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Yasser Arafat's Palestine Authority and Our Denial

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                              

Mohammed Yasser Abdel Rahman Abdel Raouf Arafat, (born August 24, 1929-died November 11, 2004),  better known as  Yasser Arafat, , was the Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization or PLO.  He was a terrorist leader.   He was then President of the Palestinian National Authority or PNA,  and then called PA, and leader of the Fatah political party and former paramilitary group, which he founded in 1959.  He was born in Egypt and opposed to Israel's existence.    In 1988 he modified his position when he accepted the UN Security Council Resolution 242.  Fatah operated from several Arab countries.  They were in a civil war with Jordan and were forced out of there and into Lebanon.  

By 1991 he started to be in on a series of negotiations with Israel to supposedly end the conflict with the PLO.  This was the Madrid Conference of 1991 and the 1993 Oslo Accords and then the 2000 Camp David Summit. In 2003, Arafat ceded his post as Prime Minister to Mahmoud Abbas because of pressure by the USA.  
 Others denounced him for being corrupt or too submissive in his concessions to the Israeli.  It had paid off for him, though.  In 1994 he received the Nobel Peace Prize with Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres for the work at Oslo which is now defunct.In 2004 he was confined to his Ramallah compound for over 2 years by the IDF. Also, in 2004, President Bush said Arafat was not a negotiating partner anymore because he had failed as a leader and accused him of undercutting Abbas when he was prime minister.  Abbas had resigned the same year he was given the position.   

He became ill, fell into a coma and died on November 11, 2004 at age 75.  Many accuse him of mass corruption and secretly amassing a personal wealth to be $1.3 billion dollars by 2002 even though the Palestinian people were suffering from degrading economic conditions.  His widow is worth millions now.  


          Mahmoud Abbas, born March 26, 1935, alias Abu Mazen, is the present Chairman of the PLO and has been since Arafat died.  He has also been the President of the State of Palestine since January 15, 2005.  He is a member of Fatah Party/terrorists.  He was elected to have this position until January 9, 2009, but due to the internal conflicts of the party, he extended his term for another year and another till today.  He's also the Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority and has been since March to October 2003.  One of his chief negotiators is Saeb Erekat.

Now, many realize that Hamas, who had kicked out Abbas and the Fatah members from Gaza, must go and Egypt and others wish to replace the power with Abbas's Fatah.  They did once recognize Israel, yet they do everything to teach hatred for this state and hatred for Jews.  They teach it in their school system and in their outdoor functions where they celebrate killers of Israelis.

Everyone is in denial of who they have been and are today.  They were terrorists just like Hamas only not as ferocious.  It's like being given the choice of the devil or the deep blue sea.  We now have a need to like the PA.  We have to use them, yet they have been so insidious in their hatred of Jews.  We can't forget that they united with Hamas, accepting their charter which was to destroy Israel and to kill Jews.  How are they ever going to overcome Hamas when they failed before?

The people of Gaza have suffered from Hamas rule. Yet they've been like sheep taking orders of staying put when Israel gave multiple warnings to leave an area that was to be bombed.  They were human shields that didn't shield anything but had their lives taken instead.  They're the ones who cheered during 9/11 when 3,000 Americans were killed.  They cheer and pass out candy and party when they hear of an Israeli killed.  They've been so brainwashed that even Abbas will have his hands full in trying to direct them or get them to respond to him after electing Hamas violent terrorists. It's like asking the rooster to guard the hen house from the foxes.   Both Hamas and Fatah are 3 generations bred on hatred for Israel.  This is not like asking Canada to step in and become the governor for Gaza.

Already there are rumors that TASI (Terrorist Assassins of Syria and Iraq) - aka IS, aka ISIS,  has been inside Gaza adding their talents to the minds of these local terrorists.  They're probably drumming up members for their group of murderers and thieves.   In order to trust the PA, they're going to have to change again and undo their connection with Hamas and follow Israel's request of ridding Gaza of tunnels, ammunition, rockets, missiles and mortars and live peacefully with Israel.  Then, and only then can they plan on opening up to the world and learning some economic facts that Israel tried to help them with  in 1967 after the Six Day War.  They wouldn't listen then,  too bent on destroying Israel.  Forty-seven years later, maybe there's hope for peace.

Yet the problem remains with Judea and Samaria, Israel's ancient lands that Abbas's Fatah want for their "Palestine."  It is impossible for Israel to be surrounded with a hateful nation on either side of them to the left and to the right.  No other country in the world has to put up with this.  Palestine is to be Judenrein, free of all Jews.  How delightful considering Israel is made up of 1.7 million Arabs whose ancestors did not run away to return later planning on taking over all the Jewish homes on the command of their leaders when they attacked Israel in 1948.  They stayed along with the Jews, and they have been rewarded with full citizenship in the new state.  Abbas's Fatah, the leader of Palestine, is not doing this out of religious reasoning like Saudi Arabia who doesn't allow Jews to step on their soil, g-d forbid, but out of spite and narrow minded thinking.  It comes from the 3 NOs sworn by the Arabs in 1967 right after they all lost the war against Israel.  That has to be changed.

It's amazing to me that Germany and Japan were our 2 enemies in WWII and now they are our good friends.  If the Far East and West can do it, why can't the Arabs of the Middle East do it?  Change your attitude, think out of your confined mental boxes and accept Israel.  My gosh, this is the year 2014.  We can go to the moon, saves lives we couldn't 2,000 years ago, watch action on TV, press a button and have instant information, but we haven't learned to live in peace and respect each other and their property.                                                                            


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NO Negotiations Under Fire in Cairo

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                            

The 11th cease fire trial commenced. August 20th is the 45th day of Operation Protective Edge.   It was  5 day cease fire this time and was to be up Tuesday, August 19th at midnight.  Instead, Hamas broke it earlier at 4:00pm in the afternoon and commenced through midnight to fire 50 rockets.  6 of them were intercepted by the Iron Dome.  The rockets hit Tel Aviv and Jerusalem as well as other areas, so these were the long distance ones.

Because his country was under fire, Netanyahu ordered the Israeli delegation in Cairo to stop the talks and return home.  They were under attack.  They are not about to talk under fire.  Over 100 rockets were fired since midnight after that. The number now is up to 200 rockets.  Israel tried to take out the Hamas military leader, Mohammad Deif in an air strike, but possibly got his wife and son instead.  Netanyahu had told Hamas that he would strike back 7 times as hard if they kept firing rockets at Israel.  Hamas is vowing more strikes.

Mark Regev has been the spokesman for Israel on CNN and was called upon to explain this.  Israel had accepted the Egyptian plan on July 15th for there to be a complete cease fire, and then to have talks about the issues the Palestinian Arabs are now bringing up like border crossings.

They just don't seem to be able to sustain the required cease fire periods expected.  If they can't follow these directions, how is Israel to trust them to behave as normal people and grant such things as border crossings that no doubt would bring killers into their country?  A ceasefire, a complete cease fire is the foundation of talks.

The Palestinians retort back that Israel is dragging its feet.  They demand to have the borders opened.  Ugh, there's a reason for fences and gates with padlocks.  That's to keep invaders out, and the Palestinians haven't shown that they're anything but invaders trying to destroy this state of Israel.

Who's a big enough idiot to jump at the chance to allow all sorts of rights to a people who have been trying to destroy Israel since before 1958?  The Palestinians after 11 tries kept on breaking the cease fire period.  Imagine!


Living in Judea and Samaria for 3,285 Years and Now Jews are Illegals There?

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                        

                                       Tribes of Israel and Where They Were to Live

Jews were living in Judea and Samaria ever since about 1271 BCE which is when Moses died and sent Joshua to lead the children of Israel into Canaan.  They lived there as a Kingdom with King Saul and were there for 1,170 years until 70 CE when the Romans attacked.  Some Jews have managed to remain there all this time even though many had left as slaves or were simply fleeing from their burning city and the Roman soldiers.   Today they're considered as illegals, just as Mexicans are who are in the USA illegally.  It's like telling native Americans that they have to get out of the USA; no Indians allowed.  It brings about pangs of guilt to many Americans to realize how the whites treated the native Americans such as forcing the Cherokees on the Trail of Tears to Oklahoma where they were allowed to live.  We seem to be slow in recognizing injustices to our fellow man and feeling that injustice.  Most can only do it in retrospect.

Any creation of a Palestine will force a half a million Jews out according to Abbas who wants a Judenrein state.(a state without even one Jew).  This little fact is thrown into the face of Jews who have taken as citizens into their Israel 1.7 million Arabs.
                            Israel and Judah and the other Neighboring Kingdoms

The Kingdom of Israel was created first, and later Judah in 933 BCE  which became Judea after the Roman invasion.  Samaria, founded in 880 BCE by King Omri,  is really Israel since Samaria was the capital.  Jerusalem was a part of Judah when the divide between the 2 states occurred.  Judea and Samaria remained Jewish states.  Samaria was attacked by the Syrians but fell in 721 BCE to Sargon II of Assyria who resettled it with Cutheans who intermingled with the remnants of the former population, and were the ancestors of the Samaritans.  It became a Macedonian colony in 331 BCE.  John Hyrcanus took Samaria in 107 BCE and razed it, but it was restored by Pompey. King  Herod renamed it Sebaste which was Greek for Augusta to honor Augustus Caesar.  He built a new wall for it, a temple of Augustus, a forum, a basilica and an aqueduct.  It was a city that was active in Roman times, especially in the 3rd century CE.  It fell apart in Byzantine times and shank to village size in the Arab period after 632 CE.  Today the name of Samaria means the entire northern region of the central highlands of Eretz Yisrael.

In 135 CE, the Romans had to fight a Jewish General for 3 years, Bar Kokhba, which was the longest period they had ever fought in those days.  It made them so angry that they renamed the land Palestine which stuck until 1948.  The land was originally named in Hebrew as Eretz Canaan and later it was called Eretz Israel. When questioned, an Arab would say he was a Syrian Arab.   It's only been in recent years that Arabs living in Palestine have called themselves Palestinians.  Jews were also living in "Palestine" and were "Palestinian Jews, but when Israel was created in 1948 they could say they were Israelis.
For 1878 years, from 70 to 1948 CE, the Land was ruled by foreign governments and never by the people which lived in it.  Its frontiers underwent changes, according to the administrative interests of the ruling power.  Its name was also changed by successive rulers to suit their needs.

An important period was the 400 years that Palestine was under the Ottoman Empire from 1516 to 1917. " Palestine was conquered by Turkish SultanSelim II in 1516–17, and became part of the province of Syria for the next four centuries."
When Israel was against established on May 14, 1948, we find that Jews had still been living in Judea and Samaria, our ancient land.  For some reason, the British had decided in their deliberations in holding the mandate and before was that Judea and Samaria was to become Arab land in their idea of a 2 state decision which the Arabs immediately refused.  They've held this opinion ever since until 1967 when heads of Arab states started pushing them for the idea.  The population of Israel in 1948 was 650,000.   This is when Jordan illegally  occupied the territory.  "Egypt had confiscated Jewish-owned land against international humanitarian law".

In 1967, all the Arab nations closest to Israel attacked with the aim to eliminate Israel.  A war lasting 6 days in which Syria, Egypt, Jordan and Iraq attacked Israel and Israel, despite all odds, won against this horrendous horde. Algeria, Kuwait, Libya, Morocco, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Tunisia supported it, and of course the PLO were the active Arab Palestinians fighting against the little state as well.   Afterwards when meeting in Khartoum in August 1967, the Arabs decided on 3 NOs.  No peace, no negotiations and no recognition of Israel.  No wonder John Kerry didn't make any advances in peace.  It had already been decided.

DateJune 5–10, 1967
LocationMiddle East
ResultDecisive Israeli victory
Israel captures the Gaza Strip and the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt, theWest Bank (including East Jerusalem) from Jordan, and theGolan Heights from Syria.
          Israeli Paratroopers in Jerusalem at the Western Wall in 1967 After winning the War 

 Since 1948, no Jew was allowed to go in this part of Jerusalem until the luck of Jordan attacking Israel along with all the other Arab nations and losing.  They thought they'd gain all the land and that would have been the end of Israel.  No doubt the International Court would pronounce that act as legal.  Instead, Israel won.  It was their belief and trust in Moses and G-d that brought them here in the first place and undoubtedly, their belief if G-d that helped them to win this battle as well.  This was to be their land as directed by G-d who must have known what he was saying, since upon leaving by force in 70 CE, life has sucked!  They needed to be back in their own land.  Otherwise they were the scapegoats of the world, the cause of everyone's problems, so the people of those lands kept exclaiming.  No way, the only way was back home.

"The International Court of Justice advisory ruling (2004) concluded that events that came after the 1967 occupation of the West Bank by Israel, including the Jerusalem Law, Israel's peace treaty with Jordan and the Oslo Accords, did not change the status of the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) as occupied territory with Israel as the occupying power."   Israel does not accept this and also has international lawyers to disprove this.   How can it still be in Jordan's hands when they attacked and lost the war?  That's the whole idea of why countries attack each other; to take land.   To me, Israel was not occupying the land, they were regaining their own land back.  It was not a part of the an Arab nation even though it had been held for such a decision in 1948.  It had been refused by the Arabs.  

After all, it had been in Jewish hands from the time of King Saul of the 11th century BCE, Israel's first king, son of Kish of the tribe of Benjamin.  It remained so until 70 CE.  That's a good 1,170 years of being  Jewish lands.  We have a very long history of inhabiting this particular piece of land.  King David lived from 1010 BCE to 970 BCE and was the 2nd king of Israel.  King Solomon, his son, was the 3rd.  .

"No nation on earth other than Britain and Pakistan recognized Jordan’s claim to Judea and Samaria. … Even the Encyclopedia Britannica, as well as official British and Ottoman records until 1950, used the term Judea and Samaria, and not the West Bank.”    "The San Remo Resolution of 1920 “recognized the exclusive national Jewish rights to the Land of Israel under international law, on the strength of the historical connection of the Jewish people to the territory previously known as Palestine."

The New Jewish Encyclopedia
Facts About Israel

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Beheading of Journalist James Foley By ISIS ?

JamesFoley was a 40 year old photo journalist "" for the news outlet GlobalPost." and was kidnapped on November 22, 2012 in Syria.  Supposedly he was just beheaded by ISIS in Iraq according to CNN.  So far his boss said it was unconfirmed.    The news organization's co-founder Charles Sennott said today there is "no reliable proof that this execution is authentic" and that they're working to gather information.  Investigators have said they believe Foley is being held by the government near Damascus with one or more Western journalists, but the Foleys said they're less sure about that information now."  CNN says the beheading is on video tape.  

Foley was captured by Libyan forces in 2011. His captors then allowed him to make a phone call to confirm he was alive. The family has had no contact with him since his Thanksgiving Day abduction in Syria.  Another journalist is being held and will be beheaded if USA doesn't stop air strikes in Iraq.  The White House has condemned this act.  


                                                        Danny Pearl, Journalist (1963-2002) 

One has to remember Daniel Pearl.  " He  was a journalist with American and Israeli citizenship. He was kidnapped by Pakistani militants and later murdered by Al-Qaeda, ISIS's forerunner by beheading on February 1, 2002.  Khalid Sheikh Mohammed stated that he had personally beheaded Pearl.  Daniel's mother was a Jewish lady from Iraq.  

One Pakistani guard told "I think he understood that he was going to be killed and refused to accept tea or to gulp pills. He even did not allow himself to be injected."
Before he was murdered, they forced him to relate his Jewish background and express sympathy with detainees in Guantanamo Bay before putting the knife to his throat once - and then again, a second time, owing to the faulty camera.
One of those present told police: "When they were slaughtering him in front of me I thought it was a bad dream. I had seen the cutting of a goat or chicken many times, but had never seen a human being slaughtered in front me."


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Another Cease Fire Ending Midnight Tuesday Aug. 19th-20th and Then What?

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                     

All this time, Hamas has been raining down rockets, mortars and missiles on southern Israel.  There has never been any demands made from them.  We knew from their charter that they were trying to drive Israel into the sea and that they would never accept Israel as a Jewish state.
On Saturday, Hamas leader Khaled Mashal said his group would not back down from any of its demands, which include opening all border crossings with Gaza; building a seaport and an airport; and an end to Israeli settlement building.

The talks on Sunday reportedly will be centered around an Egyptian proposal calling for an indefinite cease-fire, with talks on Palestinian demands, including a Gaza seaport and airport, to begin in a month. Under the proposal, negotiations for the remains of two Israeli soldiers held by Hamas in exchange for Palestinian prisoners would be postponed.

"A five-day cease-fire ends at midnight Tuesday.
Hamas’ foreign affairs spokesman, Osama Hamdan, said Saturday that Israel could accept the group’s terms or prepare for a prolonged war of attrition. He also said that Hamas tunnels will continue to be a “strategic threat” to Israel and its rockets will be more precise “next time.”

Lovely.  Israel is carrying on a war with terrorists who are as bad as ISIS.  Obama has stopped a shipment of much needed rockets from the Pentagon for Israel because they did not pin point their targets as well as he thought they should.  I wonder if he's ever tried to do this?  The fact that the rockets from Gaza came from behind children and women in public buildings, a new way of fighting, causes Obama to believe that Israel should not have shot anything at them.  This is what Hamas has been hoping for.  

When your whole country is threatened as all of Israel is now with rockets from Gaza hitting corners of the little state, you have 2 choices; remain in bomb shelters for weeks until the next cease fire (?) and not fight back and then wait a bit more for the terrorists to come out of their tunnels into your land and slaughter all the people, or fight back.  Israel has chosen to fight back.  It's come down to this;  Israel's people or Hamas's people.  Israel has the Iron Dome but can't use it for every rocket shot into the land and it's only 90% accurate.  

Israel did the right thing by warning everyone when and what they would have to do, whereas Hamas told them to stay put.  What they were doing was sacrificing their women and children for the cause of ending Israel's existence.

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Human Sacrifice Among Canaanites

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                        


If I were the leading Palestinians, I'd quit saying I was a descendant of the Canaanites.  First of all, none of them exist anymore.  They were done for when Joshua and the Israelites entered Canaan and had a battle over the land which started in 1271 BCE  That was 3,285 years ago.  The Israelites won and the few Canaanites that were  left alive were soon taken into the population through marriage.  Any Canaanite genes that were passed on are in the Jews of today in very small quantity if indeed they've lasted that long.

G-d explained his plan in that it wasn't because the Israelites were so pure and perfect that they were to have the land but that the Canaanites were so evil.  G-d had also promised the Patriarchs of the Israelites that he would lead them there.  The Canaanite religion was immoral and inhumane.  They practiced every abomination imaginable.
They sacrificed people and that included their sons and the killing of their aged parents.  Akiba (40-137 AC) cited a particularly loathsome instance of such a murder, which he himself had witnessed.  He was Rabbi Akiba or Akiva ben Joseph.  Many of the comments in the Babylonian Talmud are written by him.  He taught Judaism in his travels and because he did that was tortured by the Romans.  They flayed his skin with iron combs.

Human sacrifice was the practice among the primeval Greeks and Romans, Celts, Slavs, and Scandinavians.  It was used among the Germans down to late Roman times.  This was also widespread among the ancient Semites, especially in times of national danger or disaster.  Excavations in Israel  at Gezer, Taanach, and Megiddo have revealed regular cemeteries around the heathen altars in which skeletons of scores of babies have been found, showing traces of slaughter and partial consumption by sacrificial fire.  "According to Pliny the Elder, human sacrifice in Ancient Rome was abolished by a senatorial decree in 97 BCE, although by this time the practice had already become so rare that the decree was mostly a symbolic act."

Israel's fight against this hideous aberration of the religious sense began with the story of the sacrifice of Isaac and was continued throughout the centuries.   Many cultures show traces of prehistoric human sacrifice in their mythologies and religious texts, but ceased the practice before the onset of historical records. Some see the story of Abraham and Isaac (Genesis 22) as an example of anetiological myth explaining the abolition of human sacrifice.

 It is an irony of history that the one People, Jews,  who for a thousand years fought this horror of eating blood have suffered from the libellous accusation of ritual murder and the use of human blood for religious purposes, such as with the Damascus Affair in 1840 , an accusation of Jews using blood in matzos and such.

"Deut 18:10 explicitly states "Let no one be found among you who sacrifices their son or daughter in the fire". Jer 7:31 states that sacrificing a child by fire, even to Him, had never been commanded nor entered God's mind."

Even in the 20th Century, this horrible and Satanic lie was officially levelled against Israel in the Beilis trial at Kieff in 1913; and then it was broadcast by Nazi leaders in their campaign of ruin against the Jewish population of Germany.  In regard to the Nazi resurrection of the fable of ritual murder, it is well to recall that in 1912 no less than 215 non-Jewish leaders in German public life, learning, literature, theology, science, and the arts, issued a protest against this cruel and utterly baseless libel on Judaism.  They wrote:  "this unscrupulous fiction, spread among the people, has from the Middle Ages until recent times led to terrible consequences.  It has incited the ignorant masses to outrage and massacre, and has driven his-guided crowds to pollute themselves with the innocent blood of their Jewish fellow-men.  And yet not a shadow of proof has ever been adduced to justify this crazy belief."

Deuteronomy XII, 23-28 warns against using or eating blood.  This law is mentioned as early as Genesis IX,4 and is repeated in Lev. XVII, 11.13; XIX, 26.  The Jewish method of slaughter and the salting of meat have as one of their main purposes the draining away of the blood so as man could not ingest any of it.

Another practice in primitive man was to eat a limb torn from a living animal, and that became a law Jews couldn't  do.  Blood was looked up as the life.  The law said that "though shall not eat the life with the flesh."  Even the blood that remains in an animal after the flow of blood has ceased is prohibited.  Another commentator, Ibn Ezra, suggested that the use of blood would have a demoralizing effect upon the moral and physical nature, and pass on a hereditary taint to future generations.  Blood was to poured out upon the earth as water.  "Thou shalt not eat it.

It was very scary for the Israelites who had been walking for 40 years to come to their goal and be told they had to fight for the land in 1271 BCE.  Deuteronomy's advice in VII 17 was: "If thou  shalt say in thy heart;  "These nations are more than I;  how can I dispossess them?  thou shalt not be afraid of them;  thou shalt well remember what the Lord thy G-d  did unto Pharaoh, and unto all Egypt;  the great trials which thine eyes saw, and the signs, and the wonders, and the mighty hand, and the outstretched arm, whereby the Lord thy G-d brought thee out;  so shall the Lord thy G-d do unto all the peoples of whom thou art afraid."  The victory belonged to G-d, not to Israel.

While working in Montana with children who had been abused, I found out that some of them had belonged to some sort of Devil's Cult and had experienced or seen infant sacrifice.  This is happening today.

Resource: Pentateuch and Haftorahs II, edited by Dr. J.H. Hertz, chief Rabbi of the British Empire, Volume II Numbers, Deuteronomy, Deuteronomy XII, 31
Cecil Roth, The Ritual Murder Libel and the Jew, London, 1935
A Book of Jewish Thoughts, Oxford edition, p. 181.

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ISIS (The Islamic State) Now in Gaza Embedded with Hamas

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                               

In late June the Egyptian newspaper, Al-Masry Al-Youm, reported that Egyptian security forces arrested 15 ISIS terrorists (Daash) who tried to infiltrate into the Sinai from the Gaza Strip.  They were arrested and said they had been instructed to begin the formation of an ISIS branch in Egypt among terrorist groups in the Sinai.

Now the PA and Israel are convinced that ISIS has been in Gaza and has been shooting some of the rockets into Israel.  This means they are embedded with Hamas terrorists.  Last month ISIS uploaded a video clip on YouTube on July 8th showing rockets launched at Israel called "The Salafist-jihadi movement in the Gaza Strip.  ISIS launches rockets at the Jews, and it showed about 10 rockets shot into Israel.

Of course Hamas says it's all a lie.  They could have even messaged ISIS to come and help them and they would join together.  Hamas's Interior Ministry denied the report and says that all tunnels between Gaza and Egypt have been closed by the Egyptians who found and destroyed them.  Iyad Al Bezem, Hamas interior spokesman, said that there aren't any ISIS in Gaza.  I say, "since when have they told the truth?"  Even the PA does not believe them.The Salafist group of radical jihadi ISIS who just changed their name to The Islamic State, proclaimed on June 29th that it was an Islamic caliphate.

 Baghdadi, the leader, claimed religious authority over all Muslims in the world, and said he has ushered in a "new era of international jihad."   To my knowledge, Baghdadi needs to prove his descent from Mohammad and the only way to do this scientifically today is through a DNA Y haplogroup test. He hasn't mentioned one.   One such person is the King of Jordan who is a direct descendant and holds this right to claim a caliphate but has not.  Baghdadi was born and educated in Baghdad.  The highest achievement he is known to have is a PhD and plenty of dead bodies in his wake.  Anyone who does not adhere to his Salafist life-style is beheaded.

To prove it, the group has exterminated at least 500 people of Iraq's Yazidi Kurdish ethnic minority and buried some of its victims alive.  Some 300 Yazidi women were kidnapped as slaves and around 150,000 Yazidi Kurds, who have been trapped by ISIS on Iraq's Sinjar mountains, were currently homeless and starving, though the USA has now air dropped enough food and water.
We know Baghdadi  has come in through Syria and has taken the border between Syria and Iraq, and than has taken much of Iraq including Mosul but not Baghdad yet.  He has as a goal taking all of Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan and Israel, then the USA.  He's been working on the border with Iraq and Jordan.

There was a rally on June 12th to celebrate the victories of ISIS in Iraq.  Hamas policemen were  dispersing the Rafah rally in response.  Hamas also stopped local journalists from reporting about the rally because they wanted to keep this silent about ISIS in Gaza.  Dozens of people were chanting, "Khaybar, Khaybar, Ya Yahud, Jaish Mohamed Saya'ud!"  This means, "Oh Jews, Mohamed's army will return.  It's in reference to a battle in 629 between Mohamed fighting the Jews of Khaybar in NW Arabia where many Jews were killed and Jewish women and children were taken as slaves.  Sounds like what ISIS has been doing.

In our version of this story as found in the Jewish Encyclopedia, Khaibar was an oasis, about 100 miles north of Medina where tribes of Jews lived who had been exiled from Medina.. Mohammad had written a letter to the Jews to get them to convert, but they wouldn't do it.    In 628, Khaibar was subdued by Mohammed, but the Jews were allowed to stay and retain their lands, giving half their produce to the Moslem conquerors.  Mohammed adopted this policy because there were no other trained agriculturalists in the region.  when slave labor from conquered countries became available, the Jews of Khaibar were expelled by Omar in 641.

Another source from Robert Spencer reports that Mohammad killed 93 Jewish men there.  Then they searched for the people's wealth.  Kinana bin al-Rabi, a Jewish leader of Khaybar was supposed to have been holding the treasure of the Jewish  Banu Nadir tribe, was brought before Mohammad and he denied knowing where the treasure was, but Mohammad said, "Do you know that if we find you have it I shall kill you?"  Kinana said yes.  Some of the treasure was found, and so Mohammad gave orders to torture Kinana until he tells what he has.  One of the Muslims built a fire on Inana's chest, but he could not tell.  When he was about dead, Muhammad bin Masslama, killer of the poet Ka'b bin Al-Ashraf, beheaded him.

Then Mohammad agreed to let the people of Khaybar go into exile like he had with Banu Nadir and they could keep what they could carry.  He told them, however, that they had to leave behind all their gold and silver.  The ones who were farmers begged to stay and that they would give him half of their produce if allowed.  He said to them, "If we wish to expel you we will expel you."  They no longer had any rights.  Then the Muslims found some treasure that had been hidden, so ordered the women of the tribe to be slaves and they took land.  The Prophet had their warriors killed, and their children and women taken as captives.  Later, during the caliphatae of Umar in 634-644, the Jews who had stayed as farmers at Khaybar were banished to Syria, and their land was taken.

So far, I see some Syrian men  with Jewish Y DNA and Arab women with Jewish mt DNA just from this one episode.  Also, Baghdadi is using the same tactics as Mohammad did; beheading and taking money not his.

Baghdadi had been arrested and was in prison in Iraq by US forces but then suddenly released. before his claim of a caliphate.  

"US Forces spokesman in Iraq David Perkins announced that the US military did not confirm so far whether Al Qaeda Chief in Baghdad Abou Omar Al Baghdadi has been arrested or not. On the other hand, Baghdad Operations Command asserted that DNA tests are being carried out to confirm whether the arrested is Abou Omar Al Baghdadi or not."

The New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia
The Truth About Muhammad by Robert Spencer  DNA testing?

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Jethro (Yitro) , Moses' Father-in-Law and His Descendants-the Druze of Israel

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                        

         Members of the Druze faith believe that Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah was God incarnate.(in earthly form

Exodus 2-13 tells about  how Moses (1391 BCE-1271 BCE)  met his father-in-law, Jethro (Yitro).  Moses found himself in a spot in Egypt where the Pharaoh had wanted to kill Moses since he had killed an Egyptian who had been beating a slave. Moses had hid his body in the sand  but there were witnesses to this murder, 2 slaves. So Moses fled to the land of Midian.   With his luck, the 7 daughters of the leader and priest of Midian met him at the well where they had stopped to water their flock of sheep and one thing led to another.  Moses wound up marrying the oldest of the daughters, Zipporah,  and led a happy life living in Jethro's home and tending his flocks.  On traveling to Egypt with Moses, she saved her son's life by circumcising him (Exod.4:24-6). He had just been born and was due for his circumcision.   Later she returned to her father with her 2 sons, Gershom and Eliezer, and rejoined Moses at Mount Sinai (Exod. 18:1).  Both sons die later.  It is Aaron, Moses' older brother who produces many heirs.

Moses was called by G-d to return to Egypt and speak with the Pharaoh which led to the Exodus.  After the Exodus, Jethro visited Moses at Rephidim and advised him on legal administration.  (Exod. 18).  Jethro had met him and had brought with him with his 2 sons and Zipporah.  Jethro said, "Now I know that G-d is greater than all the gods, for in the very matter in which the Egyptians had conspired against them...!  Jethro ....took a burnt-offering and feast-offerings for G-d;  and Aaron and all the elders of Israel came to eat bread with the father-in-law of Moses before G-d.  It was on the next day that Moses sat to judge the people, and the people stood by Moses from the morning until the evening.  Jethro saw everything that he was doing to the people, and he said, "What is this thing that you do to the people?  Why do you sit alone with all the people standing by you from morning to evening?".. Moses had been trying to do everything himself, but his father-in-law told him it was impossible and he had to appoint leaders.
Jethro (Yitro)'s tomb is near Kephar Hittin in Israel.   The government of Israel has decided to transfer this tomb for a symbolic fee of 18 Shekels to Israel's Druze community.  The location the  Tomb has been in is called Shuaib's tomb which is in the lower Galilee.   There is another tomb in Jordan, west of the town of Mahis in Wadi Shuaib.  They claim that holds Shuaib's tomb, too.  .  The Druze honor him as Nebi Shu'aib there.  This was a pre-Islamaic prophet mentioned in the Koran.  The Druze identify Yitro as their prophet Shuaib.  One problem with this is that the timelines don't match up.

The Druze will get Yitro's tomb and 170 dunams of land around it in a 49 year lease. A dunam was a land measurement used during the Ottoman Empire days and is still used in the Middle East.  This amounts to 42.008 acres.  One dunam = 4.05 acres.   The Druze community and Israel have been discussing this for the past 18 years.  Minister Uri Ariel said that Israel recognizes the Druze's contributions to Israel and so they have this tomb now.  83% of Druze serve in the IDF.  Of these, 40% are combat soldiers.  In 2010 there were 125,000 Druze living in Israel.  They speak Arabic and Hebrew.  Worldwide there are about 3,500,000 to 4,000,000 Druze.

The Druze believe that they are the descendants of Yitro and he is important in their religion, which is monotheistic and different from Islam.  The Jewish history of Jethro shows that his son was Hobab who went with Moses to Canaan and his family eventually settled in the Galilee.  From him was descended Jael (12th century BCE) who was the wife of Heber the Kenite.  After the forces of Jabin of Hazor were defeated by the Israelites, the fleeing commander Sisera sought refuge in Jael's tent.  She killed him in his sleep. (Judg. 4-5).    In 2 places, Jethro was called Reuel, which may have been his personal name.  Jethro could have been a sobriquet (nickname).  The Druze honor him as Nebi Shu'aib at the shrine.

The Druze are a religious sect from Islam, say some sources though this is questionable.  They have people living in Syria, Lebanon and Israel.  Benjamin of Tudela in 1170 was one of the first Europeans to describe the Druze and their religion to the western world.  Out of a total of over 200,000 and 20,000 more who had migrated overseas, 53,000 lived  in Israel in 1992 and are concentrated in 18 villages in the Western Galilee and on Mt. Carmel.  During the War of Independence ( 1947-1949) the Druze cooperated with the Israel forces and since that war they have had representatives sit in the Knesset.  They have their own religious courts which administer Druze religious law.

Their religion takes in the doctrine of a cosmic struggle between the powers of Good and Evil in the world.  This was taught in the ancient religion of Persia and later by the gnostics.  Even in biblical times, this teaching was opposed by the prophets who insisted that G-d alone is the source of light and darkness, good and evil (Is. 45:7).

Jethro's Midian:  Midian was made up of Beduin tribes related to Abraham who traveled with caravans of incense from Gilead to Egypt and later to other countries.  They were closely connected with the Israelites.   because of Moses.  They lived near the Moabites and Edomites.  From 2nd Temple times, the Land of Midian was thought to be located in NW Arabia.

DNA studies on such an ancient group prove to be most interesting.  Y-chromosomal haplogroups:
  • Mount Carmel: L 27%, R 27%, J 18%, E 15%, G 12%.
  • Galilee: J 31%, R 20%, E 18%, G 14%, K 11%, Q 4%, L 2%.
  • Golan Heights: J 54%, E 29%, I 8%, G 4%, C 4%.
  • Lebanon: J 58%, K 17%, L 8%, Q 8%, R 8%.
  • Syria: J 39%, E 29%, R 14%, G 14%, K 4%.
  • Also found was haplogroup D in 52.2% occurrences.  This is a 6,000 year old allele.  35% were found to carry the Y haplogroup of L.  L-M20 was in 25% of Israeli Druze, 8% in Lebanese Druze and none in the 59 Syrian Druze tested.  #1b1b1a2 or (E-V13) was found in 10% of the Druze.  In the mtDNA, X haplogroup was found.  
  • Such haplogroups as J, R, E, G, Q are also found in Jewish people.  
  • The question is, what was the Y haplogroup of Jethro?  

Resource: The New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia
Tanakh, Art Scroll Series

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Jewish History in "Eretz Yisrael" Documented (Palestine to those who don't understand)

Nadene Goldfoot
Our Jewish history is documented.  
The 5 books of Moses, written by Moses (1391 BCE-1271 BCE) over the 40 years from Egypt to Canaan, tells of the history of the 12 tribes of Jacob who entered Egypt and then went to Canaan.

   1. Genesis- till the 17th century BCE; creation and patriarchal history till descent into Egypt
   2. Exodus-till the 13th century BCE; bondage, exodus, revelation and laws
  3. Leviticus; mainly priestly legislation
  4. Numbers-till the 13th century BCE; history of the trek from Egypt to Canaan
  5. Deuteronomy-legal recapitulation, Moses' ethical testament  

The Prophets records our ancient history
1. Joshua  13th century BCE; conquest, settlement of Canaan until death of Joshua
2. Judges 13th-11th century BCE; invasions repulsed by tribal leaders; until King Saul
3. I Samuel 11th century BCE; prophet anoints Saul, first king of Israel
4. II Samuel 10th century BCE; internal and international strife, reign of King David
5. I Kings 10th century BCE; reign of Solomon; the Temple, division of the kingdom
6. II Kings

Latter Prophets:
7. Isaiah 8th century BCE; ethics, admonition, prophecy of ultimate redemption
8. Jeremiah 7th-6th century BCE; indictment of sin; fall of Jerusalem foretold and recounted
9. Ezekiel 6th century BCE; prophecies of Israel's doom; consolation to Babylonian exiles

The Twelve Prophets
10. Hosea 8th century BCE; Israel's infidelity, future repentance
11. Joel (date uncertain) retribution, Israel's restoration at the end of days
12. Amos 8th century; prophecies against the nations; reproof, visions
13. Obadiah (date uncertain) oracle of doom on Edom
14. Jonah (date uncertain) message of repentance to Nineveh
15. Micah 8th century BCE; moral rebukes, vision of the universal reign of peace 
16. Nahum 7th century BCE; prophecy of the downfall of Nineveh
17. Habakkuk 7th-6th century BCE;  problem of injustice, prayer for compassion
18. Zephaniah 7th century BCE;  condemnation of idolatry, vision of Zion restored
19. Haggai 6th century BCE; encouragement to build 2nd Temple, its role
20. Zechariah 6th century BCE; visions of rebuilt Jerusalem and Divine rule of Universe
21. Malachi 6th-5th century BCE moral exhortations

The Writings
1. Psalms; poetic devotional literature, a main source of the liturgy
2. Proverbs; wisdom literature in the form of short maxims
3. Job; problem of evil discussed in narrative form
4. Five Scrolls-Song of Songs; allegorical love-song between G-d and his people
5. Ruth; narrative and social history of period of the Judges (13th-11th century BCE)
6. Lamentations; descriptive dirge of Babylonian destruction of Jerusalem (597-586 BCE)
7. Ecclesiastes; wisdom, literature on worldly vanities
8. Esther-the Purim story, salvation of Jews in ancient Persia (Iran). 
9. Daniel 6th century BCE; episode of martyrdom and prophecy in Babylonian exile
10. Ezra 5th century BCE; return of Babylonian exiles and rebuilding of Temple
11. Nehemiah 5th century BCE; rebuilding of Walls of Jerusalem, religious and communal legislation
12. Chronicles I until 965 BCE, genealogical lists and other historical information to period of King David
13. Chronicles II 965-638 BCE, history of the monarchy from King David to decree of Cyrus II, who died in 529 BCE, King of Persia, overran the Babylonian empire including Eretz Yisrael (Palestine) granted permission in 538 to exiles of Judah to return to homeland and rebuild the Temple as written in Ezra 1:1-44 and Chronicles 36:22-3.  Jews thought he was a divine agent.  

Life in Eretz Yisrael 

13th-11th century BCE Settlement and Tribal Autonomy
11th -6th century BCE 1st Temple:  Kings and Prophets
516 BCE-70 CE  Exile and Return;  2nd Temple

1st century -20th century CE;  Foreign Rule of 1878 years -- from 70 CE to 1948 CE
   1. Roman; 70 CE-395 CE changed name of Israel, Judah to Palaestina (for Philistines) Jerusalem changed to Aelia Capitolina.  
   2. Byzantine; 395-636 CE ; Jews became minority, Christians majority
  3. Arab; 636-1072 CE; divided land into Filastin(Palestine) and Urdun (Jordan), built Ramla; population converted to Islam, spoke Arabic, Arab tribes from Arabia and Egypt immigrated here
  4. Seijuk; 1072-1099 CE
  5. Crusaders'; 1099-1291; named land "the Kingdom of Jerusalem" , 30,000 crusaders lived here
  6. Mamluk; 1291-1516;  divided land into 3 districts; Safad, Gaza and Damascus; destroyed cities, towns in coastal plain to deter foreigners, remained empty till Jewish re-settlement 19th century CE
  7. Ottoman Rule (Turkey)  (1516-1917; Beduin tribes came in, villages reduced by half, population small, did not go over 250,000 till 1914, land west of Jordan had 680,000; 85,000 were Jews.   November 1894 Dryfus Affair in France caused Zionist meetings about returning to Eretz Yisrael , Pogroms in Russia, Pale of Settlement, anti-Semitism all over world.
  8. British Rule;  1918-1948; held mandate, renamed land Palestine. Partitioned into Palestine (west of Jordan) and Transjordan (east of Jordan) in 1922.  

Reference: Facts About Israel, division of Information, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Jerusalem, 1973

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WHAT HAMAS BELIEVES: More on Hamas Covenant: Islamic Resistance Movement and Quotes

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                          

                                                       What Hamas Believes

There is no solution for the Palestine question except through Jihad.  
Initiatives, proposals and international conferences are all a waste of time and vain endeavors.  Palestine is an Islamic land.

Below is what Hamas Believes and Teaches Others as in Covenant
Hamas spells out what organizations are Zionists:
1. Freemasons
2. Rotary Clubs
3. Lions Clubs
4. Espionage groups and others (???) 
These are all cells of subversion and saboteurs.
Islamic peoples should perform their role in confronting the conspiracies of these saboteurs.

The vicious enemy (Jews) acts similar to Nazism.  They have deprived people of their homeland.  
1. They took control of the world media.
2. They were behind the French Revolution
3. They were behind the Communist Revolution
4. They were behind World War I-destroyed the Islamic Caliphate, made financial gains, controlled resources
5. They obtained the Balfour Declaration
6. They formed the League of Nations-through which to rule the world
7. They were behind World War II-with  huge financial gains by trading in armaments, paving the way for their state
8. They instigated the replacement of the League of nations with the United Nations and the Security Council in order to rule the world through them
9.  Any war anywhere has their finger in it.  

The Zionist Plan After Palestine
1. Expand from the Nile to the Euphrates
12. Plan embodied in the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion"
                                                                  Yasir  Arafat     
                                        What the Arabs Have Said

"I declare a holy war, my Muslim brothers!  Murder the Jew!  Murder them all!"
Haj Amin al Husseini, Mufti of Jerusalem, 1948

"Peace for us means the destruction of Israel.  We are preparing for an all-out war, a war which will last for generations.  Since January 1965, when Fatah was born, we have become the most dangerous enemy that Israel has...We shall not rest until the day when we return to our home, and until we destroy Israel..."
PLO chairman Yasir Arafat, El Mundo, Caracas, Venezuela, February 11, 1980

"Machine guns and rifle bullets are the only way to reach an understanding with the Zionist enemy.  Statements, protests and UN resolutions are of no avail.  Only the massive use of bullets...Our people cannot cease its struggle, which is carried out with bullets, machine guns and hand grenades."
Khalil al-Wazir (Abu Jihad), Head of the military wing, Fatah, Voice of Palestine, Beirut, May 3, 1980

"The Fatah movement...aim is the liberation of Palestine in its entirety, and the extermination of the Zionist entity economically, politically, militarily, culturally and idealistically."
The 4th Fatah Organization Convention, Damascus, Syria, May 31, 1980

"The struggle with the Zionist enemy is not a struggle about Israel's borders, but about Israel's existence."
Bassam Abu Sharif, a top Arafat aide and PLO spokesman, Kuwait News Agency, Mday 31, 1986

"O heroic sons of the Gaza Strip, O proud sons of the West Bank, O heroic sons of the Galilee, O steadfast sons of the Negev;...the fires of revolution against these Zionist invaders will not fade out...until our land---all our land---has been liberated from these usurping invaders."
PLO Chairman Yasir Arafat, PLO Radio, Baghdad, December 10, 1987, after riots in Gaza following a fatal traffic accident sparked the uprising.

"Open fire on the new Jewish immigrants--be they from the Soviet Union, ethiopia or anywhere else...I give you  my instructions to use violence against the immigrants.  I will jail anyone who refuses to do this."
Yasir Arafat, Al-Muharar, April 10, 1990

"We were delighted to see the Arab weapons pounding the strongholds of the Zionist entity in the heart of Tel Aviv."
Hamas, Sawt al-Sha'b, January 23, 1991

"there is no choice for the PLO but to oppose the Allied force, because it's in the alliance with Israel.  Anyone responsible for shedding the blood of Iraqis will be punished."
Yasir Arafat, UPI, February 1, 1991

"We will continue our revolution and our resistance and our uprising until the banner of our revolution flies over holy Jerusalem and the walls of Jerusalem and the minarets of Jerusalem and the churches of Jerusalem.
Yasir Arafat, Algiers Voice of Palestine, May 13, 1991

"The Jews at work!  Damn their fathers!  The Dogs!  Filth and dirt!...And thanks to the rotten Jews with whom I will settle accounts in the future."
Yasir Arafat, January 30, 1992, transcript of tape obtained by CNN

"Whoever is killed by a Jew receives the reward of two martyrs, because the very thing that the Jews did to the prophets was done to him.
"The Jews are the most despicable and contemptible nation to crawl upon the face of the Earth, because they have displayed hostility to Allah.
"Allah will kill the Jews in the hell of the world to come, just like they killed the believers in the hell of this world.
"The Jews kill anyone who believes in Allah. They do not want to see any peace whatsoever on Earth."
Sermon delivered by 'Atallah Abu Al-Subh, former Hamas minister of culture, which aired on Al-Aqsa TV, April 8, 2011, translation by MEMRI

"We have liberated Gaza, but have we recognized Israel? Have we given up our lands occupied in 1948? We demand the liberation of the West Bank, and the establishment of a state in the West Bank and Gaza, with Jerusalem as its capital – but without recognizing [Israel]. This is the key – without recognizing the Israeli enemy on a single inch of land...
"Our plan for this stage is to liberate any inch of Palestinian land, and to establish a state on it. Our ultimate plan is [to have] Palestine in its entirety. I say this loud and clear so that nobody will accuse me of employing political tactics. We will not recognize the Israeli enemy. "
Hamas leader Mahmoud Al-Zahhar, Future News TV, June 15, 2010, Source:

First came the PLO and out of that grew Fatah.  A splinter group of Fatah is Hamas, so Arafat started it all and he was an Arab born in Cairo,  Egypt.  His father, Abdel Raouf al-Qudwa al-Husseini, was a Palestinian from Gaza, whose mother, Yasser's paternal grandmother, was Egyptian.  Arafat was the second-youngest of seven children and was, along with his younger brother Fathi, the only offspring born in Cairo. His mother, Zahwa Abul Saud, was from a Jerusalem-based family. 
When the "Palestinian Arabs decide to change their tune by writing a new charter and accept Israel as a Jewish state; when they love their children more than they hate Jews, then there will be peace among the 2 peoples.    Right now they're only too willing to die and have their rewards of death rather than face life. 

Resource:   Myths and Facts-a concise record of the Arab-Israeli Conflict by Mitchell G. Bard, Joel Himelfarb's_death
From Time Immemorial, by Joan Peters-tells about where Palestinian Arabs have actually come from