Friday, June 26, 2015

Muslims Behead Frenchman in France

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                                   
Who does beheading?  IS has been the only one.  

A suicide car rammed into the gates of a gas factory at 10:00am located in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier which is about 25 miles from Lyon, France's 2nd largest city  in eastern France Friday.  This gas factory is owned by an American group:  Air Products.  The company employs 400 staff in France to supply gases, chemicals and equipment for products from TVs to running shoes.  None were found missing, so the person beheaded has not been yet identified.  The driver's act was accompanied by a long banner-type flag written in Arabic.  It most likely wasn't  a lone terrorist doing this purposeful act, but that wasn't the half of it.

He had pinned a decapitated head to the gates.  He  had explosive devises, possibly within the car which went off and wounded at least 2 other people on the premises.  He may not have been alone.  Police did find the body as well.
 The town of Saint-Quentin-Fallavier is small and has this large industrial zone.  No one was prepared for such an act.  The population seems to be in shock even though France has been on high alert since January 7th.

What the investigation showed was that he or they drove into the factory where an explosion took place.  the decapitated body was found nearby the factory but officials don't know how it got there.  Was it transported to the place?  A flag with Arabic writing on it was found on the scene.

The terrorist is thought to have been already arrested and had been known to the security services.  He is refusing to speak and had no identity papers on him.

This happened almost 6 months after the Paris attacks that killed 17 people in January where they started with shooting people at the satirical magazine office of Charlie Hebdo, killing the 12 they found there.  Then they went to a kosher supermarket where they shot and killed 4 Jewish hostages and a policewoman.  Since Muslim terrorists seem to have a vendetta against Jews, most likely the kosher market was selected as a target on purpose, being it was not too far from the magazine office.

There has been a high population of Muslims living in France.  A high proportion of these have gone to fight alongside Islamists in Iraq and Syria causing France to wise up and be on alert for possible attacks.  Evidently this terrorist is an IS representative leaving his calling card.

A witness to the act, Patrice, also told BFMTV that a group of men carrying Islamist flags forced their way into the factory, beheaded a person and targeted gas tanks.  The driver had been under surveillance several years ago and then taken off the list,  as the police had not caught him doing anything to allow them to arrest him till now.

It could have been coordinated with attacks that happened at the same time in  Tunisia and Kuwait.  Terrorists there hit a Shiite mosque.  It was IS who did this terrorism.  Police slipped out the name, Yassin Salhi/Sahli  as the terrorist they believe this one to be.  I believe this whole attack was as the witness related, done by a group.  After the beheading and pinning it on the fence, they then turned on the motor of the car and put the gear in motion to hit the gates to cause the explosion as no body was mentioned found in the car.  

None of the gory beheading facts were mentioned on CNN's news last night here in the states,  only that someone had rammed the gates of the complex and an explosion was heard and a banner was discovered left there.  Why is it that the newscasters are hesitant to give us these crucial facts?  The fact that Arabic was on the flag wasn't even considered until later.  It's distinctive style is so easy to spot.  What did they think other possibilities could have been?  The French should be very used to witnessing  Arabic by now.  

Resource:  Arutz Sheva: Muslim Terrorist Beheads Man in France Attack

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