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Another Cease Fire Ending Midnight Tuesday Aug. 19th-20th and Then What?

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                     

All this time, Hamas has been raining down rockets, mortars and missiles on southern Israel.  There has never been any demands made from them.  We knew from their charter that they were trying to drive Israel into the sea and that they would never accept Israel as a Jewish state.
On Saturday, Hamas leader Khaled Mashal said his group would not back down from any of its demands, which include opening all border crossings with Gaza; building a seaport and an airport; and an end to Israeli settlement building.

The talks on Sunday reportedly will be centered around an Egyptian proposal calling for an indefinite cease-fire, with talks on Palestinian demands, including a Gaza seaport and airport, to begin in a month. Under the proposal, negotiations for the remains of two Israeli soldiers held by Hamas in exchange for Palestinian prisoners would be postponed.

"A five-day cease-fire ends at midnight Tuesday.
Hamas’ foreign affairs spokesman, Osama Hamdan, said Saturday that Israel could accept the group’s terms or prepare for a prolonged war of attrition. He also said that Hamas tunnels will continue to be a “strategic threat” to Israel and its rockets will be more precise “next time.”

Lovely.  Israel is carrying on a war with terrorists who are as bad as ISIS.  Obama has stopped a shipment of much needed rockets from the Pentagon for Israel because they did not pin point their targets as well as he thought they should.  I wonder if he's ever tried to do this?  The fact that the rockets from Gaza came from behind children and women in public buildings, a new way of fighting, causes Obama to believe that Israel should not have shot anything at them.  This is what Hamas has been hoping for.  

When your whole country is threatened as all of Israel is now with rockets from Gaza hitting corners of the little state, you have 2 choices; remain in bomb shelters for weeks until the next cease fire (?) and not fight back and then wait a bit more for the terrorists to come out of their tunnels into your land and slaughter all the people, or fight back.  Israel has chosen to fight back.  It's come down to this;  Israel's people or Hamas's people.  Israel has the Iron Dome but can't use it for every rocket shot into the land and it's only 90% accurate.  

Israel did the right thing by warning everyone when and what they would have to do, whereas Hamas told them to stay put.  What they were doing was sacrificing their women and children for the cause of ending Israel's existence.

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