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Hamas Leadership Drunk With Success: The 3rd Intifada and Israel

Nadene Goldfoot                                                               

Ever since Obama, Kerry and the EU recognized Palestine as a state, proclaimed June 2nd , the Hamas leadership has caused a wave of rocket attacks against Israel to be coordinated with the kidnapping of 3 Jewish boys. They are acting like they are drunk with success and can do as they like, which is to throw peace pretenses to the wind and attack Israel more than they had been.
                                           Iron Dome taking out rockets from Gaza

"Defending the controversial decision Wednesday, June 4th  in Beirut, US Secretary of State John Kerry claimed the decision to keep funding the Palestinian Authority, now jointly run by Hamas terrorists, does not violate US prohibitions against supporting, funding, or recognizing terrorist groups because no senior Hamas officials have formal cabinet posts." 

                             Sderot, Israel  on the Border-15 second warning 

I challenge John Kerry.  Serving in the 13th government of the PA is Riyad al Maliki who is the PA's Foreign Affairs minister.  He was an active member of the PFLP terrorist group which fights against Israel.  This old shoe is still actively working with Abbas.  The group is still there, just shuffled around a bit.                         

                            Rockets aiming at Ashkelon, home of hospital serving Jews and Arabs
                             Ashkelon is Portland, OR's sister city 

" Within two days (of their declaration as a state) , the Obama Administration said that it would continue to financially aid the PA. The European Union (EU) and the United Nations (UN) have followed suit. And this despite the fact that Hamas has foreshadowed expanding its operations from Gaza into the West Bank, while its terror force, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, remains an independent actor."  

 While the country mourned the attack on these precious future rabbis who were attending a Yeshiva in Judea, the rockets came, hitting Sderot and other points not too far from Gaza. A copy-cat of an Arab boy's murder happened, possibly the staging of a family honor killing that ended with a typical burning of the body which is practiced among these affairs.  Then again it could have been done by an irate Israeli.  Now the authorities in Israel are most likely too busy attending to the attack than to look for his murderer.  The murderers of the 3 Jewish boys have not been found, either.  The Jews regard the Arab's death as even worse, as Jews are taught not to do such things.  It put in danger more of Israel than it already was at that moment.  But that was the trigger, at least it is being used as the pretext for violence that has destroyed Jerusalem's light rail, and  more in Israel.

Then out of nowhere but now on the border of Jordan and Iraq comes the making of a Caliphate by a former al Qaeda member and ex American prisoner that had been held in a prison in Iraq,  which also is a great threat to Israel.  Wave after wave of rockets reaching Tel Aviv and Jerusalem have come screeching in, with some being stopped by Israel's Iron Dome.  The country has retired to bomb shelters as 6 million people are put in jeopardy while their own IAF tries to take out the centers of these rocket launchers in Gaza.

As the violence sped up with invasions coming from the sea, we have Obama telling Israel not to escalate or do anything.  Coming from a do nothing president, thank Goodness the IDF realized they had to answer this fire with something to put it out and have been flying over Gaza and hitting targets which will hamper their ability to fire rockets.  This included sites where they are hidden such as hitting the  homes of Hamas operatives where they had concealed rocket launchers, tunnels, weapons depots and training bases.

Oh, but that has angered Hamas!  How dare Israel know where they hide their launchers!  They have threatened Israel by saying that if Israel continues to hit their homes, they would "broaden the range of targeting," striking deeper into Israel.  They already have done that.

Two rockets was taken out above Tel Aviv by the Iron Dome.  They have let loose with a barrage of dozens of long-range rockets aimed right at cities and towns in central and southern Israel.  Three landed close to Jerusalem where rioting continues by the Arabs very close to friends of Portland who had recently moved there.  Israel gives people in houses a 5 minute warning by phone and tells them to get out.  Israelis have a 15 second warning from their own siren system of incoming rockets.  People in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem will have 30 seconds.   So far, Arabs are dying in the attacks because their leaders provide no bomb shelters for them.  It is to their advantage to suffer a large death count.  It's used as ammunition against the "nasty" Israel.

Originally after a large wave of rocket shelling, Israel gave Gaza a 48 hour warning of their readiness to launch a ground operation.   That was many times 48 hours ago, but there are troops at the border at the ready.  40,000 reservists can be called up with troops and tanks to put an end to the madness reeked upon Israel by their neighbor who refused to sign a peace agreement and recognize Israel's right to exist.

This is why Israel was not anxious to see them declared a state.  They have continued to glorify killers of Jews and use that as city-wide celebration.  They teach that there is no Israel in their schools-that all the land belongs to Palestine.  There were no steps taken to be peaceful.  They want east Jerusalem for themselves as a capital.  Of course within a week they would want all of Jerusalem and all of Israel as this is written in an unchanged charter that Kerry should also have held a meeting about.

The irony is that the Arabs are being wounded and the hospital they would benefit from is in Ashkelon, the city they are trying to destroy.  .  They have destroyed the light rail in Jerusalem, the transportation system Arabs enjoyed and used.

Some of my hearsay information comes from a friend of a Jewish friend who understands Arabic which many Jewish Israelis do.  They study it in school.  He overheard a conversation by Arab Israelis discussing which house they would take over when the war was over and Hamas won.  That's the same conversation reported about when in 1948 the Arabs were attacking Israel 5 minutes after it was declared a state.  The leaders had told the Arabs living in Jerusalem to leave quickly as they were about to enter and take over.  When the fighting was finished they could take the Jews' homes.

Like then, it's not going to happen.  Those that were coveting Jewish homes found themselves living in camps instead.  Live on the outside of the 10 Commandments, and suffer the consequences.  These same ideals are in the Koran, but who's paying attention these days?  They are fighting not for their own rights and freedom, as they boast, because they already have it.  Hamas is their government and has been since 2005.  No, they are fighting because they want what Jews have created.  They want it and to get it, these former desert raiders that Mark Twain observed in the mid 1800's  only know to steal it.

Pundits thought there would be a problem with reconciliation of Hamas and Fatah.  No problem at all; Abbas has adopted the Hamas charter, it looks like, and Hamas is calling the shots, in office or out.  That's what happens when you team up with terrorists.

Resource:  Innocents Abroad by Mark Twain
Oregonian newspaper:  July 9, 2014,  page A 16, Airstrikes in Gaza kill 23; Israel prepares for invasion  listing ministers in new government and right there is Maliki's name

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