Tuesday, February 24, 2015

USA Sinking Low From Congress Members Shirking Responsibility

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                       

The role of Congress members is to scrutinize the decisions of the president.  Today he is making decisions involving our national security, our relationship with long standing allies and the threat of nuclear proliferation.

Congress has every right to invite any world leader or international expert to speak to them as an aid in helping them to making decisions about Iran and it's quest to have nuclear power.  15 Democrats plan to boycott Netanyahu's speech.  Of course Obama and Biden are not going to attend.  John Kerry, Secretary of State who is the main deal-maker for the USA won't attend either.  Hertzog of Labor, a very left political party in Israel, Netanyahu's political opponent, has met with these important Americans, however, finding time for him in working to unseat Netanyahu.  Instead of thinking of all the lives that are hanging in jeopardy over this Iran deal, all 4  are thinking only of themselves and of their  politics.
Some, mostly Democrats, have already decided not to come and hear Netanyahu speak to them on March 3rd.  The discourtesy of not coming to listen violates protocol and basic decency.  Netanyahu must  fly a great distance to come and speak and is the Prime Minister of Israel, not some flunky.  He probably knows more about this issue than any other world leader because his country has been threatened by extinction from Iran.  Their very existence is at stake.

According to the latest reports, a deal being made would allow Iran to keep some 6,500 centrifuges.  This deal seems to consist of a waiting period of 10 years and then slowly easing restrictions on their actions that could be used to make atomic arms.  It's the idea of rewarding them for good behavior, if that shows, and allowing them to have uranium enrichment and slowly ease the economic sanctions higher than what they are at present.  It involves trusting them at their word, which no one seems to really believe is possible as they are churning away their machines of producing a lot of centrifuges.
Many feel it is a danger to peace in the Western world and threatens the security of the State of Israel.  It's a deeply flawed deal that doesn't address the issue of weaponization.  They've already violated the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty for more than 20 years by working on nuclear weapons capabilities.  No one is addressing this core issue of weaponization in reports.  Interballistic missiles must also be discussed and hasn't been.  The ICBMs Iran wants to develop have delivery systems for nuclear weapons.  Is that what is going to be allowed 10 years from now?  There is nothing restricting Iran on missile development in this deal.                                                                            

We do not want Iran to enrich their uranium stockpile to be able to build a nuclear weapons secretly.  It has 19,000 centrifuges, secretive and heavily guarded nuclear facilities.  They are into weaponization and have advanced centrifuge research.  Revolutionary Guards are present and involved in a ballistic-missile program and their plutonium reactor.  This deal would be allowing Iran to keep 4,500 - 6,500 centrifuges  and remain within striking distance of building a nuclear weapons.  It would be giving them the green light to enrich uranium.  Only those planning on building such weapons need to have uranium enriched.  That's not what the USA does.  Civilian uses just call for importing enriched uranium for operating industrial-scale enrichment facilities.  The USA isn't even doing such things.
Syrian missiles
Ask the nuclear experts.  They think it's a bad deal.  One president cannot make all these decisions who isn't going to share information with Israel  now about the deal.  Have the Congress members not interested in listening considered the fact that Iran is coordinating with Al-Qaeda terrorists and has been since 2007?  They speak together about their joint terror attacks against US targets in Dubai and Saudi Arabia.
The International Atomic Energy Agency said they lack the tools to monitor Iran's nuclear program in this deal.  The P5+1 is ready to legitimize Iran as one of the nuclear threshold states.  The world community of P5+1 lacks the will to stop this from happening.  Whatever is Obama thinking?

Russia has offered to sell an air-defense system to Iran, the Antey, a 2500 air-defense system.  They've had a contract since 2007 that was cancelled in 2010 after pressure from the USA and Israel.  This one can destroy aircraft and ballistic missiles at a range of 200 km.(125 miles).  
Iron Dome
 Israel has the Iron Dome, but it doesn't have 100% accuracy.  When you have to stop atomic missiles or bombs, you can't play with %s.  It's about 988 miles from Iran to Israel, so they won't be shooting missiles directly from Iran but from Syria or Lebanon, somewhere that they have their foot inside.  It's about 87 miles from Syria to Tel Aviv,   and only 131 miles to Lebanon. Iran's closest ally is Syria.  
10-15 years from now, he most likely is thinking that the ayatollahs will be gone.  In all probability, they will be in full force.  That's the power behind the throne of presidency.  The president takes his orders from the residing Ayatollah in Iran.  Such a deal as this will put the Ayatollah in the seat of the throne.  Who would need the presidential puppet?  Israel will then face extinction as well as Saudi Arabia.  Then the USA will be easy pickings along with Europe who is already falling in line.

Resource:  Daily Alert 2/24/15 such as Commentary, Jerusalem Post, Wall Street Journal, Times of Israel.and Nasser Al-Haqbani (Asharq Al-Awsat-UK)


  1. bibi marginalized and soon to be ostracized as the hearers to what he has to say become fewer and fewer. distancing themselves yet his message could not be more true or more timely. we live in the days when good is called evil and evil is called good alright.

  2. Insane days for sure. Obama and his cabinet don't want the Congressmen to hear what the truth really is about Iran and their nuclear endeavors. It's the conclusion one comes to about people who are raising such a ruckus about listening to Netanyahu. Obama must fear Netanyahu, and we know he hates him. This is terrible. Evidently Netanyahu is gumming up all of Obama's plans with his disclosures about Iran.

  3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haym_Salomon --- are you aware of this nadene? looks to me that there is a huge debt that america had to this jewish man. would there have even been an america without his intervention? the jewish story and the american story are written together in that beginning time of this nation. look where it is today....those who are against israel are against freedom anywhere/everywhere.................breaks my heart.

  4. Yes, I have read about Haym Salomon (1740-1785) Polish Jew who went to America in 1772 and was in the brokerage business. He helped out the American patriots at the War of Independence, even using his own money to help our fledgling country. He helped James Madison and Thomas Jefferson. And then there's Obama having a tizzy over Netanyahu ACCEPTING an invitation to speak to Congress about his pet project, IRAN. Also, just maybe, it could help Netanyahu in the election coming in a few weeks. So what! What did he do to get elected? How many times did he shirk his duties to go out and stump for his or other Democrat elections? He should work like a real lawyer who has to write down how many minutes they spend on a client in order to give them a bill. Here Israel is threatened with imminent extinction and Obama is fretting because the invitation didn't follow protocal by informing him first, and you know what? If John Boehner had told Obama first, he would have vetoed it and told him he wasn't allowed to invite Netanyahu. Boehner was smart.

  5. Andre, after writing this comment, I decided to put it on facebook. What's going on about Netanyahu speaking just makes my blood boil. So dumb.

  6. rises to the level of evil in my book nadene. i think this is a very very bad thing that is happening here. i think the fox is in the henhouse........(bad for real americans and true ally israel)

  7. I agree, Andre. We have reached a point in time that is unbelievable. I feel like I've fallen down that rabbit hole and am in Alice's Wonderland-and it "ain't" a good place." Glad to see that there are still a few friends around. We'll see the sparks fly on the 3rd of March, I bet.

  8. staying tuned nadene.... i hope netanyahu message gets block-buster coverage in the media despite all the negative hype surrounding it.