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Stressing out the Iran Deal Decisions

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                            
Iranians burning an Israeli flag at a rally-riling up hatred amongst the attendees

Watching how people feel about the Iran deal put together by Secretary of State John Kerry has been most interesting.  For me,  it is very stressful being I'm against the deal and our President is touting it as the best thing that has come along since chocolate milk shakes and that we should be grateful it's so great for Israel!

Benjamin Netanyahu has been warning the world of Iran's closeness to making a nuclear bomb to use on them and the USA.  Has anyone taken this to heart?  
Netanyahu, Prime Minister of the little country, is all against it and so are the majority of Israelis.  They are the ones who Iran has been bashing for years and threatening to wipe out and that Israel shouldn't exist and doesn't.  In fact, they were so gleeful that the USA has signed the deal so far, that they had the Palestinian terrorists firing from Syria shoot rockets at the Golan and other sites in Israel on Thursday already.  Yes, Iran backs these terrorists and others.  Signing this deal just gave them the green light to really show their power.  They must be elated with all the money coming to them now that they can use for just such purposes, arming the terrorists to take out those they don't want.
Rabbi Rachel Mikva of Chicago, Illinois signed and is a member of J Street.
The most disappointing factor to me was that 340 rabbis have signed saying they agree with Obama's plan.  This has left the pundits confused as they thought Schumer spoke for all American Jews, and after his careful studying, decided it wasn't what it was cracked up to be and is not signing on.

I looked at these 340 names and found that many belonged to J Street, the competitor of AIPAC who do not  speak for Israel as AIPAC does.  In fact, whatever Israel wants or needs, J Street is against.  J Street goes along with Obama. One of the originators of the group was George Soros, the billionaire worth $24 billion.   Today he's just a member, so we're told.
Below is a map showing the Jewish population by states.
I noticed that 71 names were from California.  So I checked and found out that out of these;
38 belonged to J Street.  14 were women and 24 were men.

California is very liberal and 32 were not members of J Street of which 11 were women and 21 were men.
Altogether, California's rabbis for the Iran deal amounted to 25 women and 46 men.

New York had a large group of rabbis, also.  50 rabbis voted for the Iran deal.
15 belonged to J Street.  Out of that group, 5 were women and 10 were men.
35 rabbis didn't belong to J Street, and were  7 women and 28 men.
New York's voters for the Iran deal amounted to 12 women and 38 men.

My  Oregon was another matter, having a much smaller Jewish population.
6 rabbis voted for the Iran deal.  1 was a woman and 5 were men.
10 rabbis belong to J Street in Oregon. .  I note that the  4 other  members of J Street remaining rabbis did not vote for the deal.

In the United States, there are about 6 million Jews.  As of 2014:
New York had 1,757,270  or 1.1 million Jews. Jews are 8.9% of New York's population.
California had 1,232,190.  Jews are 3.2% of California's population.
Oregon had 40,650.  Jews are 1.0% of Oregon's population.
Altogether, Jews make up 2.1% of the United States' Population
In the world's population, Jews only make up 0.02% of it.
Another Israeli praying at the wall.

My genealogy friend, Rabbi Goldberg of Jerusalem, Israel, who was recently viciously attacked and killed in an attack on rabbis while praying in the synagogue in Jerusalem.  How do you think he would vote?  The majority of Israelis are against the deal.  It's not what it was supposed to be originally.  
Now, the whole world will be affected by the deal John Kerry and Obama has made with Iran.  They think, and the rabbis that voted for the deal think, that they have accomplished something of protecting the world for a few years from the extreme Ayatollah hatred of Israel and anyone else who disagrees with them.  It isn't that they have a disagreement with Israel, it's just that they are extremely intolerant by not being able to accept a Jewish state in an area of Muslim states.
Larry Cohler in Iran 


Iran flaunts their own Jews, said The Forward Reporter this morning on CNN's Fareed Zakaria's Sunday morning program, holding them up as an example of not hatred for Jews per se, just not accepting of  the Zionistic state of Jews once again back in Eretz Yisrael.
 Larry Cohler found out that Sharia Law rules the Jews as well and Jews are under many disadvantages there.  If a Jew is harmed by a Muslim, the Muslim just pays a fee, but if a Jew harms a Muslim, death is the penalty.  The Jews are trying to make improvements in the system.  Good Luck!
Busheher nuclear plant
Iran would love to be the leader and show the rest of the Middle East how its done by stomping out Israel.  That would make them lord and master over all besides holding nuclear weapons like North Korea.  Two unstable nations with unstable leadership as unstable as TNT sitting with the most deadly of weapons is what we have to look forward to.  This idea of inspection is turning out to be a bigger joke than first believed with parts of the contract that haven't been properly translated from Farsi into English that say Iran will do some inspections and you needn't worry.
Ha!  They're laughing all the way to their bank where they will have untold amounts of money to invest in weapons for terrorism.
 They've already started on Israel  on the 20th with 5 rockets of which one hit the Golan.  They couldn't wait, could they.  At least no deal wouldn't have handed over all the money in the world.  It would have made hitting Israel more complicated.  Dealing with their big head and heavy pockets now is going to be impossible.

Update 9/3/15 from Honest Reporting:
"1. The White House clinched its magic number of 34 senators supporting the Iran deal when Sen. Barbara Mikulski of Maryland gave it her approval. Thirty four is the number needed to prevent opponents from scuttling the deal.
Politico reports that the White House is now setting its sights on  securing 41 votes, “which would stop the resolution of disapproval from ever reaching the White House” and spare the president the need to wield a veto."  Notice that the Democrats got it passed.  


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  1. ZOA Analysis Shows "340 Rabbis For Iran Deal" Are From Groups Hostile to

    Israel, Including J Street (which works with appparent Iranian Regime Group

    NIAC), BDS Group "Jewish Voice for Peace," and Israel-Bashing "Rabbis for

    Human Rights"

    94% of U.S. Rabbis Did NOT Sign Pro-Iran Deal Statement, While American Jews oppose deal by 2-1, Israelis 7-1, and all Americans by 2-1

    NEW YORK, August, 18, 2015 -- The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA)'s

    analysis shows that the overwhelming majority of the "340 Rabbis for Iran

    Deal" come from groups that routinely take positions and engage in

    activities that are hostile towards Israel and inimical to American


    The "340 Rabbis for Iran Deal" are a small fringe group. There

    are over 5,000 Rabbis in the United States. In other words, 94% of American

    Rabbis did not sign the statement supporting the Iran deal.

    The majority of the Iran Deal Rabbis come from the Soros-funded J Street.

    (George Soros is a self-described anti-Zionist billionaire.) Liberal

    Professor Alan Dershowitz explained that J Street "always seems to be taking

    positions that are anti-Israel." J Street U's new student board president is

    an anti-Israel Muslim.