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They Covet the Levant: Godless Salafists-IS Terrorist Army

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                        

When you go overboard in your zest to believe in G-d, you can miss the mark completely. These men have become a horde of murderers  trampling the Levant.  

First of all and most important, IS, a Salafist Sunni Muslim army,  is a godless group of psychopathic/sociopathic terrorists.   They have no conscience of what they are doing in their barbaric slaughter of people.  "They show a lack of remorse and shame of their actions against others"  Their aim is to frighten everyone into following them.  Is there not a fear of G-d in their religion for their acts?  "This leader and his army are deluded, however, in thinking that only they have the right to live and everyone else is wrong and must die. They show  that their thinking is irrational by choosing such a goal of creating a caliphate, especially in this manner,  by breaking all ethical laws.

 They have forgotten that Islam is the belief in one G-d.  The reason I say this is because they are saying such things like "Allah is our god and not theirs-referring to the Shiites.  If there is only one G-d, G-d cannot belong to one group and not the other. The difference is in how each group interprets the words given to them by Muhammad.   They chant, "The Shiite god is Satan."  This shows they think Satan is another god!  And look who's talking about following Satan.  If anyone is evil, it is they.  They are slaughtering people in godless barbaric ways in order to create panic among Iraq's soldiers who are fleeing madmen!  They decapitate, butcher children, Imams, Sunnis, anyone they can frighten.  No, they are evil's best pupils.  Now they are believing in 2 gods.  Another chant quite apart from Judaic monotheistic teaching from Moses is "The Sunnis are Allah's beloved."  Yet they have been killing Sunni Imams, and Sunni soldiers who defend Iraq.                                                                            
                                             Al Qaeda terrorists, of which IS broke off from

Where does it say in the Koran that the Salafists are above others?   Moses taught that all people are G-d's children and are loved.  He taught this during the Exodus when the Egyptians were crossing the sea and drowned as the waters returned to their normal state.  I deduce that IS are not the monotheists they think they are.  Their thinking has become narcissistic, thinking they are so perfect and their enemy-now fellow Muslims, the Shi'a and Sunnis, are all wrong in their way of worshipping G-d.  It's all a political ruse for one man to take and create a Caliphate.  He has plenty of frightened sheep following him.

What has happened is that one person, Muhammad, received the word of G-d and he shared it in the language and words he knew as it came to him.  Now there are other people who have broken off in factions claiming to understand what Muhammad had said and only they are correct, by right of who is interpreting the words.  What is happening is that leaders are taking the words and twisting them to fit the goals they hold dear to them.  What we now see are something quite the opposite of what Moses had taught that was G-d's bidding almost 2,000 years before. Muhammad had said that Jews were people of the Book and were to be untouched, yet in the modern terrorist mind, we are the objects of their weapons, people to kill.

The Salafist IS want to take the Levant, which includes  land between Anatolia and Egypt and included in it are Cyprus, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria,  and part of southern Turkey.  They covet this land, and to covet is one of the 10 commandments they are breaking, but then they have broken most all of them now.   Levant means "the East" or "Mediterranean lands east of Italy."

What they refuse to accept is common of many of the Arabs in the region; the end of WWI and the fall of the Ottoman Empire to the West who won the war.  They are using the Sykes-Picot Agreement as the source of conflict.  This was a series of secret agreements between Britain, France and Russia and later Italy who met between 1914 and 1916.  This agreement provided for the postwar partition of the Ottoman (Turkish) Empire.  The agreement was between Sir Arthur Nicolson and later Sir Mark Sykes of Britain and Georges Picot of France.  They cut up the expanse called Palestine  with the Upper Galilee under French control, Transjordan and the Negev under British control, also the Haifa Bay, and the remainder from Nazareth to Hebron an Anglo-French-Russian condominium.

Zionists discovered this in 1917 and protested as there was a large Jewish population there.  This treaty was partly responsible for the form of the post-war frontiers of Palestine.

The Salafists say that the states within what was the Levant was an illegitimate creation of Western colonialism, and they are claiming Jihad against this law.  They don't recognize the laws of the Western world and what happens after a world war to the losers.  Mostly what IS is against is the creation of Israel and Saudi Arabia.  They are coveting Jordan, as taking that makes it easier to get to Israel.
                         King Abdullah II of Jordan, the Hashemite Kingdom

Jordan is watching the events very closely.  IS has taken the border region of Syria/Iraq and much of Iraq already. They've taken the border between Iraq and Jordan.   After all, Jordan was created by the British who rewarded the Hashemite family 90 years ago who created the "Transjordanian Emirate." They did this by using land that was designated to be the Jewish Homeland.   This came to be known as the Jordanian Kingdom, but this is not a very religious term as "the kingdom belongs only to Allah and he has no co-rulers."  (Koran, Chap.2, verse 25).  IS people are already in Jordan and are in demonstrations that go on.

Jordan's Salafist leader is Assem Barqawi (Abu Mohammad al Maqdesi, the Jerusalemite.  He was born in a village near Shechem in 1959.and studied Islam in Mosul, which they have now taken, and Medina in Saudi Arabia.  He's published a book against the Saudi regime.  He's the mentor the man who founded "al-Qaeda in the Land of the Rivers" in 2004.  They turned into IS (The Islamic State).  He's in prison in Jordan and his followers get their orders from his cell.
    Abu Akr al Baghdadi, leader of IS, claimant without proof to have right to create a Caliphate

IS has massacred Shiites in Iraq who are government soldiers.  Jordanians have to watch out when IS starts their attack on them.  They have already infiltrated the country.  Their language is that of the Jordanian desert dialect used in Iraq.  Their masked faces will demand the oath of fealty, the "Biya" to the head of IS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. " Then they will attack Jordanian army patrols, military roadblocks, small army outposts and civilian cars."

"In the early 7th century, the first Caliph, Abu Bakr, whilst instructing his Muslim army, laid down the following rules concerning warfare:
Stop, O people, that I may give you ten rules for your guidance in the battlefield. Do not commit treachery or deviate from the right path. You must not mutilate dead bodies. Neither kill a child, nor a woman, nor an aged man. Bring no harm to the trees, nor burn them with fire, especially those which are fruitful. Slay not any of the enemy's flock, save for your food. You are likely to pass by people who have devoted their lives to monastic services; leave them alone."    Abu Akr has done these things.  

Shi'as are ""followers", "faction" or "party" of Muhammad's son-in-law and cousin Ali, whom the Shia believe to be Muhammad's successor in the Caliphate. Iran is home of Shi'as.  

Sunnis are "following Abu Bakr, father in law of Muhammad, who had many wives.  Abu Bakr served as a trusted advisor and close friend to Muhammad. Sunnis also believe that the companions were true believers since it was the companions who were given the task of compiling the Quran. Furthermore, narrations that were narrated by the companions (ahadith) are considered by Sunnis to be a second source of knowledge of the Muslim faith. A study conducted by the Pew Research Center in 2010 and released January 2011 found that there are 1.62 billion Muslims around the world, and it is estimated that the Sunni population is between 75% and 90%".  At the rate they are going, there soon will be no more Shi'as.  

Salafists are " practicing Salafism which  has become associated with literaliststrict and puritanical approaches to Islam – and, particularly in the West, with the Salafi Jihadis who espouse violent jihad against civilians as a legitimate expression of Islam."  "The majority of the world's Salafis are from QatarUAE and Saudi Arabia.22.9% of all Saudis are Salafis (concentrated in Najd). 46.87% of Qataris and 44.8% of Emiratis are Salafis. 5.7% of Bahrainis are Salafis and 2.17% of Kuwaitis are Salafis."

They believe "Many Muslims are abandoning  what they consider to be pure Islamic teachings; and that an Islamic revival will only result through emulation of early generations of Muslims and purging of foreign influences."  So we see a revival of the first Muslims and how they spread Islam.  Their behaviors and what they are reviving is the 1st century Islam, just like Mohammad's followers.  Instead of being purists though, like riding horses, they have stolen the  American state of the art weapons they found in the Iraqi arm arsenals; 4x4 fast moving vehicles carrying heavy machine guns, RPG's and light weapons like Saar AK-47 rifles called Kalashnikovs.  Oh yes, they stole all the money from the largest bank in Iraq to buy things they want as well.  

Is Hamas working in conjunction with IS in this 3rd Intifada keeping the IDF busy fighting off rockets so that IS can make more advances on Jordan?  All the fighting has caused them to be off the radar of news reports.  Let them be aware that they answered missile fire from Lebanon quickly.  Though busy, they have their awareness on the rest of their neighbors.  

I am comparing my very ethical Judaism (Moses (1391-1271 BCE)  and its 10 Commandments with this Salafist terroristic religion.   Islam supports the commandments also.  The first 5 laws tell us of man's duties to G-d.  The last 5 laws describe man's duties to his fellow-man. I have listed those pertaining directly to IS.  Evidently they do not try to follow even 5 of these laws.  
               1.  To believe in one G-d.  This is the only G-d.  

“And your Lord has ordained that you should not worship anyone except Him” ( 17:23 )
              3.  You shall not take an oath in vain, swearing  to an oath disgraces G-ds name by using it for no valid purpose.  So swearing allegiance to Baghdadi can be in vain.   

“And do not make Allah a target for your oaths for doing good or avoiding evil or reconciling people (2:224)
              6. You shall not kill.(murder) :  Someone who  has true belief in G-d as the Creator and Sustainer of human life will not commit murder. Torah

“And do not kill anybody that Allah has prohibited except when you have a right to kill” (6:151)

 Murder: Killing any one without right is prohibited both in Bible and Quran. Quran goes further, “We ordained for Children on Israel that He who kills one person (but for retaliation or terrorism in the land)) is like killing a whole mankind. ( 5:32 )

             8. You shall not steal: this includes kidnapping people, taking land without the right

“As to the thief (man or woman) let their hands be cut off, a retaliation for what they did, a punishment from Allah. ( 5:38 )


   Stealing: Quran prescribes a rather harsh punishment for thieves (male or female). This has been criticized by Western critics as ‘barbarous’ punishment. But Quran does not care for criticism. It has public safety in view. Once a thief has his/her hands cut off it will be a most effective deterrent for others.

 9. You shall not bear false witness against your fellow man, no false witness/slander
False evidence: Quran orders Muslims not to hide evidence, but to testify truth even if it goes against self or parents or relatives (4:135). Moreover, Quran extends this order for all Believers and does not restrict it to neighbors only (as in Bible).
         10. You shall not covet your fellow's house, wife, manservant, maidservant, his ox, his donkey, nor anything that belongs to your fellow.  G-d demands that people sanctify their thoughts and attitudes so that they purge themselves of such natural tendencies as jealousy and covetousness.  

“And do not covet what Allah has favored some of you over others.( 4:32 )
“And do not stretch your eyes towards what We have provided some of them.” (15:88)
Resource: Dr. Mordechai Kedar:  Israel is going to face a tough choice if and when ISIS tries to take over Jordan.  And the countdown has begun.  from 6/27/14 from Ziegelman

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