Sunday, March 1, 2015

Netanyahu's Flying to USA While Herzog is Interviewed by CNN

Nadene Goldfoot                                            
Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel from Likud Party

Isaac Herzog, contender from Labor Party
Here it is, Sunday morning, March 1, 2015 and Benjamin Netanyahu, 66,  will be speaking to Congress on Tuesday about Iran and the danger they present with their development of nuclear power.  He wants to prevent their capability to manufacture any nuclear weapons, and being an oil rich country, feels they really don't plan on using nuclear power for peaceful purposes.

CNN's morning program, hosted by Fareed  Zakaria interviewed the King of Jordan who was very diplomatic in his answers.  He said to wait until after elections and would not commit himself to opinions right now.
Netanyahu speaking at UN in 2012
Zakaria led by mentioning that Susan Rice said that the relationship caused by Netanyahu's speaking on Tuesday has already created a destructive relationship between Israel and the USA. Zakaria failed to mention that she walked out on Netanyahu's speech at the UN.   An hour later, Feinstein is being interviewed, and as a very loyal Democrat, is busy knocking Netanyahu for going against Obama.  She sees his speaking as ALL political.  I had the feeling as she kept talking that she knew nothing about the problems that have been going on between the Palestinians and Israel, nor what Iran was doing and certainly nothing about the background of Middle Easterners and where they're coming from.

"On 28 September 2012, Netanyahu gave a speech to the UN General Assembly in which he set forward a "red line" of 90% uranium enrichment, stating that if Iran were to reach this level, it would become an intolerable risk for Israel.   Netanyahu used a cartoon graphic of a bomb to illustrate his point, indicating three stages of uranium enrichment, noting that Iran had already completed the first stage, and stating that "By next spring, at most by next summer at current enrichment rates, [Iran] will have finished the medium enrichment and move on to the final stage. From there, it's only a few months, possibly a few weeks before they get enough enriched uranium for the first bomb." Netanyahu delivered his speech the day after Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke on the Jewish holy day of Yom Kippur, a presentation that the American, Canadian, and Israeli delegations had deliberately not attended. At the time, according to cables leaked in 2015, Mossad's assessment was that Iran did not appear ready to enrich uranium to levels required for a nuclear bomb." 

Then he introduced Isaac Herzog, the contender for Netanyahu's title of Prime Minister in elections 2 weeks from now on the 25th.  He said that at this moment they were in a tied position.

Herzog, 54,  was born in Tel Aviv, the son of Aura Herzog (née Ambache) and General Chaim Herzog, who later became the sixth president of Israel, and the grandson of Rabbi Yitzhak HaLevi Herzog. His father, born in Northern Ireland, was of Polish-Irish Jewish descent and his mother, born in Egypt, is of Russian Jewish ancestry.  He's from the Labor Party, which is on the very left.  

Actually, he backed Netanyahu's position on Iran.  In fact, he faulted Kerry's deal with Iran without naming him and was very broad in what he would do if prime minister.  He said this and that isn't happening and he would try.  

He didn't agree with other opinions about the 2 state solution and feels he would work to re-ignite the process and involve Egypt and Jordan in it.  He had met Abbas and gave me the impression it was like talking to the wall.  He would build trust and start again.  

His strength in this election, he said was internal matters in the social-economic platform.  He has plans to improve the prosperity and happiness of everyone with new economic processes. What he seems to be bringing is HOPE.   Coming from the Labor Party, he was a lack-luster speaker without a definite message other than he stands with Netanyahu  about Iran and the Palestinians but would try some different approaches and hoped he could turn things around.  

Netanyahu was also asked to be on the program today but declined.  He's already debated Herzog in Israel.  That's enough.  This was my first time to hear Herzog and was not impressed.  I'm all for Netanyahu and feel that his experience and knowledge in today's problems is worth its weight in gold.  He's given all his attention to the Iran situation.  He won't have a country left at all if this deal of Kerry's goes through as it is with Iran which is like throwing out the baby  with the bath water-all our lives are in danger with this proposal.    It isn't protecting Israel or the rest of the world. 

Herzog intimated that Netanyahu was dividing the USA between the White House and the Congress.  It that's the case, it must happen as the White House seems to be so afraid to let him speak about Iran and the deal they are making and they see nothing wrong with its progress.  Much Congress and especially Netanyahu are highly upset with hit.  The White House is afraid that Netanyahu will cause the deal  to fail.  It's been 2 1/2 years since Netanyahu made that speech at the UN.  Iran is closer now than ever to be able to make a bomb.  The deal is to wound up on the 31st.  The time of elections in Israel is before on Monday, March 16th, Israel time.  

"The Obama administration wants a nuclear deal in the bag by March 24th  which I had read before that was to be on the 31st, with only a few minutiae left over for June; Tehran wants to skip March and work on getting more concessions for an advantageous deal to be concluded in June; while Israel’s Netanyahu is fighting to pre-empt the accord - such as it is, based on the draft the US and Iran have already concluded between them."  The deal so far has already let up sanctions which are needed to be kept in place in order to change Iran's mind.  There is a sunset clause in the deal that puts lives in jeopardy.  

My feeling is that Obama just wants to get it finished no matter what it says to say that he concluded it and brought it forth; something good to put on his Presidential resume.  Yet it could turn out to be the worst deal made during this era and cause Israel to be annihilated and that's what he will go down for.  You would think that Obama would be most cautious not to made such a horrible error.  



  1. From Carolyn Glick's article: "As for Netanyahu’s domestic opponents, their behavior is simply inexcusable. In Israel’s hour of peril, just weeks before Obama intends to conclude his nuclear deal with the mullahs that will endanger Israel’s existence, Labor leader Yitzhak Herzog insists that his primary duty is to defeat Netanyahu."

  2. Carolyn Glick's article in Jerusalem Post:

  3. could herzog be more out of touch? good grief, what world is he waking up in everyday? wishing and hoping - the realm of dreaming scheming 'politics as usual' won't make for peace - that is pretend world and madness. the hard line and hard reality that netanyahu is holding on to in real time is where the truth is. i love his tenacious stance...and i always appreciate carolyn glick's views too so i'll look at that link. thanks for posting.

  4. Herzog is what I call a lufmentch, a dreamer. He's not down to earth about our enemy at all. Caroline Glick has great insight; terrific writer.