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Radical Islam Is Our Enemy, Mr. Obama

Nadene Goldfoot                                            
Haj Amin al-Husseini and Hitler, 1941 in Germany; Husseini was the titular head of the Muslim community in Jerusalem and formerly the chief constitutional administrator there.  Haj meant he had been to Saudi Arabia's Mecca on pilgrimage.  
     In response to Obama telling Christians that radical Islam is not the enemy, I beg to differ. Radical Islam attitude towards Jews and Israel  grew out of the union of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem with Hitler in plotting the demise of Jews.  The Arab leader didn't want the British to fulfill their mandate to create the Jewish Homeland and so he plotted with Hitler to kill all Jews in the world.  Husseini caused riots resulting in the death of Jews in 1929 in Jerusalem.  He had been the main instigator of unrest and death while Emir Feisal, leading spokesman for the Arabs,  had been for the Jews' return to a Jewish Homeland as long as he was getting his fair share of land, too.  His desire was to be a king.
Qaradawi, religious leader from Egypt in Qatar, calling for destruction of Israel and death of Jews
"“Islam is the only religion in the world TODAY, which spawns religiously sanctioned babarism and terror, and is backed by credible religious argument and endorsed by religious leaders who are not outliers." This is something Obama needs to be reminded of.  Yes, Christianity was just as bad-but is not the problem today.  We're facing today's different problematic religious groups, and cannot use the past as a crutch to not face the present.  

 I'm not a Christian but a Jew.    When a religion attacks and kills others in the name of their religion, they are an enemy.  Friends don't attack each other.  That's the difference.   Radical Islamists are doing just that.  ISIS/IS is under the umbrella of a PhD named Bagdadi who says he is an authority on Islam  and thus they turn out to be the radical extremist Salafists, a group of radical  Islamists.  
Arafat, leader of PLO, Fatah
They may be the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas),          
Movement for the National Liberation of Palestine (Fatah) with offshoots of Tanzim and Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade,    Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ)  and the Popular Front for the liberation of Palestine (PFLP) of Palestinians;  all fashioned from the Muslim Brotherhood.  The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine was on the list for about 2 years, then taken off.
Hezbollah from Iran operating in Lebanon
They might be Party of God (Hezbollah) in Lebanon from Iran.  Their very name lets you know they are acting out of accordance of their religion.   Their religious motives comes from not allowing Jews into their Muslim enclave of the Middle East, even though the end of WWI brought on the end of the Ottoman Empire.  You cannot separate the religious motivation from the nationalistic motivation of which did not come about until after 1967.  There were no nationalistic aspirations until then but developed with the prodding of their religious leaders.  They all use Islam as their unification, regardless of whether Muhammad said this or not.  They'll find a Hadith that says it according to how their particular leader interprets it.

From the Bureau of Counter Terrorism in the USA:
They also list Abu Nidal Organization, Al Qaida (AQ), Ansar al-Islam (AAI), Islamic Jihad Union (IJU), Army of Islam (AOI), and Boko Harmam as well as others not active in the Middle East. 

Not our enemy?  Do you read charters of these groups?  The PLO in 1974 was the only representative of the Palestinian people (not including Jews who were also Palestinians before 1948's creation of Israel.   The Arabs were not of one clan but a mixture of Arabs and Bedouins from the whole Middle East.  Charter called for destruction of Israel, unchanged in public documents though voted for amending it in 1996, corrupt group, stole international aid.  Arafat the leader of PLO and Fatah which then started in 1959-taking over PLO in 1968.  Fatah sponsored their militia ( Tanzim) in Judea and Samaria in 1983.  Leader, Barghouti, in Israeli jail.  Al Aqsa martyrs Brigade their militia also, formed in 2000 during 2nd intifada, indulging in shooting, bombing, rocket and suicide attacks on Israel.  Force-17 another militia group of Fatah.  Coordinated with radical Islamist terrorist groups for joint terrorist attacks.  All this under the conductor, Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah since Arafat died.  
Rockets from Gaza towards Israel

Israel's Iron Dome stops rockets
Obama and even Livni and Herzog of the Labor Party in Israel expect a 2 state solution with Arabs who are not about to accept such an ending.  Netanyahu seems to have given up on this, finally, after much frustration and waiting and meetings.   Arabs have been attacking Israel hours after its announcement as a state on May 14, 1948.  
Missiles lined up in Syria destined to use against Israel

The radical Arab extremist goal is not to seek peace with Jews but to destroy their world, using their religion as reason and the expectation of the end of the world with their perceived ideas as to what will go on.  Neither the Christian nor the Islamic idea of the end of the world is pretty, and is not favoring the Jewish position.  We Jews have a much different idea, far more peaceful ending to the time of when the Moshiach will arrive.  For the Arab, this is not just a battle of not allowing a Jewish quarter in the Middle East but the end of the world as we know it, and that's where religion comes in.  

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