, and will forget more heads of states names than our own president will ever know.

    it is amazing as i read the news (especially from abroad) what is happening out there. we are about to wake up in a "brave new world" real soon nadene. real soon.

  2. Oh my gosh! He's up to more than just backing J Street! It sure does stink. You know the story behind Soros. He was in the Holocaust and just a kid, around age 12 had to do away with dead bodies from the furnaces-the remains. I think he must have done an 180 degree change then. So now with all his money he will continue to finish everybody off. Oy vah ah voy!. Brave New World Order is simply slipping back into the Middle Ages, I'm afraid, an eerie copy of some of our science fiction movies after an atomic war. It's terrible.


    he paved the way earlier on, as none other, for the iran deal that the world is looking at today.
    only some of what he is up to...........

  4. Good to know. Obama must be a follower of his, then.

  5. yes nadene. globalists, all of them. soros money in part bought obama the presidency and put out fires of controversy during the campaign while smearing others. bill clinton when president and leader of the free world, deferred to solana over kosovo...on and on and on it goes for decades. much more than meets the eye. i am not a person who goes looking for conspiracy theories but lots and lots of controversy surrounds these names and only the tip of the iceberg.

  6. i think obama is using the american presidency as his stepping stone to more in the coming world government. he has stayed steady on the course for ther globalists to help clean up some nasty villians out there-getting rid of competition so to speak-for the next level of really bad guys. i believe every bit of this is prophetic when i look at these movers and shakers and the resulting effect to create the biblical scenario. appears to be right on track..........
    nadene we will know soon enough. it is reaching critical mass very quickly now.