Sunday, June 28, 2015

Ambassador From USA Against Ambassador From Israel; Indyk and Oren on CNN

Nadene Goldfoot    
Dr. Martin Indyk b:July 1, 1951
Fareed Zakaria
Dr.Michael Oren b: May 20, 1955

CNN had a heated discussion between Martin Indyk and Michael Oren this Sunday morning on the Fareed Zakaria TV program about Israel.  Indyk , born in London, England to Jewish parents had taken leave from the Brookings  Institution to serve as the U.S. Special Envoy for Israeli–Palestinian Negotiations from 2013 to 2014. Indyk served as United States ambassador to Israel and Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs during the Clinton Administration

Oren is an Israeli.  He is  an American-born Israeli  to Jewish parents, Goldstein and Ornstein; historian, author, politician, and former Israeli ambassador to the United States (2009-2013).  Today he serves in the Knesset.  New Jersey born,.  Oren's education came  from Princeton and Columbia.  

The two were sparring over Oren's newest book,  Ally: My Journey Across the American-Israeli Divide was published by Random House on June 23, 2015.  Indyk disagreed wholly with it as Oren criticized the Obama administration in their dealing with Israel and Indyk is an Obama defender.  Oren had asked the publisher to get it out quickly as he wanted it to be read before the Iran nuclear deal was signed.  

Indyk spoke over Oren when Oren had the floor on the program and rattled away, making it hard to hear Oren, but I did.  They both had kept their cool, being the professionals that they are, but it was most rude for Indyk to do this.  By the way, Indyk still has a very strong English accent. His education came from  the  University of Sydney (B.A., 1972) and Australian National University(Ph.D., International Relations, 1977) as he was  raised in Australia. 

I note that this was the 2nd  time I've written about Indyk being interviewed on CNN's Fareed Zakaria's program.  He was on March 22nd of this year criticizing Israel    I wrote an in depth piece about him on May 17, 1914 because he was highly critical of Israel and was siding with John Kerry and the Obama administration in his dealings with Iran, which definitely was not favorable towards Israel.  He was strongly against settlements in land that was deemed to be in Israel's hands by the ABC divide, so was always on Netanyahu's case about it.  

I note that Oren made aliyah in 1979, a year ahead of me.  He joined the paratroopers and saw action in 1982, the time of the Lebanon-Israel War when Israel went into Lebanon to stop the Palestinian terrorists from bombing the Galilee.  I was living in Safed, in the Galilee.  My favorite department store, so like Meier & Franks, was close to the Lebanon Israel border and was in danger of getting hit. I remember that the population, which included many Americans, were forced to stay in bomb shelters at that time 24/7.  A friend of mine was stuck there having gone to visit during our Spring Break from the Ulpan.  

Indyk  "is known as the framer of the U.S. policy of dual containment which sought to 'contain' Iraq and Iran, which were both viewed as the United States' two most important strategic adversaries at the time. He is the author of Innocent Abroad: An Intimate Account of American Peacemaking Diplomacy in the Middle East."

Oren tried to tell Indyk that what was  important was for the ambassador  to make Israel feel safe, and this he had failed to do.  Indyk came back with the argument that Oren didn't know everything that had occurred.  Oren said that of course he didn't, but as ambassador he knew certain things.  This was true of all ambassadors. None are privy to everything.   Oren defended Israel well and had such limited time to do it against a non listening Indyk.  Zakaria just sat back and let them have at it.  

Resource: CNN-Zakaria Sunday morning program, 7:00am. on program


  1. indyk is one of the henchmen of the man i wrote to you about several posts ago that is the globalist of globalists and was the author of the roadmap for "peace" with israel.

  2. Oh, this opportunist! You picked a really bad one, for sure. He's on my very very bad list. Some peace with Israel he's dreaming up. Can't believe people like him. I'm sure glad Oren was there to cut him down to size.