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Palestine? No Occupation? Who's Occupying?

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                   

A state of Palestine next door to Israel that is divided into two parts?  Do you really think it wise to create a belligerent state right next door to Israel that was established legally 66 years ago?  How would you like it to happen?  How about a caliphate run by ISIS replacing Mexico?  Huh?
           Netanyahu was telling Obama that they could not go back to the 67 indefensible lines."This is when Syria, Egypt, Jordan and Iraq intensified their terrorist attacks and Egypt illegally blocked Israel's access to international waters and expelled UN peace-keeping forces.  The 4 Arab countries mobilized more than 250,000 troops, armed with Soviet-supplied tanks and aircraft, on Israel's borders in preparation for a full-scale invasion.  The Iraqi defense minister ordered his troops to "strike the enemy's civilian villages and towns, turn them into dust and pave the Arab roads with the skulls of Jews".  Ha!  Israel pre-empted them in a defensive war and managed to capture Judea and Samaria from Jordan; Gaza and the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt, and the Golan Heights from Syria." (Israel 101)
Abbas, leader of the PA who wants to create Palestine so bad that he has united with the very people who kicked him out of Gaza..  By teaming up with Hamas they created their Freudian slip in siding with their philosophy of destroying Israel and killing Jews which Obama and Kerry okayed.   There is no excuse to do this to Israel, the USA's only friend in the Middle East.  

Netanyahu is not endorsing a Palestine  today.  The idea is dead. There are already 48 Muslim majority states that I can count.  We are not in dire need of a 49th, but we are the only Jewish state in the world.

 Netanyahu is saying it is impossible, as one prominent Israeli commentator put it,  to recognize Palestine.  A solution is not 2 states, totally opposite each other, with only one hoping to be living side by side in peace and harmony.  Whoever thought that one up? It's like putting the cart before the horse.

 Fatah and Hamas have a charter that does not recognize Israel as a Jewish state and calls for the destruction of Israel and death of all Jews. "Article 5 Demonstrates its Salafist roots and connections to the Muslim brotherhood.  How could Kerry go along with such a thing and blindly create a Palestine?  I note that IS (ISIS, or ISIL) are Salafist Sunnis and are killing all Muslims not exactly like themselves using beheading, of all things, let alone what they would do to Jews.

 Only Jordan   as handled such a situation who had to fight a battle with the Palestinians first before taking them into Jordan, and they are not buttressed up against Israel. Jordan had a Black September battle and Jordan's King Hussein is still the power.  It did not need to become a "Palestine."   There is room in between the two states of Jordan and Israel , and that's where they want to create this Palestine, in the ancient  Jewish states of Israel and Judah .

If Palestine ever happened, Dershowitz, the lawyer and political advocate and commentator on Israel, said that, "Israel would have to retain military control over its security borders, which extend to the Jordan River.  Israel  would also have to maintain a sufficient military presence to assure that what happened in Gaza does not happen in the West Bank "   Judea and Samaria.  Netanyahu had said that "In Judea and Samaria there is no power that can guarantee Israel's security other than the IDF.  Any future peace arrangement would include Palestinian political and economic control alongside Israeli security control.  We don't want to rule over the Palestinians, but some of their sovereignty would need to be limited."

Palestine Unity Government  Fatah and Hamas former terrorists

Hamas, rulers of Gaza, were firing tons of rockets into Israel at the same time as:
1. Kerry and Obama were recognizing Palestinian unity of Hamas and Fatah's new government officers
2. 3 Jewish boys were kidnapped and slaughtered in Judea-Samaria
3. 1 Muslim boy was brutally killed by a Jewish boy in retaliation (still to be taken to court and proven)
4. Tons of rockets were being fired into Israel from Gaza

NOTICE:  Acceptance of a Palestine by the USA has brought all this war on.  Attacking Israel brought on  Operation Protective Edge in that Israel had to go into Gaza on July 8, 2014. It had come to a head on the 6th, actually.  By the 13th of July 800 rockets had had been shot into Israel while Israel had 1,300 air strikes to put an end to the sources of the rockets.   3,400 rockets were fired into Israel from July 8th to the cease fire of 72 hours that ended at about 69 hours, on Monday, August 11th  by terrorists in Gaza.  What do you think Israelis do in Israel during this time?  They have to live in bomb shelters or risk their lives.  That is exactly what one 10 year old Muslim boy did in Gaza when the cease fire ended recently.  His parents, as the father cried, said that he was playing outside. " You can't keep him in the house," he wailed.  Now he's dead.  Israel warns people first when they go after rocket launching sites which are usually in homes and other well used buildings.

Dershowitz commented that by Hamas targeting the Ben-Gurion Airport with a rocket that fell some 2 kilometers away was an act which he designated as a war crime.  That was too close, and the airport was shut down for a day until it cleared that the iron dome would have taken it out if necessary to use it.  "To Hamas, they counted this as a victory for terror."

Israel has feared that a growing Hamas foothold would be in Judea and Samaria, since they overpowered Fatah in Gaza.  Now there are even terrorist groups that were small then but have grown and act on their own without Hamas's direction.  They've learned to read their minds.  By the unity government, we see this happening.  Fatah is no match alone against the terrorists.  In doing this, Fatah has accepted the Hamas Charter which is to destroy Israel and kill all Jews.  It's the same reading as the Muslim Brotherhood that Obama wanted to have in the auditorium to hear his speech when he was first president.
Hundred of Hamas members and supporters were arrested during Operation Brother's Keeper which also saw the military destroy the makings of a  large terror infrastructure including a maze of underground tunnels!  This started with the search for the kidnappers of the 3 boys who had attended a Yeshiva and were hitchhiking home.  The IDF were searching frantically hoping to find them before they were found dead, and they were, killed immediately after being kidnapped.  Three Palestinians were arrested on a Monday night for this.  The boys' bodies were found north of Hebron, a Palestinian town today.

Now Hamas suddenly is calling for outlets to the sea for economic improvement in Gaza.  All the cement they had has gone into their tunnel system which has been  blown up, along with many of their buildings. There were supposed to be using that cement for building kindergartens, schools, homes and such, not tunnels to be used by terror.

The "occupation,' as they call it, was a result of the Arab-Israeli conflict.  The Territories came under Israeli control during another defensive war in 1967.  Arab states and Palestinians refused to accept the Jewish state's right to exist, a persisting problem.  They had mobilized again and in 1967 tried to destroy Israel.  Israel fought in defense and drove back Jordanian, Egyptian and Syrian troops.  Israel captured the Territories that fell on Israel's side of the armistice lines.

It's something Hamas forgets, but the Palestinians didn't make any claims to the Territories until Israel captured them in 1967.  Egypt and Jordan had occupied them from 1948 to 1967 and during those 19 years, no one called for the need of a Palestinian state or even that it would include Gaza and Judea-Samaria.  Judea-Samaria residents became Jordanian citizens.

Israel tried to end the "Occupation" after 1967.  Israel didn't want to rule the Palestinians.  Within 2 weeks after hostilities ended, Israel offered to exchange land for peace, but Arab leaders rejected the offer, officially issuing the 3 NOs from Khartoum.

1. No peace with Israel, 
2. No recognition of Israel
3. No negotiations with it.  
Khartoum Resolution, September 1, 1967

The original PLO covenant of 1964 explicitly excluded the Territories from its description of Palestine and called instead for the DESTRUCTION OF ISRAEL AND FOR REPLACING IT WITH ARAB RULE.  The PLO amended its Charter to include a claim to the Territories ONLY after Israel captured them in 1967.  That's because at that time Judea-Samaria belonged to Jordan and Gaza to Egypt.

Israel left Gaza, lock, stock and barrel to the Palestinians hoping for peace in August 2005.  They had to uproot 8,500 Jews to do this.  These people had been living there for the past 30 years.  They had ideal businesses that were thriving there and they had hired over 10,000 to work in them.  Israel left their expensive infrastructure intact for future use by the Palestinians who destroyed them.   They left with guarantees of peace and had high hopes.  Jews had even moved their cemeteries into Israel.   They were trusting the wrong people.  The proper term for the territories where Jews were living outside of Israel proper is DISPUTED TERRITORIES.    This is because Israel has not only strong claims to the land,  but very legal reasons being it had come into their hands in a DEFENSIVE WAR.

Resource: Alan Dershowitz's Realization, by Charles Bybelezer, Israel Hayom newspaper, 8/4/14,7340,L-4536558,00.html ***** be sure to read this.
Israel 101 by StandWithUs


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