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Israel's Future President's (The Moshiach) Requirements

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                        
A question on many minds is, "When is the Moshiach coming?"   I'll give you the prophesies found in our "Old Testament" or Tanakh. תנכ.   There were certain requirements needed to tell if a person was the right one waited for.

A future president of Israel will see to it that  the 3rd Temple will be built, so maybe he will be an engineer.    The plans for it have been finished since before 1980.  It just hasn't been brought about as being the right time to do it. East Jerusalem went back into Israel's hands by winning against the huge assault of the 1967 Six Day War.  Through Moshe Dayan, the Temple Mount remained in the hands of Jordan who police it.   This president will rebuild but the spot has yet to be decided.   It's been foretold by Ezekiel in 37:26-28.  That this is on the agenda for the future is enough to make the Muslims of the Middle East a little nervous.
 It's because the Mosque of Omar, built in 738 CE,  sits over the remnant of the Jews' 2nd Temple on the Temple Mount.  It's been their custom to do this as they took over land.  
  He will be the sitting president when all the Jews have made aliyah to Israel.  This has been happening without him, so I imagine he will be a president when more Jews from the USA and those scattered in Europe and elsewhere will feel the need to return.
El Al , Israeli line of air travel
As anti-Semitism is hitting harder in certain countries like France with 37% of the population being anti-Semitic,  many are returning to Israel right now because of it.  It's seen happening from Isaiah 43:5-6.  This sounds like anti-Semitism will become worse, and it's already hit a zenith close to that in 1939;  or Jews will become more religious and feel the need to return.  There are 1.09 billion people in the world today that harbor anti-Semitic attitudes as found in a survey between 2013 and 2014.  It's probably grown since then, as it's not getting any better.  It's running at 74% in the Middle East and North Africa.  Eastern Europe was at 34%.  USA was  at 19 %, 20% in Ireland but 8% in UK.

 With so many falling away from our belief, I really wonder how many more will be returning. Christianity is losing ground as well lately.   The Jewish Homeland had been planned to have been much larger, as it was in the ancient days, and today is only made of 8,000 sq miles.  We were given the broom closet instead of the whole house that we had paid dearly for at the time of the drawn up deed.  .With 6 million Jews living there now along with 1.7 million Arabs, the future is forecast by " the Minister of Aliya and Absorption in the Knesset  that  expects a million and a half Jews to make Aliyah within the decade, as all the conditions are right for it."
The UN will do a turnabout in the future.   This Israeli president  will usher in a time of world peace.  All hatred, oppression, suffering and disease will be wiped out.  This seems to be in the very far future, for that isn't the situation right now, although much disease has been wiped out.   How will this  ever happen?  It's possible as Europe and the USA have gone through a lot of changes already in their attitudes, but Islam hasn't brought this about with their people. IS is trying to create their own Islamic state,  and in order to do that, they are slaughtering all those not meeting up to their standards.  Right now they have threatened to kill the Christian Arabs in Jerusalem.  "ISIS explicitly threatened to kill the Christian Arabs if they don’t leave eastern Jerusalem by the end of Ramadan."  This information was on a flyer.  
ISIS letter on Jerusalem ChristiansPeace is not an item on their plate.  The logic of the UN has been turned inside out as well.  They honor those that sneer at peace.  In this future period, "Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall man learn war anymore."  Isaiah foretold this one in 2:4.  This means the armies won't even be training soldiers after this president presides over Israel and peace is a sure thing.  Today the UN appeases terrorism which only feeds into it more.

The concept of one G-d will be spread over all the world by then, but this is to be a uniting force for humanity as one.  Islam believes in one G-d and so does Judaism, but their messages have not been the same. Islam says they have replaced Judaism   Christianity discarded the Torah at it's origin and many of us have a hard time accepting their view of the trinity and its concept of Jesus and G-d being one as a type of monotheism which must be their concept of religious algebra where 3x=1.  . Our basic math counts 3 gods instead of 1.    These differences have kept us all from being a united religion believing in one G-d, period. It's where Christianity had separated from Judaism.
This future president of Israel will be born from earthly  parents and be normal physically like any other person.  He will not be any type of demi-god and will not have any supernatural qualities.  His father's line will come from the ancient King David (1010 BCE-970 BCE).  and through  his son, King Solomon (961-920 BCE.)   This is stated by II Samuel 7:4; 1 chronicles 17:11-14, 22:9-10, 28: 4-6.

Ten generations from Solomon and he would have 1024 descendants.   According to the fact that his line was directly from Abraham, just like Isaac and Ishmael were, the fathers of Judaism and much later, Islam, this has been decided today to bear the Y dna haplogroup of J1, called the Cohen gene. Or, it could be from one of the more common haplogroups found coming from Judeans.  A question arises being that a person can have a genetic tree and a genealogical tree.  We get a maximum of 44 genetic ancestors, and the probability of being related to any particular ancestor N generations ago is 1-(1-0.5 N-1)22.  We'd have about 43 genetic ancestors out of 1024 genealogical ancestors after 10 generations. A generation is figured at 25 years.

 I'll figure that from 931 BCE to 2015 CE is 2,946 or 3,000 years.  Divide that by 25 and you have 120 generations.  There will be ancestors but none will carry much of Solomon's DNA, though we do carry Neanderthal genes still.  I personally have 2.9% Neanderthal genes.   Other Haplogroups  have crept in such as certain types of E and G and Q and R.  Perhaps genetics will advance even further by then to pinpoint the haplogroup directly from King Solomon as there should be enough descendants that carry a few segments of his genes living in Israel.

  This fact has been seen by at least 3 prophets and mentioned right in Genesis 49:10 where it says: " The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor a scholar from among his descendants until Shiloh (peace-the coming of the Moshiach) arrives, and his will be an assemblage of nations" The Ark and Tabernacle from the days of Moses were kept in Shiloh which was 25 miles north of Jerusalem in the mountains of the tribe of Ephriam.  The town was destroyed by the Philistines in about 1050 BCE.  They captured the ark.    This means that when this happens, the world will recognize that Israel does indeed belong to the Jews and all the nations will acknowledge this and pay homage to Israel instead of trying to tear it apart.  It will be a time without anti-Semitism. Oh, that will be the day!
 I like the part about scholars coming from the tribe of Judah.  Yes, we have produced many outstanding scholars from the remnant of the tribe of Judah numbering about only 14 million today.  My line of Ashkenazis had gathered with RASHI in Worms, Germany where many rabbis-scholars got together to hash over the meanings in the Torah.  He was a wonderful biblical scholar with his line going back to King David through Solomon.  His descendants are finding each other today through science-DNA testing and genealogies that have survived.  As Jews today, we have many scholars of other subjects too numerous to list here, but Einstein was one.  Go to this website to read a long list of names of Jewish scholars and what they did.  This list was compiled by a Muslim, suprisingly.
Anyone who tries to tear down the Torah is to be recognized as a false prophet, and the president will be a follower of the Torah and a leader of it, so there is no chance of Israel losing its Jewish standing.  All the mitzvot will be there and binding forever.  This must be that the religious political parties of Israel will be in good standing.
From Tribe of Menashe, made aliyah already
All 12 tribes will be gathered up at this time by him from around the world and this is prophesied in Ezekiel 37.  This project has already started and is still happening.

Christians have identified the prophecy that calls for this leader to enter Jerusalem on a donkey and they say that Jesus did that.  To Jews this was not a unique event.  Donkeys at the time of Jesus were like the automobiles of today.  Everyone traveled by donkey.  This simply placed the event of a very special king (Moshiach) in that era, the end of the BCE period.  It was also read about in the synagogues so that everyone had heard of this pronouncement and could use it to establish their argument that they were the Moshiach..  This was, then, not a unique item on the list of qualifications. Today one still sees a camel or two  in Jerusalem.
As I look into the future, I wonder about our future president riding in on a donkey.  Does this mean we are living without oil in the future?  Without the usual transportation?  Or are we, like so many movies who show the aftermath of a nuclear attack, find ourselves living as in ancient days, without all the creature comforts we Americans are used to today, such as a car in every garage, even to the point of contemplating buying some flying transportation and wham!  Life changes?

Suffering was an item on the list.  Thousands of Jews were placed on the cross when the Romans occupied Judah.  For any little infraction of Roman rule, they were hung there.  So actually, all Jews of that period were suffering; whether on the cross or from this ruling from the enemy that was trying out wipe out Judaism. Again, this item on the list was not a unique qualification to be the president or king of Judah.  When being occupied by Rome, and the Romans were very touchy about any cause to end their rule from any Jews, they caused the whole population of Judah to suffer.
In regards to suffering, prophecies were written in the singular form because the Jews were written as "Israel" and were regarded as one unit, as they are looked upon today in the writings.  So when you read the word "Israel," it means The Jews.  Throughout Jewish scripture, Israel is repeatedly called, in the singular, the "Servant of God."  This can be seen in Isaiah 43:8.  In fact, Isaiah states no less than 11 times in the chapters prior to 53 that the Servant of God is Israel.
Husseini (Grand Mufti) and Nazi in Germany
When read correctly, Isaiah 53 clearly and ironically refers to the Jewish people being "bruised, crushed and as sheep brought to slaughter" at  the hands of the nations of the world.  This, one can see, graphically describes the suffering of the Jewish people.  We can read Psalm 44 to understand their suffering.  Here Israel had vividly been portrayed in the recurring oppressions and persecutions of exile.  Israel plead for strength to endure this until they could be  redeemed.  So up to 1948 there was suffering and there has been continued suffering from war and attacks since then as well as from an uncaring uninterested world.
We suffered enough in the Holocaust by losing 6 million lives to Nazi hatred.  Today, Jews in Israel are suffering because the world has turned against them since their win  in 1967 which allowed them to reach 2015 as the only Jewish state in the world.  Iran wants so badly to wipe them out, and is threatening nuclear bombing to do it.  In about 10 years, they will have gained the wherewithall to do that according to a deal presented by world powers.  Israel has been suffering since their inception in 1948, and Israel was meant  to be a haven to get away from persecution.

Even a large element of Christians today feel that they have replaced Jews totally, so they see no use for us in their religious studies, which must have been how the Romans also felt being they strung up thousands on crosses, their method of handling every act against their government policies from robbery to killing to political incitement.  These Christians see anything promised to "Israel" means them.  It's their "REPLACEMENT" theory.  They are not proponents for the state of Israel today, either, but have joined the BDS movement which is a political act be used to force Israel to conform to their political ideas.

"Isaiah 53 ends with the fact that when the Jewish people are redeemed (during this future president's time), the nations will recognize and accept responsibility for the inordinate suffering and death of the Jews". Germany did, but I see the Nazi dream and reading material as something still followed in the Middle East.
Jerusalem, capital of Israel in King David's day and today
Jerusalem is a hot contention among the nations even today.  In this future time, all the world will call Jerusalem the Center of Religion.  Today I imagine the world looks upon the Vatican as the center, or Muslims considering Mecca as their center.
Yet both have shown acts of coveting it.  

 The nations of the world will finally stop thinking evil thoughts that lead to their imagination gone wild in their treatment of other people such as IS is behaving.  Today, Jerusalem is still being coveted by everyone.  Islamic radicals think of it as the first place they hope to take over.  It was that way back in the days when the Mosque of Omar was built  on the Temple Mount where the 2nd Temple had stood.  As it had been the Jewish center, it was to then become the Islamic center.
Why do Jews put trust in the Prophets?  Moses was our prophet and leader.  Our prophets after Moses  were guiding the fledgling nation in times of difficulty.  As we gained leadership by having a monarchy starting with Saul, then David and his son, Solomon, their role was as a fighter for social morality, and would rebuke our leaders when they had moral lapses such as social corruption.  They foresaw national disaster and warned of it and would be right on.   Thousands of religions have been started by one person who said they had a revelation.  Today we even find psychotic experiences of someone hearing a voice or voices as a mental problem, not a truth in most cases.  So we never did put our trust in one  leader for the beginning of our religion.
Moses bringing the Ten Commandments 
Yes, we are followers of Moses, but in our experience, G-d didn't speak to just Moses.  Moses had gathered up all the slaves out of Egypt.  I guess he didn't leave that country any at all, because no matter who they were, they went along with the crowd to get out of there.  He had 600,000 with him and the experience they witnessed on Mt. Sinai where they had all gathered was G-d speaking to the entire nation.  It was a national traumatic event that must have affected every cell in their body.  G-d made himself known to all those present, not just to one person who may have been hearing voices, all right.
The 600,000 were at the Revelation on Mt. Sinai and they saw with their own eyes and heard with their own ears.  It is written, "Face to face, G-d spoke with you on the mountain, from amid the fire."  Moses said to the people, "I was standing between G-d and you at that time, to relate the word of G-d to you--for you were afraid of the fire and you did not ascend the mountain--....and "God did not make this covenant with our fathers, but with us----who are all here alive today."  this is found in Deut. 5:3.

So Moses was the interpreter for G-d to his people.  What he had been telling them stands today as things most logical;  too logical for his time as they are so logical today.  The voice he heard and understood was not something telling him to pick up swords and kill adults or babies.  The voice was telling these people who had been held in slavery for almost 400 years a way of living for the betterment of all, a timeless rule of living.  It made sense then and now, even more so today.

Jews did not put their trust in miracles that Moses performed.  One always doubts magicians today, don't we?  There's always some trick, our eyes do not pick up  the slight of hand.  Anything Moses did was out of necessity, not as proof of his prophecy.
What is G-d, anyway?  The Jewish concept is that G-d is incorporeal.  He will assume no physical form.  He is something eternal and above time limits.  He is infinite, beyond space.  He cannot be someone born and he cannot die.  He would never assume human form as that is what people had been accepting as a G-d all along in history.  Greeks and Romans were known for this belief.  They believed in g-ds even consorting with humans producing half-gods.  We love those stories so much they have been made into movies.  Today religious stories are being replaced as aliens from outer space theories.  Now this leads to no morality or concept of morality other than mankind being brought ideas from outer space planets more advanced than ours, therefore more enlightened.  It does away with the question of how our planet and universe came into being in the first place.  So Jews had hit upon the concept that G-d cannot be a mortal.

So now you know.  A future president of Israel will be the much awaited Messiah that Jews feel has not ever made an appearance and Christians say will be coming a 2nd time.  It seems that the time is near according to all our religious leaders, and then again, how are such high standards ever going to be met in this crazy world we now live in?      
Jewish victims of terrorism in Paris
Charleston Church's Bible group of 9 killed and killer
We're living in the midst of world war; either bloody battles or verbal battles harming economies and life in general.  People are going mad, slaughtering whole groups, such as the Black church slaughter of innocents gathered together in Bible study!  It's as if somebody had opened Pandora's box and let out a virus affecting the whole world.  It reminds me of the alcoholic who knows logically that he can't drink but cannot stop himself from doing so.  It's a world of drinking and drugging and hating where religion is being cast out of people's lives according to research.  We're going towards the Russian format of life-aetheism and communism.  Even the American standards are being ignored though we have written guides called a constitution.  It's being ignored.

What makes me believe that this new President will really come about?  I just read Psalm 44 in total.  We have outlasted many nations of ancient days.  We have outlived those persecuting us.  We have been delivered before.  G-d has not died.  As long as the universe exists, G-d exists.  We will be delivered from Iran and the rest of our present day foes once more if there is any pattern in life.  What shakes up most of the inhabitants of this world are the prophecies that have come true already.  Nobody ever thought that would happen.  Jews have returned to Israel.  That's huge.  The 12 tribes are returning, not forced to, but of their own volition. They are returning to a land my own family members are afraid of spending 10 days of vacation in due to all the possible surrounding dangers, and people of the Lost Tribes are returning to live in Israel. .  Israel is surrounded by enemies, yet it exists and is flourishing.  L'Chaim!  To Life!  We concentrate on life, not death.  Our religious concepts are all about how to live and treat each other.  We were the original rainbow group.  It will be a beautiful future for all.

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