Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Blood Libel Against Jews by Hamas Over CNN

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                    

CNN's Wolf Blitzer reported this morning that the blood libel was being used by Hamas spokesman, Osama Hamdan, 49 year old representative of Hamas in Lebanon and a Yarmouk Univeristy educated person,  against Jews, to their horror.  He insisted that Jews use the blood of Christian children in making matzos for Passover.  Blitzer was hoping for a denial, and was surprised that this Muslim actually believed in such a thing.  Put it together with all the other lies, Wolf, and it'll start making sense to you as to how these leaders think.  Like what was said on the program, the young people are brought up on this libel, but there was no excuse for Osama Hamdan believing such a thing.

""We all remember how the Jews used to slaughter Christians in order to mix their blood with their holy matzos. This is not a figment of the imagination or something taken from a film; it is a fact acknowledged by their own books and historical evidence." shouted Osama Hamdan"

 His facts are not our facts, and therein lies our problems with each other.  

I swear that terrorists must all be pathological liars, and that's why they have become terrorists.  This is outrageous!  The blood libel is something started in the Middle Ages against Jews.  The first incident was in Norwich, England in the 12th Century. It was in 1290 that Jews were expelled from England.   People of the town claimed that Jews used the blood of children to make matzos.  They knew nothing about Jews except what's written in their New Testament.  Such an accusation usually ended with mob violence and pogroms against Jews.  Hundreds of times Jews have heard this accusation with thousands of Jews dying because of them.  They didn't know that Jews have certain dietary laws, and one thing they are not to eat/ingest, use for rituals, is BLOOD.  Jews go to the extreme not to eat any blood.  

First of all, Jews can't eat the meat from any animal like they might in China.  Jews can only eat cows, sheep, or goats, but not pigs, camels, horses, bears or any other such animal.  Then the animal has to be killed in the most humane way; slitting the throat quickly with a very sharp knife that is often inspected.  The animal must be drained of all blood which is not used.  Then the animal is butchered and soaked in salt water to take out all the blood.  Only certain parts are kosher, fit for eating.  Parts with the large vein are not used, or it must be taken out which is a long process.  It winds up that Jews do not eat T bone steaks or rib steaks because of this.  The cook of the house would soak the meat in salt water again before cooking to make sure there is no blood.  It is always cooked well done, with a liquid that I can remember.  So to hear the blood libel is such an anathema to our culture, it makes MY BLOOD BOIL!

After enduring such drivel throughout the Middle Ages, the Blood Libel came up again in Damascus, Syria in 1840.  I wrote about this in my novel, Messages From a Syrian Jew Trapped in Egypt. as I explained why Jews in Syria had been kept in a ghetto called the Jewish Quarter and were not allowed to leave by Assad.  They were finally rescued after much degradation by Judith Feld Carr in 1992 and 1994.  These were Syrian Muslims of Damascus who believed in this blood libel at least in the 1800's.  

In 1913 it cropped up again in Ukraine, which was a state known for its inhuman treatment of Jews in Eastern Europe.  It happened in Massena New York in 1928 when there was lots of anti-Semitism in the USA.  A 4 year old girl was missing and Jews were immediately accused and people dragged out the blood libel.  And now Hamas, as backwards as they come in their ideals of having a Muslim Caliphate-by not accepting Israel as a Jewish state in their midst.  

Hamas is the same as the Muslim Brotherhood and they both read such articles as the Protocols of Zion, which is anti-Semitic literature full of lies.  Yet this is one of the popular readings in the Middle East.  

"Scholars have documented about 100 blood libels that took place from the twelfth to sixteenth centuries. Many of them resulted in massacres of Jews."  Was this is what Osama Hamdan was trying to stir up again?  Or was this his Freudian slip showing his prejudice against Jews that he denies so much?   

Resource: http://www.adl.org/anti-semitism/united-states/c/what-is-the-blood-libel.html

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