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Looks Like a 3rd Intifada To Me: Gaza vs Israel

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                       

                                  Israel's Iron Dome after another rocket

We're in the 3rd Intifada or War.  It started with the united government of Fatah-Hamas creating Palestine and okayed by Obama and Kerry.

Immediately after the nod of acceptance, though there was no accepting by Palestinans of Israel nor a peace treaty, and through the occasional bombing into Israel of mortars and missiles and rockets, 3 Jewish boys were kidnapped and killed.  Soon there was a reprisal or event of a Muslim boy killed by a Jewish boy and this was accompanied by a barrage of rocket fire in Israel.
                                              Hamas Terrorist
Rockets launched were of longer range now coming into Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.  That was it.  Operation Protective Edge was declared by Israel to put an end to the launching pads sending rockets into Israel coming from Gaza.  Israel had reached the height of their patience.  The usual bombing of a launch site was not working.  The sites had to be put to a stop.  Hamas had declared war on Israel long ago and were terrorists, listed as such by other nations.  Their charter called for the end of Israel and the killing of Jews. Of course they refused to sign any recognition, which would have meant the promise of peace.  John Kerry was chasing after a ghost of a peace settlement.   He could not change their ideology.
                                                  Hamas on the March

The trap was set by Hamas.  Israel entered Gaza. First they announced they were there and for the Palestinians to leave their area before they started bombing.  They told them by leaflets, phones, taps on roofs, and telling the UNRWA.  The USA does the same thing, but I believe Israel goes a step further.

 Every death construed by the Palestinians was a point in their favor, so they were happy to get them all counted.  They had hid their ammunition in hospitals, schools, offices, homes, wherever there was a gathering of people.  Civilians were told not to leave the sites to be bombed by the Israelis.  They were guarding the rockets.  On top of this, Palestinians interviewed call out for freedom, which they had since they voted for Hamas and that's what they have.  Israel is not there.  They left in 2005 and handed the area to the PA who have changed to Hamas.
What Israel has found upon entering have been the tunnels.  They turned out to be gigantic cement enforced tunnels reaching into Israel's nation where they can pop up and attack.  Israel has had to turn from taking out rocket centers to blowing up tunnels.

Israel accepts cease fires but Hamas rejects them all.  The latest is a hospital that has been hit and Israel has been blamed.  The finding is that it was a mortar fired by Hamas that was a dud-landing on the hospital.  I even wonder if they did it on purpose to garner more hatred for Israel.

It's to Israel's advantage in this war to not stack up casualties of Palestinians because each time there are riots and screams from the world.  Anti-Semitism is ruling the attitudes against Israel.  Talk this morning on CNN was of fear for the United States and the intervention of ISIS and other Sunnis into Gaza.

The latest is that a hospital was hit by Hamas with a stray mortar but of course the blame first went to Israel.  Riots are breaking out all over the world against Israel which shows that anti Semitism is well and growing.  Nobody is acting out over Russia who is getting away with taking Ukraine, or the sundry other problems in the world.  Now CNN even mentioned ISIS's possible involvement into this.  At this moment Jews were killed on a Kibbutz  from tunnel rats coming up from Gaza ready to kill.  The UN is calling for a cease fire, but after 5 that Israel had agreed to that was met by deaf ears, neither party are accepting.
The Palestinians keep crying for freedom, but they had it.  Hamas was their government.  Jews were out of the picture except for trying to make sure that weapons weren't coming into the land.  Little did they know they were coming in anyway from Iran through these complicated tunnels.  Egypt doesn't want to open their exits either.  Hamas continues to shoot rockets while they call out that they are orphans.  Oh, the talks are on the agenda by all those who talk about the situation but understand little about Hamas goals.

Gaza's main cities are destroyed, but that hasn't stopped the bombing yet.  Soon, soon.  Hamas  has sacrificed over 1,000 civilians in their goal to destroy Israel this time.  About 6,000 are injured.  The hospital has been hit.

All I hear out of the Hamas spokesmen's mouths is their right to Freedom and that's why they are shooting rockets.  Really?  I feel they wanted more freedom to obtain rockets to shoot at  Israel.  It's pretty pathetic.  I notice the cement went into tunnels that have taken at least 2 years to build.  No schools were built.  No hospitals were built.  Do aggressors get to cry about protecting themselves if they are not prepared when Israel fights back?  They are working it and getting Pollyanna types to feel sorry for them.

PS: Over CNN:  Fight to get their food?  There has been no shortage of food in Gaza whatsoever unless Hamas has been turning it all into rockets.  Trucks go in from Israel every day loaded with food.  Their markets and shuks are loaded with food.  Their references are ridiculous.

Did you ever hear the story about the man who wanted to be alone with his wife so he told his children that the ice cream truck was downstairs and he gave them each some money to buy some ice cream.  They ran down the steps happily to find the truck.  He looked out the window and thought, "gee, I'd like to have some ice cream, too, and down he went."  Lesson: People who tell lies wind up believing them.

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