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Iran in Argentina's Jewish Life and Death of Prosecutor Nisman of a Bombing Case.

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                     
1994 Buenos Aires Bomb Attack on Jewish Building by Iranian Terrorists

The first Jewish community in Argentina was founded in 1862 in Buenos Aires. By 1992 they will be knee-deep in the intrigues of the Argentinian government and Iran.

 The Jews came mostly from Eastern Europe leaving the land of pogroms.  After WWI many Jews went to Argentina.  Sephardi Jewish immigration grew since Sephardis spoke Spanish.  Jews hiding who they were, Anusim (originally called Marranos) arrived in Argentina in the 1500s after the 1492 Spanish Inquisition horrors that caused all Jews to either leave or convert.  They were absorbed into the Christian population.
240,000 Jews entered Argentina between 1881 to 1951.  By 1990 there were 228,000 Jews, mostly living in Buenos Aires.  There were 15,000 in Rosario and 10,000 in Cordova.  35,000 Sepharic Jews, the largest group live in Argentina.

1889 brought 136 Jewish families from Ukraine who wanted to settle on the land.  Two years later Baron de Hirsch had plans for the mass-settlement of Jews on the soil there and this was started, but was unsuccessful.  In 1940 there were 25 Jewish colonies with 28,000 settlers.  The problem came up of having an economic boom in the 1940s when many then moved to the towns, and by 1990 no Jew remained in farming.  They have gone into industry and commerce.

The Israeli Embassy was bombed on March 17, 1992, St. Patrick's Day.  29 people were killed and 242 injured.  The Islamic Jihad Organization, which according to Robert Baer operates under the umbrella of Hezbollah and is linked to Iran,  claimed responsibility for that bombing.  It is ironic that Arafat of the PLO and Israel began secret talks in Oslo, Norway in 1992.  The Oslo process didn't move smoothly.  

The Jewish population has dropped with emigration to Israel.  The AMIA bombing was an attack on the Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina (AMIA; Argentine Israelite Mutual Association) building. It occurred in Buenos Aires on July 18, 1994, killing 85 people and injuring hundreds. It was Argentina's deadliest bombing ever. Argentina is home to a Jewish community of 200,000, the largest in Latin America and sixth in the world outside Israel 

The bombing case was full of cover-ups in not finding the bombers.  " Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who would later become Pope Francis, was the first public personality to sign a petition for justice in the AMIA bombing case. He was one of the signatories on a document called “85 victims, 85 signatures” as part of the bombing’s 11th anniversary." 

"On October 25, 2006, Argentine prosecutors Alberto Nisman and Marcelo Martínez Burgos formally accused the government of Iran of directing the bombing, and the Hezbollah militia of carrying it out.] According to the prosecution's claims in 2006, Argentina had been targeted by Iran after Buenos Aires' decision to suspend a nuclear technology transfer contract to Tehran."

Mossad agents were sent to investigate.  "In January 2014, Yitzhak Aviran, who had been Israel's ambassador to Argentina at the time, claimed in an interview with a Spanish-language Jewish newspaper that most of the perpetrators of the attack had been tracked down and killed by Mossad, Israel's secret service, saying "a majority of those responsible for the act are no longer alive, and we took care of this on our own."  The Argentinian investigation was a sham.  They had turned up nobody responsible which Israel denied later as being nonsense.  

Fiction writing could not dream up the continued soap opera of this situation.  "On May 24, 2013, it was reported that two of the Iranian AMIA bombing suspects accused of having planned the attack,Mohsen Rezai and Ali Akbar Velayati, are current candidates for the Iranian presidential elections."  
Alberto Nisman, Prosecutor

In May 2013, Prosecutor Alberto Nisman published a 502-page indictment accusing Iran of establishing terrorist networks throughout Latin America – including in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago and Suriname – dating back to the 1980s. Nisman also said new evidence underscored the responsibility of Mohsen Rabbani, the former Iranian cultural attache in Argentina, as mastermind of the AMIA bombing and "coordinator of the Iranian infiltration of South America, especially in Guyana", and said US court documents showed Islamist militant Abdul Kadir – who was sentenced to life in prison in 2010 for participating in a foiled plan to attack John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York – was Rabbani's disciple

"James Cheek, United States Ambassador to Argentina at the time of the bombing," refused to believe that Iran was the cause of the bombing.   He didn't take the evidence seriously.  "In 2013, investigative journalist Gareth Porter cast doubt on the alleged involvement of Iran and Hezbollah, reporting that the link depended centrally on just claims from the People's Mujahedin of Iran, a controversial Iranian anti-regime group that has been described as terrorist."  Was this a case of one terrorist group putting the blame on another in Iran?

  By January 2015, Alberto Nisman was ready to show the court there had been a cover-up of the AMIA bombing.  On the 18th, just before he was to show his evidence, he was found dead, undoutedly a murder, but said to be suicide. "Alberto Nisman is found dead of a gunshot wound to the head in his 13th-floor luxury apartment in Buenos Aires on Jan. 18. His door had been locked from the inside. A .22-caliber pistol is found near his body. There is no suicide note."  He was replaced.  "In the week following Nisman's death, and despite the fact that Nisman was going to implicate her among others had he lived, President Cristina Fernandez de Kirschner declared her determination to replace the Argentinian secret security service completely because it had been run beyond the state's control for too long.  She is alleging that a conspiracy has taken place.  
President Kirschner

The continued soap serial of real life in Argentina is the development that Nisman had taken out a warrent for the arrest of the President.  Evidently she was in this just as deep as the secret security service.  The government had been covering up the bombers.  "Nisman had said he had definitive proof that Kirchner tried to secure economic favors from Iran in exchange for immunity for the bombing, which killed 85 people."    Blackmailing Iran!  What chutzpa!  

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