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Obama's Secrets Exposed About the Iranian Deal

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                          
Deals have been going on in the White House that the public hasn't known about, and are now coming out in the open thanks to reporters from MEMRI and others.  Obama won't consider a failure in his passing the bill about the Iran Deal because of all his secret meetings in the past going on behind our backs since 2011.
 "The deal, Obama said, “is not built on trust, it is built on verification.” That's what we are worried about, the verification.  Most intelligent people see that it can't be verified with the 24 day stipulations of staying away from sites with the flimsy excuse that radioactive material makes noises and can be discovered after 24 days.  Anyone with half a brain does not take the word of Iran in a deal like this.  Not when they have threatened Israel with death and destruction.  Now we find out that Obama and Kerry  have not been truthful about their meetings with Iranians.  
It seems as if John Kerry even before he became the Secretary of State, had been the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and had been asked in 2011 to negotiate with Iran about something other than the nuclear deal.  John had secret meetings with none other than then President Ahmadinejad, who hates Jews, and is a Holocaust denier, just like the Ayatollah.  In 2011 Obama let it be known through Kerry that he approved of Iran's right to operate a nuclear program. The Americans let it be known that they wanted to solve the nuclear issue and lift sanctions within 6 months while recognizing Iran as a nuclear power.

It was, of course, the Ayatollah who did not trust the Americans, but then agreed to look into it and negotiations began.   This was disclosed by the present Ayatollah of Iran, Ali Khamenei, who disagreed with Obama's statement that talks only began after the new President Rouhani was elected into this seat.  Interesting to see that we have 2 men saying they are telling the truth of a different timing that is most crucial.
According to Adam West, writer of my reference, John Kerry's letter to Iran said that the US recognizes Iran's rights regarding nuclear enrichment.  Then there were 2 more meetings in Oman between Iran and the US.  Sultan Qaboos of Oman was sent by Obama to Khamenei with Kerry's letter.  It was Sultan Qaboos who urged Khamenei to trust the USA again, but disagreed with the USA version of the story who said that it was on the basis of sanctions.
His Majesty, the Omani Sultan Qaboos b: 1940, When 20,  he entered The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst as an officer cadet.
Oman has been a broker in country's problems before. June 14th  news was that "Six detainees at the Guantanamo Bay detention center, including two alleged Usama bin Laden bodyguards, have been transferred to Oman, the Pentagon said Saturday.  “It’s extremely troubling that the Obama administration has sent six dangerous terrorists to Oman, which borders Yemen -- a country engulfed in civil war and that serves as the headquarters for al Qaeda’s most dangerous affiliate," said New Hampshire GOP Sen. Kelly Ayotte, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee." Oman is not big on human rights.  They jailed a man who wrote to the White House about it. 

 3 American hikers of July 31, 2009, were released through Oman's help 2 years later  "Each of the detainees was released after payment of 5 billion rial (about US $465,000)  bail was arranged by the Sultan of Oman..  Oman had helped negotiate the release of a kidnapped French woman. without having to pay any ransom.  "Oman borders Yemen and stands apart from its Gulf Arab neighbors in maintaining cordial relations with Iran which backs the Shiite Houthi rebels fighting in Yemen." Oman Air was used to evacuate US Embassy personnel like our Marine Security Guards from Yemen when the Houthi rebels pressed the city.  Adam West wants to know why the USA didn't use the USA Navy Amphibious Ready Group that sat off the coast of Yemen trained to do just this sort of evacuating of troops?  The USA actually broke established protocol to fly Marine and American personnel out of Oman and unlawful enemy combatants were then released to Oman.  Is there something going on between Obama and Oman?
So, this Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA "deal")  of 4 pages about what Iran is to do and not to do about nuclear material in their factories, had already been started in 2011.  Obama promised the Iranian that they could keep their nuclear program.  Why did he do that?  He's bound and determined to keep this promise  to the Ayatollah Khamenei.  He's not keeping his promise to Israel that if the deal wasn't the right deal, it would be shelved and that attacking the nuclear site was always an alternative and was still on the table.  As it was, Kerry didn't show me that he stopped anything from happening.  I saw the deal as giving, giving, giving in too much to be a useful deal.  Instead, now Iran will have economic sanctions lifted along with weapons embargoes lifted and will be free to pursue their goal of making atomic weapons to use on Israel.  This isn't statesmanship.  You know what it is.

"In 2007, when he was beginning his run for president, Senator Obama told a conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) that “the world must work to stop Iran’s uranium-enrichment program.”

"Under the deal, Iran will keep its entire nuclear infrastructure. After the IAEA certifies compliance with easy-to-meet requirements, U.N. Security Council resolutions pertaining to Iran’s nuclear program will be lifted and Tehran will get an estimated $100 billion in sanctions relief."


They promised they had Israel's back.  What did that mean?  In April of this year, " President Obama conducted an interview over the weekend with the New York Times, in which he stated, “I would consider it a failure on my part, a fundamental failure of my presidency, if on my watch or as a consequence of work that I’ve done, Israel was rendered more vulnerable.” Obama added that allowing for Israel to be weakened would “not just” be a “strategic failure,” but also a “moral failure.”  Obama refused to include that Iran recognize Israel as a state.  His excuse is that they're only asking for the nuclear deal.  Well, Israel doesn't feel safe at all.  The deal has weakened and has opened the door for an atomic bomb attack coming in on a missile at any time they get it built.  

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  1. so who does obama work for right????
    we know it is not the american people or any american/israeli interest is it?...............

  2. Andre, he sure isn't being a friend to Israel now, that's for sure. I'd say he's done a complete 180 degree turn against his only friend in the Middle East. If he was right and logical, he would have convinced Netanyahu, but certainly didn't. Netanyahu came up with more more reasons as to why it's a lousy deal. But Obama is not listening and his his mind made up before they even started working officially on the deal. Obama is working for Obama's interests. He's got a lot of Americans concerned, finally! I've been in a stew for the past 8 years! We know his wife started out with little respect for the USA until she became Mistress of the White House. Even that hasn't really won Obama over, has it. Somebody mentioned that he's still thinking and acting like a professor who doesn't have to make decisions, only pontificate. He's chosen sides, however, and may still be trying to impress the Middle Eastern minus Israel's part of the world with his actions, don't know. They still don't think much of him. That sang, STAND BY MY MAN goes through my mind. Well, he didn't stand by his friends. There's Ukraine, Israel, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen. What's left as to who he's working for? Russia? China? Kenya? Iran? Obama comes first. Somebody mentioned that he may be plotting to take Hillary out of the race by putting in Michelle Obama. I think the public has had enough of Obama change, at least I certainly hope so. HIllary is enough of a clone of Obama.

  3. i think he is a globalist. somebody helped put this virtual unknown in the white house. someone bought his elections right under the collective nose of an america that has been overconfident and puffed with pride and become lazy, increasingly immoral and ungrateful--forgetting how we got to such a lofty place under the sun. also someone has been dusting up his tracks around 2 continents where he grew up and helped fund him into high end schools. his family connections are communist/socialist. look at his terrorist buddy bill ayers as just one for instance and how he has status now in the light of the crimes he committed. and his mother was not your average all american girl was she? who backs him will come to light one day. he is part of a real network that has been working toward the globalist goal for a long long time.
    i think he has thrown america under the bus because he has a spot waiting for him on the world stage (well he hopes i would bet). the two stickiest points to address that have been most needing removed to get the global dream to realit, are the american economy/military might and the only free nation in the middle east-israel. the balance of power in the world is now dangerously up for grabs since those two things are tipped in the globalists favor having lost position in the worlds eyes-diminished greatly since he took office. not to worry-they plan to take care of all extremists (that were used a leverage for the break down-domestic as well as foreign like occupy movement and arab spring as just a couple examples) when they think they have the two sovereign biggies out of the way-in the case of america they have sufficiently finished the job--leaving israel the lone sitting duck. right now they are getting away with very much. nadene there is more coming up shortly in how this all goes down. if i were a betting person nadene i would wager that there will not get to be another american election. martial law-international law will be the law of the land-the globe. 100 years ago there were men dreaming this stuff up. look at how this is right on the doorstep of the world today!!!! too much to see now that can't be and won't be covered up any longer.

    but God! ;) in the time of His choosing, He will weigh in.
    this part they don't--they won't--see coming.........

    i know i sound ominous in what i am speaking to-nadene i can only hope i and others are wrong---------but will say this---it will not be long before we know because something is going to have to give.

  4. Perhaps it was Soros who helped to get Obama in the White House. It would have had to be someone with a lot of power in the Democratic party. Yes, his friendship with Ayers always bothered me, but more so the church he attended which was so terribly anti-Semitic. Anyone who plans to put him in a higher up position is going to be sadly disappointed. 8 years with us and what did he do but everything has become much worse with the gravest of all being what he's done with Iran. We do have September to look forward to. On a lighter tone, have you been able to watch Trump on TV? Oh my. He's certainly different, unlike any presidential contender I've ever seen. One couldn't dream all this up for a novel and have a character like he is as a believable character. It just doesn't happen.

  5. soros is not acting alone..........
    no nadene. i am not watching the debates or following trump. i am disgusted with the whole political scene actually. constant let down.....
    our president is unamerican in every sense of the word when i consider this from the constitution and our bill of rights-all of the ways we were governed at the beginning, with the balances of power rightly maintained. he is a despot in comparison and able to get away with it because so many of our citizenry are checked out at being responsible citizens so doing their own thing. as long as no one challenges their vices i guess, they will let him rule the way he wants, is the way it seems to me. and obama's church is not a church in the traditional sense . it is just a congregation giving God some very bad and pretty weird, even hostile lip service. it is not representative of anything christian-not a mainstream representation at all.
    but lots of things are weird out there these days......
    and these are the days equivalent to the last verse of the book of judges. no absolutes anymore-like everything is relative and even in language now it is like bill clinton's "it depends what your definition of is is".
    only God will tell us the whole truth. He wrote a Book, and i'm sticking with Him.

  6. You're right, Andre. No arguments from me. Obama has gotten away with so much without being truly challenged. Almost all the TV newscasters except Fox have ever challenged him and even O'Reilly has been challenged and has softened up. Someone is carrying the big stick.