Monday, August 17, 2015

John Kerry's Personal Connection to Iranians and Iran

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                                 
John Kerry and Mohammad Javad Zarif during talks on the Iran Deal about nuclear power

Seems as if the Secretaries of State have had a lot of their own personal secrets lately.  Clinton has had emails she didn't disclose, juicy or boring, we're just now learning what she didn't disclose on USA email, and now John Kerry, we find, has a personal connection to Iran.
Mohammad Javad Zarif b: January 1960) is an Iranian diplomat, academic and current Minister of Foreign Affairs. He has held various significant diplomatic and cabinet posts since the 1990s. Zarif is also a visiting professor at the School of International Relations and University of Tehran, teaching diplomacy and international organizations. He was the Permanent Representative of Iran to the United Nations from 2002 to 2007.  Zarif was also professor of international law at the University of Tehran. He served as the vice president of Islamic Azad University in charge of foreign affairs from 2010 to 2012. 
One of John Kerry's daughters,  Dr. Vanessa Bradford Kerry,  married 6 years ago  to Dr. Brian (Behrooz) Vala Nahid /(Dr. Behrouz Brian Vala Nahed) , an Iranian-American physician,  son of Nooshin P and Dr. Reza Vala Nahid, .  Part of the wedding preparations included Kerry attending a dinner party given by George Soros, billionaire,  at his Manhattan penthouse.  He also met the best man, Mahdi Zarif and his father, Mohammad Javad Zarif, who is today's Iranian Foreign Minister.  Zarif was the chief negotiator during the nuclear talks.  "Dr. Kerry and Dr. Nahed, both 32, are residents at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston where they married in her church. She is in her third year of a residency in internal medicine; he is in his fifth year of a residency in neurological surgery."  Dr.Brian Nahid's father is a pulmonologist and sleep medicine and critical-care physician, is the chief of staff at Holy Cross Hospital in Mission Hills, Calif. He also runs a private practice there, which is managed by the bridegroom’s mother.
Allen West
This surprise was revealed to us by former Congressman Allen West on his websiste 7/28/15 according to my resource listed below.  Zarif is rejecting this claim, but Allen West finds out a lot of information.  "Allen Bernard West is an American political commentator, former member of the United States House of Representatives, and retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel.""West's awards and decorations include the Bronze StarMeritorious Service Medal (two Oak Leaf Clusters); Army Commendation Medal (three Oak Leaf Clusters, one Valor Device); Army Achievement Medal (one Oak Leaf Cluster);Valorous Unit AwardAir Assault Badge; and the Master Parachutist Badge." 

He got into an incident involving an Iraqi policeman and was allowed to retire in 2004.  He had word that this policeman was going to ambush his unit and he put his unit first and stopped the policeman.  After West's retirement he received more than 2,000 letters and e-mails offering him moral support." 

 So being the true American that he is no matter what, I trust his reporting about Kerry.  Also, I'm not trusting the word of Zarif, who might be covering his tracks in fear of the Ayatollah for whatever reasons.  Maybe it's frowned on to be at a dinner of a billionaire in support of this marriage in the USA.  
Mohammad Javad Zarif, friend of Soros and Drs Nahid family?  
The Telegraph tells us that John Kerry and Zarif have met 23 times already but they maintained a business relationship during their negotiations.  "Deeply religious, he was known to interrupt the negotiations to complete his daily prayers. After which he returned, saying: "I fear only one true power."  Catholic John Kerry,71 and Mohammad Zarif, 55,  keep on negotiating, and through all their negotiations, they called each other by first name.  

Zarif is married and has a daughter and a son who were born in the US.   He met his wife in summer 1979 through his sister. They married in Iran but moved to New York within several weeks in the midst of the Iranian revolution.   In addition to his native Persian, he is fluent in English.                                                                        

Nadia/Neda Agha Soltan, Iranian casualty in Iran's "Revolution in 2009, a Philosophy student in the crowd , shot in her chest and died, hadn't been one of protesters, just got out of her car to see what was going on.  "Eyewitnesses at the scene of the shooting said Āghā-Soltān was shot by a member of the pro-government Basij militia."  the Mexican ambassador suggested it was the CIA who shot her. 

 "On 18 November 2008, Zarif claimed that Washington is conspiring to foment discord among Iranians in order to topple the Tehran government. He went on to say:  "The concept of a velvet revolution in Iran should not be considered as groundless fear."  That was in  when Iran thought there was a revolution starting, instigated by foreign government.  In 2009, John Kerry was "Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee".  

Being John Kerry's daughter has married an American Iranian doctor gives Kerry a close family relation to an Iranian with family strings and he didn't even mention this to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in his confirmation hearings.  The FBI's job is to check out US government officials like Kerry's position as Secretary of State and usually will not grant clearances who are married to nationals of an enemy nation or HAVING FAMILY MEMBERS LIVING IN THAT COUNTRY FOR FEAR OF DIVIDED LOYALTIES.    There has been no basic oversight and disclosure.  His daughter and new son-in-law did go to Iran after the wedding to visit his relatives.
SNOPES reports that "many of those articles repeated the claim that Mohammad Javad Zarif’s son was the best man at John Kerry’s daughter’s wedding.  We haven’t been able to independently confirm that piece of information yet, and Vanessa Kerry indicated to us that it wasn’t true:  Evidently there have been many articles about Kerry's daughter marrying an Iranian.  It's just never mentioned in the articles we read about in his political ventures with Iran.
"It is true that Kerry has a personal relationship with Zarif that predates the nuclear talks.  The diplomats' relationship was reported in a 2012 book by author Hooman Majd."  Whether there was no wedding party calling for a best man or not, that part stands over all rumors.  

I note that my cousin has married a Jewish Iranian doctor who had to escape out of Iran on a camel when a teenager with a group of other Jewish teens.  Being Jewish, they were being treated more harshly than the rest of the Muslim population.  He also resides in the USA.