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WHAT HAMAS BELIEVES: More on Hamas Covenant: Islamic Resistance Movement and Quotes

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                          

                                                       What Hamas Believes

There is no solution for the Palestine question except through Jihad.  
Initiatives, proposals and international conferences are all a waste of time and vain endeavors.  Palestine is an Islamic land.

Below is what Hamas Believes and Teaches Others as in Covenant
Hamas spells out what organizations are Zionists:
1. Freemasons
2. Rotary Clubs
3. Lions Clubs
4. Espionage groups and others (???) 
These are all cells of subversion and saboteurs.
Islamic peoples should perform their role in confronting the conspiracies of these saboteurs.

The vicious enemy (Jews) acts similar to Nazism.  They have deprived people of their homeland.  
1. They took control of the world media.
2. They were behind the French Revolution
3. They were behind the Communist Revolution
4. They were behind World War I-destroyed the Islamic Caliphate, made financial gains, controlled resources
5. They obtained the Balfour Declaration
6. They formed the League of Nations-through which to rule the world
7. They were behind World War II-with  huge financial gains by trading in armaments, paving the way for their state
8. They instigated the replacement of the League of nations with the United Nations and the Security Council in order to rule the world through them
9.  Any war anywhere has their finger in it.  

The Zionist Plan After Palestine
1. Expand from the Nile to the Euphrates
12. Plan embodied in the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion"
                                                                  Yasir  Arafat     
                                        What the Arabs Have Said

"I declare a holy war, my Muslim brothers!  Murder the Jew!  Murder them all!"
Haj Amin al Husseini, Mufti of Jerusalem, 1948

"Peace for us means the destruction of Israel.  We are preparing for an all-out war, a war which will last for generations.  Since January 1965, when Fatah was born, we have become the most dangerous enemy that Israel has...We shall not rest until the day when we return to our home, and until we destroy Israel..."
PLO chairman Yasir Arafat, El Mundo, Caracas, Venezuela, February 11, 1980

"Machine guns and rifle bullets are the only way to reach an understanding with the Zionist enemy.  Statements, protests and UN resolutions are of no avail.  Only the massive use of bullets...Our people cannot cease its struggle, which is carried out with bullets, machine guns and hand grenades."
Khalil al-Wazir (Abu Jihad), Head of the military wing, Fatah, Voice of Palestine, Beirut, May 3, 1980

"The Fatah movement...aim is the liberation of Palestine in its entirety, and the extermination of the Zionist entity economically, politically, militarily, culturally and idealistically."
The 4th Fatah Organization Convention, Damascus, Syria, May 31, 1980

"The struggle with the Zionist enemy is not a struggle about Israel's borders, but about Israel's existence."
Bassam Abu Sharif, a top Arafat aide and PLO spokesman, Kuwait News Agency, Mday 31, 1986

"O heroic sons of the Gaza Strip, O proud sons of the West Bank, O heroic sons of the Galilee, O steadfast sons of the Negev;...the fires of revolution against these Zionist invaders will not fade out...until our land---all our land---has been liberated from these usurping invaders."
PLO Chairman Yasir Arafat, PLO Radio, Baghdad, December 10, 1987, after riots in Gaza following a fatal traffic accident sparked the uprising.

"Open fire on the new Jewish immigrants--be they from the Soviet Union, ethiopia or anywhere else...I give you  my instructions to use violence against the immigrants.  I will jail anyone who refuses to do this."
Yasir Arafat, Al-Muharar, April 10, 1990

"We were delighted to see the Arab weapons pounding the strongholds of the Zionist entity in the heart of Tel Aviv."
Hamas, Sawt al-Sha'b, January 23, 1991

"there is no choice for the PLO but to oppose the Allied force, because it's in the alliance with Israel.  Anyone responsible for shedding the blood of Iraqis will be punished."
Yasir Arafat, UPI, February 1, 1991

"We will continue our revolution and our resistance and our uprising until the banner of our revolution flies over holy Jerusalem and the walls of Jerusalem and the minarets of Jerusalem and the churches of Jerusalem.
Yasir Arafat, Algiers Voice of Palestine, May 13, 1991

"The Jews at work!  Damn their fathers!  The Dogs!  Filth and dirt!...And thanks to the rotten Jews with whom I will settle accounts in the future."
Yasir Arafat, January 30, 1992, transcript of tape obtained by CNN

"Whoever is killed by a Jew receives the reward of two martyrs, because the very thing that the Jews did to the prophets was done to him.
"The Jews are the most despicable and contemptible nation to crawl upon the face of the Earth, because they have displayed hostility to Allah.
"Allah will kill the Jews in the hell of the world to come, just like they killed the believers in the hell of this world.
"The Jews kill anyone who believes in Allah. They do not want to see any peace whatsoever on Earth."
Sermon delivered by 'Atallah Abu Al-Subh, former Hamas minister of culture, which aired on Al-Aqsa TV, April 8, 2011, translation by MEMRI

"We have liberated Gaza, but have we recognized Israel? Have we given up our lands occupied in 1948? We demand the liberation of the West Bank, and the establishment of a state in the West Bank and Gaza, with Jerusalem as its capital – but without recognizing [Israel]. This is the key – without recognizing the Israeli enemy on a single inch of land...
"Our plan for this stage is to liberate any inch of Palestinian land, and to establish a state on it. Our ultimate plan is [to have] Palestine in its entirety. I say this loud and clear so that nobody will accuse me of employing political tactics. We will not recognize the Israeli enemy. "
Hamas leader Mahmoud Al-Zahhar, Future News TV, June 15, 2010, Source:

First came the PLO and out of that grew Fatah.  A splinter group of Fatah is Hamas, so Arafat started it all and he was an Arab born in Cairo,  Egypt.  His father, Abdel Raouf al-Qudwa al-Husseini, was a Palestinian from Gaza, whose mother, Yasser's paternal grandmother, was Egyptian.  Arafat was the second-youngest of seven children and was, along with his younger brother Fathi, the only offspring born in Cairo. His mother, Zahwa Abul Saud, was from a Jerusalem-based family. 
When the "Palestinian Arabs decide to change their tune by writing a new charter and accept Israel as a Jewish state; when they love their children more than they hate Jews, then there will be peace among the 2 peoples.    Right now they're only too willing to die and have their rewards of death rather than face life. 

Resource:   Myths and Facts-a concise record of the Arab-Israeli Conflict by Mitchell G. Bard, Joel Himelfarb's_death
From Time Immemorial, by Joan Peters-tells about where Palestinian Arabs have actually come from

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