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Kontorovich's Take on Obama's Tough Love

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                            

President Obama got elected on his platform of CHANGE.  Oh yes, thought everyone.  Change is good.  2008 and we need change.  The change turned out out be changing the USA's attitude towards Israel from a positive to a negative one.
 I will present some facts that Professor Eugene Kontorovich of Northwestern University pointed in in 2012 in an article written on February 3rd, after Obama was elected again  by a population that must have been asleep. He's an international law lawyer, head of his department at Northwestern Law University.
Most people were so proud of electing him again that they hadn't noticed some frightening changes taking place by then from Bush's attitude who was unanimously believed to be a very strong supporter of Israel. Obama went to Egypt right after becoming President and made friends with the Muslim Brotherhood whose charter is to destroy Israel.  Morsi, in picture above, was "elected" president of Egypt, and he was also head of the or one of the heads of the Muslim Brotherhood.  General Sisi had something like a coup and kicked him into prison, causing Obama to want to withhold due money to Egypt for that little slap in his face.  Incidently, Sadat had made peace with Israel.  The only other state to have done so is Jordan.  
President George W. Bush
Ariel Sharon b: 1928, fought in 1948's War of Independence, commanded a division in 6 Day War and Yom Kippur War, Defense Minister in Knesset from 1981. Prime Minister 2004-2005, had a stroke, in a comma for 8 years, died January 11, 2014

By 2012's 2nd administration of Obama, there were 4 basic problems showing with the US/Israel alliance.  The first had to do with Sharon under George W. Bush's 2nd term.  Sharon was having all Israelis leave Gaza but needed assurance from the USA on certain matters. such as not looking at the 1967 boarder as a permanent thing in the future.  Their deal concluded with reassurance in the form of a letter signed by the President and the House of Representatives and the Senate backing the Bush/Sharon decisions in the letter.
Tel Aviv along the sea -founded 1909 as garden suburb of Jaffa, population in 1990 was 317,800, target for Scud missiles from Iraq during 1991 Gulf War, lately had missiles from Gaza hit, Jerusalem also, sea front developed as a major tourist area.
2008 came along and Obama promptly "repudiated Bush's guarantees.  He denied their official status.  Then he made the internationally famous speech telling Israel to withdraw to the 1967 borders, and do some land swapping.
PM Ehud Barak
 Now Clinton and Barak had talked about this, but nothing came of it.  It was a bad idea at the time.
What Obama was trying to do was to put a lien on all Israeli land.  People think of land swapping as proof that Israel has no claim to the land in the first place and that it's the Jews who are the intruders.  Just look at Europe.  They seem to believe this with or without any land swapping.
Green was 49 armistice line, showing 67 armistice line 
Then Israel was  at the annual Herzaliya conference in Israel  and was told that the Israeli government should stop building in its land, the land it obtained before 1967's onslaught of all the Arab Nations in one gigantic war.  The reasoning was so that their land could be used for land swapping-no doubt swapping Tel Aviv for Judea or something like that, as if Israel had land it didn't want.  (Of course they wouldn't swap anything for Tel Aviv.  This is just an example.)  

This means that Obama, who was all for this horrid idea,  was putting a lien on all of sovereign Israel.   Obama acted like all of Israel's land was "up for reassignment."  We're not all lawyers like Kontorovich or Obama.  A lien is a charge on real property for the satisfaction of some debt or duty ordinarily arising by by the operation of law; a mortgage, the security interest created by a mortgage.  Does Israel have a debt to pay and to who?  The Arabs who keep attacking in wars like in 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973 and on and on?  Israel wins the war and Obama wants Israel to swap land.
He's asking a sovereign nation to take their land, decided for them through so many legal papers, and the League of Nations and the UN, all the red tape where most of it was bought and paid for to Arabs in the first place.  The reason he expects Israel to do this trade-off is to allow them to remain in their homes and towns.  It was enough of a horror that Sharon had Israelis leave Gaza.  Many have still not found equal opportunities and homes in that migration.  Sharon was asking for an awful lot, but he really thought that this would bring peace, and it only brought on much more of a headache because the Arabs then threw out Abbas, elected Hamas and have been shooting at Israel from Gaza every since.  Hindsight definitely is better than foresight in this case.
The Obama policy has no heart.  They are acting like it's Israel's penalty just to stay in the game.
Is he the spokesman for the Arabs?  He's wrangled more out of Israel in his manipulations and demands right from the beginning , and all the while what does he ask from the Arabs?  Nothing-nada, bubkus.
The Obama foreign policy team showed a lot of anti-Israel feelings by 2010, but obviously no one noticed who was a voter, or they were all siding with him.  When Israel stated they were planning on building in East Jerusalem, all hell broke loose.  The Israelis needed to build additions to apartments, for that's what most of the population live in.  They were rebuilding porches called merapezets-little balconies on those high risers.
PM Netanyahu
 .  The USA turned around and became very aggressive in their comments, and publicly chastised Netanyahu.  The horrible thing was that his building was starting after the building freeze was over.  It was over because Israel held out for about a year and in that year's time Abbas was supposed to come to the table and talk peace, but he wouldn't come and wouldn't talk, and he wouldn't talk because his compact is all about destroying Israel and killing Jews.  He teamed up with Hamas periodically, a very stormy marriage of these 2 terrorist groups, and Hamas is truly violent about doing Israel in.
"No, you can't build."  Obama's words like police warnings.  The land, originally ours in biblical days and promised by the League of Nations and UN until the Brits decided differently, came to Israel legally because Jordan never held it legally.  Then they lost it to Israel by losing the war; the same way the Allies gained the Ottoman Empire at the end of WWII.  It was the allies who won the war.   
Obama's attitude and message was that Jews were not allowed to build even the smallest thing such as a dog house if it was in East Jerusalem.  Now all along, Arabs have been building wherever they could get away with it, and no one said a thing.
1947 Partition Plan before becoming a state of Israel
The Promised Jewish Homeland from the Allies

Their ploy obviously was  to convince Israelis who were living in east Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria to move over to the western side of Israel and out of the eastern side.  "Go back where you started from," was their call.  Ignore the fact that you gained ground from winning in previous war.  Go back to where you were before they all attacked in June 1967.  It was the SIX DAY WAR-June 5th to June 10th.  This is the war where Iraq said on June 1st, "We are resolved, determined and united to achieve our clear aim of wiping Israel off the map. This is the day to wash away the stain.  G-d willing, we shall meet in Tel Aviv and Haifa!"
The Arabs and Obama and Europe seem to have been watching Israel's every move for G-d forbid if anyone picked up a hammer and a nail.  You might be building a playground for you children!!!
Israel has been an ally of the USA, and this is proved in the UN during voting for things the USA expects.  Not so Arab countries.  Yet only Israel is expected to make concessions, and they are unreasonable concessions at that.  No concessions are asked of Palestinians, Iranians, Syrians, only from the only ally the USA has in the Middle East.  Obama just announced that he doesn't think Netanyahu wants peace.  "Obama also suggested that continued U.S. diplomatic defense for Israel at the United Nations over the Palestine dispute may be reviewed (using the pay up and I will reward you tactic), while reaffirming U.S. support for Israeli security in a conflict-driven Middle East.

Obama is operating like a Chicago thug.  His idea is pay up and I will protect you. To pay up is to be compliant to Obama.   Since the 1979 Camp David accords, the US sold advanced fighters to Israel and so the thinking is that Obama would veto anti-Israel resolutions, the past few weeks he's letting it slip that he just may not continue anymore, and we've got the rest of 2015 and 2016 to go.

The Middle East is sick right now.  Everything is falling apart and it has nothing to do with another Muslim majority state which will make 49 -actually another Saudi Arabia as they want no Jews in their state at all.  Obama thinks that  Palestine must be created.  This at a time when Jordan and Egypt are both fighting against an intruding IS, with IS reported to be in Gaza actually hitting on Hamas, when a Caliphate is being created by them, marching along like they are the Assyrians, and he wants a apartheid state to be created.  I believe that in itself that  is going against all the rules of the UN for a charter for a  state. The Palestinians haven't met the criteria to create a state.

The Palestinians went to the UN in 2011,  They failed to become a state then.  It failed because finally international support was lacking.  The US did not veto their plan.  Obama  put it in abeyance for 14 months so that the next Palestinian attempt at creating their state without making any peace with Israel after the November 12th election.  Obama held this over the Jews' heads.  Would he or wouldn't he veto?

In May Obama demanded that Israel must end occupation of Palestinians.    To strengthen that idea, Hamas has started shelling Israel with rockets again.  

A few weeks ago Obama spoke to Jews in a synagogue in Washington DC about his "tough love" approach to Israel.  He even went around saying that he was their best Jew.  Obama's not Jewish.  By him he may be giving tough love, but by me he's only giving a tough attitude from his heart.  Obama says that in order to make inroads in the Arab/Israeli peace process for Kerry, the US cannot be seen as being too closely tied to Israel..
Fatah living in Judea and Samaria, wanting Palestine to have no Jews.  Israel has 1.7 million Arabs.  
Where is this attitude being mutually used on both sides?  How has anyone been tough with the Arabs?  Obama promised Netanyahu something.  He promised to push the Arabs to open consulates in Israel if Netanyahu agreed in principle to a 2 state solution, and Netanyahu has agreed , even when myself and my friends feel it wouldn't work.  Nothing had happened by February 2012.  I now see that Egypt, Jordan and Turkey have embassies in Tel Aviv.  .   "In addition to the embassy in Tel Aviv, Egypt also has a consulate general in Eilat." 

Israeli representations in Egypt

  • Cairo, Embassy
  • Alexandria, Consulate General

  • During all the rioting going on in Egypt, the American embassy had to close.  There used to be more contact between Egypt and Israel with tourism.  I am not sure what is going on today.  

 But what's happening today  is that the USA is giving Arabs arms, training them for the USA consolates in East Jerusalem and Jericho.  They in turn can now use them as terrorists.

The thing that is strong between the USA and Israel is the Defense cooperation.  That's because the Dept. of Defense is pretty self sufficient.

The Arabs want to destroy Israel's heartland.  If Israel had a willing partner in the Palestine Authority who also wanted peace, how perfect that would be.  Yet they've started bombing southern Israel again.  They had their break, rested up, probably dug some more tunnels, and here we go again.

As in 2012:  "You can hear more from Professor Eugene Kontorovich by catching one of his  lectures at:
  • Washington and Lee University School of Law, Feb. 8 at noon: Disputing Occupation: Israel’s Borders in International Law, sponsored by the Federalist Society
  • Cherry Hill, NJ on Feb. 12: One State, Two State, Three State, Four: The PA Bid for UN Recognition, sponsored by the RJC Southern New Jersey Chapter: 
  • Princeton, NJ on Feb. 12: International Lawfare, BDS and the Delegitimization of Israel, sponsored by Advocates for Israel, to RSVP contact 609-924-3225 or
  • University of Florida Law School, Feb. 15th at noon, Disputing Occupation: Israel’s Borders in International Law, sponsored by the Federalist Society.

My comments to bring up to date from 2012.


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