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Blasts from Iran About Israel: And the June 2015 Deadline

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Ahmadinejad, former President of Iran (2005-2013)  before Rouhani, showed little knowledge of Israel or of Jews by his comments when he was in office.   "Ahmadinejad said "most Jews in Israel  have no roots in Palestine, but they are holding the destiny of Palestine in their hands and allow themselves to kill the Palestinian people."  As he was talking basically to his people, he could snow them also as they, unless perhaps there are historians among them with access to actual facts, know nothing of the connection of Jewish history.   I find many are not giving permission to Ashkenazi Jews who had been in Europe as having any rights to live in Israel.  This comes from a country that had housed Jews since 722 BCE  when Assyria invaded Israel and again in 586 BCE when the Babylonians invaded Israel.  Many Jews wound up in Persia from these population transfers.  

It shows they know nothing of Haj Amin al-Husseini, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who instigated attacks on Jews there in 1929 where they killed many Jews.  This Arab was appointed to this  mufti of Jerusalem position by Sir Herbert Samuel, an English Jew who was the high commissioner acting on the mandate England held to bring about the Jewish Homeland once again, who also was ignorant of the hatred he would show Jews.    It was the Palestinian Arabs who were killing Jews up to and after May 14, 1948 and all Jews did was to defend themselves.  It is the Palestinians who have been the aggressive ones who came to the land looking for jobs from the Jews in the first place.  
Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and Adolf Hitler scheming against Jews in 1941

Ahmadinejad and Iran have not accepted facts about the Holocaust.  His thoughts about it in 2005:  
Updates on Deadlines:  1:25pm Political Framework Agreement between Iran and P5+1 March 24th
March 24th  New sanctions bill by Dem. Menendez and Rep. Kirk: who support the Iran Nuclear Weapon Free Act of 2015 said would not vote for sanctions UNTIL the deadline for the political framework agreement  between Iran and P5+1 powers on March 24th.  Also signed on 10 Democratic US Senators Schumer, Blumenthal, Peters, Casey, Cardin, Coons, Manchin, Donnelly, Stebenow.   Obama has vowed to veto any new Iran sanctions bill.
Deadline for final nuclear deal:  June 30th

Update from Itamar Marcus: 4:10pm  In Friday's sermon on official Palestinian Authority TV, the cleric demonized Jews as "apes and pigs." 
"Many Muslims are being harmed these days by a group whose hearts were sealed by Allah. 'He made of them [Jews] apes and pigs and slaves of deities' (Quran, 5:60). They are harming the livelihood of the believers [Muslims]... They withhold their [the Palestinians'] money and collect interest on it."
[Official PA TV, Jan. 30, 2015]
Such verbal slurs were started by Ahmadinejad  and now used by Palestinians.  

The Jewish Press, January 30, 2015 page 3; Dems: No vote on Iran Sanctions Before March 24; and Boehner:  Only Netanyahu can talk about terror threat by Yoni Hirsch, Cesana, and Allon for Israel Hayom

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    Like many other American Jews, I've had serious reservations about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's decision to speak to Congress on March 3, against the wishes of President Barack Obama. If the most powerful man in the world is upset about something, you can't afford to just shrug that off.
    And yet, as much as I've had my issues with him over the years, I don't feel like joining in the anti-Bibi frenzy. What is Obama so afraid of? Is it possible that he's afraid to start a vigorous debate on his Iran strategy that will expose it as potentially harmful to America's or Israel's interest?
    Let's put aside all the hysterics about politics and protocol. As sobering as those things may be, they pale in comparison to the strategic issue of how Obama deals with the Iranian nuclear threat. If he's about to sign an agreement that many experts agree is a bad one, don't we deserve a national debate, as an editorial in the Washington Post called for last week? (Los Angeles Jewish Journal)
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