Monday, June 8, 2015

How Iraqis and Palestinians Turned Into Nazis

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                

Germany, the 3rd Reich, needed oil from the Middle East as they were entering WWII..  The British Oil Company controlled the oil.  Germany couldn't invade Russia yet.
Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Sharif of Jerusalem, didn't want to lose his position as the Grand Mufti and leader in Jerusalem, actually a position bestowed upon him by a British Jew, so he instigated riots during the British Mandate days at the end of WWI.
 He was the antagonist of Emir Feisal, head of all Arabs who was to become King of Iraq and Syria.  Feisal was in favor of Jews creating their own state and hoped it would bring on an improvement of the skills and attitudes of his own Arabs.
Husseini and SS Himmler
Husseini had gone to Germany to confer with Hitler himself.  Germans were naturally attracted to Islam as much as they were turned off by Judaism and Christianity, so Arabs and their oil were a favored people.

Even in 1933, when Hitler took power, German Arab specialist Fritz Grobba bought the Christian Iraqi newspaper, Al-Alem Al Arabi, and converted it into a Nazi tool and published an Arabic translation of Hitler's Mein Kampf in a series of installments.  They also read the Protocals of the Elders of Zion, German trash condemning Jews.  "PLO publications have joined in the chorus of Holocaust denial."

Radio Berlin began Arabic programs that were picked up in the Middle East.  The Nazi's propaganda of Jewish conspiracy and international manipulation was sucked up by the Iraqis, especially at this time with Britain in Palestine holding a mandate and the thought of Jews building a state out of the land.  This subject dominated Iraqi politics like it dominates the UN today.  "Some of the Arabic-language Nazi propaganda promised that those who attacked Jews would be rewarded by being given “the most beautiful of the Jewish girls” after the Palestine’s Jewish community was vanquished. "
Now we see Arab nationalism and Hitlerism wedded together.  What a marriage!  Many youth clubs of Nazi style and makeup sprang up in Iraq.  One group was the Futuwwa, a clone of the Hitler Youth.  In 1938, its members had to go to a candlelight Nazi Party rally in Nuremberg.  The delegation came back from Germany chanting in Arabic the words, "Long live Hitler, the killer of insects and Jews" 

Today they are still organized as one seems them in Gaza.  Their Palestinian Youth Nazi Movement is preparing to launch a Holocaust against Israel. "

By September 1939 at the outbreak of WWII, Haj Amin al-Husseini and his groupies, agitators, had elbowed their way into Baghdad's ruling circles.  Taha al-Hashimi, Iraqi chief of staff, doubled as the head of the Committee for the Defense of Palestine.

The German Fritz Grobba lured more Arabs into becoming Nazis by giving politicians cash and using seductive German women as prostitutes with the ranking members of the army.  The German radio broadcasts in Baghdad regularly reported huge lies about horrid attacks that never happened by Jews in Palestine.  Grobba and the Grand Mufti were able to get many Iraqis to act in the Nazi roles.

April 1, 1941 and WWII was in full swing.  A group of Iraqis who were military men known as the Golden Square ousted the British-dominated Iraqi government.  Doesn't that sound familiar?  History repeats itself.  They had staged a coup and were able to weld Iraqi actions to Berlin's iron will.

This Golden Square group wanted Germany to destroy all the British and the Jewish presence in Palestine. and the rest of the Middle East.  By May 1941 they tried to take the British Oil and military facilities in Iraq, but by the 28th of May, a British military column finally punched toward the outskirts of Baghdad and defeated the attackers.  The Golden Squares and the Reich's Grobba fled the capital.  May 31 at 4 a.m., was still dark and the acting mayor came out with a white flag.
So the next day, June 1st, British authority was restored but still withdrawn beyond the outskirts of Baghdad.  However, the British puppet regent, Prince "Abd al Ilah, returned to Iraq as it was now safe.  A power vacuum existed in the country and resulted in the blood-bath of June 1 and 2 that came to be known as the FARHUD, meaning violent dispossession.  It was a horrid pogrom against the Jews who had lived in that land of Iraq for some 2,600 years since the Babylonian attacks in 597-586 BCE on Judah. 

June 1st was a planned anti-Jewish pogrom intended to mimic Nazi mass murder campaigns in Europe.  Lists of Jews were already compiled.  Jewish homes were marked with a blood-red hamsa, or palm prints, to guide the killing.  A radio broadcast was already prepared and the time to air was planned.

The Jews learned of what was planned and begged for mercy from the temporary local mayoral authorities.  They in turn got the pogrom activists out of Baghdad.  The Jews believed all was well.  They had been saved.  They in turn had been planning to celebrate their holiday of Shavuot on June 1st.  This was celebrating the receiving of the Torah that Moses was given by G-d on Mt. Sinai.

Some Jews had gone out to greet Prince Abd al Ilah's return in the afternoon on the bridge to the palace, and the Jews ran into a contingent of dejected Iraqi soldiers returning from their surrender to the Brits.  When they saw the Jews in holiday clothing, they were enraged and they viciously attacked the Jews with knives and axes.  Several were hacked to death on the bridge.  It turned into a citywide slaughter.

Frenzied mobs went though Baghdad and murdered any Jews they saw on the streets.  Women were raped and infants were killed with their families witnessing all the gore.  Homes and stores were raided and then burned.  Gunshots and screams went on for hours throughout the city.  There were beheadings, torsos sliced open, babies dismembers.  Horrible tortures and mutilations went on all over.  The Iraqis even severed limbs of people and waved them around as hideous trophies.

A synagogue was invaded and its Torahs burned..All this horror, and the Brits were only minutes away who did nothing to stop it.  London had given orders not to mix in.  G-d forbid if they stirred up these wild Arabs against the OIL COMPANY.  Still and all, Arab gangs made up of soldiers, police and civilians looted and invaded Jewish neighborhoods.

The Jews had piled up furniture against their doors, but still the Arabs kicked them in and they broke into homes.  The Jews would go to their rooftops to escape where they tried jumping from one roof to another.  Some wound up throwing their children down to waiting blanket below.  They used boiling oil to ward off attackers, stones, whatever they could pick up.

Raping went on constantly.  The Arabs broke into a girl's school and raped the students.  They kidnapped 6 girls to a village but they were found later.  One young girl that they raped had also been mutilated.

Finally the mayor telephoned the regent and begged him to give orders to loyal troops to stop the pogrom.  The result was that the troops opened fire on the rioters who had then started to do the same horrors to Muslim neighborhoods .  Once they heard shooting, they fled.

Days after, order was restored and the British returned to the city limits.  The OIL was secure.  The Jews of Baghdad were not.  About 110 Jews were listed dead.  Hundred were injured.  However, Jewish records from one Iraqi historian said 600 were murdered.  The Jews couldn't even use their own Burial Society so they collected and entombed the corpses in a large, long, rounded mass grave.

This exact description was much like what went on in Europe where the Nazis did their number in full, slaughtering 6 million Jews.  Ever since then, Nazi reading material has been very popular in Muslim countries, and many Arabs still believe in Medieval ideas of Jews using blood to make matzos. " Movie theaters in Beirut, Damascus, and Aleppo received German films and newsreels."

"Earlier this year, Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas stirred controversy when, in a PA television broadcast, he listed the Mufti’s name among a number of “martyrs and heroes” who have died while fighting Jews or Israelis."

One brave Christian group who spoke out were the Maronites These  Arabs did object to Nazi anti-Jewish policy. Monsignor Arida, the Maronite Patriarch in Lebanon, issued a pastoral letter in 1933 "strongly condemning the Nazi persecution of Jews."  Later,  The Lebanese Christian Army helped Israel guard from terrorists by patroling the border.  

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***Suggested reading:  Nsaszis, Islamists, and the Making of the Modern Middle East by Barry Rubinand Wolfgang G. Schwanitz, 360 pages; and Islam and Nazi German's War by David Motadel, 512 pages


  1. the truth is so brutal.....and anyone is stupid to downplay or ignore it. that is the same as outright hating it.
    the whole world is at risk because the truth has been thrown away so often.
    But God------what a statement-------BUT GOD holds all truth and the day is coming when people(s) will know what heart-hearted rebellion they have participated in. the world is without excuse.
    i don't want to be found on the wrong side of this matter.
    teach me Your ways, O Lord, and i will walk in Your truth. give me an undivided heart that i might fear Your Name. a paraphrase of the words of king david.

  2. Yes, the truth of evil is brutal, and we Americans don't know the half of it. We need to be reminded ever so often how horrid man can act towards others. How people can be so brutal is beyond me. I read the book, Holocaust by Martin Gilbert, and then to read how horrid Iraqis were in this pogrom reminded me of how they were just like the people involved in the Holocaust-even the native people who were not Nazis. To save their own skin they went overboard acting even worse than the Nazis did. Horrible!