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1987 First Intifada: Getting to the Heart of the Fight Between Gaza Terrorists and Israel Gaza Terrorists' Violent Acts on Israel

Nadene Goldfoot                                                               

Israel lost 80% of the Jewish Homeland as promised by the mandate to TransJordan who took it over illegally in 1948.

What was left to be the Jewish Homeland was again then divided between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs in 1948 who refused the offer to establish a Palestine.

Wars against Israel where Israel has been on the defensive happened in 1947-49, 1956, 1967 and 1973.

The last big war with the Muslim world was in 1973, but fighting continued.  The PLO was shooting at northern Israel and hiding out in Lebanon in 1982 when Israel's friend, Major Hadad of the Christian Militia went in and wiped out Sabra and Shatilla's camp of terrorists.  He was a friend of Sharon,  then General of the IDF.  Fighting continued against Israel.
By 1987 the 1st Intifada started.  It lasted until 1992.
The 2nd Intifada started in 2000.  It  lasted until 2006

A country has not been attacking Israel since 1973.  It has been the Palestinian Arabs who have rejected the Western division of the Ottoman Empire and the creation of Israel.  They have splintered into factions of terrorists.  The main one was the PLO run by Arafat.  They have splintered into Fatah, the new name for the PLO and it's more violent side, Hamas.  You can say that they have been fighting on and off since 1947.

The year 2001 started off with Bill Clinton leaving the White House on the 20th of January without arriving at his goal of bringing peace to the Middle East.  The Bush administration of the USA began.

Ariel Sharon in Israel  won his election over Ehud Barak in February2001.

By February 9th, fighting has been going on with Israeli tanks having to be brought in against terrorist gunmen in battles.  By the 14th, "Israel reimposes a total blockade on the occupied territories, following the deaths of  eight soldiers and civilians, killed when a Palestinian bus driver ploughs his vehicle into a waiting queue. President George Bush condemns the attack, but pointedly refuses to take sides.  Ehud Barak decided he did not want  to serve as Defense Minister.  

No one from the USA came out and said to the terrorists to stop doing what they were doing.  They had no right.  

By March 4th Israel experiences another suicide bomber. Not only did he die but 3 Israelis nearby were killed plus 60 were injured.  By March 26, "A Palestinian sniper shoots dead a 10-month-old Jewish baby in her father's arms, in the flashpoint West Bank town of Hebron. The town is home to 120,000 Palestinians, and 400 hardline Jewish settlers. 

 Hebron is one of 4 very important sacred cities to Jews.  It was a city of refuge.  It's in Judah and is 18 miles south of Jerusalem.  It's here where Abraham bought the land from the Hittites where a cave was.  He buried his wife, Sarah there, mother of Isaac, grandmother of Jacob (Israel).  During the Byzantine Period the city came under Arab rule.  Jews had always lived there since Abraham had bought land.  By 1890 there were 1,500 Jews and many Yeshivot and religious schools.  This was the time Jews from Russia and other parts of Europe were joining the native Jewish population and building homes and cities.  In the fateful year of 1929 and the USA stock market crash, the Arabs were stirred up against the Jews by the nasty Haj Amin al-Hussein, Sherif of Jerusalem who disagreed violently with Emir Feisal who had welcomed the Jews' return.  They massacred  67 Jews of the remaining 700 and the survivors fled.  30 Jewish families returned in 1931.  Riots started again in 1936, with the start of Nazi Germany.  After that no Jews could live there.  The population after the 1967 Six Day War of all the Arab states attacking Israel and Israel surprising everyone by winning,  found 38,310 people living in Hebron.  Israel's success of winning back the land from Jordan caused Jews to return and establish Kiryat Arba Quarter which lies east of the city.  Their population numbered 3,718 in 1988.  

The March 26th attack  caused retaliation on April 3 when  "Israeli helicopter gunships hunted  down hit an Islamic Jihad commander in the Gaza Strip, the first such assassination since Ariel Sharon became prime minister.  By April 16 "Israel launches air, sea and ground attacks on the Gaza Strip, capping a day that sees tensions climb sharply all over the Middle East."  

The deal was that the Arabs in Gaza were not to be armed but were to show peaceful intent.  Nobody in the UN is saying boo about their behaviors.  Israel as usual had to take the matter into their own hands.  A reprisal against these terrorists from the UN might have helped Israel.  So far 12 Jews have been killed this year and 60 injured by terrorist acts just from Gaza.  Yasser Arafat is the leader of the PLO terrorists.  

April 17th was a turn of events in this intifada.  For the first time since the intifada erupted, Israeli troops seize back land controlled by the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, and divide the territory into three parts.  Jews have been living in Gaza at least since 1967.  We hear from the USA on May 5th.  "A draft report by former US senator George Mitchell, who has been investigating the causes of Middle East violence, condemns the expansion of Jewish settlements in the occupied territories."  Oh yes, the Arabs are against any Jews and Israel, so naturally they didn't like Jews living in Gaza or gaining some land.  Instead of getting on the Arab's case for attacking Jews, Mitchell reprimands them for living on gained land.  

May 8th and a Palestinian baby is accidently the victim during Israel's retaliation.  Iman Hijjo becomes the youngest victim of the intifada, killed by shrapnel from an Israeli tank shell at the age of four months. The shelling, at Khan Yunis in the Gaza Strip, was in retaliation for a Palestinian mortar attack."  The very next day on May 9th "Two 14-year-old Israeli boys are found bludgeoned to death in a cave near a Jewish West Bank settlement."

Now Arabs living in Judea-Samaria are mixing in the fracas by May 14th, retaliating and Israeli troops kill five Palestinian policemen manning a checkpoint in the West Bank and launch a major bombardment of security targets in the Gaza Strip. Thousands of Palestinians gather outside a West Bank hospital chanting for revenge. An Israeli official admits the policemen were killed wrongly due to faulty information on the 16th of May.  Nevertheless, two days later on the 18th "A Palestinian suicide bomber kills himself and five Israelis at a shopping mall in the northern coastal town of Netanya. More than 40 people are wounded. In retaliation Israel bombs the West Bank towns of Nablus and Ramallah with F-16 warplanes - the first such use of airpower against the occupied territories. Note that Israel had been reacting quickly to attacks.  The score so far now is 12 Israeli deaths, 100 wounded in terror attacks.  

May 21, 2001 brings out George Mitchell who has a one-track mind which works against Israel.  "In his long awaited report on the Middle East conflict, former US senator George Mitchell calls for an immediate ceasefire, to be followed by confidence building measures and ultimately by renewed peace negotiations. Mitchell also calls for a freeze on expansion of Jewish settlements in the (occupied territories).  The problem here is that the so called territories no longer remain in the hands of the terrorists since Israel won the attack in 1967 against them, winning back land of Judea and Samaria which had been planned by the League of Nations and the United Nations to be a part of Israel.  In that aggressive attack in 1948 by Jordan, Israel had lost 80% of its determined to be land.  It was almost like taking it before it was a state-leaving a small piece of 8,000 sq. miles.

The apex of the year happened on September 11th in New York City, which also influenced events in Israel and Gaza as well as the rest of the world.  On September 11, suicide bombers in hijacked airliners attacked the eastern seaboard of the United States, destroying the World Trade Centre and part of the Pentagon.  

In 2004 Israel suffered the deaths of Mordechai Yosephov 49, Afik Zehavi 4, Yuval Abebeh 4, and Dorit Benisian 2.  

And so it went until 2005 when Israel decided to pack up and leave Gaza for the Palestinians who promised to be peaceful neighbors.  Their departure went on from August 15 to September 12, 2005. All  9,000 Israelis left Gaza.  This corresponded to Israel decision to empty 4 Israeli cities in Judea-Samaria also for the Arabs. There were constant attacks on Jews by bombing,from  suicide bombers and other attacks.   Attacks on Jews continued in August on throughout the end of the year from terrorists. 

In 2005 Israel's deaths were Ayala Abukasis 17 and Dana Gelkowitz 22.  

On January 26, 2006, Hamas won in elections over Fatah and were the political party of Gaza.  The USA reaction:  "The election results stunned U.S. and Israeli officials, who have repeatedly stated that they would not work with a Palestinian Authority that included Hamas, which both countries and the European Union have designated as a terrorist organization. In Washington, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said that a party could not "have one foot in politics and the other in terror.   Our position on Hamas has therefore not changed." .  

Oh yes it did with a change in presidents. Obama and  John Kerry include  them in a Palestine.  So this concludes my question of since when does the USA recognize the terrorist group, still listed as such, as Hamas?  

Israeli had more deaths in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 1214.  

Israel retaliated from December 27, 2008 to January 18, 2009 with Operation Cast Lead.  
Again they retaliated from November 14, 20112 to November 21, 2012 with Operation Pillar of Cloud.
Now it has become imperative to not just retaliate but to try to put an end to rockets landing all over Israel from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv and the southern end starting on July 8, 2014 with Operation Protective Edge.  

Bit by Bit the Palestinians have been biting off pieces of Israel and are still biting with their bombing and media attacks to garner sympathy for themselves.  This is how an aggressor, murderers, turn the tables on those that are defending themselves.  Their desire for their own state was late; 1967 after Israel again won another war against them.  Like the dog who chases cars, they wouldn't know what to do with a state if they had it, except to use it as a place to attack neighbors from.  I lived in Israel from 1980 to the very end of 1985.  Two years after I left, this intifada started.  

Resource: Book:   Letters From Israel (1980-1985) by Nadene Goldfoot about what it was like living in Israel for 2 teachers and their dog from Oregon
The New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia

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