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One Jewish State Versus a Caliphate or Muslim Empire

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                

G-d started it all by telling the Israelites the exact location and size of the land they were to inhabit after coming out of Egypt.  Moses related the geographical information to his people.  Israel was born and divided between the 12 tribes of Jacob.
                         King David's Empire                                                  

A kingdom had been created.  It lasted for 210 years and had 19 kings from 9 dynasties.  At one time the kingdom extended to the Gulf of Akaba.  It had to keep fighting with the kingdom of Damascus.(Syria).

 Both kingdoms fell to the power of Assyria.  Samaria, the capital in 721 BCE, fell to Sargon of Assyria.  Judah was the southern end of Israel who held Jerusalem as their capital and had broken off when King Solomon of Israel had died in 922 BCE.  Judah fell to the Babylonian Empire in 586 BCE.  The people remained and lived as they had but under different occupations, and Jerusalem lasted until 70 CE when the Roman Empire burned it down.  So Judah lasted for 992 years after its own creation.  If you count the beginning with Israel's creation of which it was a part of, the children of Jacob lived in the Jewish Homeland for about  4,000 years.
                                 Ottoman Empire

Everyone had empires in those days and afterwards.  In 632 Mohammad died, but he had created what would be called the Islamic Empire after the new religion he had started.  They created Dynasties.  The empire expanded into the Umayyad Dynasty.  Then we was the Abbasid Empire.

The Ottoman Empire lasted for 400 years. it covered 2,007,730 square miles and covered Africa, Asia and Europe.  It was the largest by 1683 under Suleiman the Magnificent.  Countries a part of the Ottomans were: Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania, Mesopotamia, Syria, Algeria, Palestine, , Romania, Bulgaria, Italian North Africa, and many others in modern Europe.   The Safavids with Shahs had their imperial lands.  There are Shaykhdoms on the Arabian Peninsula which have produced Saudi Arabia, North and South Yeman and Oman.
        Napoleonic Empire: Largest by 1813 with 810,814 square miles of land

Skip over to Europe and they had their empires, too.  The first one that comes to mind is the British Empire that covered so many lands; India among them. The list is vast, but some are Afghanistan and Pakistan, Australia, South Africa, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand, Egypt, Bahamas, Belize, and held the mandate over Palestine for 30 years.   There was the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the Russian Empire.  Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Swedish Empire.  The Napoleon Empire tried to take over the Russians but didn't succeed.  The weather got to them; all that snow.

Today a splinter terrorist group from al Qaeda, IS, has the goal of creating a Caliphate.  The rule to create such an empire is that one has to be a descendant of Muhammad, and the terrorist from Damascus, Syria, is Baghdadi who says he has such qualifications. He has not proved any of it.  The only proof accepted by modern Muslims of today is a DNA test of which many of them have already taken.  Descendants of Muhammad have been found to be the Hashemites who live next door to Israel in Jordan.  The king of Jordan is just such a descendant.  There are others.  Baghdadi  is a manic killer, beheading everyone that crosses him, and is taking over land through  fear from the occupants.  Baghdadi is a Sunni Muslim.  "The Sunni branch of Islam stipulates that as a head of state, a caliph should be elected by Muslims or their representatives."  He hasn't been elected.  He chose himself.  This man with a Napoleon complex has already warned the USA that he'll see them in New York.  

"A caliphate (in Arabicخلافة‎ khilāfa, meaning "succession") is the political modal of Islam just like democracyCommunismMonarchyDictatorship etc.It is an Islamic state led by a supreme religious and political leader known as acaliph – i.e. "successor" – to Muhammad.  The succession of Muslim empires that have existed in the Muslim world are usually described as "caliphates". Conceptually, a caliphate represents a  (state) of the entire Muslim faithful (the Ummah, ruled by a single caliph under the Constitution of Medina and Islamic law (sharia)."  

Already Baghdadi has taken the border between Syria and Iraq and is working down towards Baghdad.  He's taken Mosul and has caused what few Christians who lived there to leave or convert.  He offered a tax money in lieu of this which was about $450 per head, but that was beyond their means.  Those that could fled to the north with the people there.  The invalids who couldn't move away had to convert or die.  They converted.  

The Muslim Brotherhood is very powerful in the Middle East and also has the goal of creating a Caliphate.  The two must be working in conjunction with each other.  

The West has done away with Empires.  The closest thing to it today is the European Union, which began in 1993.  It's made up of 28 countries of Europe.  7 countries are waiting to be accepted such as Turkey and Serbia.  Bosnia and Kosovo are potential states.   are In a sense, that is an empire.  They use one type of money, the Euro.  If you belong to the EU you have many treats coming to your state.  They can travel as if there were no borders.  There are no religious requirements to belong.  
Israel in yellow and Palestine in red.


Palestine under the British Mandate 1923-1948

Israel was promised a Jewish Homeland by the Balfour Doctrine and the League of Nations but immediately saw Britain break off 80% of the land and give it to  Abdullah to make him a king of Transjordan.  Then Israel saw their piece divided into land for the "Palestinian Arabs"  Arafat turned it down in 1948, wanting to wait to take all of the land.  Abbas, leader of Fatah terrorists (former PLO of Arafat),   has united with Hamas to create their own state.  

Now we have the Jewish state of Israel,  sitting in the middle of Muslim states who wish to have the area as all one sweep of Muslims.  How Israel is hurting them by their presence only G-d knows.  Israel could be the piece of the puzzle that keeps them together and on their toes as far as civility goes.  Israel is the hub, the sun among the planets.  They wish to destroy the sun, not caring that they would be destroying themselves if they did.  

There we are.  Israel is fighting to defend their very existence since 1948 and keep their 8,000 square miles of land, one of the smallest states in existence.  It's not much bigger than the USA state of New Jersey . Then we have someone determined to take over the whole Middle East and create it all into a Muslim Caliphate.  Syria alone is made up of 71,998 square miles.  

As IS is taking over land in Iraq, the Hamas terrorists attacked Israel more than usually with a cloudburst of rockets, more than the constant raining down of missiles, rockets and mortars that have been attacking Israel since 2001.  Israel has had to conduct an operation to stop it, but then they always have started up again.  After leaving Gaza in 2005 on the condition of peace from the Palestinians, the situation just got worse.   Besides other incidences of creating a union with Fatah in making their Muslim state of Palestine, they were the instigators of a kidnapping and killing of 3 religious boys in Judea, the finding of a Muslim boy also killed, and riots galore in Jerusalem from the killing of the one Muslim boy. 

 Was this all a coordinated effort?  Hamas knew that the steps just taken would lead to Israel's step of an Operation going into Gaza and so Israel has.   Operation Defensive Edge is in its 3rd week now, finding at least 70 tunnels lined with cement that lead out into Israel for surprise attacks.  Israel's deaths now are up to 53.  They have taken all sorts of steps to preserve their own life in this defensive operation.  Over 1,000 deaths have taken place in the Gazan population even though IDF soldiers have taken huge steps in trying to avoid hitting them.  Hamas makes sure they are in the line of the conflict in order to gain deaths to use against Israel in the media end of the war.  

Israel is fighting for their security and existence.  Muslims want to take their land and create a Caliphate that will force all to convert to Islam.  

Like the 2 boys who connived and killed their parents, they stood in the courtroom asking for mercy because now they are orphans.  The Gazan Arab terrorists have been attacking Israel viciously over many years and now ask for mercy because they are being destroyed.  

Reference:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Former_empires_of_Europe

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