Sunday, July 20, 2014

Zbigniew Brzezinski's Anti-Israel Opinions

Nadene Goldfoot                                        
                                     Zbigniew Brzezinski, born in Warsaw, Poland in 1926

I just watched Fareed Zakaria on CNN interview the former Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski about the Israelis going into Gaza to stop Hamas.  This political scientist, who was born in Warsaw, Poland, had worked for Jimmy Carter from 1977 to 1981. Perhaps it really wasn't as much an interview as he was his guest speaker.

Let the young know some background about his political feelings about Israel.  Poland was very anti-Semitic for starters.  Some Poles helped the Nazis find Jews  who were then captured and sent to the ovens.  They were quite anti-Semitic. The book, "Hunt for the Jews: Betrayal and Murder in German-Occupied Poland, by Jan Grabowski, a Polish Jew, also tells about it.  

 I can't say it much nicer. I'm not saying that all Poles felt like this, but being Brzezinski has taken such a stand makes me wonder about it.  Old family attitudes persist  for a long time.   Jimmy Carter has written a book about Jews and Israel that is very harmful, "Palestine:  Peace Not Apartheid,"  colored by his religious views about. Jews. He has always accused Israel of practicing apartheid whereas the truth is they practice the opposite.  Jimmy as a peanut farmer has probably been practicing more apartheid towards his black workers in Georgia than he cares to face.  Also,  Jimmy taught Sunday school  being he is quite religious and many Christians have always had a certain outlook about Jews which has carried over to their creation of Israel, whereas other Christians are backing the Jewish people such as the Evangelicals.  So, knowing this, I was not surprised to hear from Brzezinski's lips the negative views he exclaimed towards the decision to go into Gaza.

Most people who are speaking out are in agreement with Israel's decisions and realize the position they have been putting up with since 2001.  Maybe this is why Zakaria interviewed him.  He wanted someone with a negative attitude.  Brzezinski  thought that Netanyahu was wrong to blame Hamas for the kidnapping  and slaughter of the 3 Jewish students.  He thought Israel had no proof that they had done that.  He was quite wrong about that but was able to continue talking and ranting   In another report of a recent speech he had made he thought Hamas was a moderate group, easy to deal with.  Of course he would think the best of Israel's enemy.  Never mind the fact that they have a charter which spells out their attitude towards Israel and Jews, that their goal is to destroy Israel and kill Jews.  Never mind that they had just claimed their state of Palestine and was recognized by Kerry and Obama, giving them security in their actions even though they were to be peaceful.  They had a green light and immediately a kidnapping occurred.  Never mind the fact that Israel found out quickly who the killers were and had to search for them, hoping to get the boys back before they faced death-something that happens so often to kidnapped people. Never mind that Gaza had steadily been shooting rockets into Israel and had stepped up the volleys immensely to the point of an intolerable condition.   Even after acting quickly and doing a remarkable search, they found the bodies and realized they had been killed immediately after the kidnapping.  So all this evidence was ignored by  Brzezinski.

Though I thought he was talking some sense about the Ukranian-Russian situation and what the USA ought to do about it, I knew his personal bias came to the front of his mind on the subject of Israel's situation right now.  I just wonder how many people will be swallowing his views hook, line and sinker.Are they like me on the subject of Russia and Ukraine, mostly ignorant about what has been going on and dependent on the pundits who broadcast their viewpoints?

My last comment is that there is no way that the state of Israel can accept being hit in all corners of Israel by rockets constantly coming down like a monsoon rain in India.  The decision to go into Gaza is one of survival.  They are not aiming at civilians but at the rocket launching areas which are placed amid people for the purpose of putting them at death's door in order to be able to blame the Israelis for their deaths.  It's a slant on war we Americans are not used to.  Israelis also must take out these tunnels of which are highways leading into Israel to allow kidnapping of more Israelis and their deaths. Israel just suffered the deaths of 13 soldiers and dozens of wounded in an ambush..  They are giving the Gazans a 2 hour cease fire to leave the area of seek medical help right now.

Now I'll switch over to NBC and see what that program has to say on Meet the Press.  So far the best information and understanding of the issue is on Fox News, the station most Democrats cannot bring themselves to watch.  Nothing like getting a narrow point of view.  .

Resource: CNN interview by Fareed Zakaria of Zbigniew Brzezinski,  Sunday morning 7/20/14

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