Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Are Ibrahim's Claims False In Order to Create Caliphate?

Nadene Goldfoot                                                              

Abu Akr al Baghdadi, now calling himself Ibrahim, says he has the right to claim a Caliphate, IS,  because he claims to be a Hashemite, a direct descendant of Muhammad.  .  

Someone knowledgable about DNA genes in the Middle East says he never heard of him and reminds the world that there must be authentic proof of this.  One cannot simply say that he is a Hashemite.
First, there has to be evidence of a family tree that is acceptable and complete.  Then today, even this is not enough.  These things can be altered.
The only way to prove this is by DNA testing, deep DNA testing and done with an accepted company where the scientists have not been paid off with baksheesh to forge the results.  So the whole testing procedure in this case must be validated, from the scraping in the mouth to the test tube to the DNA lab in an acceptable company.
This is a big claim;  to be the head person of a caliphate.  Ibrahim is calling for the allegiance of other Sunnis, a paper to be signed.  No one is going to swear allegiance to a false claimer.
Sunnis should not follow anyone who has made such claims that are false.  He's breaking all the rules in the Koran as it is, sweeping through land not his and killing and beheading people.  He's killed Sunni Imams, Sunni policemen for Iraq, Sunni and Shi'a children.  He's on a bloody rampage to put the fear of him into everyone so as to take land easily.   This is a bully, not an official leader.
He has now taken the border between Iraq and Jordan.  It's time for Iraqis, regardless of whether they are Sunni or Shi'a, to stop and think.  You are following a false leader who has not given you proof of heritage and rights.  


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