Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Don't Swallow Propaganda Against Jews: Realize these Few Facts

Nadene Goldfoot
 Adapted from Truth Revolt                                              

 I've got a head ache from all the stupidity in the world that I hear of propaganda against Jews or against Israel.  Give me a break.

 Israel feels they must follow their higher power-G-d -in their life in order to continue to exist.  That's how I know they will not be chased out of Israel.  Set against, facing every type of challenge, they will live.  Their religion is based on life, not death.  To be righteous in life is their insurance of whatever G-d has planned for the death experience.  To live life correctly, you follow the 10 commandments and try to live up to 613 more that are listed. You follow the Golden Rule:  "Don't do to others what you don't want others to do unto you."
                    Sigmund Freud, Austrian born 1856-1939, father of psychoanalysis

So knowing the heart and the soul of a Jew, and being one myself, I know what I can believe and not believe.  I'm not being sucked into idiotic slander against Jews. Not that we aren't human, we do have our nut cases that do not even  fit the psychological descriptions of a psychosis, but are nuttier than a fruitcake such as our own self loathing Jews, which might be why we have such outstanding psychologists.  Sigmund Freud was one of the first.  Chaim Ginzburg/ Ginot,  born  in Israel 1922-1973, child psychologist and psychotherapist  also became a household name in understanding children.  Yes, instead of just killing off those that do not fit into any mold socially, we study them and find out why they are like they are.  Mental sicknesses; something new that has been invented in the 20th century.
1.  Israel is based on the Jewish religion and its people have returned because they were and continue to be a religious people.  It's based on our religion that is based on the 10 commandments, given 3,324 years ago.  Unlike Sharia Law of some Muslim countries, however, it's up to you how much you  follow.

2. Against all odds, Israel has been successful.  It is demonstrating that the exposure to Western culture can have its good points.  This is the 21st Century.  The Eastern culture it sits among has some catching up to do.  They shouldn't feel threatened by Israel's existence.  They should take advantage of it and allow their own people to learn from them such as Emir Feisal had once depended on.
3.  In defending themselves, they must act in what seems to be a harsher manner than some Americans would, though in military terms, Israel's reactions to violence are very much measured and limited.  They are so careful in bombing retaliation that their own restraint puts their soldiers' lives at risk many times.  Remember, their religion they live by forces them to take more measured steps than the USA does.  Life takes top priority.
    a. They put killers in prison.  They do not have a death penalty
    b.  To stop violence and terrorism, they have resorted to destruction of a home, not the person. Their homes can be rebuilt.  A human cannot.  This is done to terrorists who value material goods more than they do the life of themselves or others.  Besides that, a home such as one being destroyed is usually not made of the same materials found in an American home.  They can be replaced quickly.  Usually it is made out of some form of clay. That's why it can be destroyed so easily with a bulldozer.   Wood is hard to find in Israel.  Most Israelis have to live in high rise apartment building made out of concrete.  Homes are a rarity.
    c.  Their enemies would quickly kill a Jew, not put them in prison like they do.
    d: Ancient Roman days:  "If a Roman citizen was murdered by local savages, such as our 3 kidnapped boys, the legions would show up, slaughter the men, sell the women and children into slavery, and sow the fields with salt.                                                
               Rocket launcher of Hezbollah, same type used by Hamas

e.  Israel bombs the sites where rockets are shot from, they don't go after the people unless in trying to take out the leaders; not the general civilians.
   f.  Israel has built a wall that has been successful in keeping out terrorists.
   g.  Constant defense tactics have to be used since 1948 when always being attacked; Israel is constantly in a defensive mode.  They do not go out and attack.  It is impossible to allow attacks on their own people without  causing a reaction that is understood by the enemy which is to stop future attacks..
   h.  When attacked by the neighbors in an all out war-it's always done by a pack, never individually.  It's 10 against 1-the odds are always against Israel,
4. Being anti-Israeli is being anti-Jewish.  Come on-it's a Jewish country.
5. Israel has the right to Exist.  They jumped through all the hoops expected since the end of WWI.  They are there legally.
6. Israel must defend its citizens.  They are always being attacked.  That's the role of a country; defense.
7.  Terrorism is wrong.  It must not be used to gain an outcome for someone who cannot get it any other way other than reasonable acceptable ways.

In times of stress, such as a multitude of bombs bombarding into southern Israel, kidnapping and slaying of teen-aged Jewish boys, and lies running amuck, we remember Joshua's words.

"Have I not commanded you?  Be strong and courageous.  Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your G-d is with you wherever you go."  

Resource:  Truth Revolt:  Detonate the Narrative:  Fight Back Against the Lies About Israel


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  2. Just listened to CNN and woman interviewed a lady lawyer of the PLO (that's what she said-not Fatah) in Ramallah, who gave a diatribe against Israel when questioned about the Palestinian boy now found killed. The Palestinians are claiming this is by the Jews, a reprisal killing. News coming out is that the boy could have been homosexual and this was an honor killing by the family, being used in this manner. CNN interviewer was soft in her questioning, asked a few good questions but didn't follow through with them, what she got was that it was all the fault of Israel who they don't want to deal with who are the occupiers and that they have no freedom; used it for political propaganda.