Wednesday, August 20, 2014

NO Negotiations Under Fire in Cairo

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                            

The 11th cease fire trial commenced. August 20th is the 45th day of Operation Protective Edge.   It was  5 day cease fire this time and was to be up Tuesday, August 19th at midnight.  Instead, Hamas broke it earlier at 4:00pm in the afternoon and commenced through midnight to fire 50 rockets.  6 of them were intercepted by the Iron Dome.  The rockets hit Tel Aviv and Jerusalem as well as other areas, so these were the long distance ones.

Because his country was under fire, Netanyahu ordered the Israeli delegation in Cairo to stop the talks and return home.  They were under attack.  They are not about to talk under fire.  Over 100 rockets were fired since midnight after that. The number now is up to 200 rockets.  Israel tried to take out the Hamas military leader, Mohammad Deif in an air strike, but possibly got his wife and son instead.  Netanyahu had told Hamas that he would strike back 7 times as hard if they kept firing rockets at Israel.  Hamas is vowing more strikes.

Mark Regev has been the spokesman for Israel on CNN and was called upon to explain this.  Israel had accepted the Egyptian plan on July 15th for there to be a complete cease fire, and then to have talks about the issues the Palestinian Arabs are now bringing up like border crossings.

They just don't seem to be able to sustain the required cease fire periods expected.  If they can't follow these directions, how is Israel to trust them to behave as normal people and grant such things as border crossings that no doubt would bring killers into their country?  A ceasefire, a complete cease fire is the foundation of talks.

The Palestinians retort back that Israel is dragging its feet.  They demand to have the borders opened.  Ugh, there's a reason for fences and gates with padlocks.  That's to keep invaders out, and the Palestinians haven't shown that they're anything but invaders trying to destroy this state of Israel.

Who's a big enough idiot to jump at the chance to allow all sorts of rights to a people who have been trying to destroy Israel since before 1958?  The Palestinians after 11 tries kept on breaking the cease fire period.  Imagine!


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