Friday, August 8, 2014

Gaza -Israel Cease Fire Over, Fighting Continues Plus IS Corners Northern Iraqi Yazidis

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                  
Fatah (PA) and Hamas terrorists unite to form Palestine government-responsible for Gazan firing on Israel.  I doubt if any of these men were in Gaza at the time of the exchange of firing on Israel.  Many were safe in Qatar.  

Israel's Iron Dome that keeps Israelis safe with 90% accuracy.  It's going after a rocket.

With the 72 hour cease fire broken at about 69 hours by Gazans with firing into Sderot, it continues with Islamic Jihad firing rockets and  a 10 year old Palestinian boy was a victim in Gaza. "Following the Israeli and Egyptian squeeze on Hamas in early 2014, The PIJ has seen its power steadily increase with the backing of Iranian funds.   Its armed wing is Al-Quds Brigades."   Al Quds is Arabic for Jerusalem.  The talks in Cairo are now suspended.  Egypt preferred talking with the PA anyway, and not Hamas.  My experience of listening to Hamas is one of pain.  Their leaders cannot be reasoned with.  They do not answer questions directly but meander off in dreamland of their wrongs done to them and what they want.  It's painful just to listen to them talk.
Hamas is the elected terrorist group who have to stay on top of other terrorists such as Islamic Jihad who just broke the cease fire.  Imagine 140 square miles of Gaza  under control of terrorists with just a fence between them and Israel.  No breathing room like USA and Canada or USA and Mexico who are friendly.
Hamas wants to be rewarded for starting this war against Israel.  Their demands of course are not being met.  Their rocket fire into Israel is being met by rocket fire into Gaza.  Hamas is responsible for all firing out of Gaza as they won the election and are the ruling power.  Israel will not negotiate with Hamas as long as they are on the receiving end of mortar, rocket and missile fire.

I do feel sorry for the children.  I wonder why it's always a child who dies and not the parent.  Why aren't they together?  However, these are people who did vote Hamas in.  They are the people who cheered when on 9/11 our Twin Towers fell.  They sponsor children's programs on TV teaching that there is no Israel, and that to kill Jews is a proud thing.  It goes along with their outdoor celebrations of martyr who killed Jews, of naming streets and squares with their names.  They give out candy when they hear of a Jew killed.  No, children under 6 may have a chance to grow up normally, but these people are unreal.  The adults are not innocent, and you can figure that men between 18 and 55 have to fight for Hamas, like it or not.
IS on the march getting closer to Yazidis in northern Iraq.  In 3 months they've taken much land in Iraq.

The Gaza situation is taking a back seat after weeks of being the only news on TV.  ISIS is now in the spotlight.  We find out that the Jewish Museum in Brussels that was hit in May was done by ISIS or IS-the Islamic State made up of extreme-minded Sunnis.  IS is spreading across Europe, and their goal seems to be to hit the USA as well.
Right now they are concentrating on Iraq and have cornered American soldiers there to advise in the number of a little over 100.  There are about 40 Americans in immediate danger, so the USA is firing at IS with laser expertise in northern Iraq.  There are about 700,000 Yazaidis in this area who have lived around Sinjar in northern Iraq who are threatened.  About 40,000 are on  a hill and have gone without food or water and are in dire peril.  This is turning into genocide.  The USA is trying to prevent a massacre.   The USA has made drops from parachutes to them to help of food and water.  IS says they worship Satan, but they say they are a combination of Christianity and Judaism.  Christians are also under attack.  Their choices are to flee with everything confiscated by IS including money, or convert to this type is Sunni Islam.  There are no Jews there.  They have moved to Israel some time ago.  In 2008 there were only 10 left, probably elderly Jews.  In 1948 there were 150,000 Jews living in Iraq.  They were forced to leave, so did go to Israel.

Russia is attacking Ukraine and the Ukraine soldiers or rebels have shot down a 2nd jet.  That's not in the news right now.  We'll hear more about that later.

Resource: CNN TV news


  1. Since this morning, dozens of rockets and mortars were fired at Southern Israel. Two people were injured, one critically.

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