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EU, US Anti-Terrorism Task Force Joining Up with Terrorist Abetors

Nadene Goldfoot                                                         
Ankara, Turkey

The EU and the USA have recently been holding meetings in Brussels, Belgium and Ankara, Turkey that include representatives of Turkey and Qatar to form an anti-Terrorism task force.  February 12th seems to be the last one in Brussels which is the capital and largest city of Belgium and the de facto capital of the European Union (EU).  
President of Turkey; Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Why are Turkey and Qatar included in these meetings?  They happen to be 2 of the major funders of terror groups.  The very Islamists they support have been spiritedly spreading out.    It is said that Turkey is funding ISIS.  "

 A former IS terrorist said that Turkey,  a member of NATO, provided funds for the terrorist group. Other accusations are that Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar are funding terrorists.  "Ankara may deny helping ISIS, but the evidence for this is overwhelming. "As we have the longest border with Syria," writes Orhan Kemal Cengiz, a Turkish newspaper columnist, "Turkey's support was vital for the jihadists in getting in and out of the country." Indeed, the ISIS strongholds not coincidentally cluster close to Turkey's frontiers."

The  American Jewish Congress asked Erdogan to return his 2004 Profile of Courage Award and described him as “the most virulent anti-Israel leader in the world. Erdogan is now telling his Jewish community "“I talked with our Jewish citizens’ leaders on Thursday and I stated that they should adopt a firm stance and release a statement against the Israeli government. I will contact them [Jewish leaders in Turkey] again, but whether or not they release a statement, we will never let Jewish people in Turkey get hurt.”  Telling Jewish Turks what to say about Israel?  That's what Abbas did to the Jews of Syria when they were questioned by interviewers.  They were living in a ghetto they could not get out of except with the help of Judith Feld Carr in the 90s, and lied to interviewers or they would have been either thrown in prison or killed.  

“Turkey paved the way for us. Had Turkey not shown such understanding for us, the Islamic State would not be in its current place. It [Turkey] showed us affection. Large [numbers] of our mujahedeen received medical treatment in Turkey,” said the man, who was not identified. “We do not have the support of Saudi Arabia, but many Saudi families who believe in jihad do assist us. But anyhow, we will no longer need it, soon,” he said.
“We will build the Islamic state in the territories from Tigris to Jordan and Palestine and to Lebanon. Sunni Law will rule,” he continued.                                                      
Ismail Haniyah

Khaled mashaal

Turkey's President, had been meeting with Hamas leaders Khaled Mashaal and Ismail Haniyah last June 18, 2013 in Ankara.  
Qaradawi in Qatar, fatwa on all Jews

Al-Jazeera broadcasts from Qatar and Qaradawi, the religious leader kicked out of Egypt for his extremism, fled to Qatar where he was joyfully greeted.  The Arabic version, as we now have this station entering many colleges and universities in an English version thanks to ex vice president Al Gore who bought the English station,  ENCOURAGES TERRORIST ATTACKS IN EGYPT AND THE SINAI PENINSULA BY THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, AND PREACHES DESTRUCTION OF ISRAEL NON-STOP!

Their recent documentary broadcast was a series glorifying Hamas and the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, their military-terrorist wing.   This series was idealizing Islamist terrorism and encouraging mass-casualty terrorist attacks against Jews in the name of radical Islamist ideology.  A star in the series was just released from prison in Israel so fled to Qatar; the killer,  Abd al-Karim al-Hanini.  In the series Al-Hanini explains how to build explosives from agricultural goods such as chemical fertilizer and sulfur.  He explains how to fill an empty gas balloon with explosives;  how to detonate the bomb mechanically, electronically or with a suicide-bomber in order to kill as many Israelis as possible.  This type of TV programming is also on the web inducing young men and women to come to Syria or Iraq via Turkey to join up with ISIS or kill as many as they can at home.  

Hanini boasts about his killing Israeli civilians and soldiers.  Intelligence agencies all over the world can see this series for themselves to see how detrimental they are.  So far none have even criticized it.  
Egypt's jets attacking IS

Qatar's TV channel incites terrorism against President el-Sisi of Egypt.  The US State Department recently hosted an official meeting for the Muslim Brotherhood, father of Hamas. They were the enemy of Sisi and Egypt, and had been outlawed by the previous president of Egypt, Anwar Sadat who followed Nasser.   Evidently Cairo's speech in 2009 wasn't Obama's last connection with the Muslim Brotherhood.  

Resource: by Bassam Tawil "Who could Be whipping Up Terrorists?

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