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ISIS (The Islamic State) Now in Gaza Embedded with Hamas

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In late June the Egyptian newspaper, Al-Masry Al-Youm, reported that Egyptian security forces arrested 15 ISIS terrorists (Daash) who tried to infiltrate into the Sinai from the Gaza Strip.  They were arrested and said they had been instructed to begin the formation of an ISIS branch in Egypt among terrorist groups in the Sinai.

Now the PA and Israel are convinced that ISIS has been in Gaza and has been shooting some of the rockets into Israel.  This means they are embedded with Hamas terrorists.  Last month ISIS uploaded a video clip on YouTube on July 8th showing rockets launched at Israel called "The Salafist-jihadi movement in the Gaza Strip.  ISIS launches rockets at the Jews, and it showed about 10 rockets shot into Israel.

Of course Hamas says it's all a lie.  They could have even messaged ISIS to come and help them and they would join together.  Hamas's Interior Ministry denied the report and says that all tunnels between Gaza and Egypt have been closed by the Egyptians who found and destroyed them.  Iyad Al Bezem, Hamas interior spokesman, said that there aren't any ISIS in Gaza.  I say, "since when have they told the truth?"  Even the PA does not believe them.The Salafist group of radical jihadi ISIS who just changed their name to The Islamic State, proclaimed on June 29th that it was an Islamic caliphate.

 Baghdadi, the leader, claimed religious authority over all Muslims in the world, and said he has ushered in a "new era of international jihad."   To my knowledge, Baghdadi needs to prove his descent from Mohammad and the only way to do this scientifically today is through a DNA Y haplogroup test. He hasn't mentioned one.   One such person is the King of Jordan who is a direct descendant and holds this right to claim a caliphate but has not.  Baghdadi was born and educated in Baghdad.  The highest achievement he is known to have is a PhD and plenty of dead bodies in his wake.  Anyone who does not adhere to his Salafist life-style is beheaded.

To prove it, the group has exterminated at least 500 people of Iraq's Yazidi Kurdish ethnic minority and buried some of its victims alive.  Some 300 Yazidi women were kidnapped as slaves and around 150,000 Yazidi Kurds, who have been trapped by ISIS on Iraq's Sinjar mountains, were currently homeless and starving, though the USA has now air dropped enough food and water.
We know Baghdadi  has come in through Syria and has taken the border between Syria and Iraq, and than has taken much of Iraq including Mosul but not Baghdad yet.  He has as a goal taking all of Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan and Israel, then the USA.  He's been working on the border with Iraq and Jordan.

There was a rally on June 12th to celebrate the victories of ISIS in Iraq.  Hamas policemen were  dispersing the Rafah rally in response.  Hamas also stopped local journalists from reporting about the rally because they wanted to keep this silent about ISIS in Gaza.  Dozens of people were chanting, "Khaybar, Khaybar, Ya Yahud, Jaish Mohamed Saya'ud!"  This means, "Oh Jews, Mohamed's army will return.  It's in reference to a battle in 629 between Mohamed fighting the Jews of Khaybar in NW Arabia where many Jews were killed and Jewish women and children were taken as slaves.  Sounds like what ISIS has been doing.

In our version of this story as found in the Jewish Encyclopedia, Khaibar was an oasis, about 100 miles north of Medina where tribes of Jews lived who had been exiled from Medina.. Mohammad had written a letter to the Jews to get them to convert, but they wouldn't do it.    In 628, Khaibar was subdued by Mohammed, but the Jews were allowed to stay and retain their lands, giving half their produce to the Moslem conquerors.  Mohammed adopted this policy because there were no other trained agriculturalists in the region.  when slave labor from conquered countries became available, the Jews of Khaibar were expelled by Omar in 641.

Another source from Robert Spencer reports that Mohammad killed 93 Jewish men there.  Then they searched for the people's wealth.  Kinana bin al-Rabi, a Jewish leader of Khaybar was supposed to have been holding the treasure of the Jewish  Banu Nadir tribe, was brought before Mohammad and he denied knowing where the treasure was, but Mohammad said, "Do you know that if we find you have it I shall kill you?"  Kinana said yes.  Some of the treasure was found, and so Mohammad gave orders to torture Kinana until he tells what he has.  One of the Muslims built a fire on Inana's chest, but he could not tell.  When he was about dead, Muhammad bin Masslama, killer of the poet Ka'b bin Al-Ashraf, beheaded him.

Then Mohammad agreed to let the people of Khaybar go into exile like he had with Banu Nadir and they could keep what they could carry.  He told them, however, that they had to leave behind all their gold and silver.  The ones who were farmers begged to stay and that they would give him half of their produce if allowed.  He said to them, "If we wish to expel you we will expel you."  They no longer had any rights.  Then the Muslims found some treasure that had been hidden, so ordered the women of the tribe to be slaves and they took land.  The Prophet had their warriors killed, and their children and women taken as captives.  Later, during the caliphatae of Umar in 634-644, the Jews who had stayed as farmers at Khaybar were banished to Syria, and their land was taken.

So far, I see some Syrian men  with Jewish Y DNA and Arab women with Jewish mt DNA just from this one episode.  Also, Baghdadi is using the same tactics as Mohammad did; beheading and taking money not his.

Baghdadi had been arrested and was in prison in Iraq by US forces but then suddenly released. before his claim of a caliphate.  

"US Forces spokesman in Iraq David Perkins announced that the US military did not confirm so far whether Al Qaeda Chief in Baghdad Abou Omar Al Baghdadi has been arrested or not. On the other hand, Baghdad Operations Command asserted that DNA tests are being carried out to confirm whether the arrested is Abou Omar Al Baghdadi or not."

The New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia
The Truth About Muhammad by Robert Spencer  DNA testing?

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