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All About the Intifadas (Terrorism)

Nadene Goldfoot                Definition of an Intifada
  1. The Palestinian uprising (terrorism) against Israeli occupation of  Judea and Samaria and Gaza Strip, beginning in 1987.

First Intifada 1987-1992
The PLO initiated the intifada ("shaking off") after false rumors of Israeli atrocities circulated through Palestinian territories like they are right now by American Islamists on their Deen website.  Palestinians claim this was a nonviolent uprising, but it quickly turned violent with 27 Israelis killed and more than 1,400 Israeli civilians and 1,700 Israeli soldiers injured.  Almost half (1,000) of the Palestinian casualties were caused by other Palestinians in the "Intrafada," or internal fighting among Palestinian factions.  
Second "Al Aqsa" Intifada 2000-2006
A campaign of suicide bombings and terrorist attacks began September 29, 2000 and within five years had left over 1,068 Israelis dead and over 7,000 injured.  69% of them were civilians.  About 3,000 Palestinians were also killed in this conflict.  In this culture of Arabs, suicide bombers are honored and become idols.    Even though on July 11 to 25th of 2000, the Camp David negotiations to resolve the Final Status issues were held with President Bill Clinton as mediator, this intifada happened.  PM Ehud Barak of Israel had offered 95% of a contiguous Judea-Samaria for their Palestine and 100% of Gaza and okayed a capital for them in eastern Jerusalem. with the removal of Jewish communities from those areas and $30 billion to help resettle Palestinian refugees.  Palestinians did not respond to the offer. This ended Oslo process.  Intifada was planned since the end of the Camp David negotiations.  This was admitted by Imhad Falouji, Palestinian Minister of Communication.  Offers have been made since 1948 that are never accepted.   PLO officials later claimed that Barak's offer would have given them only disconnected enclaves.    Israeli and US officials disputed this claim.  Dennis Ross, negotiator asserted that proposal was contiguous and far-reaching. 

They held off because their charters will not allow peace or acceptance of the Jews in the area.  They want all of Israel and no Jews.  Yasser Arafat was PLO leader, but died in Paris on November 11, 2004-American Armistice Day.  Abbas became Chairman and later President of PA.

Israel left Gaza completely on August 15, 2005 after 38 years by removing the 8,500 Jews who lived there.  The 1.3 million Palestinian Arabs  then voted in Hamas terrorists as their government and used Gaza as a staging ground to attack Israel with rockets.  Israel realized that this was one of their mistakes.  

May 7, 2006; Israel foils Palestinian plot to kill Palestinian president.  It was a Hamas plot to assassinate Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.  This was reported in the Sunday Times of London.  

Summer of 2006, Hezbollah, the Iranian-Syrian-sponsored Islamist terrorist group from Lebanon attacked Israel in a surprise move.  They had long-range missiles that could deliver non-conventional weapons.  Their goal: to destroy Israel.  

Third Intifada June 2014-? 
Threatened to start by John Kerry at result of a meeting about peace that would not come together as he wished when the Arabs walked away and created Palestine without a peace agreement on June 2nd.  Developed with kidnapping and murder by Hamas of 3 Jewish teens on June 12th,  then the coincidental kidnapping and murder of Arab teen,  which caused violent riots of the Arabs including the destruction of the modern rail system in Jerusalem that Arabs loved to ride on.   This and large increase of rockets launched into Israel  must be an intifada.  On the 5th day, 700 +rockets fell into Israel, reaching Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. To be exact,  "Day #5 status: 748 rockets shot at Israel so far, 143 intercepted by Iron Dome (Klipat Barzel), about 5 people lightly wounded and 1 serious yesterday at the petrol station. Today one rocket hit and utterly destroyed the house of a 86 years old woman, who was asleep and came out unhurt from the rubble. Miracles? #IsraelUnderFire."  Israel is planning on having to go into Gaza to put an end to this.  Rockets are now long range hitting all of Israel, coming in from Iran through Sinai, then through tunnels.  Egypt caught 20 some in Sinai.  
Resource:  Israel 101 produced by StandWithUs page 13.  
Albert Benamou posting.  American Islamist website; false propaganda

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