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1947 UN Plans For Palestine And Arabs' Refusal

Nadene Goldfoot                                                
"UNSCOP (3 September 1947; see green line) and UN Ad Hoc Committee (25 November 1947) partition plans. The UN Ad Hoc Committee proposal was voted on in the resolution." This is the worst plan I have seen for Israel, yet our leaders were ready for acceptance with a few minor changes.  The plan was not  implemented because the Arabs attacked immediately and War broke out.  
68 years ago on November 29, 1947, the United Nations General Assembly met to pass or fail Resolution 181.  It was the United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine.  This was to create an independent Arab and an independent Jewish state on the land west of the Jordan River and to divide Jerusalem between the 2 parties.    For 30 years, this land had been held by Great Britain who had the mandate for it through the League of Nations which was passed onto the UN.
The countries against this were:  Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, the neighboring states of today's Israel.  Also voting against the 2 states were Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Turkey, Afghanistan, and  Pakistan, India and Greece.  Cuba also voted against it being against most things others voted for.  That made 14 against.
Some countries remained neutral, not wanting to anger the opposition and not caring to back a Jewish state.  The United Kingdom was on this list.  Also abstaining were Mexico, Honduras and El Salvador,  the Central American states.  Argentine, Chile and  Colombia, the South American states, and China, Ethiopia and Yugoslavia also abstained.  That was 10 noncommittal states not wanting to "mix in."
Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela voted yes.
Argentina, Chile and Columbia abstained.  
        The supporting states were The United States, Canada,  New Zealand, Australia, Union of South Africa, USSR (Russia),  Byelorussian SSR, Ukrainian SSR,  France, Belgium,  Czechoslovakia, Luxemburg,  Poland,  Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands,  the Central American states of Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama; and South American states of Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.   Iceland, Liberia, the Philippines, Dominican Republic and Haiti  also voted yes.  That was 33 states backing Israel as a state.

The Arabs didn't want a state at this time.  It wasn't until after 1967 and again after 1973, wars the Muslim countries and the Palestinians started, that they decided to push for a state, but on their terms only,
Though the Jews accepted the plan, the Arabs did not.  "Arab leaders and governments rejected the plan of partition in the resolution and indicated an unwillingness to accept any form of territorial division.  They argued that it violated the principles of national self-determination in the UN charter which granted people the right to decide their own destiny."   They reacted with immediate violence.  Since then they have been against any proposal brought up.  

In April 1948, units of Arab irregulars crossed into the country from Syria, Lebanon and Egypt to reinforce local Arabs in their attacks on Jewish villages, towns and cities.  They tried to block the main roads.  
1948 and Golda Meir is following the vote.  

May 14, 1948 is when the Brits left Palestine and Jews announced the birth of Israel.  Jews had been attacked since November 29, 1947 in their War of Independence.  Israel was immediately invaded after their announcement by the regular armies of Egypt, Transjordan, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.  A Saudi-Arabian contingent also came.  The next day, Azzam Pasha, Secretary-General of the Arab League announced from Cairo:  THIS WILL BE A WAR OF EXTERMINATION AND A MOMENTOUS MASSACRE WHICH WILL BE SPOKEN OF LIKE THE MONGOLIAN MASSACRES AND CRUSADES.                                                                                   
1948 Jewish soldiers fighting in Katamon, Jerusalem

Was it what he wished on Israel something that boomeranged on themselves?  They lost the battle.  Israel won.  Israel only had 650,000 people then.  Their army was 5 minutes old and of course poorly equipped, but they managed to drive back the invading forces.  Their little army penetrated into the Sinai peninsula in order to drive out the Egyptian invaders.  
War of Independence 1948

Jewish Commanders and leaders at this time were David Ben-Gurion, Yaakov Dori, Yigael Yadin, Yigal Allon and Menachem Begin.  Ben-Gurion served for 2 days until Chaim Weizmann was voted in as President on May 16, 1948 and he stayed in until February 17, 1949.  
David ben-Gurion
Chaim Weizmann with Emir Feisal at meetings 

Arabs were Fawzi al-Qawuqii,  and Abd al-Qadir al-Husayni.  
The Brits were led by Gordon MacMillan.  
Nephew of Haj Amin al-Husseini, Sherif of Jerusalem.
 It is Abd al-Qadir al-Husayni b: 1907; d: 1948
Jews lost 6,000 Israelis who were killed in the War of Independence, more than in all the next wars combined.  

The violence did not stop until the signing of Armistice Agreements in 1949.  It was temporary, since war broke out again in 1956, 1967, and 1973.  

Egypt made peace on March 26, 1979.  
Jordan's King Hussein made peace on October 26, 1994.  


Syria is down to a little bit of their own land with President Assad.  IS has taken over much of the land.
Iraq is overrun by IS. Fighting in their land has been going on since 2001.  
Lebanon is overrun by Hezbollah terrorism.
Yemen has been overrun by terrorists, Houthi rebels.   Saudi Arabia attacked hospital.  
Afghanistan and Pakistan have had fighting in their lands by the Taliban terrorism,  Russians and Americans.  They have been suffering.  
Turkey has angered Russia, filled with terrorists.
Saudi Arabia has never allowed Jews in their country but may have to ally with Israel against Iran.
Cuba has suffered from isolation, now Americans will be visiting.
Greece has suffered from financial problems.
India is making friends with Israel.  

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By David Harris
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