Sunday, February 22, 2015

Rudy Guiliani's Comments About Obama Not Loving America

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                    
Meet the Press on NBC this Sunday morning was talking about the former Mayor of New York, Rudy Guiliani, whose comments were about President Obama not loving the USA like Governor Walker and his family and Juiliani's family have loved this country. What causes him to think this?   All the commentators are talking about it.  He's even had death threats over it.

  For Americans, especially Democrats,  it's been like love at first sight and not wanting your parents to point out all the problems of falling in love with this man that it  is going to cause if you marry, and marry Americans did by electing him for 2 terms.  Americans have been in denial about everything he has led because of this strong love affair.  So here's some of the reasons why Guiliani might believe that Obama doesn't love America like he does.

 " From ages six to ten, Obama attended local Indonesian-language schools: St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School for two years and Besuki Public School for one and a half years, supplemented by English-language Calvert School homeschooling by his mother."  That means that from the 1st grade through the 5th grade, Barack was schooled in Indonesia, not the USA.  He started life off not learning the subjects Americans study.   He wasn't raised as we were to stand up and say the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag or to celebrate 4th of July like we did.  
Rudy Guiliani
Guiliani was quick to point out that the Communist, Frank Marshall Davis,  had been a visitor to Obama's home.                                                
Frank Marshall Davis,  journalist,  political and labor movement activist
In his memoir Dreams from My FatherBarack Obama mentions a friend of his grandfather named Frank, who was later identified as Davis. Davis told Obama that he and Stanley (Obama's maternal grandfather) both had grown up only 50 miles apart, near Wichita, although they did not meet until Hawaii.  Frank Davis moved there in the 70s.  

 "Frank Marshall Davis (1905-87) was a mentor to a young Barack Obama throughout the 1970s, the period of Obama’s adolescence. Since Obama was born August 4, 1961, he would have been between the ages of 10 to 18, very formative and impressionable years in Hawaii with his mother and grandparents after returning from Indonesia.  Obama's parents met in 1960 in a Russian class at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, where his father was a foreign student on scholarship.  Barack Obama, Sr., was a Luo from Nyang’oma Kogelo, Kenya.   They separated in late August shortly after Barack's birth.  Barack was reared more by his grandparents than his mother.  

  Davis was  a literal card-carrying member of the Communist Party—Party number 47544.  Davis edited and wrote for Party-line publications such as the Honolulu Record and the Chicago Star, which included contributors who served as actual agents to Stalin’s Soviet Union." 

Davis  turned to Communism after being fully duped by a Soviet propaganda campaign that convinced him the USSR had abolished racism of all kinds.
There are stark parallels between Frank Marshall Davis’ words and deeds and those of the Obama administration — from universal health care to the catch phrases, “hope and change” and “forward!” (all of which find origin in Obama’s Communist mentor).                                              

The question always comes up about Obama's religion;  is he a Christian or is he a Muslim.  The panel can't understand why people think he might be Muslim.  The obvious answer is his name:  Barack Hussein Obama.  It's a Muslim name that he didn't want to change.  He owns it.  It's possible he has even tried to use that name in talking to heads of Muslim states, such as when he was in Egypt speaking at the beginning of his presidency and wanted the Muslim Brotherhood right up in the front of the audience.  He has a Muslim name and spent his formative years living in Indonesia, which is the most populated Muslim country in the world. with about 228,582,000 people of which 86.1% are Muslims.  His step-father was a Muslim.  His mother was not religious, and there he was in a Muslim country where Muslim traditions were being practiced in life as in holidays, conversations, etc.
Then let's not forget Jeremiah Wright, his Christian pastor in Chicago for over 20 years.  Wright  berated Jews and rubbed shoulders with Black Muslim leaders.  Of course Obama had to hear some of the sermons and think about them.  He surely didn't do much to change Wright's views about Jews.  All this adds up to not only the first Black president in the USA, but the first president with a Muslim name and the first to be brought up in a country other than the USA." Obama’s ties to Reverend Jeremiah Wright or the Weather Underground’s Bill Ayers " has caused many consternation about his present philosophy and direction.  .  
Qaradawi, Egyptian Muslim religious leader exiled to Qatar
That was pretty appalling to me since the Muslim Brotherhood seems to be the root of all evil with the Muslim religion.  They have in their charter the goal of destroying Israel and killing all Jews.  Qaradawi is the main religious leader of the Brotherhood, and he is a fanatic. An old man himself, he has stated he would kill a Jew with his bare hands if he were near one.  He has a Nazi mindset.

Why did Guiliani think Obama doesn't love America?   He has refused to wear a pin on his chest like others do.   Obama's wife, Michelle,  had mentioned something very close to that before he was elected.  She was recalling the treatment of Blacks before and after the Civil War, evidently.  Now she has reason to have negative feelings, and it's quite possible this has also been transmitted to Obama through his own family and through her.  Wives are traditionally very strong in leading their husbands towards a certain direction.  It was in 2008 that she had said, For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country.”   Actually, this election of Obama has caused all Blacks, about 11% of the American population, to have some pride that a Black was elected.  It held out hope for themselves to do better and to be elevated socially in this country.   But even some of them have become disillusioned.  

Guiliani is also voicing the feelings of many Americans about Obama's programs and directions of his policies.  One has to be very thick-headed not to wonder about it.  This pussy-footing around words to use is one thing.  Being Islam is the 2nd largest religion in the world, it's natural Obama doesn't want the USA to stir up hatred and have all Muslims attack the USA.  But he has over-reached in this business of being so careful about the verbiage used and call Muslim terrorists what they are and what damage they are doing to their own religion.

"Giuliani said he was disgusted with Obama's response to the executions of Egyptian Coptic Christians by ISIS and the attack on a Jewish market in Paris by radicals inspired by the terrorist group."  He wouldn't recognize the fact that a Jewish store was hit and sluffed it off as just a market. By doing this, he  refused to recognize that Muslim terrorists attack Jews.  

Quite frankly, I can't understand how Islam is always said to the the religion of peace.  They converted Jewish tribes living in Saudi Arabia with the sword.  They either converted or they were killed.  What a way to spread peace to people!  The only peaceful time I've noted was the past 1,400 years or so when Europe was not a peaceful land for Jews and those in Muslim lands fared much better, though they were 2nd class citizens called dhimmis.   Since the end of WWI and just the discussion of the creation of Israel, a state for "in the eyes of Muslims" a 2nd class people,  even though they were People of the Book, many Muslims have been on the rampage towards Jews, a very non-peaceful attitude.

The problem in the Middle East towards Israel is a religious one, not a political one, because the religion has brought about the political attitude.  It's not one of peace.  It's divided among Muslims just like our American political views are divided between Democrats and Republicans and Independents, etc.  Some people want peace and have respect for us.  Others want us dead along with wanting our land.  The whole area has been populated since some time after 632 with Muslims, for the religion was spread very fast, and they won't allow another religion to live there.  This is what Haj Amin al-Husseini, the sherif of Jerusalem, also called the Grand Muft had spread in the 20's and 30's and 40s causing havoc within the Muslims and Jews.  At the creation of Israel, all the neighboring states who were all Muslims attacked.  It was Muslims against Jews.

Guiliani is a straight shooter, and has shot straight this time since he's not running for anything.  It's what happens to us older folks.  What the heck; let's tell it like we see it to the young folks.  He's a man who led us through 9/11 brilliantly and calmly who had to make quick decisions.  Don't forget that.  He can't see the love that he has in his heart for this great country in a man who has gone around apologizing for our policies.

Most people who live in other countries have held the USA in very high esteem, a place to be admired, and show that by wanting to come here.  They even immigrate illegally from lesser loved countries.  Our concept of a president is not someone who suddenly confesses to our faults.  We want him to remind people of our talents and successes.  Guiliani probably feels that Obama has been brought up hearing too many reasons not to love America as a president of this country should.  Maybe that should be part of the vetting.  Please write an essay as to why you love this country.  



  1. "Then let's not forget Jeremiah Wright, his Christian pastor in Chicago".... not even in the slightest or even at all a christian.

    it is undefinable just what to call all that made up and totally bogus set of beliefs, but i know this should be viewed as hate-filled and destructive just we know the muslim 'faith' is because of the rotten 'fruit' we see produced by their adherrents. (bho being one of those) definitely bad seed....bad fruit bent on destroying america's foundation and at this point succeeding.

  2. And that's what he sat and listened to for over 20 years, I've read. When I first heard what Jeremiah was preaching, I was truly scared.

  3. And that's what he sat and listened to for over 20 years, I've read. When I first heard what Jeremiah was preaching, I was truly scared.

  4. David Horowitz comment online: Rudy Giuliani is absolutely right about Barack Obama.

    In fact, in his statement about the President Giuliani took the words right out of my mouth. In my letter about achievements of the Freedom Center I sent you last December I wrote: "Let me be frank. I believe that Barack Obama is the first and only president we've ever had who doesn't love our country."

    Giuliani has taken a lot of heat for his comments about Obama's alienation from America, just as I did a couple of months ago.

    But it's true.

    If Obama loved our country he wouldn't have sat approvingly in his pew as Jeremiah Wright who shouted "God damn America" from his pulpit; or hung out with Billy Ayers whose Weathermen tried to bomb the U.S. back into the stone age.

    This President has never even made a pretense about loving the America that actually exists, with all its glorious complexity, as a beacon of freedom and a land of promise. He can wax poetical about the beauty of the Muslim morning call to prayer, but he would never allow himself to express patriotic support for the United States or affirm its exceptional status among the nations of the world.

    The America Obama loves is the America he and his liberal allies plan to make by the "radical transformation" he has been promising since he was first elected. This transformed America -- cut down to size, punished for its historical arrogance, stripped of its enterprise and eloquence and made into an anthill of leftism-is his shabby parody of the shining city on the hill.

    The best sign that Obama does not love America is his unwillingness to say the name of the enemy that wants to destroy us-Islamic extremism...

    ...He cannot bring himself to utter these words, which makes us vulnerable to those would want to cut off our heads and burn us alive. Beginning with his infamous Cairo speech, which gave credence to Muslim grievances against us, this president has methodically downplayed the threat of Islamism and refused to tell the truths that are vital to our national survival.

    Instead the reality check we need to carry the fight to our enemy, we get the Orwellian verbiage of denial and moral relativism. Don't get too uppity about ISIS, Obama told the recent National Prayer Breakfast, because people also "committed horrible deeds in the name of Christ." Don't call the 21 Copts beheaded by ISIS what they were (and why they were killed)-Christians, but instead refer to them only as "Egyptian citizens." Insist that Abdal Hissan, the Fort Hood killer, was driven by "workplace violence" rather than Islamic radicalism. Say that the Jews killed in the Paris deli were victims of "random violence" rather than genocidal hatred. Stage a three day conference on "violent extremism" and mention Islam only to decry the "Islamophobia" allegedly infecting our country today.

    There is a pattern here.

    It is a pattern created by someone who believes that the America he inherited when he stepped into the Oval Office is worth defending only to the degree that it becomes radically different from what it has always been; someone who believes that America is guilty of so many historical crimes that it has no right to defend itself against those who would destroy it.