Sunday, August 16, 2015

Opposing Views from Fareed Zakaria and Ron Dermer on The Iran Deal

                                                  Nadene Goldfoot                                                             
Fareed Zakaria, CNN commentator
Ron Dermer, Israeli Ambassador to USA

Fareed Zakaria's Global Public Square (GPS) program early this morning at 7:00am presented opposing views as to the validity of Obama and Kerry's Iran deal over their nuclear capabilities. Fareed presented a letter he read to the audience to Senator Schumer telling him he was wrong and asking him to change his opinion and back the Iran Deal.  Ron Dermer was given a short period in which to present his case as to why it is a bad deal and why he feels it threatens the survival of Israel.  Fareed even threw in a Rabbi Harold Robinson,  who was for the deal and mentioned that Iran was said to be threatening Israel for the past 20 years and nothing had happened.

Ron was not coming down on Obama and Kerry in any way.  He said he felt they believed they were protecting Israel, but that Israel disagreed with their logic.  He felt the sanctions would stay in place if the deal was voted down by the USA.
September, 2012, Netanyahu spoke to UN about Iran being close to creating enough power for a bomb
  He mentioned that indeed, Netanyahu has been warning countries for some time now, but that no American understands Iran better than Netanyahu.  Here he is warning the UN.  I noted that the Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice,  walked out when he started to speak, saying later that she had a luncheon date. The audience was slim, minus so many people-on purpose.  Very disrespectful.
Fareed asked if it was worth it to disagree and anger Obama and Ron said that it was more important to protect their population and state and has put that security first.

None see the Iran deal through eyes of people on the receiving end, the Israelis and the Arab states who are in agreement with Israel.  Though the USA has been hit by Iran during these past 36 years, it hasn't been on our mainland and evidently most Americans feel safe with these measures in place and trust the Iranians in carrying them out, as flimsy as they are, for they don't want to think  about attacking these sites.  This plan seems to be the best plan they could come up with.  Well, I say that Kerry and his entourage just didn't know how to bargain with the Iranians and mean it!  .

I just listened to the end of this segment on the web to doublecheck, and I swear that this segment had been cut from my earlier viewing.  Could that be possible?

Obama is advancing a strong argument that has been found defective.  Is everyone willing to say that there are no other measures to use to defend everyone?   Is this really the best the USA is willing to do?  It's not the same program they set out to accomplish.  They have given into Iran too too much and now are defensive about it.  They had promised that if they didn't get the deal they went after, they would drop it and have alternate plans.  What happened?


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